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HAMPTON VA May 29, 2015 SENT VIA E-MAIL 70: Steve Reilly 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA 22108 AND SENT VIA E-MAIL TO: Laura Gellar, Investigative Reporter WVECABCL3 613 Woodis Avenue Norfolk, VA 23510 Re: Freedom of Information Act Request Follow-up Response Hampton Police Division Records for Total Number of Untested Sexual Assault Kits Dear Mr. Reilly and Ms. Gellar: am following up on behalf of Senior Deputy City Attorney, Lola R. Perkins in response to Ms. Geller’s May 27, 2015 e-mail with regard to the above-referenced Freedom ‘of Information Act request in which Mr. Reilly requested records setting forth the total number of untested sexual assault kits n the custody of Hampton Police Department, including a breakdown by year, from 2000 until 2014, that were collected and have not been tested. Please be advised thatthe point of contact this office was working with in the sion to Fulfill Mr. Reilly's request was unaware ofthe attached report that was prepared and timely submitted to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science (DFS). ‘The cost estimate set out in the City's April 13, 2015 response was prepared based on information provided by the point of contact to manually pull physical files to gather the requested records. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this miscommunication Note, that the attached spreadsheet contains a listing of untested kits from 2010 to 2014, ‘There isno data on file for kits prior to 2010 asall kits were tested prior to that time. City Atlomey's Of HAMPTON VA Freedom of information Act Request Follow-up Response Letter ~ Page 2 steve Rll Laura Galler Investigative Reporter May 29,2015, Ifyou have any questions, please fel free to contact me at (757) 727-6127. Thank you for your attention. Attachment Pc: Lola R. Perkins, Senior Deputy City Attorney Set. Jason Price, Public Information & Affairs, HPD Cy Atorney’s Ofca twwhanplongey | Phone (8) 728127 ae 5) 2-67