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Marcela Gmez Paola Gonzalez

Marisol Londoo Ivn Ponsoda



1. Identify the strategy changes that have taken place at Hard Rock Cafe since its
founding in 1971.
When Hard Rock Caf was found it was just a simple restaurant that used to
provide a good meal to the customers. After some time hard rock owners realize
that it wasnt enough for be different and to be the leaders on the food and
entertainment market so they implemented a new strategy based on a complete
experience: support on entertainment, food and music. So they implement the
concept of a restaurant as an entertainment place where people not only could eat
really nice food but also could have a unique visual and sound place.
2. As Hard Rock Cafe has changed its strategy, how has its responses to some of the 10
decisions of OM changed?
We dont have enough data to complete this question (**class note)
3. Where does Hard Rock fit in the four international operations strategies outlined in
Figure 2.9? Explain your answer.
International strategy:
This strategy is based on the real fact that people is travelling around the world and
is looking for a transnational and global experience. Taking into account that 70%
of hard rock guest are tourist, this business is expanding its frontiers to different
destinations cities with the objective of increase its brand recognition and revenues.
In addition Hard Rock cafe international strategy is based on standardization, trying
to give to its customers almost the same food with a good environment in the most
famous tourist location around the world, but its also trying to differentiate each
restaurant according to local customs and believes.
Mass Customisation strategy:
Hard rock cafe is trying to give the feeling of uniqueness to costumers through the
merchandizing of each place products making the clients feel part of a exclusive
Dynamic strategy:
They try to keep in mind the political risk, currency risk and social norms to improve
and complement its international strategy. According with those factors they do a
continue brand fit in each country and around the world. Also With their franchises
strategy they are trying to diversity each country risk and global risk
Experience strategy:
Having a huge music collection and a concept of each visited place, Hard Rock
restaurant and hotels is giving to all customers a different and exotic combination of
aspect that make each visit as an unique experience.