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All the three types of milk need to be tested daily TM, SM, FCM


Batch No: Weight

Fat%, Acidity, LR Lactometer reading, CLR Corrected

Lactometer reading, SNF% , Adulteration- Carry out three
different tests daily.

Fill the burette with NaOH solution.
Take 10 ml of milk in the conical flask add few drops of
Phenolphthalein as a indicator
Titrate continuously till the appearance of permanent pale pink
Fat %
Carry out fat test simultaneously for all the three types of milk.
Gerber tube- Fill 10 ml of 90% sulfuric acid
10.75 ml of milk and followed by 1 ml of iso aml alcohol
Keep it for digestion by enclosing it with stopper
Ensure there are no curd particles
Keep it in centrifuge for 5 min.
With the help of stopper read the fat value.
Note: Please keep the balancing tube while placing the
experiment tube in the centrifuge.
Lactometer reading:
Fill the beaker with milk completely (even above the markings).
Place the lactometer in the beaker.
Note down the value. Value that is seen should not be taken.

Note down the temperature of the milk.

Calculate the corrected lactometer reading using the below
CLR= (LR (84* - T)*0.17).

SNF%=CLR/4 + (0.2* Fat) +0.36
Note down the SNF value for all three types of milk.

Adulteration Test: