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Lhiza = The former Celebruty star Grace

Crisostomo is said to be dating to senator Erickson
Roxas since they met each other on a conference.
Michaela Del Rosario Reporting!

Michaela = Yes Lhiza, I am here in Makati City

where Celebrity Star Grace Crisostomo is having
her charity event for the street children.

Grace = Yes, uhmm many people say that there

is a relationship between us but I say were still on a
Michaela = We Have already heard what celebrity
star Grace Crisostomo said about the issue of her
dating to senator Erickson Roxas. Which she says
and state that there are still on a progress. Back to
you Lhiza!

Camera man = angel

Gee = recordist of interview

Lhiza = The Lady Pink Panthers of the
Philippines won at Asian Games on shanghai,
china. They won in the finals against to the
Lady Blue Spiders of Hong Kong at the score
of 3 1 and this leads them to get and
achieve the gold medal. Darren Cruz
Darren = Yes Lhiza, I am here at Rizal
Memorial Stadium together with the The
Lady Pink Panthers celebrating their
achievement together with their coaches and
friends. Here is Angelica as the Mvp player of
the game.
Tell us something about the game Angelica
Angelica= We are having a good time and we
are really happy that we won in the finals. And

we thank our fans for the support that they

gave, to our families and especially to God.
Darren = Thank You Angelica, and we have
heard her insights about the good and they
really look the happy about what happen. Be
Proud to be a Filipino!! Back to you Lhiza!
Camera man = gee
Lhiza = There are people who do rallies to
senator Erickson Roxas because of increase in
pricing of the goods in all markets in munoz.
Here is Gerard Chua reporting.

Gerard = I am here in the Muoz supermarket

and I have intervied and talk to some of the
people who are against the price increasing in
the market.
I have talk to a single dad parent named
Darren Cruz.
Darren = It is unfair and it is not right! Our
saliries in our job is not that too much and

then the price of the goods in the market will

increase! Oh come on! We are just normal
people who work properly for our family!!
Erickson = We will check our information
about the increasing of price and to more
observe about it.
Gerard = We have observe that many people
are really against to the increase of price of
the goods in the market. Hope that this may
be solved! Back to you Lhiza!
Camera man = Darren