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Course Title: Footwear Examination and Comparison Training

Dates of Course: This is a 4 week face-to-face formal training
program that will cover a period of 5 months.
Once your application has been received we will review, process, and get you registered.
You will be notified via E-mail of your status in the class along with a confirmation
letter. Please ensure you use your correct E-mail address and add us to your contacts so
the message is not caught by your spam filter.
Name: _________________________
Title: _______________________
Agency: __________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________
City: _______________
State: _______________
Telephone: ____________
E-mail Address: ________________________________
How much experience do you presently have in the examination and comparison of
footwear evidence? 0-3 years
3-5 years
more than 5 years
How many cases do you receive on a monthly basis? __________________________
Are you willing to commit yourself for the entire 5 month period?


Hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the student. A list of

hotels will be provided in the confirmation letter.
Important Note: Due to the content of some courses student may be required to bring
additional equipment: Refunds will be issued up to 30 days prior to the start of the
trainings first start date, after which no refunds will be issued unless the class is
Cost: One person, for this entire program is $4,900 or $1,225 per week.
Two people from the same agency $7,800 or $1,950 per week
Three people from the same agency $10,400 or $2,600 per week
Any person wishing to attend separate classes on a weekly basis is encouraged to do so.
The fee is $550 per class per week.

Registration Fee: ________. Payment must accompany registration or a letter of intent.

Payment Information: Check #: ___________
PO #: ________________
If paying by credit card please notify us for a credit
card application.
I do hereby acknowledge the refund policy.

Mail or email registration forms

and makes checks payable to:
Forensic ITC Services
9688 E. Davenport Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
(480) 860-1002