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Jonathan Hunter Jackson

10501 Cherry Oak Circle Orlando FL, 32817 | 863-255-7155 |

Objective: Motivated Electrical Engineer currently seeking a position where I can learn, be challenged, and inspired.
University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
B.S. Electrical Engineering, 3.50/4.0 G.P.A.

August 2011 - May 2015

Technical Skills: Python, Matlab, Assembly, Batch Scripting, Bash Scripting, Verilog, Basic, STAMP, XML, KML,
Spice/MultiSim, Altium, Eagle CAD, Mentor Graphics, Xilinx, Matlab, Microsoft Office, FPGA, EMI Avoidance,
Analog Filter design, Microcontrollers (Atmel328p/MSP430), Linux/Unix, RF Communication, Network design
Senior Design Project Fundamental Agricultural Resource Monitor
May 2015
A network of solar powered sensors that collect data including soil moisture, light readings, air temperature, humidity, and
ground temperature. The sensor data is relayed to a main base using a RF communication network. This collected data is
then uploaded to a website in real time accurately displaying sensor readings. All software completed in C, Python, and
Designed custom RF Network, based on a mesh network design using an NRF24L01+.
Designed a solar charger system to regulate the power output from a solar panel network. Used a step- down buck
battery charger chip that uses maximum power point tracking to maximize efficiency during battery charging.
Integrated all hardware design portions of project to design a custom circuit and printed circuit board design using
EagleCAD. Created and implemented testing procedures for circuit boards, sensors, and solar panels.
Designed correlation algorithms to match data from sensors to actual environment.
MHack University of Michigan Hackathon
September 2014
Created a Virtual Dunk Booth that utilized RF communication, Python (Server and UI), Arduinos, MongoDB, and Twilio.
FSU HACKS Florida State University Hackathon
March 2015
Altered a version of classic Mario to be played by moving your hand in the air, utilized LeapMotion, Python, and C.
General Dynamics OTS, Orlando, FL
July 2014 - Present
Electrical Engineering Intern
Circuit Design and Implementation. Created and tested a system for testing a fire control and actuator system.
Circuit/System Testing, Diagnosis, and Repair. Using measurements taken from oscilloscope under various
conditions we determined the source of errors
o Worked with team to determine least invasive repair. Utilizing wire shielding, coupling, and solid state
relays to circumnavigate EMI
Lockheed Martin/University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
May 2013 - July 2014
College Work Experience Program Participant (Secret Clearance Obtained 6/20/14)
Designed, simulated, tested, and implemented various digital logic circuits.
Design procedure to test and tested component limits under extreme conditions including radiation and heat.
Creation of software tools for data representation and manipulation while assisting in systems engineering for
mission planning.
University of Central Florida College of Engineering, Orlando, FL
January 2013 January 2014
Undergraduate Researcher
Researched the effects of ESD (electro-static discharge) by designing and testing silicon wafers under Dr. Liou.
Worked with a group of PhD students to devise different methods for discharging electricity.
References available upon request