1 History of hotels: 1.1 History of hotels in the world-----------------------------------1 1.2 History of hotels in Pakistan-----------------------------------2 1.3 History of Crown Plaza Hotel ---------------------------------3 2 Introduction 2.1 Introduction Of Hotel Crown Plaza----------------------------4 2.2 Objectives of Hotel Crown Plaza Hotel------------------------5 2.3 Mission statement------------------------------------------------5 2.4 Vision--------------------------------------------------------------5 2.5 Values--------------------------------------------------------------5 3 Marketing mix 3.1 Product---------------------------------------------------------------7 3.2 Price----------------------------------------------------------------11 3.2.1 Pricing strategies 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7

Place---------------------------------------------------------------12 Promotion---------------------------------------------------------12 Services------------------------------------------------------------14 Controls------------------------------------------------------------16 Keys to success---------------------------------------------------16

Jon satisfaction & Job description:---------------------------------------17 4.1 Job title--------------------------------------------------------------17 4.2 Job specification----------------------------------------------------17 4.3 Job description-----------------------------------------------------17 4.4 Job responsibilities------------------------------------------------17 4.4.1 Work on outlook-----------------------------------------18 4.5 New skills which I have learned----------------------------------18 4.6 Problems & challenges faced------------------------------------19

5.1.1 5.1.2 5.1.3 5.1.4 5.2.1 5.2.2 5.2.3 5.2.4

Analysis--------------------------------------------------------------5 5.1 SWOT analysis------------------------------------------21 Strength-------------------------------------------21 Weaknesses-----------------------------------------23 Opportunities-------------------------------------------25 Threats--------------------------------------------------26 5.2 PEST analysis-----------------------------------------Political analysis---------------------------------28 Economical analysis--------------------------29 Social analysis---------------------------30 Technological analysis---------------------------30


Recommendations & learning’s: 5.3 Recommendations---------------------------------31 5.4 Positive learning’s-------------------------------------32 5.5 Challenges---------------33 Bibliography:----------------------------------------34


It is compulsory internship report which was assigned to me, for this I have to do internship and I did in Hotel Crown Plaza for six 06 weeks, and I am making this report on the experience gained with that internship. This was my first working experience outside before this, I have worked with my father, overall it was an excellent experience regarding to learning and face to face conversation. Hotel crown plaza is the 4rth star hotel in the heart of Islamabad which is blue area, it’s a luxurious hotel and handles all type of functions like business meeting. Wedding functions. And other social functions. Hotel Crown Plaza business mostly revolve around the business employees and executives, They have their crown club cards which is made to give discount to business class guests , then there is a outdoor catering facilities, conference rooms , and restaurants. My job was their was an internee is sales & marketing department , which is making reservation and listening phone calls . But I have learned much more in showing my intention towards learning the function of other departments , likes finance department and front office by standing on the reception. In the reports I have written all my experiences good and challenges very generously. overall it was an exciting experience and I have learned a lot from this internship. And I am looking forward to use this experience in my future jobs.





The history of hotels is very old when people started to make inns for the travelers, since the beginning of time, people have traveled for commerce, religion, family, health, immigration, education and recreation.

As cited by Texas Tech University, the word "hospitality" comes from the Latin root meaning "host" or "hospice." The university further noted that the first hotels were nothing more than private homes opened to the public. Most, unfortunately, had poor reputations. Under the influence of the Roman Empire, inns and hotels began catering to the pleasure traveler in an effort to encourage visitors.

The first inn located in America was recorded in the year 1607 and lead the way with many other firsts in the hospitality industry. The first publicly held hotel (the City Hotel) opened in New York in 1792. The first modern hotel (the Tremont) opened in Boston in 1809 and the first business hotel (the Buffalo Statler) opened in 1908.

Eventually, from then on, more hotels were built and this gave birth to the hospitality industry which also led to the classification with the star system. The star system was assessed by: the price, the hotel's standard of service, and the hotel's facilities offered.

In the past, hotels were just normal houses offered for guests to stay in. Some were in the form of inns. These were situated near ports for sailors to spend their night during their short breaks in the country. Usually the room just consisted of a bed that was big enough for two people.



The land of Pakistan is located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. It is bordered with India on the east, Afghanistan and Iran on the west and the Arabian Sea on the south. The word Pakistan has been derived from the two Urdu words “Pak” and “Stan” that mean pure country.

There were few hotels in Pakistan in the start. It is said that Cecil Hotel, located at Mount View Road Murree was a summer retreat of a British Army Colonel. It was built in 1858 and is therefore one of the oldest surviving hotels in Pakistan. It was converted as Viceroy’s summer place in 1940 and in 1957 it was converted into a hotel by a Rawalpindi based businessman. Lakhani Group bought it in 1998 through an open auction and is the current owners. The industry of hotels in Pakistan was no very large to begin with, the major players are off course The pearl continental Sheraton, Marriot, and Holiday inn chains and the Serena hotels chains which is basically at the most prominent spots.



Hotel Crown plaza was built in 1989. opened its doors on August 14th, 1999 as the main brainchild of Mian Akram Farid chief executive an entrepreneueur and business tycoon with many feathers in his hat as president of Islamabad chamber of commerce, and chief of federation of Pakistan chambers of commerce &industry (FPCCI), capital office, who is also a devoted leading figure in the community services and never miss the opportunity to help the needy people.

Hotel crown plaza has been since it first opened its door an choice for frequent travelers and corporate executive,familes,and visitors together. Its well renowned architect & decorator Mr.Yawar Gillani who put his heart and soul with brainstorming and guidance of chief executive Mian Akram Farid.


has a rich history of serving high profile corporate

executives and military officials delegations, many famous guests that have stayed at the hotel.

Chapter no 2 2.1 Introduction Of Crown Plaza Hotel

The hotel Crown Plaza is located in the city's bustling business district, in the heart of Islamabad, the distinctive Hotel Crown Plaza. Welcomes both business and leisure travelers. As you will see from the moment you arrive, our hotel offers striking views of Margalla Hills as well as the natural beauty of Islamabad. Guest rooms that combine classic luxury with contemporary business tools. And a level of service that's a step beyond other hotels. Hotel crown Plaza sets the standards for expericing the Islamabad hospitality with quality and sophistication on a luxurious scale and create the ultimate legacy of distribution of future guests Guestrooms are elegantly appointed with oak wood furniture, the finest of fabrics and lavish amnities. Luxurious feathers enhanced sleep systems include down comforters,feather beds and 400 threads count triple sheeting in each of the sixty –four guest room that will welcome the weary traveler. Among the spetial features of hotel crownplaza are its 64 elegantly furnished rooms with deluxe, premium rooms, and evecutive and executice suits The hotel became known for the location close to the foot hilld of margalla hills whoch is centrally located in the posh business center of Blue area , on main jinnah avenue.



Hotel Crown Plaza’s objective is to provide the best, comfortable .memorable, and luxurious trip to Islamabad. Hotel provides easy access to an excellent variety of facilities. 2.3 MISSION STATEMENT:

To be recognized as one of the best first-class hotels in Islamabad and to constantly strive to improve, allowing us to prosper as a business for the benefit of our guests, our employees and our investors. 2.4 VISION:

The success of any business is contingent on the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. At the Crown Plaza, we are proud of our strong commitment to both our guests and our team members. We recognize that the delivery of exemplary guest service is dependent on a group of caring team members who share common goals and a true spirit to serve. Those goals and service spirit are expressed in Our Big Three, which lies at the heart of our hotel mission statement our hotel is a place where every guest receives 100% satisfaction in the service, products and environment we proudly provide. 2.5 2.5.1 VALUES: LUXURIOUS TIME:

It is one of our main values that our guest should enjoy luxurious time in out hotel



Our guests deserve quality products at a fair price. That is how to build business.



One of our big values is to provide security to our guests, and the hotel is located in the very safest place in Islamabad



We value our guest comment that’s why we shares guest experience at the time of checking-out, so that we can improve our self.











The Hotel Crown Plaza integrating all elements of marketing mix successfully.



Hotel’s products are its rooms and services and better the room and services will be higher the reputation of the hotel and the quality of product. High quality services accompanied by exemplary personal service, differentiated from competition quality with an over all brand strategy, has proven to be the successful approach, generating high level of repeat business. 3.1.2 ROOMS:

There are 61 rooms and 3 suits are available for customers here. And 5 types of rooms including  Standard single  Standard double  Premium single  Premium double  Deluxe room  Suits

All of our rooms are well furnished and luxurious, and a best place to spend your time.



There are 3 types of banquet hall in the hotel which included:



Hotel Crown Plaza offers a boardroom seating 5 - 12 delegates, one larger convention room accommodating up to 30 delegates. The conference areas feature multi-telephone and fax lines, ISDN lines and video conferencing. 3.1.5 OAK HALL:

Including the same facilities like board room and the best place for business meetings 3.1.6 ROOF TOP HALL COMING UP SOON.

That will be another achievement and will bring innovation to the banquets



State-of the-art Business center satisfies all the highly demanding business requirements. Fully equipped and elegantly furnished business center offers all the basic and modern facilities such as 24-hour ultra-fast speed Internet access, worldwide fax facilities, photocopier, word processing and printing facilities. Also offer Internet access and fax facility in every room for your convenience. 3.1.8 HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER:

You can say our Health Club is therapy for the body and mind. And no wonder. You can work out with ultra-modern equipment under the watchful eye of a personal trainer or relax in the Jacuzzi, and also enjoy the Sauna. It is the Best for rest and rejuvenation.



Team of professionally qualified cleaners keeps the shape and the sparkle alive in garment with our state-of-the-art machinery. Items dropped before 10:00 am are ready for collection offer 5:00 pm an same day. To facilitate outside customer we are soon opening up Laundry shop do visit us for quality service.

3.1.10 OUT-SOOR CATERING: Catering at your doorstep with facilities for up to 2,000 persons. Exclusive White Shamiana / Marquee with Crystal Chandeliers, one piece Carpeting, Live Cooking, Stand-Generator facility. Complete lighting and decorative ambience creation also available.

3.1.11 OTHER FACILITIES:  Function facilities for over 2,000 people.  White Shamiana/Marquee with Crystal Chandeliers.  Exclusive one piece Carpeting and Red Runners.  Heating (Heaters & Charcoal Grills).  Live Bar-B-Que Cooking/Grills.  Stand-by Generator

 Fully Uniformed Staff.  Complete Lighting Arrangement including Fairy Lights  3-D Studio for Decorative, Ice Carving, Flag Displays, etc.  Creating Ambience as per occasion.

3.1.12 CONFERENCE ROOM FACILITIES: Hotel Crown Plaza provides a professional meeting service, offering you, the conference organizer, unique benefits with the most modern conference and sophisticated wide range of audio visual equipments to ensure all aspects of your meeting go as planned. Keeping in view the requirements of our guests, we have equally catered for your meetings and banquet needs. Oak room the hotel's banquet hall has a capacity to accommodate up to 150 guests for all kinds of business meetings, official seminars, wedding ceremonies, cultural exhibitions and private parties. Hotel Crown Plaza offers you the finest banquet/meeting facilities right in the center of the capital. The Hotel is perfectly located in the most shopping and entertainment sector of the Blue Area with the panoramic view of entire Islamabad. For conferences, Hotel Crown Plaza offers a boardroom seating 5 - 12 delegates, one larger convention room accommodating up to 30 delegates. The conference areas feature multi-telephone and fax lines, ISDN lines and video conferencing.

» Our meeting system is our guarantee to help you conduct efficient and successful meetings at Hotel Crown Plaza.

» Your tea/coffee break will be served as specified in the meeting contract and on time. » Your audio visual and equipment will be set up in accordance with the meeting contract. » Your meeting room will be available at your specified time. » Your meeting room will be set p per your specifications. » Your meeting room will be refreshed during meal break. 3.1.13 OTHER SERVICES »  Safe Locker in Rooms. »  Rent a car. »  Roof Top Bar-B-Que & Thai Cusine Restaurant coming up soon.



The Hotel Crown plaza prices are more economical compare to other 4 & 5 stars hotels in Pakistan. Brands Rates

Standard single room---------------------------------- RS 6500 Standard double room---------------------------------RS 7500 Premium single room ---------------------------------RS 7500 Premium double----------------------------------------RS 9000 Deluxe---------------------------------------------------RS 11000 Suit-------------------------------------------------------RS 18500

These are the tag prices and prices do vary from to company to company . Its on the marketing staff to select different prices to different companies time to time and it depends on our Crown Plaza Card . It is determined by a number of factors including market share, competition, material costs, product identity and the customer's perceived value of the product.]



Crown plaza hotel is located in 99-E, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area Islamabad. Hotel is Located in the city's bustling business district, in the heart of Islamabad, the distinctive Hotel Crown Plaza. Welcomes both business and leisure travelers. As you will see from the moment you arrive, our hotel offers striking views of Margalla Hills as well as the natural beauty of Islamabad. Guest rooms that combine classic luxury with contemporary business tools. And a level of service that's a step beyond other hotels. Customers can book rooms, banquets, and other services on the internet and on the phone too. Product and service information are sold to the guest via personal selling, direct marketing advertising and the internet. Delivery channels include travel agents and international reservation system. And Hotel crown plaza has an office in Benazir Bhutto international air port.



The basic way of promoting the hotel which I notice was phone calls and then the personal meeting by the marketing staff, added to that they value customers comments too and it’s very important for promoting hotel. Marketing staff’s public relation is very strong they meet the corporate people in a very friendly way. Public relation in local market will remain an important element in the marketing mix presenting the hotel as a supportive member of the communicating and participating in significant local events. For advertisement they publish broachers, and if there any new package comes then they make it in broacher, like Ramadan packages, Buffet packages etc Words of mouth are very important for promoting any hotel but for this the hotel staff needs to be very punctual and good, added to that their services need to be very quick. Primary focus will remain on mass communication with via print ads in trade publications and on the internet .Direct mails campaigns to existing prospective client will increase as a cost effective meaning of target campaigning

Personal selling in the local marketing will remain an important element of the mix in order to continue to build important relation ship within a local community and generate a high level of corporate activity. 3.3.1 WEB PLAN:

Our website is already up and running but needs top be redesigned to give it an updated look and feel, as well as to secure interactively. The content is good, it just need a refresher.

3.3.2 Web site GOALS:
Our website needs to be able to do the following: Convey our messaging of high quality, luxury business accommodation. Being able to make reservation online able to make changes online.



Our hotel provides guests with an alternative to the impersonal, large five star properties in the city. Strategically located, our property enables our guests to be at the heart of the business community and yet in an environment of calm and professionalism. We seek to differentiate our product and services in the following areas: • • • • Personal recognition of our frequent travelers who return time and again. Luxurious rooms that offer a sense of doing business from 'home.' Staff that have a strong customer-service ethic. Business facilities second to none in town



Our sales plan hinges upon our sales strategy, sales process and, prospecting plan. As long as we follow the plans laid below we should be in good shape. 3.4.2 SALES STRATEGY:

Hotel Crown Plaza sales strategy hinges upon repeat visits by key corporate accounts. We need to develop a relationship with the companies listed in our Sales Account Plan, as well as actively generate new accounts by soliciting first time corporate visitors. It will be important to remain competitive on price, as well as amenities. The corporate accounting department wants to make sure they limit the amount of money spent per night per employee on a business trip, but the business traveler will be able to express preference. If the price is right, and the business traveler knows that they will have all amenities they need while at the Riverview Hotel, we will be assured of keeping and attracting key accounts. 3.4.3 PROSPECTING PLAN:

Whenever a new customer stays at our hotel we need to be able to determine whether it is for leisure or business. If it is for business -- we need to make sure to get the customers business name and address so that we can send a corporate packet to the company letting them know about corporate pricing and special business amenities.



Our marketing expense is structured to reflect the corporate strategy differentiation. Quarterly travel trade publications and interim monthly press ads communicate our message to key corporate clients in one of our most significant target markets. Monthly Internet advertising expenses include banner ads, and strategic links with car hire, airline and destination management companies' websites to drive business to the hotel. Direct mail activity builds our targeted customer database, not only in terms of improving the quality of the data we currently hold, but on increasing the size of the database with

prospective customer information. Public relations expenses cover PR events, participation at local functions and sponsorship funds. Overall, the percentage of total revenue required to support the marketing expense is considered a moderate amount.



Our marketing plan is structured to enable us to achieve the strategic goals we have set for ourselves, in terms of increasing overall revenue as a result of differentiating our products and services from the competition. Our marketing team will ensure that the plan is implemented to the best of their ability and with the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.



• Continue to develop ongoing relationships with frequent and new guests. • Continue to develop and implement a strong communications plan in both national and international markets. • Leverage our strength in the local market as a member of the community by supporting local events. • Identify new markets for our services such as University-based target groups. • Continue ongoing staff training and skill development to ensure the highest standards of service.


Internee in the sales and marketing department



The minimum requirement for this job was Bachelors/ preferably B-commerce but I was a MBA marketing student doing Compulsory internship of 06 weeks



I was working as a 06 week internee in the Crown Plaza Hotel, my job was mainly to make reservations, cancel reservations, through listening phone calls or by email outlook. I have also learned a lot by standing on the reception it was a good experience too. I have enjoyed a lot in the hotel although they gave me lots of file wok and photocopy work too but I was a good experience overall because I have learned a lot. It was six days a week internship and my job starting time was and closing time was 2:30 pm .



Answering incoming calls and taking reservations based on information that you must memorize prior to a start date .Entering data into reservations system Follow up on customer leads DAILY and convert to sales being flexible.

Perform any other work assigned by supervisor



I think this job help me a lot in making my conversation skill better. Then I didn’t have the any working experience before, so it helps me very much to encourage me for future jobs. One thing that I really learned very much was standing on the reception, it was difficult for new comers, and there I just experienced how to check- in and check-out our customers. By sitting on the reservation desk one can understand the situation, and here reservation manager should know that how many rooms are reserved, how many rooms are covered, and about empty rooms. And also banquets halls. Then how to reply after making reservations by fax, by phone call, or by e-mail. Then if someone cancels the reservation how to cancel it and then put the hard copy in the specific date file. The skills which are used were marketing skills, personal selling skill, and the basic conversation skills.



As we knows the wherever we go and what ever we do there will be some problems and challenges.

It’s always been hard for me to adjust myself in a new place same was happened here in the start I was confused and wandering what is going here, then as the time passes every thing start become easy.

4.6.2 FIRST JOB:
As I have already told u that it was my first job, it was hard time in the start and then it have to change.

The top challenge that was reported was about the amount of details and new information that a new adviser must know almost from day one of his/her job. One quote from the survey was particularly indicative of this challenge: “I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that I needed to know in order to be effective.” Information seemed to be the theme of this challenge and it included such challenges as having to know all of the information immediately, lack of training, and knowing whom to contact and when.

It was a tough an experience early on because I don’t have any background working knowledge about outlook so it become easy as the time passes.

Every hotel has its own reservation software where they added reservation and links it to reception and finance department.

It was another challenge to my job because I dun have the working experience before so interpersonal communication skills was needed and which comes with a time. How to speak with collogues, how to speak with boss, and how to speak with customers these all needs to be learned here.

Time management is always a difficult task to do specially when u r doing job for the first time. it happened to me too, i have to come on time and there was also the task time which my supervisor have gave me .

It was an important task because our little mistake can create a big problem and dissatisfaction of our customers because if don’t know which room or banquet is already booked on which date then you are creating big trouble for yourself, for your hotel, and for your customers.

For an internee its some times hard for him because there can be more then one bosses and can give u different work.


There is a crises period going on but there are some strength too which is still making the hotel work successfully. 5.1 5.1.1 STRENGTH: LOCATION:

According to me the biggest advantage which crown plaza hotels have is its location in the middle of the blue area and when corporate comes from outside city they prefer to stay in this hotel because it is easy to reach to the meeting point, or location which would probably be in the blue are. 5.1.2 HIGHLY SKILLED EMPLOYEES:

I have gained much from the same marketing department peoples. , by seeing those making phone calls and person selling meetings and by using their personal relations, they are doing good job for their hotel 5.1.3 MORE TYPES OF ROOMS:

The Crown Plaza Hotel is popular for its types of rooms which are 6 types, like standard single and double, deluxe premium and double, deluxe and executive suits. This quality differentiates Crown Plaza from the other hotels. 5.1.4 EXPERIENCED STAFF:

Staff mostly from the marketing department is highly experienced and they have every knowledge about the marketing and because they have worked in hotels or marketing departments of other companies before so they can understand the situation very well.



The Crown Plaza hotel has an office in the Islamabad international airport too with transport van and a car which are ready to take customers to their hotel and not many hotels in Islamabad have this facility. 5.1.6 AFFILIATION:

One more big advantage the Crown Plaza Hotel has is its affiliation, especially with the Avari Hotels so this helps a lot to transfer their guests in very moderate rates. And It for me the bid adv the hotel has. 5.1.7 TARGET MARKET:

Hotel Crown Plaza deals mostly with business class people as their customers which is a big market in Islamabad executive always have their meeting and works in Islamabad, and with their Crown Plaza cards and moderate rates for them makes it a more popular hotel for business peoples. 5.1.8 MODERATE RATES:

Crown Plaza competitors are Marriot, holiday inn Islamabad hotel, Margalla hotel, and best western hotel so compare to them Crown plaza hotel rates are more adjustable.

5.2 5.2.1


That’s what I have noticed that there is some unhealthy professional jealousy among them. Which is effecting the Hotels performance over all I think theirs a bit less team work among employee’s 5.2.2 INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEES:

I this hotel there are some incompetent but old employees which are working because of good relation ship with the owner, this thing cant work fruitful for any company. They are now in some power full positions which can be reason for the hotel decline in the future hotel position. 5.2.3 SWIMMING POOL:

Mostly 4 star hotels have swimming pools but not The Crown Plaza hotel because its location does not allow them to make it. And there is no place left for making a swimming pool. Sometimes customer prefers swimming pools. 5.2.4 LACK OF INTERNEE’S

They are not interested in for internships they usually prefer full time workers .when I was doing internship at that time I was the only internee in the whole hotel. Their performance can improve by giving more opportunities internees.



The promotions and bonuses etc are often powered by seniors' favoritism or depends upon their wills and decision. This adds to the negative factors, which denominate the employees thus resulting in affecting their performance negatively. 5.2.6 LACK OF SPACE:

With the growing needs I think the space of the hotel is bit less, they should do something to solve this problem. Space gives a good open looks to the hotel like other big hotels. But in blue area it is hard to do this. 5.2.6 LACK OF GARDENS:

Gardens give a new and fresh looks to hotel where u can have season’s plants growing season’s flowers and gives the broader looks to the hotel. And may be customers like to have some open air then can use it.



Due to the recent downfall industry of Pakistan it is difficult to fill these 64 rooms but that time will change again and then when peoples will be trying to get rooms all rooms will be booked and then customers will go for another hotel.

5.3 5.3.1


For growth everyone has to innovate and find new idea and make new solutions. It’s not easy to make an innovation but just to do any thing in a new way is innovation. 5.3.2 GETTING BETTER ATMOSPHERE OF A CITY:

After so many bombs attack it looks like city is getting better ,security is tight and with a more better security plan of a city ,that all will attract the visitors to come to the city and opportunity is to have these guests in to this hotel. 5.3.3 LOW RATES:

It’s a big opportunity for me too because the reason is there are getting high prices ago hotels rooms but I heard business people saying to make the prices less. But all should be done by person to person basis. 5.3.4 GROWTH OF THE BUSINESS SECTOR IN PAKISTAN:

Pakistan is a developing country where business is growing day by day and as the business grows the need of hotels will increase and there will be the opportunity, and that’s the reason why there many projects are building in the city. 5.3.5 INCREASE OF LINKS AND AFFILIATIONS:

In that type atmosphere which our hotel industry is facing one hotel can grow but increase its affiliation and links is needed, for obvious reasons hotel with better links with business customers will have more guests and for hotel keep having guest is very important and no hotel can work without it .

5.4 5.4.1


For some years now conditions of the city as other cities of Pakistan, keeps changes sometimes like now it become better and sometimes and become worst , I was working in the hotel when there were 2 bombs attack occurred within 2 weeks in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and I knows that how’s the reservations of hotel being cancelled and no new reservation was coming at that time, these security condition is worst for hotel industry in country and government should provide the security to the citizens and the hotels otherwise the hotel industry will keep declining. 5.4.2 THE DECLINE IN HOTEL INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN:

“The Hotel industry is among the top three constituents of the world economy after oil and autos and is growing faster than the petroleum and arms. It is larger than automobile industry in Japan, agriculture in the U.S.A. and banking in Switzerland. It is unfortunate to know that instead of growing with world trend, the tourism industry in Pakistan has rather taken a back seat in the revenue generated services. It is the only industry that earns the FOREIGN EXCHANGE without exporting any thing. The hotel industry with its charming and lively environment is apparently flourishing but the reality negates the fact and depicts the other side of the story .Pakistan hotels association and the govt. keeps trading accusations. Most of the hotels and motels here, particularly in the far flung areas, hill stations and the tourists spots and even in the three major cities; Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, are dependent upon tourism, international business trips.

The industry in Pakistan is not very large to begin with. The major players are, of course, the Pearl Continental, Sheraton, Marriott and Holiday Inn chains and then there is a Serina hotel chain which is basically at the more prominent tourist spots. Actually the greatest growth in the hotel industry was seen in the late 80s and then some in early 90s but it was clear by this time that the industry had already entered in a recession and the trend has visibly been reversed. .



Pakistani Hotels are very much affected by the changes in technology. The Reason is mostly hotel are not quick to adapt the new technologies and the techniques so it can cause future problems 5.4.4 GOVERNMENT INSTABILITY:

The Government Instability had affected this business in such a way that each Government has its own rules and regulations regarding to the hotel industry. And in Pakistan he mostly rules can change with the change of new government. 5.4.5 LACK OF TOURISM:

Hotel industry can be affected by the lack of tourism in Pakistan, and the government of Pakistan has never takes some important measure to the growth of the tourism industry, Pakistan tourism industry has the opportunity of becoming the largest Pakistani income generated industry.

5.5 5.5.1


The political environment of Pakistan is quite stable since the last years. Government. Thought some factors are always trying to pollute the social and political environment of this province, Government has taken very positive initiatives in this context and people fell no hesitance to invest their money in Hotel industry. Political environment of Pakistan always takes twists and turns added to that each and every government doesn’t like what previous government has done. Here are some political factors involves in effecting hotel industry: 5.5.2 INSTABILITY OF GOVERNMENT:

Instability of government these days is affecting the hotel industry at a large amount and that cause very less amount of guest to come in the Crown Plaza Hotel and that needs to be change. 5.5.3 RELATIONSHIP WITH INDIA:

That affect a lot too because the relation ship between Pakistan and India always keep changes and that leads to less amount of foreign visitors to come in the hotel at the time of 9-11 Hotel Crown Plaza was jammed full that they have to arrange many the international guests at the top roof .



Economic factors are not very positive but because of the new policy of Pakistan manufacturing and financial showing the signs of growth so it is a good news for the hotel industry and specially Islamabad hotel industry. TAXATION: This government has the policy of taxation on the luxurious products and services so this policy is affecting not only customers of hotel industry but customers too. Obviously taxes increase the prices and that’s affects the buying power. INFLATION: Inflation is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan these days Prices are getting higher with the 90 degree of angels speed these years , it has to be stop now because it is affecting every industry specially luxurious product and services and industries like hotel. BUYING POWER: Hotel Crown Plaza mostly deals with business customers and it is affecting hotel in away that companies are investing less on visits and outdoor activities, because the economic crunch is all over the well affecting every business type. Saving is a new trend in all over the world and they are trying to compensate the loans which they have taken in the past and trying to save themselves from the bank insolvency, then they have adopted the policy of saving.



There are more social factors in the favor of the hotel. LOCATION: The Blue Area is the commercial and business hub of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is called the "Blue Area" because it was represented in a color blue in the original design of the planned city. The area is actually a corridor that runs along Islamabad's Kayban-e-Quaide-Azam, Islamabad's primary arterial road which leads up to the main government buildings. The Blue Area has recently received a significant amount of foreign direct investment. Recently, construction began on The Centaurus, a multi-purpose complex in the Blue Area which will include residential and office towers, and a luxury hotel. There are many tall skyscrapers in blue area. It is characterized by clean. Hotel Crown Plaza is located in the best location of the Blue area and the easiest place to enter in Blue Area., in the neighbor of the City bank. As you will see from the moment you arrive, the hotel offers striking views of Margalla Hills as well as the natural beauty of Islamabad. 5.5.4 TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS:

In terms of technological advancement Hotel Crown Plaza Hotel is ahead of its competitors in the race of hotels. If we take a look at others 4 star hotel we can easily understand that the hotel crown plaza is ahead of them. Innovation is the quality of the director operations of the crown plaza hotel and that is the factor that gives them lead to other hotels. Whereas It is hard to compete the international hotels they are way ahead in the technological standards.


 The quality of food must be improved in hotels.  Prices of food must be reason able according to their food standard and services.

 

The hotels should follow new technological trends..

There must be proper marketing and sales promotion for hotel industry.

 Hotel should be constructed at beautiful locations.

There should be proper security system to secure the hotel from any

terror attack.  They must raise their voice and negotiate with government for chalking out sound policies for the improvement in hotel and tourism industry.  Parking facilities must have ample space.  Room services should be according to needs of customers.  Attendants must be adequately trained, educated, well behaved and efficient.



That is for sure that positive learning’s are more then negative learning because internship is an important part of the MBA , it has includes many learning’s including these. Skill enhanced: I have learned books for my 16 years of education but never did a job , so this internship has given me the chance to talk and work with different types of peoples. Reading books can never be enough for us all because we have to learn practical implication of these because without is just like the fish in the pool . Confidence gained: This is one of the important learning of the internship because in class room we didn’t learn how to talk and conversation with the customers specially in English language so the internship has given us the chance to do that. Because is something that u learned with the meeting with different types of peoples specially for marketing peoples. Technical skills: While doing internship one thing you surely will be aware of after that is technical skills because the phone exchanges. File works , going in different departments for works and

meeting that give you much to be fruitful for you in the future life of yours and frankly saying I was very unskillful before that.



Making and Listening phone calls was a difficult work to do for me before the internship but as the time passes its become easier and easier for me



I think is an art which I didn’t learn much in the hotel because these peoples were also not working in the team very much, I mean for this is that there were a team work in same department but there were no team work with the linkages with the peoples of other departments I guess because the salaries f marketing staffs are higher then the employee’s of other departments that’s why it creates a jealousy factor in the employees of other departments. 6.3.2 JACK OF ALL TRADES:

Now it is some hoe good too but any way bad too. Because I have worked in many places like reception, like phone calls, like making reservations, like was doing file work. Like a link between marketing and a finance department I t was over all very good for me but still I am not full qualified in doing one job.

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