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QWhich group of dangerous goods is generally understood to be the most hazardous for
marine transportation?
AOrganic peroxides.
QWhich of the following is a correct statement
AThe hazard posed by a substance can arise from a dangerous reaction of the
substance or article with other substances in the surrounding environment.

Which Packing Group is assigned to substances presenting a low level of danger?
Packing Group III.

QWhich of these is the UN Packaging Symbol? (Drag & drop the correct symbol into the

AQWhat is salvage packaging?
ASpecial packaging into which damaged, defective, leaking or non-conforming
packages or dangerous goods that have spilled or leaked are placed for the
purposes of transport for recovery or disposal.

Within the IMDG Code, the term *marking* refers to which of the following ?
Identification of the substance contained in a package.


Which of these packing labels is used to indicate a Marine Pollutant?


Where do you find the Dangerous Goods List?
Volume 2 of the IMDG Code.


Which of these statement defines a *Marine Pollutant*?
A substance which is subject to the provisions of Annex III of MARPOL.

QIf you discover a leaking tank container on the weather deck, which of the following
actions should you take?
AReport it immediately to the Duty Officer.
QWhich of these symbol must appear on packaging containing radioactive substances?
(Drag & drop the correct symbol into the box.)


QWhich of the following symbols would you expect to find on a thermal tank containing
liquid of a high temperature? (Drag and drop the correct symbol into the box.)

AQWhich of these labels would be attached to a package containing explosives? (Drag
& drop the correct symbol into the box.)

AQIn addition to the IMDG Code, which other Code Should be referred to for guidance on
security matters?
AThe International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.
QColumn 16 of the Dangerous Goods List shows the requirements for stowage and
segregation. Whot is segregation?
AThe way that Dangerous Goods are separated by location on board.

If a mixture is above its Upper Flammable limit, how is the atmosphere described?
Too rich.


Which of the following is another name for *smell*

QClass 2 (Gases) has three divisions. Two of these are *Flammable* and *Non-flammable,
non-toxic*. Which of the follo…

Which two of the following can the term *Cargo Transport Unit* be applied to?
Road transport tank.
Portable tanks.

QWhich two of the following are standart tests performed on representative samples of
ADrop test.
AStacking test.
QAccording to the Code, what must road vehicles be fitted with?
ASuitable supports and securing attachments which provide a safe and stable
platform during transportation.
QWhat is a multi-element gas container?
AA special arrangement of cylinders and tubes with a manifold, assembled
within a framework and fitted with service and structural equipment.

What is the first part of any marking on a packaging?
The UN packaging symbol.


What does the IMDG Code require in terms of the testing of packaging?
All packagings must be of a successfully tested design.

QAccording to the IMDG Code, what are *placards*?
ALarge labels that are fixed to the outside surfaces of Cargo Transport Units to
indicate the hazards associated with the substances contained in the unit.
QAccording to the IMDG Code, what are *labels*?
ANotices that are fixed to the outside surfaces of small packages to indicate
the hazards associated with the substances in the packages.


Where should placards be located on a freight container containing dangerous goods?
One on each end and one on each side.

QThe Proper Shipping name and UN Number of a substance must be listed on the
Dangerous Goods Form. This is so that the substance….
ASo that the Master has the necessary information to hand if he has to report
a pollution incident involving this substance.
QIn which part of the diamond-shaped shipping label for Dangerous Goods would you
find the class and division numbers?
AThe lower part.
QWhere dangerous goods have been loaded into a road vehicle, what is the name of the
form that must be supplied by the person re….
AContainer / Vehicle Packing Certificate.
QWho is responsible for completing the documents relating to the shipping of Dangerous
Goods (unless the Code specifically requires otherwise)?
AThe Shipper.
QWhen should all placards, orange panels, marks and signes be removed from a Cargo
Transport Unit?
AAs soon as the dangerous goods or their residues are discharged.

What does this symbol indicate? ↑ ↑
The way in which a package should be stored.

QWhich of the reasons listed below is one which justifies *On Deck Only* stowage within
the requirements of the Code?
AThat there is a substantial risk of formation of explosive gas mixtures,
development of highly toxic vapours or unobserved corrosion of the ship’s
QWhich of the following is a definition of the term *compatible good*?
AThose which when stowed together result in a hazardous situation in the
event of spillage, leakage or any other accident.
QWhere can empty uncleaned cylinders that have previously contained gas of a toxic
nature be stowed?
AOnly on deck.

How does the IMDG Code require that drums will be stowed?

QWhich of the following would you consult for guidance on the fire fighting procedures to
follow in the event of an incident involving dangerous goods?
AThe EmS Guide.

On which of the following can guidance be found in the Supplement to the IMDG Code?
The safe use of pesticides in ships.