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Problem: Water pollution is a big problem for different parts of Peru.

Depending on where you go, the water can be polluted with sewage, oil
related wastes, and industrial waste. Even in urban areas, only 87% of the
population has access to clean water while that number is considerable
worse in rural parts (62%). In the larger cities over 3 million tons of waste
are created; leading to some VERY polluted water.
Cause: A few things that contribute to the problem of water pollution in
Peru include poorly built sanitation systems, poverty even with government
funds, poor and insufficient coverage, poorly qualified staff which turn over
Solution: It is clear that more money needs to be put toward fixing the
water pollution issue in Peru. The best way would be to start with paying
the workers more so that that job becomes more enticing in order to
prevent such a high turnover. The less turnover you have, the more
professional and experienced your staff will be. Once a good employee
base has been established, we will then bring foreign professionals from a
country with notably clean water to help establish a sanitation procedure
which is both efficient and effective. They will then teach the
future employees who will pass on the knowledge to the next employees.
This makes it so that visit and training are needed only one time is
sustained and passed on by the employees thereafter. Additional foreigners
will be brought over for about a year in Peru to help fix and improve the
current sanitation systems so that they run better and make the water
cleaner. In order to fund such a project, we will probably need about an
additional 20 million. This will be a project proposed at the next UN
meeting with a timeline of about 3 years before evaluating the project.

Problem: Deforestation (particularly of the Amazon) is a problem that

seems to become greater every day with further industrialization of Peru.

261,000ha of the forest is estimated to being lost every year to

deforestation making an incredible 715ha lost DAILY.
Cause: The majority of the current high rate of deforestation in Peru can be
attributed to Agriculture. Andean farmers tend to want to live close to the
Amazon and use the forest's resources to benefit their farming. Cattle
ranching and logging are the two primary culprits for the high amount of
deforestation with infrastructure projects also being a factor.
Solution: The forest needs to be protected by the government. Currently,
the government is already moving towards protecting the Amazon more
effectively by engaging in fundraising in order to implement a few projects.
Mr. Brach (who is the environmental minister of Peru) has estimated that
about 25 million is needed for the next 10 years in order to save at least 54
million hectares. Peru itself has pledged 5 million dollars and has been
reaching out globally to other countries to help support the project. I think
fundraising is a great solution for this problem. With those extra funds,
more national parks could be created within the Amazon which
would protect it from outside parties seeking to exploit the land. Stricter
laws should be made to protect the forest and part of the funding
gained should be used add additional law enforcement in the area in order
to uphold those new protective laws created.