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Can Monroe Public Schools use Fawn Hollow for grades 5-6 and move all preK-4

elementary students to only Monroe Elementary and Stepney?

No, there are not enough regular classrooms for all the scheduled preK-4 classes. There are 59
classrooms of students scheduled for next year in grades preK-4; together Monroe Elementary and
Stepney only have a total of 54 classrooms. Not only would there not be enough room for all regular
classes, there would be:

no art rooms,
no music rooms,
no computer labs,
no special education/intervention rooms, and
no KinderAcademy.

Using Fawn Hollow for grades 5-6 would take 41% of the current elementary classrooms out of use for
grades preK-4, preventing the district from providing an appropriate educational program to our
elmentary students.

[Note: preK requires 3 classrooms and moving this program to another school would still not open up
enough classrooms for all K-4 in just Monroe Elementary and Stepney.]