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Wednesday 18 - Sunday 22 February 2015

The Desborough Suite

Behind the Scenes

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Maidenhead Drama Guild

Wed 4 - Sat 7 March

Norden Farm - Studio (01628 788997)

The Addams Family

Crowthorne Musical Players

Tue 10 - Sat 14 March

The Wilde Theatre (01344 484123)

Maidenhead Drama Festival 2015


Tue 17 - Sat 21 March

Norden Farm - Courtyard (01628 788997)

Chess - The Musical


Tue 31 March - Sat 4 April

Theatre Royal Windsor (01753 853888)

Sunshine on Leith


Wed 15 - Sat 18 April

The Kenton Theatre (01491 575698)


East Berks Operatic Society

Tue 12 - Sat 16 May

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Maidenhead Operatic Society

Wed 20 - Sat 23 May

The Desborough Suite (01628 671589)


MissSaigonSchoolEdi on

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Audi onDate:5thMay2015

Set Design
Set Build

Maggie Kearney
Mark Beeton, Tanya Beeton, Andy Eden, Sienna Eden
Maggie Kearney, Chris Mower, Gavin Mills, Tessa Preston
Laura-Anne Putterford, Peter Rumble, Terry Walsby, John Wesson
Stage Manager
Peter Rumble
Deputy Stage Manager
Kerry Preston
Stage Crew
Trevor Begley, Paul Everett, Tess Little, Chris Mower
Lynne Deane, Tasha Eden, Tess Little
Lighting Design
Andy Nicholson
Lighting Operator
Anne Hewitt
Lighting Technician
Beth Gupwel
Follow Spot Operator
Daren Brandon
Brian Cox
Isabelle Foley, Jean Gulrajani
K&E Events, MMCS, Clothesprops
Hair & Make-up
Cast, Chaperones, Isabelle Foley
Under 16s Licensing & Head Chaperone
Claire Sargent
Sadie Brandon, Nikki Maine, Lynne Moore, Phillippa Morris
Charlotte Porter, Emma Seymour, Daisy Smith, Sue Watson
Rehearsal Prompt
Lynne Deane
Flyer & Programme Design
Laura-Anne Putterford
Cast Photos
Robert Simpson LRPS
Front of House
Jill Lucking, Friends of the Grimm Players
Box Office
Ticketsource, Lil Bridger, Andy Eden, Angela Fecher
Cast Liaisons
Tilly Lawson, Tessa Preston

The Grimm Players would like to Thank

John Wesson & Greens Digital Printing for flyer & programme printing
K&E Events for rehearsal space
Julian Fox & Potters for use of their van
K&E Events & MMCS for use of set, furniture, props & swipe track
Maidenhead Players for the radio mics
Russell & Sharon Trayling, owners of Chester, for all their help and support
We apologise for any omissions before going to print

Joint Presidents of The Grimm Players - Maureen & Luke Over



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Its the depths of the 1930s Depression ... Annie is a fiery young orphan girl who lives
in a miserable orphanage run by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan. She runs away, rescues
a friendly stray dog from the dog catcher, has adventures, but is caught and taken
back to the orphanage by a policeman sent by Miss Hannigan. However, her seemingly
hopeless situation changes dramatically when she is selected to spend a short time at
the residence of a wealthy munitions industrialist, Oliver Warbucks. She quickly charms
the hearts of the household staff and even the seemingly cold-hearted Warbucks
cannot help but learn to love this wonderful girl.
To help Annie find her long lost parents, he offers a reward to anyone who could prove
their identity. Miss Hannigans evil brother, Rooster, and his girlfriend plan to
impersonate Annies parents to get the reward for themselves which puts Annie in great

The Grimm Players Present ...


All ends well, however, as President Roosevelts Secret Service discover the plot and all
three are arrested. Everyone is delighted by Roosevelt's New Deal for the countrys
economy and Annie happily agrees to be adopted by Daddy Warbucks.

Musical Director
Helen Styles
Assistant Musical Director (Conducting Saturday)
Pippa Eden
Rehearsal Pianists
Elizabeth Easton & Roger Witney
Roger Witney
Violin / 2nd Keyboard
Elizabeth Easton
Double Bass
Emilie Creasey
David Gray
Ian Head
Flute / Piccolo
Pippa Eden
Flute / Piccolo (Saturday)
Julia Bentley-Dawkes
Clarinet / Sax
Diana Head
Peter Holmes

Laura-Anne Putterford

Musical Director


Helen Styles

Jenny Bennett

Assistant Musical Director

Pippa Eden

The Grimms next show - Thurs 1-Sat 3 October 15 - Norden Farm Studio

Allo Allo - the classic 1980s sitcom farce


ridiculous fake accents, innuendo, cultural clichs (French, German, British

Original production directed by Martin Charnin

all pretty clueless) - not-to-be-missed fun entertainment!

Originally produced by Irwin Meyer, Stephen R Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederland Associates Inc,

Fun to perform too - interested?

The John F Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, Icarus Productions

Previews 30 March & 20 April: Auditions 27 April.

Details: Ian Head 01344 317993 or or our website

Based on Little Orphan Annie by permission of the Tribune Media Services Inc
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD

Laura-Anne Putterford - Director

Laura-Anne is delighted to be back in the Directors chair at the
Desborough Suite having directed and appeared on stage as a
dancer in the Small House of Uncle Thomas ballet for MMCSs
The King and I in April 2014. She has been told on several
occasions never to work with children and animals and yet here
she finds herself working with 15 Little Girls and a dog! Mix in
over 20 adult cast members and over 40 named parts she knew
this show wasnt going to be a walk down Easy Street, but she
certainly wouldnt change a thing as it has been a lot of fun and laughter from start
to finish!
When asked to direct this classic musical, Laura-Anne was unsure how she was
going to put her stamp on it. When she suggested to the Annies that maybe they
werent a little red headed girl, but a blonde or brunette instead, the look of utter
confusion, disgust and despair from Eve and Laura convinced her that an audience
was expecting to see a traditional version of this well loved musical. The other
concern was would she manage to find a suitable dog to play Sandy. Clearly with
the name Sandy it rather narrowed down the selection of dogs available for the
loveable friend of Annie, but Laura-Anne had nothing to worry about when Sharon
and Russell turned up with Chester who stole the hearts of everyone and jumped
straight into rehearsals, tail wagging excitedly, and has been an absolute pleasure
to work with and at times a lot easier and better behaved than the rest of the cast!

Mark Beeton

Tanya Beeton

Beth Bristow

Donna Bristow


Andy Eden

Emma Lancia

Tilly Lawson

Claire Martin

Rachel May
le Mesurier

The true joy of directing for Laura-Anne is working with the children and this show
has been no different. She has enjoyed seeing them all grow in confidence
throughout rehearsals as they made friends and also how they developed their
characters and came up with their own interpretations of those characters.
Laura-Anne hopes to either direct or perform with all the children again in the
Having appeared in The Grimms production of Shout! at Norden Farm Studio in
October 2014, Laura-Anne realised that it had been a long time since she had
performed in a full length musical, her last appearance being Amy Chapman in
Radio Times back in 2010 for The Grimm Players. She knew something was
missing so, despite her already busy schedule she decided to remedy this and will
be pleased to be return to the Desborough Suite later this year when she appears
as mother of 9, Mrs Snow, aka Carrie Pipperidge in MOSs production of Carousel.
Maybe one day she will take the break that she keeps promising herself, a holiday
to NYC might be nice!
Finally Laura-Anne would like to thank the cast, crew and production team for all
their hard work, dedication and support and also you, the audience, for coming
along to support us. She would like to say, I dont need anything but you to make
this a FANTASTIC show.

Gavin Mills

Mark Parsons

Julie Teasdale

Tessa Preston

Terry Walsby


Niven Willett

Cast in Order of Appearance

Chorus Orphans

Katie Styles / Bella Hopper

Sienna Eden
Abbi Berry-Richards
Gemma Toogood
Zaylie Lambert
Eve Maidwell / Laura Bristow
Katie Crowhurst
Aimee Brain, Anya Brain, Rosie Wilga, Charlotte Yorke, Beth Styles
Amber Landamore, Eve Maidwell, Laura Bristow
Miss Hannigan
Melissa Embleton
Andy Eden
Dog Catcher & Assistant Dog Catcher
Gavin Mills & Niven Willett
Lt Ward
Mark Beeton
Police Officer
Tessa Preston
Hooverville Chorus
Beth Bristow, Donna Bristow, Nathan Bristow, Tanya Beeton
Andy Eden, Scott Kitson, Kelly Lambert, Emma Lancia, Tilly Lawson, Claire Martin
Rachel May le Mesurier, Mark Parsons, Naomi Rawlinson, Julie Teasdale, Terry Walsby
Voices from Radio (pre-recorded)
Beth Bristow, Emma Lancia, Claire Martin
Announcer (pre-recorded)
Gavin Mills
Grace Farrell
Tilly Mitchell
Terry Walsby
Mrs Greer & Mrs Pugh
Julie Teasdale & Tessa Preston
Cecille & Annette
Tilly Lawson & Beth Bristow
Servants Chorus
Donna Bristow, Nathan Bristow, Tanya Beeton, Emma Lancia
Claire Martin, Rachel May le Mesurier, Mark Parsons, Naomi Rawlinson, Niven Willet
Mr Warbucks
John Wesson
NYC Chorus
Beth Bristow, Nathan Bristow, Tanya Beeton, Mark Beeton, Andy Eden
Emma Lancia, Tilly Lawson, Claire Martin, Rachel May le Mesurier, Gavin Mills
Mark Parsons, Tessa Preston, Naomi Rawlinson, Julie Teasdale, Terry Walsby, Niven Willett
Donna Bristow
Daniel Rooster Hannigan
Scott Kitson
Lily St Regis
Kelly Lambert
Bert Healy
Terry Walsby
Fred McCracken & Wacky
Gavin Mills & Niven Willett
Sound Effects Man
Nathan Bristow
Radio Producer
Mark Beeton
Jimmy Johnson
Mark Parsons
The Boylan Sisters
Beth Bristow, Emma Lancia, Claire Martin
Kaltenborn (pre-recorded)
Mark Beeton
Tanya Beeton
Mark Beeton
Donna Bristow
Emma Lancia
President Roosevelt
Andy Eden
Marine Guard Howe
Mark Parsons
Roosevelts Secretary
Rachel May le Mesurier
Judge Brandeis
Gavin Mills

Helen Styles - Musical Director

Never work with children or animals Helen has chosen to
ignore this advice on numerous occasions, from her first career as
a vet, to her current one as a Suzuki violin teacher and choir
director. Luckily for her she ignored the advice once more to be
involved in this production of Annie and has had a fantastic time
working with a talented cast and crew of children, adults and an
exceptional dog!

Jenny Bennett - Choreographer

Having recently returned to the field of choreography with the
ballet in the King and I, Jenny has thoroughly enjoyed working
with the cast of Annie.
It has been a pleasure to work once again alongside our talented
director, Laura-Anne Putterford, to help produce this wonderful
show with the help of an amazing cast. The children have been a
joy with their energy and enthusiasm, and the adult chorus have
done a fantastic job especially as many of them are not trained dancers, who, by
the way, can actually dance even though they did not realise it!
The preparation has been fun and exciting and who knows now what Tomorrow
may bring!

Pippa Eden - Assistant Musical Director

Pippa is delighted to be Assistant MD for one of her favourite
shows. Despite bring surrounded by "Little Girls" at rehearsal, she
"Wouldn't want to change a thing". She is very pleased to be
working with her hubby and youngest daughter, who has
managed to make it to rehearsals "Fully Dressed", albeit usually in
her onesie! Somehow Pippa manages to juggle her life as a
primary school teacher with that of a wife, Mum and, where time
permits, musician. "It's a Hard knock life!". "Maybe" it's time for a
trip to "NYC" to recover? Pippa would like to thank Laura-Anne, Helen and Jenny
for making her Annie experience such fun. Break a leg everyone!

We are extremely grateful to The Prince Philip Trust Fund

for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
for again offering sponsorship

Eve Maidwell - Annie (Roosters Ragamuffins)

Eve is always busy learning something! Normally a song, lines or
a routine for her latest performance. If its not show week, you
will find her training with the Kobika Cheer Academy or
practising technique with the Kobika Youth Dance Company. This
is the first time Eve has performed on stage with the Grimm
Players and she has thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Zaylie Lambert - Tessie (Roosters Ragamuffins & Lilys Ladies)

Zaylie is very excited to be playing the role of Tessie in her stage
debut. She is also pleased to be performing with her mum whom
she usually just gets to watch on stage! Zaylie does ballet, tap
and modern at the Linda Butler School of Dance and can be found
enjoying year 3 at school during the working week.

Katie Crowhurst - Kate (Roosters Ragamuffins & Lilys Ladies)

Katie is 10 and attends Pat Steel School of Dance. However you
are more likely to see her in a pool than on stage. Katie competes
nationally as an S13 visually impaired swimmer and is currently
ranked first in Britain for her 50m and 100m backstroke. Katie
plays the tenor horn and is also a member of Maidenhead Athletics

Laura Bristow - Annie (Lily's Ladies)

Laura is very excited to be playing her first lead role for the
Grimm Players. Last year Laura appeared on the Desborough
Suite stage as Twin 1 in the childrens chorus of MMCSs The
King and I. By day Laura can be found attending school locally,
and by evening Laura enjoys theatre club and playing the flute
as well as arguing with her annoying older brother and sister
who are also appearing in tonight's show. Laura hopes you enjoy
the show and she would like to thank you for coming along to

Chorus Orphans

John Wesson - Mr Daddy Warbucks

His last show for the Grimms was walk on, dance, say one line
and off. This part is the total opposite. Johns not known for his
singing voice, but is having a go, and hopes that wont put you
off coming? Ooops!! too late, youre already here! John wants to
say one last SORRY! for all the sorries in rehearsals, and he
would like to thank Laura-Anne, Jenny, Helen, Pippa and all the
cast and crew for their amazing support, which he will wash and
return after the show - Sorry!! Enjoy!

Aimee Brain

Anya Brain

Rosie Wilga

Charlotte Yorke

(Roosters Ragamuffins & Lilys Ladies)

Melissa Embleton - Miss Hannigan

Having recently attempted dry January and managing to beat her
previous record of 6 days by considerably more, Melissa has
concluded that method acting is the best way to get into character
and has been practising ever since! The role of Miss Hannigan has
also allowed her to explore alternative teaching styles during her
day job, thankfully nit picking is no longer on the National
Curriculum! Melissa joined the Grimm Players as Nancy in Oliver!
back in 2000 and she is delighted to have the opportunity to play
another fab role from her wish list!

Amber Landamore

Beth Styles

Eve Maidwell

Laura Bristow

(Lilys Ladies)

(Roosters Ragamuffins)

(Lilys Ladies)

(Roosters Ragamuffins)

Roosters Ragamuffins - Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 1pm

Lilys Ladies - Thursday, Saturday 6pm & Sunday

Katie Styles - Molly (Roosters Ragamuffins)

Katie has moved from playing sweet, well-behaved little Gretl in
The Sound of Music to mischievous Molly and she hopes you all sit
quietly and enjoy the show or youll have to get to work and
scrub them floors.

Tilly Mitchell - Grace Farrell

Tilly has been a part of amateur dramatics for 17 years having
performed with Stage One Youth, MOS and the Grimm Players.
Following her recent stint as choreographer for MOS, the part
of Grace is her first major role with the Grimms. Tilly has
enjoyed the challenge of bringing this loveable character to life,
she thinks shes gonna like it here! Sit back and enjoy the

Bella Hopper - Molly (Lilys Ladies)

This is Bella's first show and she is very excited to be playing the
part of Molly. She has had lots of fun making new friends and
hopes you all have a wonderful time!

Sienna Eden - Pepper (Roosters Ragamuffins & Lilys Ladies)

Sienna Eden is in year 6 at school and is no stranger to the stage
having made her debut as an orphan in Oliver! with MMCS when
she was just 4 years old. Sienna has now been in all the shows
that Laura-Anne has directed, starting with Brigadoon in 2011.
She hopes you enjoy the show!

Abbi Berry-Richards - Duffy (Roosters Ragamuffins & Lilys Ladies)

Abbi is very excited to be playing Duffy, the oldest orphan, in
Annie and, luckily having grown a few inches this year, it is the
perfect orphan for her to play! Abbi has been dancing since she
was 3 years old and dances for the Kobika Youth Company with
Eve Maidwell. They perform at many dance events across the UK.

Gemma Toogood - July (Roosters Ragamuffins & Lilys Ladies)

Since Gemma joined The Dance Academy aged 3 she's shown a
love of dance and the stage. She continues to perform with TDA
and more recently in A Christmas Carol and The King & I for
MMCS. Gemma takes 'break a leg' very literally! She performed as
Little Eva a week after coming out of a cast for a broken foot, and
recently broke her toe during this rehearsal period!

Scott Kitson - Daniel Rooster Hannigan

What a great character to play, the wicked and villainous
Rooster! However, in real life we can confirm Scott is a little
less evil and we know that his energy and joy will be seen
within this nasty character. This is Scotts debut show with the
Grimm Players and hes overcome the challenging rehearsal
journey to finally reach Easy Street, just in time for show

Kelly Lambert - Lily St Regis

No stranger to treading the boards, Kelly has enjoyed revisiting
this classic musical. Last time she played July at the tender age of
12! Kelly last worked with the Grimms in the capacity of Director,
whilst growing her third small human! This time she has greatly
enjoyed taking part in a show with her eldest daughter who takes
her first ever role as Tessie. Lily St Regis has been a joyful cameo
to get her teeth into and Kelly cant wait to present you with each
and every floor of her hotel-themed performance.

Chester - Sandy
Just like Annie, before Chester found his forever home he was
abandoned. He was found roaming the streets at a very young
age and had not been socialised by his previous owners, which
caused him lots of problems. Chesters Mum and Dad have
helped him to become the dog he is today and found him lots of
things to do; life today is very different - Chester has competed at
Crufts, appeared in a TV advert for a dogs charity, was head
hunted for an animal TV show and now here he is on stage!

Act One

Act Two

New York - December 1933

New York - Later in December



Scene 1 - New York City Municipal Orphanage

Hard Knock Life
Annie & Orphans
Hard Knock Life - Reprise
Scene 2 - A Street Corner


Scene 3 - A Hooverville


Scene 4 - New York City Municipal Orphanage

Little Girls
Miss Hannigan
Little Girls - Reprise
Miss Hannigan
Scene 5 - Warbucks Mansion
I think Im Gonna Like It Here

Annie, Grace & Servants

Scene 6 - New York City Street / Times Square

Warbucks, Grace, Annie

& Company

Scene 7 - New York City Municipal Orphanage

Easy Street
Rooster, Miss Hannigan, Lily
Scene 8 - Warbucks Mansion
Why Should I Change A Thing?
You Wont Be An Orphan For Long

Grace, Warbucks, Annie
& Servants

20 Minute Interval

Scene 1 - WEAF Radio Studio
Maybe - Reprise
Fully Dressed

Boylan Sisters & Bert Healy

Scene 2 - New York City Municipal Orphanage

Fully Dressed - Reprise
Easy Street - Reprise
Rooster, Miss Hannigan, Lily
Scene 3 - The White House
Cabinet Tomorrow
Annie, Cabinet, Roosevelt & Warbucks
Cabinet & Roosevelt
Cabinet Tomorrow - Reprise
Scene 4 - Warbucks Mansion
Something Was Missing
Scene 5 - Warbucks Mansion
I Dont Need Anything But You

Warbucks, Annie, Grace
Drake & Company

Scene 6 - Warbucks Mansion

Maybe - Reprise
New Deal For Christmas
Warbucks, Annie, Grace & Company
I Dont Need Anything But You
Tomorrow - Reprise

Full Company

The use of photography and video recording

equipment is strictly prohibited