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Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity of AboveGround Storage Tanks

Brian Case
Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica

Intent of the Study

The intent of the guideline is to combine the experience of
Arpel members, industry best practices and relevant codes
and standards into a single document which is to be
disseminated within any organization using Storage Tanks
for incorporation into Integrity Management Program.
Desired Outcome of the Study
The end effect of the guideline is to reduce events
associated with storage tank failures as it represents a
critical element of the environmental, health and safety
management system in the downstream sector of the Oil
and Gas Industry

Key Elements of a Storage Tank Integrity

Management Plan.
Proper Record Keeping
Precise knowledge of the Tank
Precise knowledge of process conditions
Inspection Planning and knowing what to do ahead of
Develop an inspection frequency (internal & external)
based on government regulations, codes/standards,
past history, company engineering standards, RBI
(risk-based inspection)
A focus on continuous improvement