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Name Date Key Accuracy ‘Need to be sure to identity dolla correctly Need to establish the toni and dominant Need to keep scale in mind as you sing Need to keep [/IVIV triads in mind itch Accuracy Changed key during example Pitches caret but sharp/fat Som intervals were consistently a problem: mm M2 om M3 tt PS m6 MG) om? MTB ‘Sang right pitches but wrong syllables ‘Sang right syllables but wrong pitches i | Need to clearly establish the steady beat before staring Tendency to nushideag Tendency to pause oF restart, Rhythmic Accuracy Need to keep the beat clearly Some note values consistently to long/shor 16, 8°, quarter, half, whole Other Keep counting through longer note values Practice counting, Check values of ress ‘Comments: Expressive Need open, accurate vowels on solfége Need a deep, supporting breath to sing "Need to reflet dynamic markings in your singing Sing with dynamic variation in line Breathe at phrase breaks, not between PRACTICE FOR NEXT TIME: Piteh/Key Accuracy Review finding dovla from key signature Sing ms mdf Lt, rst d in the key before reading melody Sing fll scale in solfége before reading melody ‘Chock “do” as you are practicing reading San melodies for dificult intervals and sing before reading Sing chord outlines while playing chord on piano Sing familiar melodies in solfSge Rhythm/Tempo Accuracy Tap to measties in tempo before beginning sightsinging ‘Chant the rhythm on countssylables while keeping a steady beat ‘Chant the shythm on solfége while keeping a steady beat Sight-sing with the metronome and tap the beat Practice setting the beat indifferent tempos, with and without metronome Scan for difficult pattems and chant through hythms before reading Expressive Sing diferent warm-ups on solfége syllables, concentrating on vocal tone Sing up the scale on sof, concentrating on ‘g00d fone and support Sean for dynamic markings before singing Sean for phrase markings before singing Practice sight-singing at different dynamic levels Sight-sing anew melody once through and then sing one phrase at atime