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Marie Thompson

Eng 252
Brother Griffin
13 May, 2015
Research Proposal
I support childhood vaccines because they not only protect the child but also protect
those around them. A recent outbreak of measles has shown just how important
vaccines can be. However, with the introduction of Senate Bill 277 in the State of
California which requires all children to be vaccinated regardless of religious beliefs, I
believe that the government does not have the right to tell parents what is best for their

Just last year a boy in my ward contracted whooping cough because someone in his
class exposed him to the virus. He had been immunized so he was not as seriously ill
as he could have been had he not been immunized. Nevertheless, he felt miserable.
Recently a senate bill was presented in the California Senate requiring all students to
be immunized prior to entering kindergarten. No longer would parents be able to
decline the shots based on religious reasons. Only those who have medical reasons,
such as allergies to the ingredients would be allowed to decline the immunizations.

Immunizations are important in preventing disease, yet this could be the first step
towards losing religious freedoms. Interestingly, when vaccines first appeared, some
governments opposed their use in preventing smallpox, which is the only disease that
has been completely eradicated.

I will discuss the history of vaccinations, how they have helped to reduce the number
of epidemic outbreaks. I will cover the increased number of vaccines that are
recommended over the first 18 years of life and why some parents feel that
vaccinations are no longer needed. The reason Senate Bill 277 was introduced and
what it covers. As well as the religious ramifications should the bill pass. I will mostly
be using online sources along with some interviews to support my research. My
working thesis statement is: The decision to vaccinate should rest with the parents, in
concert with their pediatrician, which vaccines their child should or should not
receive; not with the government.

I The importance of immunizing children against communicable diseases
A.- History of immunizations
B. - Personal example - Connors story
II Senate Bill 277
1. Why was it proposed and who presented the bill?
2. When did it pass and when will it take effect?
3. Modifications to the bill that are being considered to help the bill pass.
III Religious freedom
1. Doctrine and Covenants 134
2. Elder Hales talk from April 2015 General Conference
3. Is requiring children to be immunized regardless of religious beliefs going too

IV How we can protect both our children and our religious freedoms.

I will be researching the history of immunizations through medical history books,
online searches, such as with the CDC. Finding information about Senate Bill 277
through the California PTA website, newspapers such as the Sacramento Bee and the
LA Times. I will also be referencing the May 2015 Ensign magazine and the Doctrine
and Covenants, section 134. If possible I would like to speak with the State Senators
who presented the Senate Bill 277 to get their insights as well as the family of the boy
who contracted whooping cough.

Making sure I devote enough time to gather correct and pertinent information. I may
run into some difficulties speaking with the State Senators. I will have to rely more on
the written word then to support my findings.

Annotated Bibliography
What Would Happen If We Stopped Vaccinations? Centers for Disease Control
Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 19 May 2014.
Web. 17 June 2014.


Smith, Joseph, Jr. Doctrine and Covenants. Salt Lake City: Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, 1981. Print.
Hales, Robert D. "Preserving Agency, Protecting Religious Freedom." Ensign May
2015: 111-13. 5/16/15.
www.history of, an educational resource by the College of Physicians of

Timetable and Schedule





14 May

11am - 1pm

Start reading sources


15 May

2 - 3pm

Contact family of boy and Senators

Home via phone

16 May

2 -3pm

Read more sources


18 May

1 - 2pm

Create detailed outline


19 May

6 - 7:30pm

Write/ Interview?


20 May

7:00 pm

Peer review due


21 May


Write opening and first section


22 May


Write second section


23 May


Write third section


25 May

1- 3pm

Write Conclusion


26 May


Write citation page/Bibliography


27 May


Re-write/ Peer Edit Due


28 May

10am - 12pm
Edit/ Proof


Submit Paper


29 May

6 - 8pm

30 May


Request for Approval

I request approval to go forward with this research proposal to show that one size does
not fit all when it comes to medical decisions. That there is a reason for the separation
between Church and State and with the passing of Senate Bill 277 the boundary is
becoming blurred.