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The tenure of scholarship is initially for one year under the PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship
for Single Girl Child scheme. After expiry of this period her performance in PG-I year is
found satisfactory (scores more than or equal 55% marks in PG-I year (50% in case
of physically challenged awardees) and all subjects of PG-I year must be cleared in first
attempt) than her tenure will be extended further for a period of one years under the
The rate of scholarship for this scheme will be at par with the other PG scholarship as
amended from time to time. Presently these rates are as follows :


@ Rs. 2,000/- per month for 10 months

of PG-I year
@ Rs. 3,100 w.e.f. 1.10.2014
@ Rs. 3,100/- per month for 10 months
of PG-II year, if eligible.

No any other type of additional grant will be payable to awardees.