In Himachal Pradesh: The Divine land

By :- Puneet Kaur (073180)

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 To open a fast food restaurant first it is important

to understand what is fast food,what are its advantages & popularity factors

Foods designed for ready availability, use or consumption and sold at eating establishments for quick availability or take-out

Why fast food is so popular
 Cheap price.  Fast service i.e. No delays or waiting at tables for the      

food. You can make special requests to avoid calories such as Mayonnaise & special sauces. Nutritional information is available. Tasty food. Easy portion control i.e. choose small, regular, junior or single sizes. Products have reasonably good shelf life. On premises consumption and take away facilities.

     

In 1972, $ 3 billion a year was spent on fast food today more than $110 billion is spent. McDonald's feeds more than 46 million people a day - more than the entire population of Spain. fries are the most eaten vegetable in America McDonald's operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more then 100 countries on 6 continents. Before most children can speak they can recognize McDonald's. McDonald's represents 43% of total U.S. fast food market.

Targeted section – people of miscellaneous age
groups People surveyed – 30

Options: (a) Everyday (b) Once a week (c) Thrice a week (d) Once a month (e) Don’t prefer
The majority of people surveyed had fast food at least once in a month.

(a) (b) (c)

Convenience Nutrition Price

The majority of people surveyed chose convenience over the other two factors – price and nutrition.

Options: (a) Yes, that is why I have stopped patronizing fast food restaurants. (b) Yes, but I still prefer fast food. (c) No, I don’t care.
The majority of people surveyed knew that fast foods have a negative impact on their health, but still choose to consume them.

From the above results… Fast food is very popular among the public due to them being both tasty and convenient. They know that fast foods have a negative impact on their health, but still choose to consume fast foods at least once a month.



Why is it a growing market??????????
 Change in eating habits i.e. many    

times people want to get a change from their routine diet. Teenagers are less conservative in eating habits and love to enjoy the food at fast food outlets. Fast food outlets are becoming a venue for treats and parties by the teenagers. Home delivery is made available. A fraction of women population prefer to dine out rather than spending time at home to prepare food.

 

Based on the latest trends and figures. Proper research work done before making this project. Restaurant design is made by proffessional keeping all aspects in mind. Cost of building materials & other items are as per the latest in the market. All the suppliers mentioned here are authorised and reputed guaranteing timely deliveries.

Why Himachal Pradesh is an ideal state for this business????????????????
    

 Complete natural place with beautiful view

of mountains, trees and flora and fauna. Good condition of national highways.(well maintained) Huge tourist inflow during peak season. Moderate tourist inflow during off seasons. Friendly government policies. Cheap manpower.

Shogi – National Highway

We visited different places near Shimla but most of the venues were already surrounded by various fast food outlets and were renowned. We got to know about Shogi where land is available and the nearby restaurants were 2Kms away.

We are going to target the visiting tourists and people interested in throwing parties away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, as they are potential customers and can spend at highly priced items.

 

It is near to national highway. Nearest restaurants are 2 kms far. Most of the time in the season all the covers are occupied due to which the customers are required to wait for their turn. No major diversion is available before shogi, which ensures that all the tourists going to Shimla will pass from this location. Surrounded by natural greenery acting as attraction to tourists. More nature ,less commercialization.

 

Design options we have………
 As per the area available we have

two options of designs in which the number of covers varies.
 Option A  Option B


56 covers 40covers

Covers - 56 Total area-1500sq ft

Restaurant design (B)

Covers - 40 Total area-1500sq ft

Promotional offers
 Special offers for families.  Discounts for regular customers on the

 Discounts will be given on Monday,

Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday as low business expected on these particular days.


Sitting arrangements

Tables (rectangular) Chairs (wooden)

– 10 _ 40

Tables rectangular – 10 Chairs Rotating chair

(for 40 covers)

-- 40 (for 40 covers) -- 01 (for billing counter)

Cutlery & crockery requirement(for 40 covers) A.P. spoon 60 nos A.P. Fork 60 nos Pastry fork 60 nos Serving bowl 60 nos Budvase 11 nos Ashtray 11 nos Water glass 60nos Menu card 15nos Bill folder 15nos Service tray 20nos Cruet set 12sets Sauce bowls 15sets

Restaurant manager  Supervisor 7000  Cashier 7000  Waiters (3) 3500(each) KITCHEN Head cook 8000 Asst. cook (2) 6000 Helpers (2) 3000(each) ------------------------------------------------------------Security (1) 4000


Total amount



Constructio n cost
Total area-1500 q. feet Current construction cost is Rs 1200/sq. ft Total construction cost is 1500*1200 = 1800000 (approx.)

Sr. No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 Total cost

ITEM Architect fee License fee Construction fee Furniture Musical goods Interior cost Kitchen equipment Generator Service equipment Advertising and publicity Maintenance Heating facility Telephone Fire extinguisher

AMOUNT(in INR) 20000/20000/1800000/150000/15000/2,50,000/3,50,000/30,000/20000/10000/15000/30000/2000/2000/2714000

Advertisement and publicity
•Pamphlets/fliers will be surrounded near the bus stand and local shopkeepers.

•Special tie-ups will be sought from local taxi drivers and travel agents.

•Banners and posters will be displayed with special promotional offers. 

Food material suppliers
•Shimla hills offerings pvt. Ltd:-Plot No 92, Industrial Area,Shoghi, Shimla 173219, Himachal Pradesh •Shakti traders :- No. 35/1, Anaj Mandi, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh - 171 001 •Shivambu international •V. b. agro foods pvt. ltd. :Kalka Shimla Highway, Deonghat, Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Contracts can be sought from near by local vegetable suppliers for reasonable price of perishable raw materials.

Plans for the future

Additional floors can be constructed in the future with provision of banquet hall and extra seating arrangements depending on the growth of business.

Our heartiest thanks to our teacher Mr. Sanjeev Puri , whose esteemed guidance helped us to complete this project with correct facts and figures.

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