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COUGAR SPECIAL TEAMS Punt Return Consistent & Physical Punt Return Rules Blockers 1. You are asigned to a man 90% of the time on our returns. It is your job to keep your man from making the tackle. You will be evaluated on every return, Keep your man from making the tackle, itis that simple. 2. Your alignment may change slightly each week, based upon the punt protection that we will be seeing. Use your alignment and knowledge of the opponent's protection in order to establish the position you want on our returns. 3. We want to give the illusion that we are to block every punt. All weight should be forward and we should make an aggressive push into the backfield on every return. 4. Our goal is to keep our man from getting down field until after the ball is punted, 5. After your intial push, use your strength or quickness against your opponent. If you are stronger than your opponent is, try to throw him to the ground. If you have a quickness advantage, stay in front of him and try not to get locked up until farther down field, 6. Establish proper leverage on your man. a. Middle Return- you should be to his inside forcing him to the b. Return Right- You should have him on your right shoulder forcing him to your right as you run down field. c. Return Left - You should have him on your left shoulder forcing him to the left as you run down field. 7. The ideal position to be as you run with your man down the field is on his hip about 2 yards behind him. Don't worry about trailing. Your opponent will have to break down to make a tackle and you will be in perfect position. Worry more about your man stopping and beating ‘you up the field as the returner goes by. 8. Ifyou are not in position to block your man in front, do not throw the block. 9. Do not stop unitl you hear the whitsle Punt Returners 1. Our #1 Goal as a runner is to catch the ball cleanly, not letting the ball hit the ground, and not turn the ball over. 2. On middle return, we want to catch the ball with a little bit of forward momentum, (On return right or left we want to catch the ball with perfect balance. 3. If we have a middle return on and you catch the ball close to the sidelines, work your way to the middle of the field looking for an open running lane. 4, On left and right return we will give ground (if needed) in order to get the wall, 5. The returner who does not catch the ball must protect the returner who is fielding the ball. Get 5 yards in front and look for front and look for Ist threat. Ifno threat, be a lead blocker up the field, How To Block A Punt 1, The landmark for blocks is 5 yards in front of the kicker, 2 feet to the right or left of the punter. Look for the BLOCK SPOT. 2. See the ball from the snap. Block Punt with Hands. 3. Run through the Kick. DO NOT HIT THE KICKER. 4. You must believe you are going to block the punt. 5. All punt blocks are automatic return. Side of block will be deteremined on a week to week basis. 6. All blocked punts can be picked up and advanced by you. Ona 4th down punt, pick up the ball and try to advance, reguardless of risk. On 3rd down blocked punt, cover the football, (Do Not Advance It.) 7. A partially blocked punt that crosses the line of scrimmage is a Punt. It is Out ball. 8. In blocking a kick we must get off the snap (Key Ball). See the ball all the way, Do not take your eyes off the ball, take it off the punter's foot. ‘The Kicking game will often cause the turning point in a game through a big play ot by putting a team in the hole. there is no other phase of the game that gives us a better opportunity for a big play. Every kick ia s chance to make a great play. ‘The Block Spot yards in front of the kicker 2 feet Right or Left of teh Punter ‘The spot will vary depending on the punter. We will study the punters on tape and in warm- ups to determine the spot. WE WILL HIT THE SPOT, NOT THE PUNTER, Split Punt Base Alignment & Assignment O O 0 “co0eeo® 1 234 5 6 789 1-10 Inside Shade of Bullet 2-9 3-8 4-7 5-6 Outside Shade of Wing Head up on Wing R1 Outside Shade on Tackle Inside Shade on Guard Tight Punt Base Alignment & Assignment O O 000° © © 1°25 4567 8 4 1-10 Outside Shade End 2-9 Inside Shade of End RI 3-8 Inside Shade of Tackle 4-7 Inside Shade of Guard 5-6 Ouside shade of Center 10 10 Split Punt Middle Return O » Madd sd 1-10 Force Bullets Wide 2-9 Three steps Upfield, Block Wing, Stay Square, Force Wing Outside 3-8 Two steps upfield, bend to Tackle, Block, Stay Square, Free Outside 4-7 Two steps upfield, bend to Guard, Block, Stay Square, Free Outside 5-6 Rush upfield- try to block punt. O ay ae 06, 1-10 Two steps upfield, Block End, Stay Square, Force Outside, Trail 2-9 Two steps upfield, Block Tackle, Stay Square, Force Outside, Trail 3-8 Two steps upfield, Block Guard, Stay Square, Force Outside, Trail 4-7 Block Kick 5-6 Block Kick Split Punt Block Left, Return Right . ooedai ' Block Side- 2-3-4 Rush hard to block point. If offense gets a good piece, go to wall. If punt is not blocked , go hard and take wall past the returner. e Return Side- Use get off. Use Block technique to wall of men away from the return. 9- Three steps upfield 7/8-Two steps upfield Inside- 5 & 6 Rush hard through gaps. If not blocked, go to the block point and block the punt. Which ever inside player is blocked by center, go block Punter. The othe le player, if you cannot block the punt, block the fullback. Tight Punt Block Tele Return Right 49 APOE BLOCK SIDE- Rush upfield to block point. no block, form wall. RETRUN SIDE- Block man inside. Force man away from wall.