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Interviewee: Cindy Green Curriculum Director

What is your background in education?
● I went to school for elem education
● First job was in ms so I got ms generalist and wanted a
● I never wanted to be an administrator so i wanted to just
get my masters.
● I did a leadership program because it seemed like the only
step at the time
● I finished my three year masters degree in July
● In August of the same year I was hired for principal of the
ms/hs because our other principal left
What is your experience as an educator/leader?
● I taught for half days as a LA teacher and did some science
too. I was at -risk for the rest of the day for a few years
● I was at-risk coordinator for a few more years
● I then became the ms/hs principal for 1 year, but this was a
lot of work with all the games and activities so I went to the
elementary principal position instead
● I was elementary principal for 2 years
● Now I am the curriculum director
Have you ever been anywhere besides Cardinal?
● No, I went to kindergarten here, and have done all of my
teaching and leading experiences at Cardinal.
When / How did you become interested in making a change
from a teaching position to an administrative one?
● During my leadership classes
● Then the principal at the time gave me more and more
leadership opportunities so my interest grew.
What accomplishment are you most proud of as an
I don't think I could take individual credit but collectively as a whole
the board gave us a directive of what they wanted to see and changing
the culture and perception of culture was high on the list. So we have
seen growth since 2010. The board wanted us to focus on facility
improvement, perception climate and culture and now those are
nailed. So now we are moving into student achievement.
What is the hardest decision you have had to make in your
administrative career?

I have had some tough ones when I was a secondary principal because
it was with student discipline. When you are enforcing good conduct it
means you are taking away someone’s eligibility for sports or prom. On
a more personal level switching to different admin roles because when
I moved from ms to elem I found out I was pregnant and with a family
it is more difficult. So, I knew that the elementary would be a better
pace and good decision for my family. Then after a few years over
there I questioned and had to decide if I wanted to just do curriculum
and not have principal responsibilities and went back and forth on it. I
spoke with Joel (Superintendent) about it, and he supported me. But it
was hard because it was fully on me. When I had to make the decision
it was tough and now I am so glad that I did. It was a good decision but
What are the three most critical things you feel a principal
must do in a school to accelerate student growth and ensure
that every child is learning?
1. Relationships - Principal making relationships with their
employees and staff, teachers build relationships with students
and creating those relationships with parents and stakeholders
are all important. Getting everyone in the right place to take the
more difficult steps and raise expectations and make curricular
2. Expectations - principal expects of, teachers, vs versa
3. Follow through- Anybody can set up a plan, but it is not
followed through or monitored and good plans fall apart.
Celebrating the good things /success too. Implementation is
more than a program.
At the end of your career, what do you think your staff would
say about you as a leader?
Area I am working on, I have a pretty poor opinion of what people think
of me. I think people would see me as professional and driven and
goal oriented. That can come to a fault too because if you are just
focused on that and you don’t have relationship or the emotional piece
then people will not feel connected. Nobody wants to work for
someone who is a total jerk. Changing the way I operate and having
more flexibility on my part will help me to become more of that type of
a person. I hope to remain profession but soften up a little bit and
have more fun. Hopefully, this will help make others feel like they can
work with me.
What do you feel are the top 3 necessary skills for a leader to

1. You must be a people person and enjoying being around
people and communicating with people
2. Important to be able to recognize a vision and know how to
go after it
3. Communication- being a good communicator with others is
What are your thoughts about an administrator staying in a
district for 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?
I do not believe there is a set number and it is different in every
building. I guess if you stay somewhere too long you can become
complacent and that is not a good place to be. Research says 3-5 years
is needed to see a change process. So if you implement something you
have to give it 3-5 years to see the pay off. I think it is good for people
to get out to when they feel they are getting burnt out. It is hard to be
an administrator in a building for too long. switching to a different
building in the same district could give you the change. The
elementary principal burn out rate is high. I think you need to be there
long enough to see through change.

In one sentence, describe the role of a curriculum director in a
Oversee the district goals and work together with the admin team to
implement programs and curriculum to increase student achievement.
More principal level so I have more conversations with the principal
then they have the conversation with the staff. It is more admin team
How do you hold teachers and/or staff accountable?
This is an area where we need to improve in but I think we are trying to
get better.
PLC’s are an example- we have a set time when they meet,
documentation they are expected to turn in. This document was the
accountability piece. Taking that further next year and moving
documentation to a more formal process is our goal. I hope that we are
tying in with personal development plan/ cumulative assessment on
how a teacher is doing. I believe this is the missing piece. They have
the documentation but as far as follow through we have missed the
mark. So we have to do better of conversations. Calendar will help
with that next year as we have early out Fridays to focus on
professional development and PLC time.

What is the most difficult budget decision that you have had to
I don’t make budget decisions. Teachers ask then I ask permission from
the superintendent.
What is the role of the administrator in grant writing?
As a principal I did not do anything. As curriculum director, a fair chunk
of my time is doing it. Superintendent asks us to apply for something
and it is usually me or sometimes a team. The follow through is on my
plate. I have to make sure we are keeping documentation and doing
what we said we would do, and completing the final yearly report.
What does your average day look like?
I have a running to do list and I have one on paper that I write
down that needs to happen that week or day. I have one on google doc
broken by months of things the superintendent wants me to do for him.
Whenever he asks me to do something bc if I do not get it done that
month. It is moved to the new month. I always feel like I am going to
get my list done but it does not happen.
TLC positions are a big part of my job. I had to organize the
application process, interview process, doing the interviews, and
making selections. Stem stuff has gone through me too. All of the state
reports, APR, BEDS, and overseeing PLCS. The instructional coaches
helped with PLC oversight this year. The coaches did the groundwork
and I was an overseer.
Some days I have to get permission for ordering materials and
books. I had to focus on scheduling assessments and using data from
assessments for PD.
For admin team I write the admin team agendas. Joel and I meet and
he covers what he wants covered in the meeting. I update the website,
make the agenda and send it out.
Planning Pd is another job I have in this role. After PD I review
the evaluations and surveys and try to meet the day after a pd day
with the superintendent and talk about what changes need to be made
for the next time. I spend time on nominations documents for the
superintendent. He wants to get a lot of positive press so he has me
nominate him for awards. Then if he gets them I let the paper know so
they can do a story on him and the district.
I helped write the literacy plan this year, and I have to Make sure
that all of our Title I, PD and Sina money is spent. I have also been
focused on summer school planning this spring.
What advice do you have someone moving into an
administrative role?

I was a little undecided whether I wanted to be an administrator or not,
but with added leadership roles it became clear. It has definitely been a
good decision but I don’t know if it is for everyone. I think that teachers
on the day to day work really,really hard. Not forgetting the role of the
teacher and remember the job they are doing day to day. The further
away you get from the classroom the harder it is for you to really
appreciate the role of the teacher. Remember the role of the teacher
on the day to day and keeping that in mind as I am asking them to do
certain things is important.