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Why grow Melia Dubia (Kadbevu) for

production of Plywood.

It is fast growing tree with life cycle of 10 to 15 years, specially suited for
production of Veneers & Plywood.


It grows well even in rainfall areas of 25 to 35 (625mm to 875mm)


It grows well with irrigation even in lower rainfall areas


Average growth of Melia Dubia is approx 1 Cft per year per tree


In pure plantation growth is slightly slower, it requires space to grow.

We recommend space of 20 x 20


This tree grows very round and sound almost without knots


It branches between 15 to 25 with clear straight bole


Density of timber is between 0.375 to 0.45.


Colour is light pinkish to pinkish


Wood of Melia is not susceptible to insect attack


Timber peels well and produces clear veneer


Logs of 4 up in girth (40 Cms up in dia) produce excellent faces &

Panel core. Quality is defectless


Quality of Cross Core obtained from logs of 3 & up girth (30 Cms up dia)
logs is clean almost without blemish.


Veneer dries well & fast thereby increasing drying capacity of veneer drier
at least by 25 to 40%


Veneer Bonds well, adhesion property is excellent


It produces good quality light weight plywood, comparable to Okume

Plywood. Okume plywood is very popular in Europe & USA and sells at


Higher & old growth logs are sliced to produce Decorative veneers


Yield from logs is high, considering Melia Dubia produces quality Veneers.

Hunsur Plywood Works Pvt.Ltd

Melia Dubia (Kadbevu)

Hunsur Plywood Works Pvt.Ltd