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Energy Price Fact Sheet

QEnergy Limited
Home Your Way Single Rate
Offer Valid until 30/06/2016

Electricity Tariff Rates

Customer Type

Fuel type(s)


Tariff Type

Offer Type



SA Power Networks

Single rate

Standing offer

Release Date

Electricity Charges

Price (exc. GST )

Price (inc. GST )

Consumption for first 10.96kWh per day

26.539 cents per kWh

29.193 cents per kWh

Remaining consumption per day

30.333 cents per kWh

33.366 cents per kWh

Daily supply charge

78.122 cents per day

85.934 cents per day

Daily supply charge: a charge that applies for supplying electricity to your premises for each day of the billing period, regardless of how
much electricity you use.
kWh: a 'kWh' stands for kilowatt hour and is the unit of measurement for your electricity bill.

Electricity offer details



Cheque dishonour payment fee

Flat rate - $14.85 inc. GST

Late payment fee

Flat rate - $14.85 inc. GST

Credit card payment processing fee

Percentage of bill - 1.7%

Other fee

Paper Bill Charge

Flat rate - $2.75 inc. GST

GreenPower Options



QGreen can be added t o your electricity plan as an additional charge. 10% = 0.66c/KWh 50% =3.30c/KWh 100% = 6.60c/KWh

Term of contract

Contract expiry details

No fixed term
Cooling-off period
Not applicable
Eligible customers must be located in the SA Power Networks distribution area.
Price changes
Standing offer variations, not more than once every 6 months, will be published 10 days prior to starting in a newspaper and on our website. We will also include details with your next bill if it affects you.

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QEnergy Limited

11 Cordelia Street, South

Brisbane QLD

1300 448 535

Please visit

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