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Nearest Equivalent Popular Names to

Over 1200 fonts from more than 650 font families
crafted specifically as signage fonts
by the TrueSign Font Foundry.
Many of the Typeface names listed in this manual as being the nearest equivalent popular names to depicted
TrueSign Fonts, are Trade Marks and Registered Trade Marks owned by the following organizations:
Bitstream Incorporated
Carol Twombly
Corel Corporation
Esselte Letraset Ltd.
Esselte Pendaflex Corporation
Fonderie Olive
FotoStar International
Funidcion Typografica Neufville SA
H. Berthold AG
Ingrama SA
International Typeface Corporation

TrueSign is a Trade Mark of Cutting Technologies Ltd.

Johannes Wagner
Kingsley - ATF Type Corporation
Letraset Canada Ltd.
Linotype AG., Including its Subsidiiaries
Ludlow Industries (UK) Ltd.
Monotype Corporation
Societa Nebiolo
Stephenson Blake & Company Ltd.
Tetterode Nederland
URW Unternehmensberatung
Visual Graphics Corporation

Using Your TrueSign Font Library ...
Cutting Technologies Ltd. provides you with storage media containing TrueSign Fonts and a Font
Listing and grants you alicense to use the fonts in accordance with the terms and conditions of this
The copyright and all other rights pertaining thereto remain with Cutting Technologies Ltd. or with our
suppliers where applicable.


- use the fonts on a single computer or network only, and only by the single user herewith
- make one copy of any or all fonts for archive or backup purposes.
- transfer the fonts to someone else only if you assign all of your rights under this license,
and erase or destroy all copies of the fonts available for your use, and the other person
accepts the terms of this license.

YOU MAY NOT : - copy, sell or distibute these fonts except as set out in this license.
- distibute any TrueSign font which has been in any way customized or altered, or rename
any TrueSign font or remove the TrueSign name or copyright notices.

Your TrueSign Font Library is installed into the \SIGNBLAZER5\sbfonts folder on your computer. No TrueSign font
needs to be installed into your Windows Fonts folder and no limitation exists for the number of TrueSign fonts
which can be permanently available to the program. All fonts in your library are dynamically loaded as required
and your library can be extended by adding further font releases as they become available.

Although the program supports Windows character codes, selecting a font for typing opens a dynamic character
map on your screen. Using the scrollbars, every character included in a font can be easily displayed and selecting
any character with your mouse types that character at the text cursor.

The TrueSign Font Foundry has crafted the font library to include those characteristics best suited to the quality
production of signage, particularly with respect to the requirements of vinyl cutting. No claim is made that fonts
are identical to, have the same character set as, or will perform the same as fonts referred to by name as the
'nearest equivalent font'. Nearest equivalent font names are provided as a general guide only.

Directory ................................................................... p4 - p5
TrueSign Fonts by Classification .............................. p6 - p90
Index (TrueSign Fonts listed by Nearest Equivalent Font Names) .............. p91 - p108
A.K.A. ("Also Known As" - Some Alternative Near Equiv. Names) ............. p109 - p122
Keyboard Layout for SBF_C072 - Cyrillic (Times)
Keyboard Layout for SBF_G039 - Greek (Serif)
Keyboard Layout for SBF_H049 - Hebrew A

............ p123

............. p124

................ p125

TrueSign Fonts By Classification ARTISTIC General Pictorial Shadowed/3D Stencil Tooled/Engraved Western BLACKLETTER NON-LATIN/SYMBOL AA A a A A Aa AA A a A AAa AA Aa A A Aa A A AA p6 .DIRECTORY .p12 p13 p14 .p23 i F A Lr p24 AAAa AAZ W p25 FONT PACKS Highway Gothic Stone Masons p26 .p15 p16 .p21 p22 .p17 p18 .p19 p20 .

p62 p63 .p45 p46 .p49 p50 .DIRECTORY .TrueSign Fonts By Classification SANS SERIF Even Weight Thick-n-thin SCRIPT - Caligraphy Casual Formal SERIF - Angled Round End Slab Spur/Flared Square End Wedge AAA A A AAA A A AA A AAA A A A A A A AA A AAAA AAA A AAAA AA A A AAAA p27 .p39 p40 .p71 p72 .p66 p67 .p88 p89 .p52 p53 .p54 p55 .p42 p43 .

M.6 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font General Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A026 A.G.D. SBF_A010 Adlib SBF_A015 Agency Bold SBF_A073 All Bloc SBF_A022 Allegro SBF_A101 Ambrosia Antique AA A a ABCEGKMQSTY abefghjkmrtw123$& ABCEGKMOQRSW abefgowsty12$& ABCEGJKMOQRS abefgijkopwy 012$& ABCDGJKMQRW abegkmsy12$& ABCDEFGHJKMRSTWY abefgkmprstwy1234$& ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abc 0123456789$& SBF_A078 Angelo ABCEGHJKMOPQRSTWY abcefghjkprsty 123$& ABCEGJKMRSWY abefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_A093 Apollo Antique ABCDEGHJKMOQRWY abefgjknoprsty 123$& SBF_A066 Arnold Bocklin ABCEGHJKMQRSWY abefg jknrstwy 12$& SBF_A059 Artistik ABCEFGJKMNOQRSWY abefghjkmoqrstwy 0123 $& SBF_A048 Ashley Crawford ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTUWY ab123$& SBF_B001 Baby Teeth ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTWY ab123$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 12$& SBF_A027 Amelia SBF_B140 Bang SBF_B136 Bees Wax SBF_B017 Belvira ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUWY ab123$& ABEFGJKMQRSWY abefghjknry12& SBF_B147 Benjamin Bold ABEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmrwy12$& ABEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjknrwy12$& SBF_B030 Bernhard Fashion ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abefghjkmprstuwy12$& SBF_B135 Benjamin .

7 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font General Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B094 Bijou AA A a ABCDEFGHIJKMNQSTUWYZ abcdefghjkmrstwyz123$& SBF_B143 Boink ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQSTUWYZ ab12$& SBF_B078 Bottleneck ABCDEFGHIJKMNQSTUWYZ abefghjkmprstwyz 12$& SBF_B056 Boutique ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12$& SBF_B118 Bremen Black ABCDEGHJKMNOPQSWY ab12$& SBF_B056 Bremen Bold SBF_B086 Bulk ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQSTUVWXY ab12$& ABCDEGHJKMQSTWY abefghjkmrstwy 1$& SBF_C101 Camellia ABCDEGHJKMQSTWY abcdefghjkmnoprstwy 12$& SBF_C017 Checkmate ABCEGHJKMQSTWY abefgkmy 1$& SBF_C023 Chevalier ABCDEFGHJKLMQSTUVWY abefghjkmoprstwy 1$& SBF_C097 Circle ABCDEFGHJKLMnopQrSTUVWY ab 123$& SBF_C074 Conan ABCDEGHJKMQRSTVWY abefghjkmrs12$& SBF_C077 Cottonwood ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUWXYZ ab12$& ABCDEGHJKLMPQRSTVWY abefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_C074 Countdown SBF_C066 Crillee Bold SBF_C067 Crillee Extra Bold SBF_C065 Croissant SBF_C150 Curlz SBF_D043 Dancin ABCDEGHJKMQRSTVWY abefghjkmrstwy 12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty 12$& ABCEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy 12$& ABCEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWYabefghjkmrwy12$& .

8 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font General Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_D044 Dancin Bold AA A a ABEGHJKMQRSTWYabefghjkmrwy12$& SBF_D002 Dapper ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY a12$& SBF_D001 Data 70 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 123$& SBF_D003 Davida SBF_D004 Delphin No.1 SBF_D037 Devinne Extra Ornamental SBF_D005 Devinne Ornamental ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ a12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmrstwy12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmrt 12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmrty 12$& SBF_D017 Dynamo ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abeghjkmy 12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRST abeghjkmry 12$& SBF_E001 Eckmann ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRST abeghjkmrsty 12$& SBF_E047 Edda ABCEFGHJKMNQRST abeghjkmrsty 12$& SBF_E022 Eight Ball ABFGHJKMNQRST abeghjkmy12& SBF_E033 Elefont ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 12$& SBF_E020 Elektrik ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTW Y ab 12& SBF_E045 Ewie ABFGHJKMNQRSTUW abeghjkmy12& SBF_D041 Double-Take SBF_E053 Exocet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTWXYZ ab12$& SBF_E054 Exocet Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTWY ab12$& SBF_F013 Fernique ABCDFGHJKMNQRSTWY abeghjkmrsty12$& SBF_F085 Final Frontier ABEGHJKMQRSTW abeghjknrsty12$& .

9 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font General AA A a Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_F007 Flint ABFGHJKMNQRSWY abeghjknrty 12& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 12345$& SBF_F015 Fortuna ABCDFGHJMOPQRTW abefghjk 12$& SBF_F083 Flexure SBF_F081 Fur Extra Rounded ABDFGHJMOPQRTW abefghjkmw12& SBF_G022 Glacier ABCDEFGHJKLMOPQRSTWY ab 12$& SBF_G050 Glenhagen ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 1234$& SBF_G070 Gorilla ABEGHJKMOPQRSTW abefghjkm 12$& SBF_G089 Gradl SBF_G090 Gradl Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjkmnprstuwy 12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjkmnprstuwy 12$& SBF_H025 Happy Card Block ABEFGHJKMQRTWY abcdefghjkmprstwy12& SBF_H032 Hemi-Slab ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 1234$& SBF_H033 Herkules ABEGHJKLMOPQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_H062 Hobo Extra Bold ABEGHJKMOPQSWY abefghjkmrtwy12& ABEGHJKMOPQSWY abefghjkmtwy12& SBF_H038 Honour ABEFGHJKLMOPQSW abefghjkmrstwy12& SBF_I003 Inkwell ABEFGHJKLMOPQSW abefghjkntwy12& SBF_I006 Ironwood ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 0123456789 $&{?!}•£¥ÀÇ SBF_J002 Japanette ABEFGHJKLMOPQSTWY abefghjkmrstwy12& SBF_J012 Jokerman ABEFGHJKMOPQSTWY abefghjkmrtwy12& SBF_H057 Hobo .

@ SBF_M010 Media Bold SBF_M043 Media Demi Bold SBF_M011 Media Extra Bold SBF_M041 Media Light SBF_M052 Metropolitan SBF_M017 MGB Patrician ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ ab 123$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMQRSTWYZ abefghjkmrstwy 12$& SBF_M032 Motter Femina ABCEGHJKMQRTW afghjkmy1& SBF_M025 Motter Ombra ABCEGHJKMPQRTW afghjkmy 12$& .10 ARTISTIC General TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_J013 Juice AAA a ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY abcdefghjkmnprstuwy12$& SBF_K022 Kino ABCEGHJKLMQRSTUWY abefghjkmoprstwy12$& SBF_K023 Komix Heavy ABCDEGHJKLMNOPQRSTW ab 12$& SBF_L060 La Bamba SBF_L059 La Bamba Plain ABCEGHJKLMSTUWY abefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKLMSTUWY abefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_L040 Laser (Ford) ABCEGHJKMSTWY12& SBF_L013 Limburger Solid SBF_M028 Malvern SBF_M065 Matisse ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 1234567890$& ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 12345$& ABCDEFGHIJKMOPQRSTWY abcdefghijklmnsty 123$& SBF_M042 Media Medium ABEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkm12& ABEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkm12& ABEFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkm12& ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmr12& ABDEFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmr12& SBF_M016 Mesquite ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 1234567890 $&!%(*)/?:.

11 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font General Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_M038 Motter Tektura SBF_N003 Neo-Glyph SBF_N021 Neuland AAA a ABCEGHJKMPQRW afghjkmy12& ABCEGHJKLMQRSTUWY abefghjkmoprstwy 12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTUWY ab 123$& SBF_O019 Octopuss ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTW ab12$& ABEFGHJKMQRSW abefghjmy12$& SBF_O011 Odessa ABCDEFGHIJKLMQRSTUWY cf†gj &‡ SBF_N032 Neuland Black SBF_P086 Papyrus SBF_P080 Pennyfarthing SBF_P081 Pennyfarthing Condensed SBF_P040 Pretorian SBF_R046 Ravie SBF_R047 Remedy Double SBF_R048 Remedy Double Extras SBF_R008 Reubens ABCEGHJKMQRSUWYabefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abceghjkmsy 12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abcdeghjkmnopqrswy 12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abeghjkmsy1& ABEGHJKMQRSTW abeghjkm1& ABDEGHJKMNQRSTW abeghjkms12\ ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmnosy12& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 $&?% SBF_R014 Roslyn ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkmprsty 12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmsy12& SBF_R017 Roys Tango ABCDEGHJKLMQRSTVWY abefghjkmrstyƒ‰‹ 12$& SBF_S010 Shotgun ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTVWY ab12$& SBF_S054 Siegfried ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijkmoprstuwy12$& SBF_R019 Rialto .

12 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font General Nearest Equivalent Font Name AAA a SBF_S065 Skidoos ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_S014 Slender ABCDFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWY abefghjkmnoprstuwy 12$& SBF_S082 Snap ABEGJKMQRSTUW abefghjkmst1& SBF_S083 Soutache ABCDEGJKMNOPQRSTUWY abefghjkmst123$& SBF_S024 Stop ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab123 $& SBF_S064 Suburban ABDEGHJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjkmrsty123$& SBF_T002 Tango ABDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrsty 12$& SBF_T007 Thunderbird ABEGJMQR 12$& SBF_T030 Tinker ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWY bks12$& SBF_T048 Triplex Bold ABDEGHJKMQRSTUWY abefghjknrsty12$& SBF_T047 Triplex Light SBF_U010 Urban SBF_V017 Victorian ABDEGHJKMQRSTUWY abefghjkmrsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_W008 Wild West 4 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab 123$& ABDEGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY ab 123$& SBF_X001 Xeres ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abegjkmrsty 1234$& SBF_W005 Wild West 1 .

13 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Pictorial A A Aa Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A036 American Patriot ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkoprs 0123$& SBF_B079 Bones SBF_C071 Chaung ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ & ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOQRSTUVWXYZ & SBF_D042 Dalmation ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTUWXY ab12$& SBF_E020 Elektrik ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTUW Y ab1$& SBF_F006 Flash (Paris) ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTWY ab 12& SBF_I001 ABCDEFGHIJKLMOQRSTWY ab 12$& Iceberg SBF_K020 Keypunch ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTWXYZ ab 12$& SBF_K024 Kosher Medium ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 123456789$& SBF_M037 Mandarin ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTWXY ab12$& SBF_M023 Moore Computer ABEGHJKMOPQRSTWY abefghjkm 12& SBF_P082 Poster Shine SBF_P083 Poster Shine Italic SBF_Q004 Quartz Bold SBF_Q003 Quartz Medium SBF_Q002 Quicksilver SBF_R042 Rickshaw SBF_S034 Shatter SBF_S046 Slipstream ABEGJKMQRS abeghjmy 1$& ABEGJKMQRSW abeghjmy1$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 12345& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY 12 ABCDEFGHJKLMNOQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty12& ABEGHJKLMQRSWY abefghjkmsty12& A B CE GHJKL M Q R S T W Y a 12$& .

{~}ΠSBF_H065 Horndon ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ a12$& SBF_I007 Isolate ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTWYZ ab12$& SBF_L058 Lithos Hollow ABEGHJKLMNOPQRSTW ab12$& SBF_G075 Gardenia SBF_G069 Goldmine SBF_M003 Mark IV SBF_M007 Masquerade ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW ab12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWY 12$& .14 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font AA A a Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A020 Algerian SBF_B003 Balloon Drop Shadow SBF_B111 3D Shadowed Beehive ABCEFGHJKMNPQRSTWXY 012$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUWXYZ 012$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUWXYZ ab012$& SBF_B144 Bertram ABFGHIJKMPQRSTWY ab123$& SBF_B057 Buster ABFGHIJKMQRSWY a12$& SBF_B119 Buxom ABCDFGHJKMPQRSTWY ab123$& SBF_C135 Cabaret ABDFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmy12$& SBF_C100 Chisel ABDFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmty12$& SBF_C144 Convex Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMQRSTUWY a SBF_D010 Duo Solid ABCDEFGHIJKMQRSTUWY a12$& SBF_E019 Emporium ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTWY 1234$& SBF_G040 Graphic Shadow ABEGHJKMQRSW abefghmty12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTW a12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab1234567890$&(*)?:.

15 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font 3D Shadowed Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_O001 Octopuss Shaded SBF_P085 Pioneer AA A a ABEFGHJKMPQRSW abefghjmsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNPQRSTUWY ahjm12$& SBF_P083 Poster Shine Italic ABEGHJKMQRSW abefghjmy1$& ABEGHJKMQRSW abefghjmy12$& SBF_P084 Premier Shaded ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSW abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_P082 Poster Shine SBF_P042 Profil ABDEGHJKMQRSTW 12$& SBF_Q001 Quentin ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 123 $& SBF_R004 Reveal ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ a 12$& SBF_T049 ABEGHJKMNQRSW abefghjmrty12$& Tintoretto SBF_U009 Umbra SBF_V018 Vineta SBF_W022 Wild West 5 ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTWY ab12$& ABEGJKMQRSW ab12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ 12$& .

16 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A011 Advertisers Gothic Stencil A AAa ABCEGHMQRW abeghjrw 12& SBF_A088 Auriol Black ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefgjknrsty12$& SBF_A089 Auriol Black Italic ABCEGJKMQR S TW abefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_A086 Auriol Bold ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_A087 Auriol Bold Italic SBF_A085 Auriol Italic ABCEGJKMQRS TW Y abefghjkmrsty12$& ABCEGJKMNQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_B014 Bauhaus ABDEFGJKLMQRSW abefgjkmtwy12$& SBF_A084 Auriol SBF_B015 Bauhaus Bold SBF_B016 Bauhaus Extra Bold SBF_B038 Blippo Extra Bold SBF_B065 Braggaducio SBF_C003 Cargo ABDEFGJKLMQRW abefgjkmstwy12$& ABDEFGJKLMQRW abefgjkmsty12& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkmprsty 12$& ABEGKMQRSW abefghjk12$& ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_C151 Cut-In Medium ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknpty12$& ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknpty12$& SBF_D033 Dex Gothic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ 12$& SBF_D018 Discus ABCDEGHJKMOQRSWY abeghy 12$& ABCEGHJKMOQRSTWY abeghjkmprstwy 12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abeghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_C152 Cut-In Bold SBF_F038 Futura Black SBF_G045 Gesh Export .

17 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_G059 Glaser Stencil SBF_Q004 Quartz Bold SBF_Q003 Quartz Medium SBF_R015 Rocco SBF_S023 Stencil Stencil A AAa ABCDEGHJKLMPQRSTWY ab12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 12345 $& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 123456789 $& ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTWY ab 12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY ab12$& SBF_T035 Tabasco Medium ABCEGHJKMOQRSWY abeghjkmprstwy12$& ABEGHJKMOQRSWY abeghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_T005 Tea Chest ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab123456$& SBF_T014 Traffic ABcdEfGHJKMnOpQRStuvWY ab 123 $& SBF_T001 Tabasco Bold .

F ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTWY ab12& SBF_G086 Galledis .ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Tooled Engraved 18 AA Aa Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A082 Americana Highlighted ABCDEGHJMQRSTWY ab12$& SBF_A092 Art Deco ABCDEFGHIJKLMOQRSTUWXYZ ab123$& SBF_B080 Bristol Adornardo ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY a12$& SBF_B071 Broadway Engraved ABEGJKMQRSWY abefgjkprs12& SBF_B072 Broadway Engraved Bold ABEGHJKMQRSW abefgjk12& SBF_C014 Caslon Open Face ABDFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmy12$& SBF_C140 Castellar ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTWY ab12$& SBF_C139 Colonna ABFGHJKMQRSW abefghjkny 12$& SBF_C143 Crystal ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTW a12$& SBF_D007 Delphian Open Titling ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTWY a123$& SBF_F023 Frankfurter Highlighter SBF_F045 Fry's Ornamented ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTWY ab123$& ABCDEGHIJKLMNQRSTWY & SBF_G002 Gallia ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTWY abdefghijkrt 123$& ABEGHJKMQRTWY abefghijkrty12& SBF_G035 Goudy Handtooled ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghijkrtwy12$& SBF_H061 High Noon SBF_M034 Monastic ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstuwy 12& ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUW a12& SBF_N019 Nicole ABEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrstw12& SBF_O004 Old Style Hand Tooled Op.

ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Tooled Engraved 19 A A aA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_P053 Pump Triline ABEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrstw12& SBF_S012 Sinaloa ABEGHJKMQRSWY abfghjkw1& SBF_T036 Tabasco Stripe SBF_W021 Westwood ABEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrstw12& ABEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmt12& .

<=>?@[\]{~}ƒŒ‘’¢£¥ª«º»¿ÆÇÐÑ$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abcgknoy12$& SBF_Q001 Quentin ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123$& SBF_R016 Rodeo ABEGJKMQRSW abcgknoy 12$& SBF_T007 Thunderbird ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdegkmpqry 12$& ABEGMQRS 1$& SBF_T030 Tinker ABEGJKMQRSW ablq sw 12$& SBF_V017 Victorian ABEGJKMQRSTW abcdefgjknorsty 12$& SBF_V018 Vineta ABEGMQRS abegjkny1$& SBF_S083 Soutache .20 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Western Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_D037 Devinne Extra Ornamental SBF_D005 Devinne Ornamental SBF_E019 Emporium SBF_F014 Figaro A AAa ABCDEGJKMQRSW abcgkmy 12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abcgknoy 12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ 12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjklmopsrtuwy 123$& SBF_G069 Goldmine ABCDEFGHJKMOPQRSTUWY& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW 12$& SBF_H065 Horndon ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 1234$& SBF_M007 Masquerade ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ 12$& SBF_O002 Old Town ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjklmopsrtuwy 12$& SBF_F045 Fry's Ornamented SBF_P028 Playbill SBF_P034 Ponderrosa SBF_P040 Pretorian ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxy 12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 !"#%(+)*/:.

21 ARTISTIC TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name Western A AAa SBF_W020 Western Pacific ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY ab 12$& SBF_W005 Wild West 1 ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUWY ab 12$& SBF_W002 Wild West 2 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 1234567890 $& SBF_W007 Wild West 3 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXY abcdefghijklmnoprstuwy 12$& SBF_W008 Wild West 4 SBF_W022 Wild West 5 ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTUWY 12$& ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWY 12$& .

BLACKLETTER TrueSign Font 22 A A AA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A032 American Text ABCDEGJMNOPQRSWXY abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_A035 American Uncial ABCFGJKMQRS abdefghjnv 12& SBF_A058 Argonaut ABEFGJKMRSW abefgjknprty12$& SBF_B018 Becker ABEGJMOPQRSW abefghjknrt12& SBF_B134 Black Forest SBF_B059 Bradley SBF_C016 Cardinal SBF_C147 Chaucer SBF_E052 Enchantment SBF_E049 English Tudor SBF_E048 English Tudor Solid ABCDEGJMQRWXY abefgjknrstw12& ABCEGJMQRSWXY abefghjknprstwy12& ABC EFGJMQRSTWXY abcƒfghj‡npr‰s‹twy012& ABEGJKMQRSWXY abefgjknprstwy 12$& ABEGJKMQRSWY abefgjknprswy123$& ABEFGJKMQRSWXY abcdefgjknprstwy12$& ABEFGJKLMQRSWXY abcdefgjkmprstwy12$& SBF_E016 Engravers Old English Bold ABFGJKLMQWY adefgjkmosty12& ABEFGJKLMQRSWY abcdefgjkmosty 12$& SBF_F066 Fette Fraktur ABFGJKLMQWY adefgjkmopsty123& SBF_F012 Fraktur ABCDFGJKLMQWY abcdefgjkmoprstuwy12& SBF_H031 Heidelberg Gothic ABCDEFGJKLMQRSTWY abcdefgjkmoprstwy 12& SBF_H030 Heidelberg Script ABCFGJKLMQRSWY abcdefgiknprstwy12& SBF_E042 Engravers Old English SBF_K015 Kells ABCFGJKLMQRSWY abcdefgiknprstwy 123& SBF_L023 ABCDEFGHJKLMNopQRSTUVWxYZ ab123$& Libra (Biform) .

23 BLACKLETTER TrueSign Font SBF_L011 SBF_M005 SBF_O003 Nearest Equivalent Font Name ABFGJKLMQSTWY adefghjnstwy 12& Marriage ABFGJKLMQRSTWY abcdefghjknstvwy 12$& Old English (Stone Mason's) ABFGJKLMQSTWY adefghjnstwy 12& Lino Text SBF_P002 Paladin SBF_P077 Primitive SBF_S007 Scotford SBF_T006 A A AA Thor SBF_W023 Wallace ABFGJKLMQSTWY adefghjnstwy 12& ABDEGHJMNQRTU abefghjky 12& ABFG JKLMQSTWY adefghjnprstw 12& ABCDEFGHJ KLMQRTWY ab 123& ABCDFGJKLMQRSTWY abdefghjkmrstwy 12& .

24 NON LATIN / SYMBOL TrueSign Font i F A Lr Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B077 Braille abcdefghijklmnopqr SBF_K027 KeyCaps ABC$? abcsefvjwy SBF_C072 Cyrillic (Times) F<L:PQKGEOZ fáäæëö” 12 SBF_G038 Greek Sans ABGDEQKLMNXPRSFYW abgdexlmnjy 12 SBF_G055 Greek Sans Bold SBF_G039 Greek Serif SBF_H049 Hebrew A ABGDEQKLXPSFYW abgdexqjy 12 ABGDQKMXPSFYW abgdexlmjy 12 AbGDHVzCUYKLMNOIPXQRST EF:j.<\%"! .

:<=>[%\?$&] ABCDEGJKMQRSTUVWXYZ abefgjkmprsty 123 {'}"..?$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTUWYj123{'}".. which specifies the letters and numerals to be used on standard road signs specified in "AS 1743".?$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY 123$& SBF_H058 Highway (NZ) D ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTUWYj123{'}".. Road Signs. have been designed in accordance with the Standards Association of Australia specification "AS 1744-1975". (Australian Standard Specification for Forms of Letters and Numerals for Road Signs).... Note: When used with authority for Road Signage. Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.?$& ABCEGJKMQRSTY abefgjkmprsty 123{'}".?$& SBF_H046 Highway Gothic E-M The Highway Gothic Fonts.FONT PACKS TrueSign Font Highway Gothic Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_H053 Highway Gothic A SBF_H043 Highway Gothic B SBF_H044 Highway Gothic C SBF_H045 Highway Gothic D SBF_H048 Highway Gothic E 25 AAAa ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ a0123456789*{'}. Now Included Free . Series A to F and Series E-M (E Modified). and Modified Series E (E-M) is the only set to have a lower-case specified.?$& SBF_H047 Highway Gothic F ABEGJKMQRSW abcefg123'. letter pair spacing must conform to the tables issued for lettering layout published in the Standards Association of Australia specifications.?$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWYj123{'}". Only the capitals (A-Z) and numerals (0-9) are specified for Series A -F. and "AS 1742". All other characters are non ASA standard and have been added by TrueSign Font Foundry for use of these font styles in a commercial context.

]'.0%) Weight: 12.0%) Weight: 9.0% g A 2 B25A ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 "Non Standard" Characters: kmt !$%&(*)"?-'[.'./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZ 0123456789 "Non Standard" Characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !#$%&(*)+{"}:?-[.PAGE HWY 25A B Highway Gothic A SBF_H053 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75.0% K A5 Highway Gothic B SBF_H043 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75.TrueSign FONTS .]{:}@#^+=~`\<>/ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW XYZ 0123456789 "Non Standard" Characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz !$%&(*)":?-.0%) Weight: 14./ ...0% bAM Highway Gothic C SBF_H044 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75.

]'.0%) Weight: 18./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR STUVWXYZ 0123456789 "Non Standard" characters: kmt !#$%^&(*)_+":<?>`-=\[.]'.0%) Weight: 21...Tr ueSign FONTS ./ Highway Gothic D C 3 A SBF_H045 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75.5% Highway Gothic F W A4 SBF_H047 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75.PAGE HWY 25B 25B ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS TUVWXYZ 0123456789 "Non Standard" characters: kmt !$%#&(*)_+{"}:?-[.0% Highway Gothic E 6A SBF_H048 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75..0%) Weight: 17./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS TUVWXYZ z0123456789 "Non Standard" characters: kmt !$%#^&(*)_+{"}:<?>`-=\[.0% .]'.

0% Weight: 20..\'./ Highway (NZ) D SBF_H058 Sans Serif Highway Gothic (L/case: 75../ .5% V A5 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR STUVWXYZ 0123456789 "Non Standard" Characters: kmt !#$%&(*)+{"}:?-[.]'.PAGE HWY 25C Highway Gothic E-M SBF_H046 Sans Serif Highway Gothic L/case: 75.0% B B25C 2 ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 abcdefghijklmnopqr stuvwxyz Ag "Non Standard" Characters: !#$%&(*)":=?-.Tr ueSign FONTS .0%) Weight: 15.

1 . Part 1 Signs. Document 5-27 to 30. 5-21 to 24) (Doc. "Road Signs". 5-27 to 30) (Doc. New Zealand Specification. Series A Series B Series C Series D Series E Series F Modified Series E (and) Lower Case TrueSign Font and Equivalent Name SBF_H053 SBF_H043 SBF_H044 SBF_H045 SBF_H048 SBF_H047 Highway Gothic A Highway Gothic B Highway Gothic C Highway Gothic D Highway Gothic E Highway Gothic F SBF_H046 Highway Gothic E-M Standard Alphabets Series C. 5-41 to 67) SBF_H046 Highway Gothic E-M NOTE: "Non Standard" Characters.HIGHWAY GOTHIC FONT PACKAGE Road Signage Fonts for Australia and New Zealand The TrueSign Font Foundry provides a separately available package of "Highway Gothic" fonts as an equivalent to specifications laid down in Standards Association of Australia specification "AS 1744-1975" which details the "Forms of Letters and Numerals for Road Signs" to be used in the construction of Australian road signs specified in AS 1743. "Highway Gothic" fonts can also be used as font styles in general commercial signage. 5-33 to 36) SBF_H044 Highway Gothic C SBF_H058 Highway (NZ) D SBF_H048 Highway Gothic E (Doc. 1977) Series C Series D Series E Modified Series E (and) Lower Case TrueSign Font and Equivalent Name (Doc. Non standard character spacing and kerning pairs have also been included. AS 1744 Spec. Non standard characters "m". "Part 1 Signs" (Dec. "k" and "t" have also been included in the font package to denote the units metres. however New Zealand Series D is represented by its own font built to the specification "Standard Alphabets". 1977. "Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices". kilometres and tonnes respectively as described in AS 1744-1975 Section 4. ••These characters must not be used in any project intended to conform to standard Australian or New Zealand road signage. Additional "non standard" characters and symbols have been added to some TrueSign Highway Gothic fonts to increase their utility as general usage fonts. E and Modified E and Lower Case for use in New Zealand conform precisely to Australian equivalent specifications. and AS 1742. Dec.

Fonts SBF_S049.FONT PACKS TrueSign Font Stone Masons Nearest Equivalent Font Name 26 AAZ W SBF_C094 Cyrillic (Times Stonecutter) SBF_G058 Greek (Times Stonecutter) SBF_H051 Hebrew (Stonecutter) SBF_M036 Macedonian (Times S'cutter) SBF_S047 Serbian (Times Stonecutter) SBF_S049 Stonecutter Raphael SBF_S050 Stonecutter Park Avenue SBF_S051 Stonecutter Murray Hill SBF_S079 S'cutter Commercial Script SBF_T025 Times (Stonecutter) SBF_T046 Times Bold (Stonecutter) Fonts SBF_C094. allowing for integration of both Latin and Non Latin texts in the same inscription. TO PURCHASE Contact your Reseller . SBF_S050. SBF_S051 and SBF_S079 have been created with extra weight on fine lines and narrow attributes designed to offset shadow effects from a sand-blasting process. SBF_G058. SBF_M036 and SBF_S047 have been designed with the same stroke weight and serif style as found in font SBF_T025 Times (Stonecutter).

8 ABCEGHJKMQRSTWXY abcdefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_A054 Avant Gard Bold ABEGJKMQRSTWY abefgjknprtwy12$& SBF_A052 Avant Gard Book SBF_A053 Avant Gard Demi SBF_A055 Avondale ABEGJKMQRSTWY abefgjknrstwy12$& ABEGJKMQRSTWY abefgjknrtw12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abCDfgkmnorswy12$& .SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A003 Abadi SBF_A096 Abadi Bold SBF_A095 Abadi Light SBF_A009 Adelaide SBF_A025 Ambrosia SBF_A043 Antique Olive Bold SBF_A044 Antique Olive Nord SBF_A042 Antique Olive Normal Even Weight 27 AAA A A A ABCEGHJKMOPQRSWXY abefghjmprsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSWY abefghjkmrty12$& ABCEGJKMNPQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSW abeghjknrstwy12$& ABCFGJKMQRSWY abefgkmrsty12$& ABCFGJKMQRSW abefgknprsty12$& ABCKMQRSW abegky1& ABCFGHJKMQRSTW abefgknrsty12$& SBF_A064 Arial Bold Condensed ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkty1$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSWY abefgikmprsty12$& SBF_A090 Arial Demi Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefginsty12$& SBF_A062 Arial Medium ABCEGKMQRSWY abefgiknprsty12$& SBF_A091 Arial Rounded ABCEGKMQRSW abefgiknprsty12$& SBF_A061 Arquitectura ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijkmoprstuwyz1234$& SBF_A063 Arial Bold SBF_A051 Auroro Grotesque No.

SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B006 Badloc SBF_B014 Bauhaus SBF_B015 Bauhaus Bold SBF_B016 Bauhaus Extra Bold SBF_B025 Benguiat Gothic Bold SBF_B114 Benguiat Gothic Book 28 AAA A A A ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSWXY abcdefghjkmprstwy 0123$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkrstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRWY abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjkrstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_B121 Block Buster ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjkmrstwy 12$& ABCEGJKMQRSUWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjkmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890$& SBF_B122 Block Buster Bold ABCEGHJKMNPQRSTWY abcdefghjkmprstuxy 123$& SBF_B037 Block Condensed SBF_B123 Block Extra Bold ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkm12& SBF_B081 Bolt ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty& SBF_B040 Bisque SBF_B087 Block SBF_C155 Century Gothic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab123456$& ABCEGHJKMQRSUW abefghjkmrsy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSUW abefghjkmrsy12$& ABDEGHJKMQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrty12$& SBF_C156 Century Gothic Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmy12$& SBF_B058 Busorama SBF_C076 C20th Century Bold SBF_C075 C20th Century Book SBF_C070 Capone .

SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name 29 AAA A A A SBF_C039 Compacta Normal ABCEGHKMQRSWab12& ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSWY abefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjklmoprstuy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMPQRSTUWY abcdefghijklmoprstuwxyz123456789$& SBF_C049 Contact Fast Cut ABCEGHKMQRSTWY ab12& SBF_D006 Dauber Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghmty12$& SBF_D028 Diamante Bold SBF_D032 Digital Medium ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNPQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSTW abcdefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abcdefghjkrsty12$& SBF_D032 Din 17 ABCDEFGHJKMNPQRSTUW abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_D013 Doric Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjksty1$& SBF_D017 Dynamo ABCEGHJKMQRSTUWY abcdefghjkrsty12$& SBF_E033 Elefont ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab123456$& SBF_E030 Empire ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#%*(?)<+>$& SBF_C024 Chinoise SBF_C079 Coles Futura Book SBF_C040 Compacta Bold SBF_C145 Compacta Light SBF_D027 Diamante Demi Bold SBF_D029 Diamante Extra Bold SBF_D026 Diamante Medium SBF_D032 Digital Bold SBF_D032 Digital Light .

SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_E021 Enviro SBF_E006 Eras Black SBF_E005 Eras Bold 30 AAA A A A ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWXYZ ab12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjksty12$& ABCEGHJKMNPQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_E004 Eras Medium ABCDEGHJKMQRSTUW abefghjknprsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpty1& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTUW abcdefghjknprsty1$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& SBF_E008 Errantum ABCDEFGHIJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjknprsty1$& SBF_E026 Eurostile Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty1$& SBF_E027 Eurostile Extended SBF_E028 Eurostile Extended Bold ABCEGKMQRSW abefghsty& ABCEGKMQRS abefghsty& SBF_E025 Eurostile Normal ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& SBF_F008 Flora ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprstuy12$& SBF_F009 Flora Bold ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& SBF_F010 Flyer Bold ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjkty1$& SBF_F011 ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_E003 Eras Book SBF_E007 Eras Heavy SBF_E002 Eras Light Flyer Condensed SBF_F021 Frankfurter SBF_F065 Frankfurter Bold SBF_F022 Frankfurter Extra Bold ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjkty1$& .

SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_F023 Frankfurter Highlighter SBF_F016 Franklin Gothic SBF_F017 Franklin Gothic Bold SBF_F019 Franklin Gothic Condensed SBF_F018 Franklin Gothic Ext. SBF_F026 Frutiger 45 31 AAA A A A ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWYZ ab1$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjksty1$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmprstuy12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRSW abcdefghjkpsty12$& SBF_F028 Frutiger 65 ABCDEGJKMPQRSW abcdefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_F029 Frutiger 75 ABCEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkty12$& SBF_F084 Frutiger 95 ABEGJKMPQRSW abefghjky1$& SBF_F027 Frutiger 55 SBF_F032 Futura Bold SBF_F030 Futura Book SBF_F036 Futura Condensed Bold ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjkty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTW abcdefghjknprstuwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnpqrstuwxyz12$& Futura Condensed Extra Bd. Extra Black ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_F034 Futura Condensed Book SBF_F037 SBF_F035 SBF_F063 SBF_F043 Futura Display ABCDEGHJKLMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& . ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprstwy12$& Futura Condensed Normal ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghijklnpqrstwy12$& Futura Cond. Bold SBF_F020 Franklin Gothic Extra Cond.

17 SBF_G041 Granby Round Condensed SBF_G040 Graphic Shadow .SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name 32 AAA A A A SBF_F033 Futura Extra Bold ABCEGJKMQRS abefghjkrty1$& SBF_F031 Futura Normal ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_G052 Gatsby ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTW abcdefghjkmnprstuy12$& SBF_G016 Gill Sans SBF_G017 Gill Sans Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprstuy12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_G038 Greek Sans ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjkpty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjkpty1$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRW abfghjkpty1& ABCDEGHJKLMNOPQRSTWY ab12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abcdefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijkmnopqrstwy12$& ABGDEGHKLMNOPQRSTW abgdezhqprsxjJ12 SBF_G055 Greek Sans Bold ABGDEGHKLMPQRSTW abgdezhqprjJ SBF_G042 Grotesque Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_G062 Gill Sans Bold Italic SBF_G018 Gill Sans Extra Bold SBF_G063 Gill Sans Extra Bold Italic SBF_G060 Gill Sans Heavy SBF_G064 Gill Sans Heavy Italic SBF_G061 Gill Sans Italic SBF_G019 Gill Sans Kayo SBF_G059 Glaser Stencil SBF_G031 Gothic No.

Extra Bold SBF_H006 SBF_H010 SBF_H011 SBF_H009 SBF_H005 Helvetica Extra Bold SBF_H003 Helvetica Medium SBF_H074 Helvetica Medium Light ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkrty1& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkprty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjknprty12$& .SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name 33 AAA A A A SBF_G054 Grotesque No. ABCDEFGHIJKMNQRSTW abefghjknpstwy12$& Helvetica Extended Bold ABEGJKMQRW abefghjky1& Helvetica Extended Extra Bd.ABEGJKMQR abefghjy& Helvetica Extended Medium ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkrty1& SBF_H008 Helvetica Cond. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmprstuwy1234567890$& SBF_H007 Helvetica Condensed Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmpstuwy12$& SBF_H004 Helvetica Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkpstwy12$& Helvetica Condensed Med.77 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 (?)!@#%[*]<+>$& SBF_G044 Grotesque Normal ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_H020 Handel Gothic Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjksty$& SBF_H052 Handel Gothic Medium ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_H026 Harijan ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty1$& SBF_H023 Haywood ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?$& SBF_H013 Helvetica (Inserat) Black ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjklmpqrstuwy12$& SBF_H012 Helvetica Compact Bold ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkty1$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMPQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_H014 Helvetica Compact Extra Bd.

SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_H001 Helvetica Normal Extra Light SBF_H002 Helvetica Normal Light 34 AAA A A A ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknprty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprty12$& Helvetica Round Cond. Bold ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_H015 Helvetica Round Bold SBF_H016 SBF_H017 Helvetica Round Extra Bold ABEGJKMQRW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_H019 Horatio Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_H055 Horatio Medium SBF_H039 Huxley SBF_I016 Impact ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?!@$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTUW abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_K002 Kabel Normal ABCEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjknpry12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSTW abcdefghjknprsy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknrsty12$& SBF_L007 Letter Gothic ABCDEGHJKMQRSTUW abcdefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_L048 Litera Bold SBF_L049 Litera Heavy SBF_L047 Litera Regular SBF_L016 Lithos ABCDEGHJKMQRW abcdefghjkty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjksty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab123$& SBF_L017 Lithos Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTW ab123$& SBF_K003 Kabel Bold SBF_K001 Kabel Book SBF_K004 Kabel Extra Bold .

SANS SERIF Even Weighted 35 AAA A A A TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L032 Lucida Sans 45 SBF_L033 Lucida Sans 46 SBF_L034 Lucida Sans 75 ABCDEFGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& A B CDEFGHJKMPQR S T W abefghjknprs ty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty12$& SBF_L035 Lucida Sans 76 A BCDEGHJKMQRS W abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_M001 Machine SBF_M008 Marvin SBF_M009 Meander SBF_M050 Mercedes Bold SBF_M049 Mercedes Medium SBF_M061 Meta Plus Black SBF_6249 Meta Plus Black Italic SBF_M064 Meta Plus Bold SBF_M060 Meta Plus Bold Italic SBF_M063 Meta Plus Book SBF_M056 Meta Plus Book Italic SBF_M059 Meta Plus Light SBF_M055 Meta Plus Light Italic SBF_M057 Meta Plus Medium SBF_M058 Meta Plus Medium Italic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab1234567890$& ABCDEFGHIJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSTW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSTW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& .

Extended SBF_N015 News Gothic SBF_N016 News Gothic Bold ABCDEFGHJKLMPQRSTW abcdefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMPQRSW abefghjknpty12$& SBF_N034 Novel Gothic Medium ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty1$& SBF_O006 Orator 10 ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abcdefghjkprstwy12$& SBF_O027 Orator 15 ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abcdefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_N035 Novel Gothic Bold SBF_N018 Novel Gothic Extra Bold SBF_O029 Ornitons Bold SBF_O030 Ornitons Heavy SBF_O028 Ornitons Medium SBF_O013 Othello SBF_O018 Oval New SBF_O014 Oxford Lineale No.1 SBF_O015 Oxford Lineale No. ABCEGJKMQR abefgh1$& ABCEGJKMQR abefghjky1$& SBF_N001 Narrow Grotesque ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12$& SBF_N041 Neo ABCEGJKMQRS abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_N004 Neo-Aurora Block ABCDEGHJKMQRSTUWY abefghjknprstwyz 12$& SBF_M019 Microgramma Bd.2 ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty1$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknpsty$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abfghjksty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjksty12$& . Ext.SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name 36 AAA A A A SBF_M018 Microgramma Norm.

SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_P013 Pasadena Bold SBF_P012 Pasadena Demi Bold SBF_P014 Pasadena Heavy SBF_P056 Pasadena Medium SBF_P080 Pennyfarthing SBF_P081 Pennyfarthing Condensed SBF_P017 Phoenix SBF_P027 Placard SBF_P050 Plaza SBF_P035 Popular SBF_P041 Premier SBF_P084 Premier Shaded SBF_P046 Pump SBF_P045 Pump Bold 37 AAA A A A ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abcdefghjkpstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abcdefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abcdefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTW abcdefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?!(*)$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjkmnoprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abefghjkmnoprst1234$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSTUVWXYZ abefghjkmnoprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTUW abcdefghjklmnopqrstuwy 12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTW abcdefghjklnprstuwy12$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_R032 Revue Medium ABCDEFGJKMQRW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSUW abefghjk12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRU abefghjk1$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSU abcdefghjknpty12$& SBF_R024 Roissy Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpty12$& SBF_P053 Pump Triline SBF_R003 Revue Bold SBF_R034 Revue Heavy .

Bd.46 ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_R028 Rotis Sans Serif 55 SBF_R030 SBF_R025 SBF_R029 SBF_R026 SBF_R027 SBF_R022 Russell Square ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_S084 Skia ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_S064 Suburban SBF_T001 Tabasco Bold SBF_T035 Tabasco Medium SBF_T036 Tabasco Stripe SBF_T053 Trebuchet Bold SBF_T054 Trebuchet Bold Italic SBF_T052 Trebuchet Italic SBF_T051 Trebuchet Medium SBF_T011 Triumvirate SBF_T012 Triumvirate Bold ABCDEFGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRW abcdefghjkpty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMQRS abefghjkprsty12$& .SANS SERIF TrueSign Font Even Weighted Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_R023 Roissy Book 38 AAA A A A ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& Rotis Sans Serif Bold 65 ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& Rotis Sans Serif Ex. 75 ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjkprsty12$& Rotis Sans Serif Ital. 56 A BCDEGHJKMQRS TU W abcdefghjkmprst wy12$& Rotis Sans Serif Light 45 ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkmprsty12$& Rotis Sans Serif Light Ital.

SANS SERIF Even Weighted TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_T013 Triumvirate Extra Bold 39 AAA A A A ABCDEFGJKMQRS abefghjkpty12$& SBF_U011 Ultra Condensed Sans Serif ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?!(*)<+>{#}$& SBF_U009 Umbra ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ 12$& SBF_U003 Univers 45 ABCDEFGHIJKLMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUW abcdefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTUWY abcdefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRSW abcdefghjkprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abcdefghjkprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRS abcdefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRS abefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUW abcdefghjknprstuwy12$& ABCEGJKMRST abefghjkty1$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMQRSTUW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& SBF_U012 Univers 47 Condensed SBF_U004 Univers 55 SBF_U013 Univers 57 Condensed SBF_U005 Univers 65 SBF_U014 Univers 67 Condensed SBF_U006 Univers 75 SBF_U007 Univers 85 SBF_U008 Univers 95 SBF_U015 Univers Bold Extra Cond. SBF_U016 Univers Ultra Black Extend. SBF_V001 Vag Rounded SBF_V002 Vag Rounded Bold SBF_V004 Vega ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?!(*)$& SBF_X001 Xeres ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjkprsty12$& SBF_Z003 ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty12& Zarama .

TrueSign Font

and Thin

Nearest Equivalent Font Name

SBF_A010 Adlib



ABCEGKMQRSTW abghknrsty12$&

SBF_A065 Argos

ABCDEGJKMPQRSTUW abefghknrsty 012$&
ABCDEGJKMPQRSW abefghknrsty 0123 $&

SBF_B007 Badloc Compressed


SBF_B042 Binner

ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghkmrsty 12$&

SBF_B118 Bremen Black


SBF_A027 Amelia

SBF_B085 Bremen Bold
SBF_B099 Britannic Extra Bold

ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghkmrsty12&
ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjknrty12&

SBF_B064 Britannic Heavy

ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjknrsty12&

SBF_B100 Britannic Heavy Italic

A BCEGJKMQRSW abefgjknrt12&

SBF_B062 Britannic Light

ABCDEGHJKLMNOPQRSW abefghjknrstwy12&
ABCDEGHJKLMQRSW abefghjknrstwy12&

SBF_B098 Britannic Bold

SBF_B063 Britannic Medium

SBF_B071 Broadway Engraved

ABCEGHKMQRW abefghjky12&
ABCEGHKMQRSW abefghjky12&

SBF_B072 Broadway Engraved Bold

ABCEGKMQRW abefghjky1$&

SBF_B069 Broadway Light

ABCEGHKMQRW abefghjkny12&

SBF_C027 Charter Oak

ABCEGHKMQRW abefghjkny 12&

SBF_B070 Broadway Bold
SBF_B091 Broadway Display

TrueSign Font

and Thin

Nearest Equivalent Font Name



SBF_C056 Chitown

ABCDEGHKMNQRSW abefghjknrsy 12&

SBF_C146 Compacta Black
SBF_C041 Compacta Extra Bold

ABCEGHKMQRSW abefghjknrsy12&
ABCEGHKMQRSW abefghjknrsty12&

SBF_C099 Countdown

ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmty12$&

SBF_D001 Data 70


SBF_D011 Dolmen
SBF_E013 Entry Block

ABGHJKMQRW abghjkm1$&

SBF_F038 Futura Black

ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdghjkmy1$&

SBF_G043 Grotesque Extended

ABEGQRT abghsty1$&




SBF_M002 Manhattan

ABCDEGHJQRW abghnry12$&
ABCDEGHJKQRSW abeghnrsty12$&

SBF_M006 Marseille

ABCEGJKQRSW abeghmrsty1$&

SBF_M021 Mintern

ABCEGJKQRSW abeghrsty1$&

SBF_M023 Moore Computer

ABCEGJKMNQRSTW abeghjkrsty1$&

SBF_K014 Koloss

SBF_N002 Neil Bold
SBF_N041 Neo
SBF_N004 Neo-Aurora Block
SBF_O010 Optima Bold

ABCEGJKMNQRSTW abcdeghjknprsty1$&
ABCEGJKMQRST abcdeghjkpsty1$&

ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abcdeghjknprsty12$&
ABCDEGHJKMQRST abcdeghjkprsty12$&

TrueSign Font

and Thin

Nearest Equivalent Font Name

SBF_O009 Optima Demi Bold
SBF_O032 Optima Medium
SBF_P015 Parisian
SBF_P019 Peignot Bold
SBF_P020 Peignot Extra Bold
SBF_P018 Peignot Normal



ABCDEGHJKMQRST abcdeghjkprsty12$&

ABCDEGHJKMQRST abcdeghjkpsty12$&
ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSTW abcdefghjkmoprsty 12$&

ABCDEGHKMPQRSTW abcdefghjkmprsty1$&
ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abefghjkmprsy1$&
ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abcdefghjkmprsty12$&

SBF_P058 Plakette Medium

ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTUW abcdefghjkmoprstuy12$&
ABCDEGHJKMOPQRSTW abefghjkmpsty12$&
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345678$&

SBF_Q006 Quixley


SBF_R004 Reveal


SBF_S011 Sinter

ABCEGJKMQRSTUW abefgjknst12$&

SBF_P060 Plakette Bold
SBF_P061 Plakette Heavy

SBF_S081 Stone Sans Bold
SBF_S080 Stone Sans Medium
SBF_T034 Teleretail Plain
SBF_T010 Trucker

ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefgjknst12$&
ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefgjknprsty12$&
A B CDEFGHJKMQR W abefghjknprsty12$&

43 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Caligraphy Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A079 Alexei Copperplate SBF_A057 Allison Script SBF_A067 Ariston A AA A ABEGHMQRTXY abefghijklmnoprstz 012$& ABCEGJKMOY abcfgknory 123$& ABCE GJKMQRW abefgkny 12$& SBF_B082 Boston Script Heavy ABEFGHJKMQRS T W Z abefghjkmrstwyz 0123$& ABCF GJKMQRSW abefgjkmrsty12& SBF_C096 Candice ABCF GJKMQRS W Y abefgjkmrsty12& SBF_C015 Carolina Script ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTUVWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12$& SBF_B004 Balmoral Script SBF_C157 Civitype SBF_C038 Commercial Script SBF_C153 Corsiva SBF_D035 Diskus ABCEFGMQRSTW abcdefghjkmprstwxy& ABCEFGMQRSW abefghjknrstw& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrstwy12$& ABDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjknty12& SBF_E051 El Garrett ABEF GJKMQW abefgjkns12 $& ABCDEFGKLMQRSTW abcdefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_E012 Elite Script Heavy ABEG JK MQ RSWY abefghjknty12$& SBF_H029 Harmony Script AB E G HJKMQ RS T W Y abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_E046 Eclat SBF_H075 Harrington SBF_I020 Isadora SBF_I021 Isadora Bold SBF_J001 Janice ABDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmstwy12& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjkmrswy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjknswy12$& ABCEFGJKLMQRSW abefgjkmrswy 12$& .

A AA A 44 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Caligraphy Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L050 Le Griffe SBF_L030 Liberty (Sniffin) Script ABCDEFGJMOQRWY abefgjkmrstwy 12& ABEF GJMQRW abefgjkmrstwy 12& ABEFGHJKMRSTW Y ab>e\]^_|~ƒ‡˜œ¦ 12 $& ABCEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefgjkmrstwy 123$& SBF_L012 Lino Script ABCEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefgjkmrstwy12$& SBF_L061 Lucida Caligraphy SBF_K005 Kalligraphia SBF_K016 Kunstler Script SBF_M012 Medici Script ABFGHJKMQRTWY abefgjkmrtw12& ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefgjkmrtwy12& SBF_M026 Murray Hill Bold ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefgjkmnprtwy 12$& SBF_N022 Nuptial Script ABCEFGJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy12& SBF_P001 Pageant ABEFGJKLMQRSW Y abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_P003 Palace Script AB C EF GJKLMQRS W Y abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_P016 Park Avenue ABEFGJKLMQRSWY abefghjkmprstuwy 123$& SBF_P067 Phyllis ABEFGHJKLMQRSTWY abefghjknprstwy12& SBF_P076 Phyllis Initials ABCEFGJKLMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_R044 Rechtman ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmrstwy 12& SBF_S008 Script Bold SBF_S040 Shelley Andante ABDEFGHJKMQRTWY abefghjknrswy12& ABDEF GHJKMQRWY abefghjknrswy12& ABCDEFGHJKLMQRS W Y abefghjknrswy12& SBF_S042 Shelley Volante ABDEFGHJKMQRWY abefghjknrswy 12& SBF_S041 Shelley Allegro .

45 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Caligraphy A AA A Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_S039 Snell Round Hand ABDEFGHJKMQRTWY abefghjknrswy12& SBF_S066 Snell Round Hand Bold ABDEFGHJKMQRWY abefghjknrsy12& SBF_S052 Stuyvesant Script SBF_T033 Thompson Quill Script ABCDEFGHJKLMNOQRT UW YZ abcdefghjkmnoprstwy12$& ABDFGHJKMNQRTWYZ abcdefghjkmnoprstwy12$& SBF_V006 Vivaldi ABDFGHJKMQWabefghjkmpr wy12$& SBF_Y001 Yale Script AB CDEF GHJKMQRS W Y abefghjkmprstwy 123$& ABCDFGHJKLMQRTWY abefghjknstw y12& ABCDF GHJKLMQRS T W Y abefghjknstwy12& SBF_Z002 Zaph Chancery SBF_Z005 Zircon Script .

46 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A007 Accent SBF_A023 Althorn SBF_A094 Ashley Freehand Bold SBF_A047 Ashley Script SBF_A060 Athletic Script Casual AAA A ABCDGJKQRMW abefgkp12& ABEGJKLMQRSWYZ abcdefgikmrstwy12$& ABCEGHJKLMQRSTW abefgjkmnrsy12$& ABCEGHJKLMQRSTWYZ abefgjkmnprstwy123$& ABEFGJK MNQRST W abcefgjkmopqrsty123$& SBF_B008 Bamboo ABCDEFGHJKMQW abefghjkmrsty123& ABCDEFGHJKMQSY abefghjkmrstwy123$& ABDEFGHJKMQSY abefghjkmrstwy12& SBF_B141 Benguiat Frisky ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWYZ abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_B102 Bailey Script SBF_B101 Balzac SBF_B142 Bergell Script ABEFGHJKMQRSTWYabefghjkmrtwy12$& SBF_B138 Bickley Script ABCEFGHJKMQRSWabefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_B137 Bickley Script Bold ABCEFGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmprstwy 12$& SBF_B120 Bingham Script SBF_B146 Bradley Hand Bold SBF_B145 Bradley Hand Medium SBF_B139 Bronx SBF_B066 Brush Script SBF_C154 Caflisch Script Bold SBF_C022 Choc ABCEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmprstwy 12$& ABEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmy1& ABEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmy1& ABEFGJKMQRSTYZabefgkm1& ABCEFGJKQRMW abefgkpry12& ABFGHJKMQRSTWY abefgjkmrswy 12& ABCEGHJKMQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& .

47 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Casual AA A A Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_C141 Cole Casual SBF_C148 Comic Sans SBF_C162 Comic Sans Bold ABEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmwy 12& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjknsty12& ABCDEGJKMQRWY abefghjknsty12& SBF_C134 Cosmic Script ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab123$& SBF_C126 Cosmic Two ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab12$& SBF_D015 Dragonwick ABEKMQRW abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_E050 ExPonto Script ABCEFGJKMQRTWY abefghjknpqrswxy 12$& SBF_F003 Fantale ABFGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmsty12$& SBF_F082 Forte SBF_F044 Fox Script ABCDFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstuwy12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTWYZ abefghjkmprstwy123$& SBF_F042 FreeStyle Script ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghjkmnopqrstuvwxyz 123$& SBF_H037 Horizen ABCDFGHJKMNPQRSTWYZ abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_H064 Hubertus A B CD FGHJKM NQRS TU WYZ abefghimprs tu wy 12$& SBF_H063 Hudson ABCFGHJKMQRSTUWY abefghimprstwy12$& SBF_I014 Impuls SBF_I022 Informal Roman ABCFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghimprstwy12$& ABCFGHJKMQRSTW abefghimrstwy12$& SBF_I002 Ingrid ABCEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstw 12& SBF_J014 Jester ABCFGHJKMQRSW abefghjnrstw12$& SBF_J007 Joie-De-Vivre ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTUWYZ abC12$& .

48 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_J011 Jott SBF_K026 Kletty Casual AA A A ABCFGJKMQRSTW abefghjkmry12$& ABDEFGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmstwy12& SBF_L055 Las Vegas Script SBF_L021 Le Asterix ABDEFGK MQRSW abefghjkmsty 12& ABCDEFGHIJKLMQRSTUVWYZ ab 123$& SBF_L057 Le Golf ABCDEFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmrsty 12& SBF_L022 Le Obelix ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTUVWYZ ab 123$& SBF_L010 Legato ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWYZ abcdefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_M051 Mandate Script ABCDEFGHIJKL MOQRSTW YZ abefghjkmprstwy 1234 $& SBF_M029 Marker SBF_M053 Matura Script ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& ABDEFGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_M066 Mercurius ABDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty 12$& SBF_M020 Minstral ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTWXYZ abcdefghjkmnprsty 12$& SBF_N006 New Berolina ABEFGHJKMPQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_N020 New Vision Casual ABCDFGHKMOPQRSWYZ abefghjkmnprstwy12$& SBF_O012 One Stroke Script ABCDFGHKMOPQRSTWYZabefghjkmnprstwy12$& SBF_O033 Oz Handicraft ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234$& SBF_P004 Paint Brush ABCDEFGHKLMOPQRSTWYZ abcdefghjkmnprstwy 123$& SBF_P005 Pallette A BEFG HJKLMPQRSTWYZ abcdefghjkmnoprstwy123$& SBF_P086 Papyrus ABEGHJKMQRSTWabefghjkmprsty12$& .

49 SCRIPT TrueSign Font Casual Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_P021 Pepita ABEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy123$& SBF_P048 Prelude Script SBF_R002 Renier ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy 123$& ABEFGHJKMQRTWY abefghjknrstwy12$& ABDEFGHJKMNQRSWY abefghjkmstwy 12& SBF_R043 Reporter ABCD EFGHJKLMNOPQRSTWXYZ abcdefghjkmnopqrstwyz 1234$& SBF_S004 Salto ABEFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmprstwyz12$& SBF_S006 Savanna SBF_S015 Slogan ABCDEFGHJKMNQRSWY abcdefghjkmopqstwy12$& ABDEFGJKMQRSW abefghjkmpstwy 12$& SBF_S069 Squash A B CDEFGHIJKLM NOP Q R STU V W Y a b 12$& SBF_S055 Studio Bold ABCDFGHJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmswy 12$& SBF_T050 Tempus Sans ABCDFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmswy12$& SBF_T040 Texta A BCDEFGHIJKL MNOPQRSTU V W Y a b 123$& SBF_T029 Times Script Bold ABDFGHJKMQRSWY abefghjkmwy12& SBF_T042 Times Script Medium ABDFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrswy12& SBF_P039 Present Script SBF_V016 Van Dijk Bold AB CD FGHJKM QRSU WYZ abcdefghjkmrs t wy12& SBF_V015 Van Dijk Medium A B CDE FG HJKL M Q R S TU WYZ ab efghjkmrs tu w x y 12& SBF_Z007 ABCDFGHJKMQRSWYZ abefghjkmrstwy12& Zephyr .

SCRIPT TrueSign Font Formal 50 Semi Formal A A A A Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A012 Affray ABCEGJKMQRUWXY abcdefgiknprst 012$& SBF_A019 Alfereta ABEFGHJMQRWYZ abefgknprst 012$& SBF_A021 Alpha-Tango ABCEGHJKMQRUWZ abcefgikmpsy 123$& SBF_A067 Ariston ABCE GJKMQRW abefgkny 12$& SBF_A040 Art Gothic Card Script ABCEFGHJKL MNOPQR STUVW XYZ abcefghjkmnoprstuwyz 0123 $& SBF_B110 Balloon Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abefg 01234$& SBF_B002 Balloon Extra Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 12$& SBF_B133 Bible Script SBF_B039 Biffo Script ABCFGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmrstwy12& ABCEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy 12$& SBF_B043 Boa Script ABCFGJKMQRSW abefgjkmrsty12& SBF_B124 Breeze A B C EG HJKMQR S T W Y abefghjkmoprstwy 12 $& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmoprstwy12$& SBF_B125 Breeze Vertical Bold SBF_C006 Cascade ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWYZ abefghjkmoprstuwy 123$& ABCFGHJKMQRSTW abefgjkmrstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ 123$& ABCDEGHJKMOPQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstwy 123$& SBF_C073 Challenge ABCDEGHJKMOQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstwy12& SBF_B067 Brody Script SBF_C125 Calligraphic 421 SBF_C025 Cartoon SBF_C142 Contemporary Script ABCDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjknpty12$& SBF_D008 Dom Casual ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjklmnoprstuwy12$& .

SCRIPT TrueSign Font Formal 51 Semi Formal A A A A Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_D009 Dom Casual Bold ABCDEFGHJKLMOPQRSTWY abefghjkmoprstwy12$& SBF_E046 Eclat ABEF GJKMQW abefgjkns12 $& SBF_E032 Einhorn ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjkmrstwy 12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjkmrsy 12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTWY ab12$& SBF_E014 Emerald Script SBF_E021 Enviro SBF_F051 Flamenco ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjkmrswy12$& SBF_F061 Flash Script Bold ABCDEFGHJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjkmnoprstuwy 123$& ABCDFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstuwxy 123$& SBF_F039 Futura Script ABCDFGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy 12& SBF_G020 Gillies Gothic ABCDFGJKMQRSTWYZ abefghjkmrstwy 12& SBF_F005 Flash Script SBF_G051 Globe Gothic SBF_H021 Harlow SBF_H018 Helvetica Showcard Normal SBF_H034 Honda SBF_K007 Kaufmann Bold ABDEGHJKMQRSUWY abefghjkmrty12$& ABEGHJKMQRWY abefghjkmprstwy12& ABCEGHJKMQRSWY abefg jkmrswy 12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTWY abefgjkmrstwy 12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTWY abefghkmy12$& SBF_K006 Kaufmann Light ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_K009 Klang ABCDEFGHJKLMNQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_L005 LazyBones SBF_L024 Lydian ABCEGHJKMSTW Y abefghijklmprstwy12& ABCDEGHJKLMQRSTUW abefghjkmprstwy12$& .

SCRIPT Formal 52 Semi Formal A A A A TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L026 Lydian Bold SBF_L027 Lydian Bold Italic SBF_L025 Lydian Italic ABCDEGHJKLMQRSUW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKLMQRSTUW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKLMQRSTUW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_L028 Lydian Script ABCDEFGHJKL MNOQRSTWXYZ abcdefghjkmnoprstwy12$& SBF_M068 Maiandra Bold ABCFGJKLMQRSTW abefghjkmrsty12& SBF_M067 Maiandra Medium ABCFGJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy12& SBF_M015 Mermaid ABCFGJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy12& SBF_M035 Monoline Script ABCFGJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmprstwy12& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjkmrstwy 12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_P037 Post Antigue Bold SBF_P036 Post Antigue Roman SBF_Q006 Quixley SBF_S003 Samson SBF_S005 Santa-Fe SBF_S008 Script Bold SBF_S020 Spritz SBF_S021 Squire Bold SBF_S048 Squire Light SBF_T004 Tekton SBF_Z006 Zaph Nové ABCDEGHJKLMNOPQRSWYabefghjkmoprstuwy12$& ABEGHJKLMQRSTVWY abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstwy12$& ABDEFGHJKMQRTWY abefghjknrswy12& ABDFGHJKMQRWY abefghjknsy12& ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTUWY abefghjkmprstwy12& ABCDEFGHJKLMQRSTUWY abefghjkmprstuwy12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMOPQRSTWY abefghjkmstwy12& ABFGHJKLMQRTWY abefghjknswy12& .

53 SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name Angled AAAA SBF_A013 Agate Normal ABCEGJKMQRW abefgirsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghkty12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjrsty12$& SBF_A032 American Text ABCDEFGHIJKMNPQRSTWY abcdefghikmrsty 12$& SBF_A048 Ashley Crawford ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTVWXY ab 12$& SBF_A014 Agate Bold SBF_A097 Agate Italic SBF_B060 Breughel Bold SBF_B061 Breughel Bold Italic SBF_C004 Carolus Romana SBF_C026 Charlemagne SBF_C036 Charlston SBF_C037 Charlston Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkrty 1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkrty 12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY ab12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY ab12$& ABCDEGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY ab12$& SBF_C017 Checkmate ABEGHJKMQRSW abfghjkrty1$& SBF_C023 Chevalier ABCDEGHJK MQRSTWY abcdfghjknprsty12$& SBF_D017 Dynamo ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrty12$& SBF_F050 Formal Display Bold ABCEGHJKMQRTW abefghjkmrsty 12$& SBF_F046 Formal Display Heavy ABCEGHJKMQRTW abefghjkmrsy 12$& SBF_F049 Formal Display Medium ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty 12$& SBF_I015 Isbell ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknty12$& SBF_L036 Lucida Roman 45 ABCEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& .

54 SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L037 Lucida Roman 46 SBF_L038 Lucida Roman 75 SBF_L039 Lucida Roman 76 SBF_P069 Post Mediaeval Book SBF_P070 Post Mediaeval Italic SBF_P068 Post Mediaeval Medium SBF_R007 Raleigh Bold SBF_R005 Raleigh Book SBF_R035 Raleigh Heavy SBF_R006 Raleigh Medium SBF_R016 Rodeo SBF_T002 Tango SBF_V011 Vendome Bold SBF_V012 Vendome Bold Italic SBF_V014 Vendome Condensed SBF_V013 Vendome Extra Bold Angled AAAA A B CEGHJKMNOPQR S T W ab efghjk nprs ty1 2$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjknrty12$& A BCEGJKMPQRS T W abefghjk np ty1 2$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrsty12$& A BCDEGHJK MNQR ST W ab efghjk mp rs ty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGHJMQRSW abefghjkmsy 12$& ABCEGHJMQRSTW abefghjkmrsty 12$& ABCEGHJMQRTW abefghjkmty 1$& ABCEGHJMQRSTW abefghjmrsty 12$& ABEGHJMQRTW abefghjnrty 1$& ABEFGHJKMQRTW abefghjmrsty 12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkny12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkny1$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmopqrstuwy12$& ABCEJMPQRTW abefgjkny12$& SBF_V010 Vendome Normal Italic ABCEGHJKMPQRTW abefghjknopy12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknoprsty12$& SBF_Z006 ABCEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_V009 Vendome Normal Zaph Nové .

55 SERIF TrueSign Font Round End AAAA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A006 Abbot Old Style SBF_A022 Allegro ABCEGJKMQRW abefgrsty12$& ABCDEGJKMNPQRSTW abefghjnrsty12$& ABCEGKMQRW abefgm12$& American Typewriter Normal ABCEGKMQRTW abefgkmy12$& SBF_A034 American Typewriter Bold SBF_A033 SBF_A038 Andreas ABGJKMQRSTW abefgjkmpry12$& SBF_A046 Apollo Semibold ABCDGJKMQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_A058 Argonaut ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprstuy12$& SBF_A066 Arnold Bocklin ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_A084 Auriol SBF_A088 Auriol Black ABCDEGHJKMNOQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprty12$& SBF_A089 Auriol Black Italic ABDEGHJKMNPQRTWY abefghjkprty12$& SBF_A086 Auriol Bold ABDEGHJKMPQRTW abefghjkprty12$& SBF_A087 Auriol Bold Italic ABDEGHJKMPQRTW Y abefghjkprty12$& SBF_A085 Auriol Italic ABDEGHJKMPQRTWY abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_B013 Bache ABDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ abcdefghjklmnprstuwy123456789$& SBF_B041 Belshaw ABDEGHJKMPQRTWY abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_B017 Belvira ABDEGHJKMQRTW abefghjkty1& SBF_B029 Bernhard Antique ABDEFGHIJKLMNPQRSTUWXY abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_A045 Apollo .

56 SERIF TrueSign Font Round End AAAA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B088 Bernhardt Condensed ABDEFGHJKLMQRSTUWY abefghjknprstuwy12$& ABDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& Bernhardt Modern Bold Italic ABDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& Bernhardt Modern Book Bernhardt Modern Book Italic A B CDEGJKMQR S T W abefghjknprsty1 2 $ & SBF_B089 Bernhardt Modern Bold SBF_B090 SBF_B115 SBF_B116 SBF_C135 Cabaret ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW ab12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjky12$& SBF_C136 Cabaret Solid ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjky12$& SBF_B129 Brighton Bold SBF_B128 Brighton Medium SBF_B080 Bristol Adornado SBF_C125 Calligraphic 421 SBF_C016 Cardinal ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTW abefghjkry12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_C013 Caslon 224 Bold ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjksty12$& SBF_C011 Caslon Ad Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_C007 Caslon SBF_C021 Caxton Bold Italic ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknpstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknpstwy12$& SBF_C018 Caxton Normal ABCDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_C008 Caslon Italic SBF_C020 Caxton Bold .

SBF_C031 Cheltenham Bold Italic SBF_C029 Cheltenham Italic SBF_C130 Cooper Bold SBF_C131 Cooper Bold Italic SBF_E047 Edda SBF_E019 Emporium SBF_F001 Falernus SBF_F015 Fortuna .57 SERIF TrueSign Font Round End AAAA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_C019 Caxton Normal Italic ABCDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_C147 Chaucer ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSW abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_C028 Cheltenham SBF_C104 Cloister Bold ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSW abefghjkprstwy12$& ABCDEGJKMNPQRSW abefghjkrstwy12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMPQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmprstuwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkrstwy12$& SBF_C044 Cooper Black ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjkuy12$& SBF_C045 Cooper Black Italic SBF_C042 Cooper Book ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjknpwy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjknpty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_C043 Cooper Book Italic ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_D002 Dapper ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ 123$& ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjknpwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjknpwy12$& SBF_C030 Cheltenham Bold SBF_C032 Cheltenham Bold Cond.

SBF_G012 Garamond Stempel Italic SBF_G082 Garamond (ITC) Bold SBF_G083 Garamond (ITC) Bold Italic ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknpsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkrty1$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkrsty1$& SBF_G080 Garamond (ITC) Medium ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkrty12$& SBF_G023 Gloucester Old style ABCEGHJKMNOPQRTW abcdefghjknrstuy12$& SBF_G070 Gorilla ABCEGJKMPQRTW abdefghjknty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprtwy12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprtwy12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprtwy12$& SBF_G084 Garamond (ITC) Light SBF_G085 Garamond (ITC) Light Italic SBF_G027 Goudy SBF_G029 Goudy Bold SBF_G030 Goudy Bold italic SBF_G034 Goudy Catalogue . It.58 SERIF TrueSign Font Round End AAAA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_G005 Garamond SBF_G007 Garamond Bold SBF_G008 Garamond Bold Italic SBF_G006 Garamond Italic SBF_G011 Garamond Stempel SBF_G013 Garamond Stempel Bold SBF_G014 Garamond Stempel Bd.

ABCDEGHJKMPQRWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_G076 Goudy Stout ABCEGJKMPQRSW a1$& SBF_H075 Harrington ABCDEFGJKMNOPQRSW abefghjnyk1$& SBF_H036 Horley Old Style ABCEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkry12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjknrsty12$& SBF_I022 Informal Roman SBF_I008 Italia Bold SBF_I017 Italia Book SBF_I018 Italia Medium SBF_J014 Jester ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjknsty12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjknprty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprty12$& SBF_J011 Jott Script ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprty12$& .59 SERIF TrueSign Font Round End AAAA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_G032 Goudy Display ABCDEGJKMQRTW abefghjkprtwy12$& SBF_G035 Goudy Handtooled SBF_G033 Goudy Heavyface Cond. ABCEGJKMQRTW abefghjknrstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkty1$& ABCDEGHJKMNPQRW abefghjkrty12$& SBF_G087 Goudy Hundred ABCDEGHJKMPQRW abefghjknrsty12?& SBF_G056 Goudy Heavyface SBF_G028 Goudy Italic ABCDEGHJKMPQRW abcdefghjkmprstuy12$& SBF_G048 Goudy Old Style Bold ABCDEGHJKMPQRW abefghjknpty12$& SBF_G049 Goudy Old Style Bold Italic SBF_G046 Goudy Old Style Normal ABCDEGHJKMPQRW abefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRWY abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_G047 Goudy Old Style Normal It.

60 SERIF Round End TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L005 Lazy Bones SBF_L009 Le Robur Noir AAAA ABCEGHJKM QRSW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknty12$& SBF_M054 Maximus ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty1$& SBF_M010 Media Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknpty1$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSW abefghjkmprsty1$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprty12$& SBF_M043 Media Demi Bold SBF_M011 Media Extra Bold SBF_M041 Media Light SBF_M042 Media Medium SBF_M034 Monastic SBF_M022 Monsoon ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgkjnrty12$& SBF_M045 Musketeer Medium ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgkjnrsty12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abefgkjnprstuwy12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abefgkjnpstuy12$& SBF_P049 Pracht Modified ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefgkjnpsty12$& SBF_P040 Pretorian ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefgkjnty12$& SBF_P077 Primitive ABCEGJKMPQRSW abefghjknprty12$& SBF_R019 Rialto SBF_R017 Roys Tango ABCDEFGHJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_S035 Schneidler Old Style ABCDEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjkty12$& SBF_M047 Musketeer Bold SBF_M044 Musketeer Light .

It.61 SERIF TrueSign Font Round End AAAA Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_S037 Schneidler Old Style Bold SBF_S038 Schneidler Old Style Bd. SBF_S036 Schneidler Old Style Italic SBF_S016 Souvenir SBF_S018 Souvenir Bold SBF_S019 Souvenir Bold Italic SBF_S017 Souvenir Italic SBF_S059 Statford ABCDEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkty12$& ABCDEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSWY abefghjknprstuy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprstuy12$& SBF_S060 Statford Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkprty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknprty12$& SBF_S023 Stencil ABCDEFGHIJKLMNPOQRSTUWYZ 12$& SBF_T002 Tango ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjknprstuy12$& SBF_T015 Tiffany SBF_T017 Tiffany Bold SBF_T018 Tiffany Bold Italic SBF_T019 Tiffany Display SBF_T020 Tiffany Display Italic SBF_T016 Tiffany Italic SBF_T008 Trajan SBF_S022 Statford Black ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjkrty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkty12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab123$& .

62 SERIF Round End TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_T009 Trajan Bold AAAA ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUWY ab123$& SBF_V003 Van Dijck ABCEGHJKMPQRSUW abefghjkmprsty123$& SBF_V017 Victorian SBF_W004 Windsor Condensed ABCEGHJKMPQRSUW abefghjkmprsty123$& ABCEGJKMQRSUW abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ abcdefghjkmnprstuvwxyz 12$& SBF_W015 Windsor Display ABCEGJKMQRSUW abefghjknty1$& SBF_W006 Windsor Light ABCEGJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjknprstuy1$& SBF_W008 Windsor Light Condensed ABCEGHJKMOPQRSTUW abcdefghjkmprstvy12$& SBF_W003 Windsor Bold SBF_W014 Windsor Medium SBF_W016 Worchester Bold ABCEGJKMNQRSTUW abefghjknprty1$& ABCEGJKMNQRSTUW abefghjknprty1$& SBF_W010 Worchester Normal ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUW abefghjknprstwy1$& ABCEGJKMQRSTUW abefghjknrty12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUW abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_W012 Worchester Normal Italic A B CEGHJK MNQR S T U W a b efghjk np rs t wy1 2$& SBF_W011 Worchester Demi Bold SBF_W017 Worchester Extra Bold .

63 SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name Slab AAA A SBF_A002 Aachen Bold ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrstwy12$& SBF_A001 Aachen Medium ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknrstwy12$& SBF_A034 American Typewriter Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjky1$& SBF_B076 Big-Wig ABGKMQabfg& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkty12$& SBF_C135 Caberet SBF_C136 Caberet Solid SBF_C035 City Bold SBF_C034 City Medium SBF_C044 Cooper Black ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjknrsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprstuy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjky1$& SBF_C077 Cottonwood ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 12$& SBF_C069 Cushing Heavy ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_D041 Double-Take ABCEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrstuy12$& SBF_D010 Duo Solid ABCDEGHJKLMNPQRSTWY 12$& SBF_E023 Egyptian Bold Condensed ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknrstwy12$& SBF_E024 Egyptian Bold Extended SBF_E039 Enschede Extra Bold ABEGJKMQRW abfghjy1& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjkny12$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjky12$& SBF_E010 Estro ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjky12$& SBF_C045 Cooper Black Italic SBF_E038 Enschede Bold .

SBF_H060 Hansen Bold SBF_H022 Hansen Heavy ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjknrty12$& ABEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknty12$& .64 SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_F001 Falernus SBF_F014 Figaro Slab AAA A ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmoprstuwxyz12$& SBF_G045 Gesh Export ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkny12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkny12$& SBF_G021 Giorgio ABEGJKMQRSW 1$& SBF_G025 Glypha Bold ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_G075 Gardenia SBF_I004 Industrial ABCDEGHJKMQRSW 12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjky1$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjknrty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTWY abcdefghjknprstuy12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSW abcdefghjkprstuy12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW 12$& SBF_I003 Inkwell ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjknrty12$& SBF_I008 Italia Bold SBF_J003 Jensen SBF_L005 Lazy Bones ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abfghjknprstwy12$& SBF_L009 Le Robur Noir ABEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknty12$& SBF_L020 Lubalin Bold SBF_G069 Goldmine SBF_G070 Gorilla SBF_G056 Goudy Heavyface SBF_G033 Goudy Heavyface Cond.

65 SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L038 Lucida Roman 75 SBF_L039 Lucida Roman 76 SBF_M007 Masquerade SBF_M010 Media Bold SBF_M011 Media Extra Bold SBF_O002 Old Town Slab AAA A ABEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknrty12$& A BEGHJK MQRS W abfghjk n r ty1 2$& ABCDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 12$& ABEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknrty12$& ABEGHJKMQRW abfghjknrty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUWXYZ abcdefghjklmprstuwy12$& SBF_P043 Princetown Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmprstuwyz12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 $&!@#%*? ABCDEGHJKMOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab12$& SBF_P042 Profil ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY 1& SBF_R007 Raleigh Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknrty12$& SBF_P028 Playbill SBF_P034 Ponderrosa SBF_R035 Raleigh Heavy SBF_R013 Rockwell Bold SBF_R016 Rodeo SBF_S030 Serifa 75 ABCEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abfghjkrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjkrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjkrty12$& SBF_S019 Souvenir Bold Italic ABCEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknrsty12$& SBF_S022 Statford Black ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjkrsty12$& SBF_T002 Tango ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjkrstuy12$& SBF_S018 Souvenir Bold .

66 SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name Slab AAA A SBF_T048 Triplex Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknrty12$& SBF_V018 Vineta ABEGJKMQRW abfghjk1& SBF_V007 Volta Bold ABEGJKMQRW abfghjk1& SBF_W020 Western Pacific ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW ab12$& SBF_W005 Wild West 1 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ 12$& SBF_W002 Wild West 2 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 $&!? SBF_W007 Wild West 3 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxy12$& SBF_W008 Wild West 4 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNQRSTUWYZ 12$& SBF_W022 Wild West 5 SBF_W017 Worchester Extra Bold ABCDEGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXY 12$& ABCEGJKMNPQRTW abfghjkrty12& .

SERIF TrueSign Font Spur or Flared Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A008 Albertus Bold 67 AAAA ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjrsty12$& ABCEGJMQRSY abefghjnrsty012$& Albertus Light ABCEGJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkmrsty12$& Albertus Medium ABCEGJKMQRSWY abcefgjkrsty 12$& Americana Bold ABCEJKMQRSW abefg jkrsty12$& Americana Extra Bold ABCEJKMQRS abefghjknrsty12& Americana Extra Bold Cond. ABCEGJKMQRSTWY abefghkrsty12$& Americana Normal ABCEJKMQRSTW abefg jknrsty12& ABCEJKMQRS abefghjkmsty12$& Americana Normal Italic SBF_A018 Albertus Extra Bold SBF_A074 SBF_A017 SBF_A030 SBF_A031 SBF_A081 SBF_A029 SBF_A080 SBF_A040 Art Gothic Card Script SBF_B108 Baker Signet Black SBF_B109 Baker Signet Black Italic ABCDEFGHJK MNQR STW Y abcdefghjkmnprstuwy 123$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty12$& SBF_C128 Castle Bold ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTWY abefghjkmrstuy12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTWY abefghjkmrstuy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefgjknrsty12$& SBF_C120 Castle Bold Italic A BCEGHJKMQRSTU W abefgjknprsty12$& SBF_C127 Castle Book SBF_C129 Castle Extra Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTUW abefgjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefgjknsty12$& SBF_C121 Castle Extra Bold Italic ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefgjknsty12$& SBF_B106 Baker Signet Medium SBF_B107 Baker Signet Medium Italic .

Italic abe fghjknsty12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjknrstuy12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjknrstuy12$& SBF_D036 Desdemona ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab123456$& SBF_D022 Devinne Bold SBF_D020 Devinne Medium ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjknrstuy12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjkmrstuy12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTWY abefghjkmrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSW abefghjknsty12$& A B CDEGHJKM NQRSW abefghjk ns ty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_D012 Domino ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjknrsy12$& SBF_E022 Eight Ball ABEGJKMQRSY abefghjknsy12$& SBF_E006 Eras Black ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_C110 Clearface Gothic Medium SBF_D021 Devinne Demi Bold SBF_D023 Devinne Extra Bold SBF_D024 Devinne Heavy SBF_D025 Devinne Heavy Italic SBF_E005 Eras Bold SBF_E003 Eras Book .Bd.Italic A BCEGHJKMQRSTW Y SBF_C113 Clearface Gothic Med.SERIF TrueSign Font Spur or Flared Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_C119 Castle Medium Italic SBF_C111 Clearface Gothic Bold SBF_C114 Clearface Gothic Bold Italic SBF_C112 Clearface Gothic Extra Bold 68 AAAA ABCEGHJKMNQRSTUWY abefghjknrsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknrsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_C115 Clearface Gothic Ex.

SERIF TrueSign Font Spur or Flared Nearest Equivalent Font Name 69 AAAA SBF_F004 Fatcat ABEGJKMQRW abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjk nprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMOPQRSW abefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNPQRSTW 12$& SBF_F040 Flare Gothic Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSY abefghjknpsty12$& SBF_E007 Eras Heavy SBF_E002 Eras Light SBF_E004 Eras Medium SBF_F070 Flare Gothic Bold Italic ABCEGHJKMQRSY abefghjknpsty12$& SBF_F041 Flare Gothic Light ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTWY abcdefghjknpsty12$& SBF_F067 Flare Gothic Light Italic SBF_F069 Flare Gothic Medium Italic ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTWY abcdefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjknpsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjkmpsty12$& SBF_F069 Fritz Quadrata Bold ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjkmpsty12$& SBF_F069 Fritz Quadrata Bold Italic A B CDE GJKMQR S W ab efghjk npy12$& SBF_F069 Fritz Quadrata Light ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmpsty12$& SBF_F068 Flare Gothic Medium A B CDEGHJK MQR S W ab efghjk nps ty12$& Fritz Quadrata Medium ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknrsty12$& Fritz Quadrata Medium Italic A B CE GJK MQR S W ab efghjk n rs ty12$& Gordon Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrsty12$& SBF_F069 Fritz Quadrata Light Italic SBF_F069 SBF_F069 SBF_G067 SBF_G026 Gordon Display ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknrsty12$& SBF_G068 Gordon Display Italic ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& .

SERIF TrueSign Font Spur or Flared Nearest Equivalent Font Name 70 AAAA SBF_G066 Gordon Medium ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknrsty12$& SBF_G037 Goudy Gothic Black SBF_G057 Goudy Gothic Normal ABCEGHJKMQRWY abefghjknty12$& A B CDEGHJKMQ RWY abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRTWY abefghjknsty12$& A BCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknrsty12$& A BCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_H028 Helenski ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjknwy12$& SBF_I019 Introspect SBF_I007 Isolate SBF_J008 Jeremy McCulloch ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknwy12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 123$& ABCDEFGHJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_J006 Jose SBF_J009 Jupiter ABCDEGJKMPQRUW abefgjknwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 123456$& SBF_K008 Kathlita ABCEGJKMQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmrstwy12$& SBF_G073 Goudy Gothic Black Italic SBF_G036 Goudy Gothic Bold SBF_G072 Goudy Gothic Bold Italic SBF_G071 Goudy Gothic Italic SBF_M033 Meridien Extra Bold ABCEGJKMQRTWY abefghjkmrtwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRTWY abefghjkmrtwy12$& SBF_M024 Metro Display ACEGJKMQRTW abefghjkntwy12$& SBF_M052 Metropolitan ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab123$& SBF_M017 MGB Patrician ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 123456789$& SBF_K015 Kells .

SERIF TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name Spur or Flared 71 AAAA SBF_N021 Neuland ABCDEGJKMOPQRSTUWY ab12567$& SBF_N032 Neuland Black ABCDEGJKMOPQRSTUWY ab12$& SBF_N024 Newtext ABCEGJKMQRW abefgny12$& SBF_N017 Nob ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTUWY abefghjknrstwy12$& SBF_O005 Omega ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknrstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abefghjknstwy12$& SBF_O007 Omega Bold SBF_O009 Optima Demi Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abefghjknstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknstwy12$& SBF_O032 Optima Medium ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknstwy12$& SBF_Q005 Quorum ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknstwy12$& SBF_O010 Optima Bold SBF_S032 Serif Gothic Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjknstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknrstuwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknstuwy12$& SBF_S026 Serpentine ABEGJKMQRW abefghjkny1$& SBF_R008 Reubens SBF_R037 Roundest Bold SBF_R038 Roundest Extra Bold SBF_R036 Roundest Medium SBF_S057 Sydney Bold SBF_S058 Sydney Heavy SBF_S056 Sydney Medium ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjknrstuwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjknrstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRWY abefghjknrstuwy12$& .

ABCEGJKMQRSTWY abefghkrsty12$& Americana Highlighted ABCDEGHJMQRSTWY ab12$& ABCEJKMQRSTW abefg jknrsty12& Americana Normal ABCEJKMQRS abefghjkmsty12$& Americana Normal Italic Apollo ABCEGJKMQW abefgknrstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQW abefgkmrstwy12$& Apollo Semibold SBF_A030 Americana Bold SBF_A031 SBF_A081 SBF_A082 SBF_A029 SBF_A080 SBF_A045 SBF_A093 SBF_A068 Arrus Bold SBF_A069 Arrus Bold Italic SBF_A071 Arsis ABCEGJKMQRW abefgjknsty12& ABCEGJKMQRW abefgjkmrsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abefghjkmoprstuvwxyz 012345 $& .72 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A002 Aachen Bold SBF_A001 Aachen Medium SBF_A004 Abdul Bold SBF_A005 Abdul Bold Italic SBF_A075 Abdul Light SBF_A076 Abdul Light Italic SBF_A077 Abdul Medium SBF_A098 Alexandria AAAA ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRST W abegiknprsty12$& ABCEGJKMRW abeghjknrstuy12$& ABCEGKMQRSWXY abefgiknrsty0123$& ABCEJKMQRSW abefg jkrsty12$& ABCEJKMQRS abefghjknrsty12& Americana Extra Bold Americana Extra Bold Cond.

SBF_B132 Bauer Bodini Bold SBF_B021 Belwe Bold SBF_B022 Belwe Condensed SBF_B019 Belwe Light SBF_B020 Belwe Normal SBF_B026 Bembo SBF_B027 Bembo Bold SBF_B023 Benguiat SBF_B024 Benguiat Bold SBF_B113 Benguiat Bold Italic SBF_B112 Benguiat Italic AAAA ABEGJKMQRSTW abefgjkmprsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSTW abefgjkpsty12$& A BE GJKMQR S T W abefghjkprsty12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTUW abefghjkprsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrsty12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrsty 12$& ABEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkrstwy12$& ABEGHJKMNOPQRSTWY abefghjknprstuwy12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprstvwy12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkrstvwy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& .73 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A049 Athens SBF_B011 Baskerville Bold SBF_B012 Baskerville Bold Italic SBF_B010 Baskerville Italic SBF_B009 Baskerville Normal SBF_B096 Baskerville Old Face Bold SBF_B097 Baskerville Old Face Heavy SBF_B095 Baskerville Old Face Med.

74 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B074 Berkeley Black SBF_B075 Berkeley Bold SBF_B073 Berkeley Book SBF_B033 Berling Bold SBF_B034 Berling Bold Italic SBF_B032 Berling Italic SBF_B031 Berling Normal SBF_B076 Big-Wig SBF_B130 Blackfriars AAAA ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abcdefghjkprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abefghjkprstwy12$& A B CEGHJKMNQR S T W abefghjkprstwy1 2$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abcdefghjkprstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abcdefghjkprstwy12$& ABEGJKM abfg& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprstwy12$& SBF_B048 Bodini Poster ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknrsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXY abcdefghjkmnopqrstuy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXY abcdefghjkmnopqrstuy12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknrsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjkny12$& SBF_B131 Bodini Poster Italic ABCEGJKMQRSW abefgjkny12$& SBF_B092 Bookman (ATF) Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_B051 Bookman ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_B046 Bodini Bold SBF_B047 Bodini Bold Italic SBF_B049 Bodini Condensed SBF_B050 Bodini Condensed Italic SBF_B045 Bodini Italic SBF_B044 Bodini Normal .

75 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B053 Bookman Bold SBF_B054 Bookman Bold Italic AAAA ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty1$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty1$& SBF_B103 Bookman Initial Swash ABCEGJK MQRW abfghjknpsty$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjknpsty12$& SBF_B052 Bookman Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_C137 Cameo Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_C123 Canterbury Bold SBF_C005 Canterbury Extra Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknsty12$& SBF_C003 Cargo ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjknpsty12$& SBF_C012 Caslon 540 ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_B055 Bookman Bold Swash SBF_C010 Caslon Bold Italic ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknpstwy12$& SBF_C124 Caslon Display ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjksty12$& SBF_C009 Caslon Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknrsty12$& Century Old Style Bold Italic ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_C057 Century Old Style SBF_C060 SBF_C059 Century Old Style Bold SBF_C058 Century Old Style Italic SBF_C061 Century Schoolbook SBF_C063 Century Schoolbook Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknrty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknrstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& .

Ital. ABCEGJKMQRSW SBF_C062 Century Schoolbook Italic SBF_C035 City Bold SBF_C034 City Medium abefghjkrstwy12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkmprstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSWY abefghjknrsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprstuy12$& SBF_C054 Clarendon Bold Condensed ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrty1$& ABCDEFGHJKLMPQRSWY abcdefghjknrsty12$& SBF_C053 Clarendon Condensed ABCDEFGHJKLMPQRSTWY abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_C051 Clarendon Bold SBF_C052 Clarendon Extra Bold SBF_C050 Clarendon Normal ABEGJKMQRSW abfghjksty1$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjksty12$& SBF_C107 Clearface Medium Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknprsty12$& A BCDEGJKMQRS W abfghjknprs ty1 2$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjksty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjks ty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknprsty12$& A BCDEGJKMQRS TW abfghjknprs ty1 2$& SBF_C139 Colonna ABCEGJKMQRSTW abfghjkpy12$& SBF_C055 Clearface Bold SBF_C108 Clearface Bold Italic SBF_C106 Clearface Heavy SBF_C109 Clearface Heavy Italic SBF_C105 Clearface Medium SBF_C047 Congress Bold SBF_C048 Congress Extra Bold SBF_C117 Congress Heavy ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& .76 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name AAAA SBF_C064 Century Schoolbook Bld.

77 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_C118 Congress Italic SBF_C046 Congress Normal AAAA A B CEGHJKMQRS T W Y ab efghjknprs ty 12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_C102 Copperplate Medium ABCEGHJKMQRSTW ab12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNPQRSTWY ab12$& ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUWY ab12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTUWY ab12$& ABEGHJKMQRSTUWY ab12$& SBF_C078 Corvinious ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjkmnoprstuwy12$& SBF_C103 Copperplate Bold SBF_C133 Copperplate Bold Cond. SBF_C132 Copperplate Condensed SBF_C033 Copperplate Extra Bold SBF_C158 Courier SBF_C159 Courier Bold ABCDEGJKMQRW abefg12$& ABCDEGJKMQRW abefg12$& ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghj12$& Courier New ABCDEGJKMQRW abefghjkmry12$& Courier New Bold (monosp) ABCDEGJKMQRW abfghjkm1$& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abfghjkmpy12$& Courier New Bold SBF_C160 Courier New (monosp) SBF_C163 SBF_C161 SBF_C164 SBF_C066 Crillee Bold ABCDEGHJKMNQRW abfghjkmprsty12$& SBF_C067 Crillee Extra Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRW abfghjknprty1$& SBF_C143 Crystal ABCDEGHJKLMNOPQRSTW 12$& SBF_C068 Cushing Extra Bold ABCDEGHJKMNQRSW abfghjknprsty1$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abfghjknprty1$& SBF_C069 Cushing Heavy .

78 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_C116 Cushing Medium SBF_C072 Cyrillic (Times) SBF_D019 Della Robbia SBF_D014 Della Robbia Bold SBF_D004 Delphin No.1 AAAA ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSTW abfghjknprsty1$& FABCDEGHKLMOPQ faekumzxq12$ ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& SBF_D005 Devinne Ornamental ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty1$& ABCDEGJKMQRSW abefghjknpsty12$& SBF_D034 Dextor ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW ab12$& SBF_D041 Double-Take ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_D010 Duo Solid ABCDEFGHIJKMNQRSTUWY 12$& SBF_E041 Egyptian Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty12$& SBF_D037 Devinne Extra Ornamental SBF_E024 Egyptian Bold Extended ABCDEGHJKMQRSTWY abefghjkmprsty12$& ABEGJKMQR abefghjk$& SBF_E040 Egyptian Medium ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_E023 Egyptian Bold Condensed SBF_E018 English Times Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_E043 Engraver's Roman ABCDEGHJKMOPQRSTW ab12$& SBF_E044 Engraver's Roman Bold ABCEGHJKMQRW a12$& SBF_E038 Enschede Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjkny12$& SBF_E017 English Times .

79 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_E039 Enschede Extra Bold SBF_E036 Enschede Light SBF_E037 Enschede Medium AAAA ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjky12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_E053 Exocet ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpty12$& ABCEGHJKMNOPQRSTUW abejkpqty12$& SBF_E054 Exocet Bold ABCEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abejkpqty12$& SBF_E010 Estro SBF_F002 Fat Face ABCEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_F014 Figaro ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmnprstuwyz12$& SBF_F060 Firenze ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkty12$& SBF_F047 Fry's Baskerville ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkrty12$& SBF_F045 Fry's Ornamented ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTUWY & SBF_G001 Galadriel ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 123456789?$& SBF_G002 Gallia ABCEGJKMQRTW abefgh jkrty12$& SBF_G003 Galliara ABCEGJKMQRTW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_F064 Footlight Light SBF_G078 Galliard SBF_G074 Galliard Bold SBF_G077 Galliard Bold Italic SBF_G079 Galliard Italic ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrstwy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkmrstwy12$& .

80 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name AAAA SBF_G045 Gesh Export ABCEGJKMQRTW abefghjkprty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRTW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRTW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_G021 Giorgio ABEGJKMQRSTWY & SBF_G024 Glypha SBF_G069 Goldmine ABCDEGHIJKLMQRSTW abcdefghjklmnprsty12$& ABCDEGHIJKLMQRSTW abcdefghjklmprsty12$& ABCDEGIJKMQRSW 12$& SBF_G039 Greek Serif (Times) ABCDEGHIKLMQRSTW abgdezfmnj12 SBF_G075 Gardenia SBF_G015 German Engraver SBF_G025 Glypha Bold SBF_G053 Greenwich Condensed SBF_H060 Hansen Bold SBF_H022 Hansen Heavy SBF_H059 Hansen Medium SBF_H024 Harem Condensed SBF_H040 Hiroshige Book SBF_H042 Hiroshige Book Bold SBF_H035 Hollandase SBF_I004 Industrial SBF_I005 Inure SBF_I011 Ionic Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHIJKLMNOPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHIJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?!#$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjkty12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjkty12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSTW 12$& ABEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkty1$& ABEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkty1$& .

81 SERIF Square End TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_I012 Ionic Bold Italic SBF_I009 Ionic Book SBF_I010 Ionic Book Italic SBF_I013 Italian Old Style SBF_J003 Jenson SBF_J004 Joanna SBF_J005 Joanna Bold SBF_K012 Korinna Bold SBF_K013 Korinna Bold Italic AAAA ABEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjkrsty1$& ABEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjkrsty1$& ABEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& ABDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprsty1$& ABEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABEGHJKMQRW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_K010 Korinna Normal ABCDEGHJKMNQRW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_K011 Korinna Normal Italic ABCDEGHJKMNPQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_K017 Kwaskor ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknpsty12$& ABCEGJKMPQR STW abfghjkpy1$& SBF_K018 Korinna Extra Bold SBF_K019 Korinna Extra Bold Italic SBF_L001 Latienne SBF_L002 Latienne Italic SBF_L003 Latienne Swash SBF_L046 Leamington Black SBF_L045 Leamington Bold ABCEGJKMPQRTW abfghjkpsty1$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abfghjknprsty12$& .

82 SERIF Square End AAAA TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L044 Leamington Medium SBF_L054 Leawood ABCEGHJKMPQRTW abfghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSTW abfghjknprsty12$& SBF_L008 Liberty ABCDEFGHJKMNOPQRSTUVWYZ ab12$& SBF_L056 Litany Condensed Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjknprstuwy12$& SBF_L015 Litany Condensed Heavy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_L043 Litany Condensed Medium ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWY abcdefghjkmnprstuy12$& SBF_L018 Litzenburg SBF_L020 Lubalin Bold SBF_L031 Lubalin Medium ABCEGJKMQRSTW abfghjkprty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknprty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjknprty12$& SBF_L053 Lucian Bernhard SBF_L029 Lucian Bernhard Bold SBF_M004 Marko SBF_M040 Melior Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjknprsty12$& ABEGMQR abfg1& ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjkprsty12$& SBF_M027 Memphis ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abfghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjkmprsty12$& SBF_N005 Neo-Roman ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjkmprsty12$& SBF_N038 Nevada Bold ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjkmprsty12$& SBF_M013 Melior Demi Bold SBF_M014 Melior Demi Bold Italic SBF_M039 Melior Medium .

Schoolbk Bold It.83 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_N039 Nevada Heavy SBF_N037 Nevada Medium AAAA ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abfghjknpty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTUWY abfghjknprstuy12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abfghjkprsty12$& New Baskerville Bold Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkprsty12$& New Baskerville Normal ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abefghjkprsty12$& New Baskerville Normal Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSTWY abcdefghjkprstuy12$& New Century Schoolbk Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& New Cent. ABCEGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& SBF_N009 New Baskerville Bold SBF_N010 SBF_N007 SBF_N008 SBF_N013 SBF_N014 SBF_N011 SBF_N012 SBF_N025 Nicolas Cochin SBF_N027 Nicolas Cochin Black SBF_N026 Nicolas Cochin Italic SBF_N019 Nicole ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& A B CE GJKMQR S T W abcdefghjkmprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abcdefghjkpsty12$& SBF_N040 Novarese Medium ABCEGJKMQRSW abcdefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkpsty12$& ABCEGHJKMNPQRSTW abcdefghjkprstuy12$& ABCEGHJKMNPQRSW abcdefghjkprsty12$& SBF_N023 Nu Yorker ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_N043 Novarese Bold SBF_N044 Novarese Bold Italic SBF_N042 Novarese Italic . ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkpsty12$& New Cent. Schoolbk Norm. ABCEGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& New Cent. Schoolbk Norm.It.

ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjkpstuy12$& SBF_O016 Oxford Roman Display #1 SBF_O017 SBF_P023 Palacio SBF_P065 Palacio Black SBF_P025 Palacio Bold SBF_P026 Palacio Bold Italic SBF_P024 Palacio Italic SBF_P006 Palatino SBF_P008 Palatino Bold SBF_P009 Palatino Bold Italic SBF_P010 Palatino Display SBF_P011 Palatino Display Italic SBF_P007 Palatino Italic ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRW abefghjknprsty12$& A BCDEGHJKMQR S W a befghjknp rs ty1 2$& A BCDEGHJKMQR ST W a befghjknp rstwy1 2$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTW abefghjknprstwy12$& .84 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name AAAA SBF_O002 Old Town ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghijklmnprstuwy12$& SBF_O008 Onyx ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghijklmnprstuwxy12$& SBF_O021 Oranda ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& A BCEGHJKMQR S W abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSW abcdefghjkmprstuy12$& SBF_O023 Oranda Bold SBF_O024 Oranda Bold Italic SBF_O022 Oranda Italic ABCEGJKMQRSW abfghjkpstuy12$& Oxford Roman Display #1 It.

85 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_P033 Perpetua Black SBF_P022 Perpetua Bold SBF_P066 Perpetua Bold Italic SBF_P079 Perpetua Italic SBF_P078 Perpetua Normal SBF_P031 Plantin Bold SBF_P071 Plantin Bold Condensed SBF_P032 Plantin Bold Italic SBF_P029 Plantin Normal AAAA ABEGJKMNQRSTW abefghjky12$& ABCEGJKMNQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& A B CEGJKMNQR S T W ab cdefghjk nprs ty12$& ABCEGJKMNQRSTW abcdefghjknprstuy12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHJKMNQRSTW abcdefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCEGHJKMNQRSTW abefghjknprstwy12$& SBF_P028 Playbill ABCEGHJKMNQRSW abcdefghjknprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12$& SBF_P034 Ponderrosa ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 $&!@#%*? SBF_P030 Plantin Normal Italic SBF_P082 Poster Shine SBF_P083 Poster Shine Italic ABEGJKMQRW abefghjkpty12$& ABEGJKMQRW abefghjkpty12$& SBF_P043 Princetown Bold ABEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkpsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab12$& SBF_P042 Profil ABCDEGJKMNPQRSTW 12$& SBF_P064 Primus Bold SBF_P044 Primus Heavy SBF_P063 Primus Medium .

86 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_R001 Raphael SBF_R013 Rockwell Bold SBF_R011 Rockwell Book SBF_R012 Rockwell Medium SBF_R040 Romana Bold SBF_R041 Romana Extra Bold SBF_R039 Romana Normal SBF_R021 Romic Extra Bold AAAA ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abcdefghjkprsty12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpy1$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSW abefghjkprsty1$& ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRW abefghjkpsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSW abcdefghjknpsty12$& ABCEGHJKMQRW abefghjkpty12$& SBF_S002 Sabon Bold Italic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ?(%)<$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_S070 Sabon Normal ABCDEGHJKMQRSW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_R018 Runic Condensed SBF_S001 Sabon Bold SBF_S063 Senator Extra Bold ABCDEGJKMNOPQRSTW abefghijkmprstwy12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijkmnoprstuvwyz12$& ABCDEGHJKMOPQRSTUWXY abcdefghijkmnoprstuwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTUWY abcdefghjkmnoprstwy12$& SBF_S009 Serif Tall ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuwy12$& SBF_S053 Schadow Condensed Black SBF_S044 Schanke SBF_S062 Senator Demi Bold SBF_S027 Serifa 45 SBF_S028 Serifa 55 ABEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& ABEGJKMPQRSW abefghjkty12$& .

87 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_S029 Serifa 65 SBF_S030 Serifa 75 AAAA ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkty1$& SBF_S071 Simoncini Medium ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjksty1$& A BEGJKMQR S W a b efghjkps ty1$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkprsty1$& A BEGJKMQR S W a b efghjk mp rs ty1$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkmprsty1$& A BEGJKMQR S T W a b e fghjk mp rs ty12$& A B CEGJKMQRS T W a b e fghjk mp rs ty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_S067 Stone Serif Bold ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& SBF_S077 Simoncini Black SBF_S078 Simoncini Black Italic SBF_S075 Simoncini Bold SBF_S076 Simoncini Bold Italic SBF_S073 Simoncini Demi Bold SBF_S074 Simoncini Demi Bold Italic SBF_S072 Simoncini Medium Italic SBF_S068 Stone Serif Medium ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 $& SBF_T005 Tea Chest SBF_T043 Thorogood SBF_T044 Thorogood Italic ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjkpy12$& A BE G JK MQ R S W a bfghjkp y1$& SBF_T007 Thunderbird ABEGJKMQRSW& SBF_T027 Times Display ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkrsty12$& SBF_T028 Times Display Italic SBF_T023 Times Roman Bold ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjkrsty12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& .

88 SERIF Square End AAAA TrueSign Font Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_T024 Times Roman Bold Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_T021 Times Roman Normal SBF_T022 Times Roman Normal Italic ABCDEGJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjknprsty12$& SBF_T030 Tinker ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abfkrs12$& SBF_T039 Toledo Extra Bold SBF_T037 Toledo Medium ABCEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTW abefghjkmprstwy12$& SBF_T048 Triplex Bold SBF_T047 Triplex Light ABCDEGHJKMNQRSTW abefghjkmrty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkmprty12$& SBF_T031 Trump ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkmprty12$& SBF_T032 Trump Bold ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkmprty12$& SBF_U001 University Roman SBF_U002 University Roman Bold ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& ABCDEGHJKMNOPQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_V018 Vineta ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz12$& ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjk& SBF_V007 Volta Bold ABEGJKMQRSW abefghjk& SBF_W001 Walbaum ABCDEGHJKMQRSTW abefghjkmprsty12$& SBF_W020 Western Pacific ABCDEFGHIJKMNPQRSTW ab12$& SBF_W005 Wild West 1 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWY ab12$& SBF_W002 Wild West 2 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab1234567890 ?%$& SBF_V019 Valley Forge Compressed .

89 SERIF TrueSign Font Square End Nearest Equivalent Font Name AAAA SBF_W007 Wild West 3 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuwxy1234$& SBF_W008 Wild West 4 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWY 12$& SBF_Y002 Yarborough ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWYZ12$& ABCEGJKMQRSTW abefghjkpsty12$& SBF_Z001 ABCEGJKMQRSW abefghjky12$& SBF_W022 Wild West 5 Zabel .

90 SERIF TrueSign Font Wedge Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A072 Algerian A AAA ABCDEFGHJKMNQRSTY 123$& SBF_A072 Algerian Plain ABCDEFGHJKMQRSTY ab123$& SBF_C140 Castellar ABCDEGHJKMQRSTUY ab12$& SBF_C100 Chisel ABCEGHJMQRSTY abefghjnsty12$& SBF_C143 Crystal ABCDEGHJKMQRSTYW 12$& SBF_E015 Engravure ABCDEJKMQRSYV 12$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjknopstwy12$& ABCDEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknpstwy12$& SBF_J013 Juice SBF_L060 La Bamba SBF_L059 La Bamba Plain ABCDEGJKMPQRSTW abefghjknprwy12$& SBF_L052 Latin Extra Condensed ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ab 0123456789 !@#%*(+){?}<":& SBF_L059 Latin Wide ABCEMQR abghj1& SBF_O004 Old Style Hand Tooled O.F. SBF_S082 Snap SBF_V011 Vendome Bold SBF_V012 Vendome Bold Italic SBF_V014 Vendome Condensed SBF_V013 Vendome Extra Bold SBF_V009 Vendome Normal SBF_V010 Vendome Normal Italic ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTW 12 $& ABCDEFGHJKMNQRSTW 12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkny12$& ABCEGJKMPQRTW abefghjkny1$& ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghjklmopqrstuwy12$& ABCEJMPQRTW abefgjkny12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRTW abefghjknopy12$& ABCEGHJKMPQRSTW abefghjknoprsty12$& .

72 67. 63 55 22 67. 72 67.D.TrueSign Fonts .G Aachen Bold Aachen Medium Abadi Abadi Bold Abadi Light Abbot Old Style Abdul Bold Abdul Bold Italic Abdul Light Abdul Light Italic Abdul Medium Accent Adelaide Adlib Advertisers Gothic Affray Agate Bold Agate Italic Agate Norm Agency Bold Albertus Bold Albertus Extra Bold Albertus Light Albertus Medium Alexandria Alexei Copperplate Alfereta Algerian Algerian Plain All Bloc Allegro Allison Script Alpha-Tango 6 63. 55 40 27 27 27 27 27 43. 50 6. 72 67. 72 27 27 27 55 72 72 72 72 72 46 27 6. 53 55. 72 6. 55 43 50 SBF_A023 SBF_A025 SBF_A101 SBF_A027 SBF_A036 SBF_A032 SBF_A034 SBF_A033 SBF_A035 SBF_A030 SBF_A031 SBF_A081 SBF_A082 SBF_A029 SBF_A080 SBF_A038 SBF_A078 SBF_A043 SBF_A044 SBF_A042 SBF_A045 SBF_A093 SBF_A046 SBF_A058 SBF_A065 SBF_A063 SBF_A064 SBF_A090 SBF_A062 SBF_A091 SBF_A067 SBF_A066 SBF_A061 SBF_A068 Althorn Ambrosia Ambrosia Antique Amelia American Patriot American Text American Typewriter Bold American Typewriter Norm American Uncial Americana Bold Americana Extra Bold Americana Extra Bold Cond. 72 67. 55 27 72 . 40 16 50 53 53 53 6 67 67 67 67 72 43 50 14. 72 55 6 27 27 27 55. 72 63. 72 18. 40 13 22. Americana Highlighted Americana Normal Americana Normal Italic Andreas Angelo Antique Olive Bold Antique Olive Nord Antique Olive Normal Apollo Apollo Antique Apollo Semibold Argonaut Argos Arial Bold Arial Bold Condensed Arial Demi Bold Arial Medium Arial Rounded Ariston Arnold Bocklin Arquitectura Arrus Bold 91 46 27 6 6. 90 90 6 6. 72 55 22.M.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A026 SBF_A002 SBF_A001 SBF_A003 SBF_A096 SBF_A095 SBF_A006 SBF_A004 SBF_A005 SBF_A075 SBF_A076 SBF_A077 SBF_A007 SBF_A009 SBF_A010 SBF_A011 SBF_A012 SBF_A014 SBF_A097 SBF_A013 SBF_A015 SBF_A008 SBF_A018 SBF_A074 SBF_A017 SBF_A098 SBF_A079 SBF_A019 SBF_A020 SBF_A072 SBF_A073 SBF_A022 SBF_A057 SBF_A021 A.

55 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 46 28 28 73 6 6 . 55 27 27 27 27 27 6 55 28 40 46 67 67 67 67 50 14 50 43 SBF_B101 SBF_B008 SBF_B140 SBF_B011 SBF_B012 SBF_B010 SBF_B009 SBF_B096 SBF_B097 SBF_B095 SBF_B132 SBF_B014 SBF_B015 SBF_B016 SBF_B018 SBF_B111 SBF_B136 SBF_B041 SBF_B017 SBF_B021 SBF_B022 SBF_B019 SBF_B020 SBF_B026 SBF_B027 SBF_B023 SBF_B024 SBF_B113 SBF_B141 SBF_B025 SBF_B114 SBF_B112 SBF_B135 SBF_B147 Balzac Bamboo Bang Baskerville Bold Baskerville Bold Italic Baskerville Italic Baskerville Normal Baskerville Old Face Bold Baskerville Old Face Heavy Baskerville Old Face Medium Bauer Bodini Bold Bauhaus Bauhaus Bold Bauhaus Extra Bold Becker Beehive Bees Wax Belshaw Belvira Belwe Bold Belwe Condensed Belwe Light Belwe Normal Bembo Bembo Bold Benguiat Benguiat Bold Benguiat Bold Italic Benguiat Frisky Benguiat Gothic Bold Benguiat Gothic Book Benguiat Italic Benjamin Benjamin Bold 92 46 46 6 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 16. 55 16. 28 22 14 6 55 6. 67 6 6. 55 16.8 Avant Gard Bold Avant Gard Book Avant Gard Demi Avondale Baby Teeth Bache Badloc Badloc Compressed Bailey Script Baker Signet Black Baker Signet Black Italic Baker Signet Medium Baker Signet Medium Italic Balloon Bold Balloon Drop Shadow Balloon Extra Bold Balmoral Script 72 72 18 50. 55 16. 28 16. 28 16. 55 16.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_A069 SBF_A071 SBF_A092 SBF_A040 SBF_A059 SBF_A048 SBF_A094 SBF_A047 SBF_A049 SBF_A060 SBF_A084 SBF_A088 SBF_A089 SBF_A086 SBF_A087 SBF_A085 SBF_A051 SBF_A054 SBF_A052 SBF_A053 SBF_A055 SBF_B001 SBF_B013 SBF_B006 SBF_B007 SBF_B102 SBF_B108 SBF_B109 SBF_B106 SBF_B107 SBF_B110 SBF_B003 SBF_B002 SBF_B004 Arrus Bold Italic Arsis Art Deco Art Gothic Card Script Artistik Ashley Crawford Ashley Freehand Bold Ashley Script Athens Athletic Script Auriol Auriol Black Auriol Black Italic Auriol Bold Auriol Bold Italic Auriol Italic Auroro Grotesque No.TrueSign Fonts . 55 16. 53 46 46 73 46 16.

74 7 46 40 28 22 74 16 28 28 28 28 28 50 SBF_B046 SBF_B047 SBF_B049 SBF_B050 SBF_B045 SBF_B044 SBF_B048 SBF_B131 SBF_B143 SBF_B081 SBF_B079 SBF_B051 SBF_B092 SBF_B053 SBF_B054 SBF_B055 SBF_B103 SBF_B052 SBF_B082 SBF_B078 SBF_B056 SBF_B059 SBF_B146 SBF_B145 SBF_B065 SBF_B077 SBF_B124 SBF_B125 SBF_B118 SBF_B085 SBF_B060 SBF_B061 SBF_B129 SBF_B128 Bodini Bold Bodini Bold Italic Bodini Condensed Bodini Condensed Italic Bodini Italic Bodini Normal Bodini Poster Bodini Poster Italic Boink Bolt Bones Bookman Bookman (ATF) Italic Bookman Bold Bookman Bold Italic Bookman Bold Swash Bookman Initial Swash Bookman Italic Boston Script Heavy Bottleneck Boutique Bradley Bradley Hand Bold Bradley Hand Medium Braggaducio Braille Breeze Breeze Vertical Bold Bremen Black Bremen Bold Breughel Bold Breughel Bold Italic Brighton Bold Brighton Medium 93 74 74 74 74 74 74 74 74 7 28 13 74 74 75 75 75 75 75 43 7 7 22 46 46 16 24 50 50 7.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B142 SBF_B074 SBF_B075 SBF_B073 SBF_B033 SBF_B034 SBF_B032 SBF_B031 SBF_B029 SBF_B030 SBF_B088 SBF_B089 SBF_B090 SBF_B115 SBF_B116 SBF_B144 SBF_B133 SBF_B138 SBF_B137 SBF_B039 SBF_B076 SBF_B094 SBF_B120 SBF_B042 SBF_B040 SBF_B134 SBF_B130 SBF_B038 SBF_B087 SBF_B121 SBF_B122 SBF_B037 SBF_B123 SBF_B043 Bergell Script Berkeley Black Berkeley Bold Berkeley Book Berling Bold Berling Bold Italic Berling Italic Berling Normal Bernhard Antique Bernhard Fashion Bernhardt Condensed Bernhardt Modern Bold Bernhardt Modern Bold Italic Bernhardt Modern Book Bernhardt Modern Book Italic Bertram Bible Script Bickley Script Bickley Script Bold Biffo Script Big-Wig Bijou Bingham Script Binner Bisque Black Forest Blackfriars Blippo Extra Bold Block Block Buster Block Buster Bold Block Condensed Block Extra Bold Boa Script 46 74 74 74 74 74 74 74 55 6 56 56 56 56 56 14 50 46 46 50 63. 40 7. 40 53 53 56 56 .TrueSign Fonts .

90 67 67 67 67 67 68 56 56 56 57 28 28 75 75 75 75 75 75 76 76 50 . 40 40 50 46 46 7 28 14 14 28 28 14.TrueSign Fonts . 63 56. 75 43 SBF_C004 SBF_C025 SBF_C006 SBF_C007 SBF_C013 SBF_C012 SBF_C011 SBF_C009 SBF_C010 SBF_C124 SBF_C008 SBF_C014 SBF_C140 SBF_C128 SBF_C120 SBF_C127 SBF_C129 SBF_C121 SBF_C119 SBF_C020 SBF_C021 SBF_C018 SBF_C019 SBF_C155 SBF_C156 SBF_C057 SBF_C060 SBF_C059 SBF_C058 SBF_C061 SBF_C063 SBF_C064 SBF_C062 SBF_C073 Carolus Romana Cartoon Cascade Caslon Caslon 224 Bold Caslon 540 Caslon Ad Bold Caslon Bold Caslon Bold Italic Caslon Display Caslon Italic Caslon Open Face Castellar Castle Bold Castle Bold Italic Castle Book Castle Extra Bold Castle Extra Bold Italic Castle Medium Italic Caxton Bold Caxton Bold Italic Caxton Normal Caxton Normal Italic Century Gothic Century Gothic Bold Century Old Style Century Old Style Bld Italic Century Old Style Bold Century Old Style Italic Century Schoolbook Century Schoolbook Bold Century Schoolbook Bold Italic Century Schoolbook Italic Challenge 94 53 50 50 56 56 75 56 75 75 75 56 18 18. 56. 56 7 75 43 75 75 28 22. 56 16. 56 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 18. 63 46 50.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_B080 SBF_B098 SBF_B099 SBF_B064 SBF_B100 SBF_B062 SBF_B063 SBF_B070 SBF_B091 SBF_B071 SBF_B072 SBF_B069 SBF_B067 SBF_B139 SBF_B066 SBF_B086 SBF_B058 SBF_B057 SBF_B119 SBF_C076 SBF_C075 SBF_C135 SBF_C136 SBF_C154 SBF_C125 SBF_C101 SBF_C137 SBF_C096 SBF_C123 SBF_C005 SBF_C070 SBF_C016 SBF_C003 SBF_C015 Bristol Adornado Britannic Bold Britannic Extra Bold Britannic Heavy Britannic Heavy Italic Britannic Light Britannic Medium Broadway Bold Broadway Display Broadway Engraved Broadway Engraved Bold Broadway Light Brody Script Bronx Brush Script Bulk Busorama Buster Buxom C 20th Century Bold C 20th Century Book Cabaret Cabaret Solid Caflisch Script Bold Calligraphic 421 Camellia Cameo Bold Candice Canterbury Bold Canterbury Extra Bold Capone Cardinal Cargo Carolina Script 18. 40 18.

TrueSign Fonts - Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name

Charlston Bold
Charter Oak
Cheltenham Bold
Cheltenham Bold Condensed
Cheltenham Bold Italic
Cheltenham Italic
City Bold
City Medium
Clarendon Bold
Clarendon Bold Condensed
Clarendon Condensed
Clarendon Extra Bold
Clarendon Normal
Clearface Bold
Clearface Bold Italic
Clearface Gothic Bold
Clearface Gothic Bold Italic
Clearface Gothic Extra Bold
Clearface Gothic Extra Bold Italic
Clearface Gothic Medium
Clearface Gothic Medium Italic

22, 57
7, 53
7, 53
14, 90
63, 76
63, 76


Clearface Heavy
Clearface Heavy Italic
Clearface Medium
Clearface Medium Italic
Cloister Bold
Cole Casual
Coles Futura Book
Comic Sans
Comic Sans Bold
Commercial Script
Compacta Black
Compacta Bold
Compacta Extra Bold
Compacta Light
Compacta Normal
Congress Bold
Congress Extra Bold
Congress Heavy
Congress Italic
Congress Normal
Contact Fast Cut
Contemporary Script
Convex Bold
Cooper Black
Cooper Black Italic
Cooper Bold
Cooper Bold Italic
Cooper Book
Cooper Book Italic
Copperplate Bold
Copperplate Bold Condensed
Copperplate Condensed

18, 76
57, 63
57, 63

TrueSign Fonts - Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name

Copperplate Extra Bold
Copperplate Medium
Cosmic Script
Cosmic Two
Courier Bold
Courier New
Courier New (monosp)
Courier New Bold
Courier New Bold (monosp)
Crillee Bold
Crillee Extra Bold
Cushing Extra Bold
Cushing Heavy
Cushing Medium
Cut-In Bold
Cut-In Medium
Cyrillic (Times)
Dancin Bold
Data 70
Dauber Bold
Della Robbia
Della Robbia Bold

7, 63
7, 41
7, 77
7, 77
18, 77, 90
63, 77
24, 78
8, 57
8, 41


Delphian Open Titling
Delphin No.1
Devinne Bold
Devinne Demi Bold
Devinne Extra Bold
Devinne Extra Ornamental
Devinne Heavy
Devinne Heavy Italic
Devinne Medium
Devinne Ornamental
Dex Gothic
Diamante Bold
Diamante Demi Bold
Diamante Extra Bold
Diamante Medium
Digital Bold
Digital Light
Digital Medium
Din 17
Dom Casual
Dom Casual Bold
Doric Bold
Duo Solid

8, 78
8, 20, 78
8, 20, 78
8, 63, 78
14, 63, 78
8, 29, 53
43, 51

TrueSign Fonts - Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name

Egyptian Bold
Egyptian Bold Condensed
Egyptian Bold Extended
Egyptian Medium
Eight Ball
Elite Script Heavy
Emerald Script
English Times
English Times Bold
English Tudor
English Tudor Solid
Engravers Old English
Engravers Old English Bold
Engravers Roman
Engravers Roman Bold
Enschede Bold
Enschede Extra Bold
Enschede Light
Enschede Medium
Entry Block
Eras Black
Eras Bold
Eras Book
Eras Heavy

8, 57
63, 78
63, 78
8, 68
8, 29
8, 13
14, 20, 57
63, 78
63, 79
30, 51
30, 68
30, 68
30, 68
30, 69


Eras Light
Eras Medium
Eurostile Bold
Eurostile Extended
Eurostile Extended Bold
Eurostile Normal
Exocet Bold
ExPonto Script
Fat Face
Fette Fraktur
Final Frontier
Flare Gothic Bold
Flare Gothic Bold Italic
Flare Gothic Light
Flare Gothic Light Italic
Flare Gothic Medium
Flare Gothic Medium Italic
Flash (Paris)
Flash Script
Flash Script Bold

30, 69
30, 69
63, 79
8, 79
8, 79
57, 64
20, 64, 79

TrueSign Fonts . 79 SBF_F081 SBF_F038 SBF_F032 SBF_F030 SBF_F036 SBF_F034 SBF_F063 SBF_F037 SBF_F035 SBF_F043 SBF_F033 SBF_F031 SBF_F039 SBF_G001 SBF_G086 SBF_G002 SBF_G003 SBF_G074 SBF_G077 SBF_G079 SBF_G078 SBF_G005 SBF_G007 SBF_G008 SBF_G006 SBF_G011 SBF_G013 SBF_G014 SBF_G012 SBF_G082 SBF_G083 SBF_G084 SBF_G085 SBF_G080 Fur Extra Rounded Futura Black Futura Bold Futura Book Futura Cond. Garamond(ITC) Medium 98 9 16. 20. Extra Black Futura Cond. 41 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 32 32 51 79 18 18. 31 31 31 31 31 31 47 69 69 69 69 69 69 31 31 31 31 31 79 18. Book Futura Cond. Extra Bold Futura Cond. 79 79 79 79 79 79 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 . 57 47 22 30 30 30 18. Bold Futura Cond.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_F009 SBF_F010 SBF_F011 SBF_F064 SBF_F050 SBF_F046 SBF_F049 SBF_F082 SBF_F015 SBF_F044 SBF_F012 SBF_F021 SBF_F065 SBF_F022 SBF_F023 SBF_F016 SBF_F017 SBF_F019 SBF_F018 SBF_F020 SBF_F042 SBF_F025 SBF_F059 SBF_F024 SBF_F055 SBF_F053 SBF_F057 SBF_F026 SBF_F027 SBF_F028 SBF_F029 SBF_F084 SBF_F047 SBF_F045 Flora Bold Flyer Bold Flyer Condensed Footlight Light Formal Display Bold Formal Display Heavy Formal Display Medium Forte Fortuna Fox Script Fraktur Frankfurter Frankfurter Bold Frankfurter Extra Bold Frankfurter Highlighter Franklin Gothic Franklin Gothic Bold Franklin Gothic Condensed Franklin Gothic Extra Bold Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed FreeStyle Script Fritz Quadrata Bold Fritz Quadrata Bold Italic Fritz Quadrata Light Fritz Quadrata Light Italic Fritz Quadrata Medium Fritz Quadrata Medium Italic Frutiger 45 Frutiger 55 Frutiger 65 Frutiger 75 Frutiger 95 Fry's Baskerville Fry's Ornamented 30 30 30 79 53 53 53 47 9. Normal Futura Display Futura Extra Bold Futura Normal Futura Script Galadriel Galledis Gallia Galliara Galliard Bold Galliard Bold Italic Galliard Italic Galliard Normal Garamond Garamond Bold Garamond Bold Italic Garamond Italic Garamond Stempel Garamond Stempel Bold Garamond Stempel Bold Italic Garamond Stempel Italic Garamond(ITC) Bold Garamond(ITC) Bold Italic Garamond(ITC) Light Garamond(ITC) Light Ital.

77 Grotesque Normal Handel Gothic Bold Handel Gothic Medium Hansen Bold Hansen Heavy Hansen Medium Happy Card Block 99 70 70 70 70 70 70 18. 80 80 9 . 32 24. 80 32 80 16. Goudy Hundred Goudy Italic Goudy Old Style Bold Goudy Old Style Bold Italic Goudy Old Style Norm Goudy Old Style Norm Italic Goudy Stout Gradl Gradl Bold Granby Round Condensed Graphic Shadow Greek Sans Greek Sans Bold Greek Serif (Times) Greenwich Cond Grotesque Bold Grotesque Extended Grotesque No. 64 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 9 9 32 14. 64. 32 24. 59 59. 80 64. 80 80 32 41 33 33 33 33 64. 80 9 17. 58. 32 9 51 58 80 64. 64 32 58 58 58 58 59 SBF_G037 SBF_G073 SBF_G036 SBF_G072 SBF_G071 SBF_G057 SBF_G035 SBF_G056 SBF_G033 SBF_G087 SBF_G028 SBF_G048 SBF_G049 SBF_G046 SBF_G047 SBF_G076 SBF_G089 SBF_G090 SBF_G041 SBF_G040 SBF_G038 SBF_G055 SBF_G039 SBF_G053 SBF_G042 SBF_G043 SBF_G054 SBF_G044 SBF_H020 SBF_H052 SBF_H060 SBF_H022 SBF_H059 SBF_H025 Goudy Gothic Black Goudy Gothic Black Italic Goudy Gothic Bold Goudy Gothic Bold Italic Goudy Gothic Italic Goudy Gothic Normal Goudy Handtooled Goudy Heavyface Goudy Heavyface Cond. 80 14.TrueSign Fonts . 20. 80 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 51 64. 64. 32 24.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_G075 SBF_G052 SBF_G015 SBF_G045 SBF_G016 SBF_G017 SBF_G062 SBF_G018 SBF_G063 SBF_G060 SBF_G064 SBF_G061 SBF_G019 SBF_G020 SBF_G021 SBF_G022 SBF_G059 SBF_G050 SBF_G051 SBF_G023 SBF_G024 SBF_G025 SBF_G069 SBF_G067 SBF_G026 SBF_G068 SBF_G066 SBF_G070 SBF_G031 SBF_G027 SBF_G029 SBF_G030 SBF_G034 SBF_G032 Gardenia Gatsby German Engraver Gesh Export Gill Sans Gill Sans Bold Gill Sans Bold Italic Gill Sans Extra Bold Gill Sans Extra Bold Italic Gill Sans Heavy Gill Sans Heavy Italic Gill Sans Italic Gill Sans Kayo Gillies Gothic Giorgio Glacier Glaser Stencil Glenhagen Globe Gothic Gloucester Old Style Glypha Glypha Bold Goldmine Gordon Bold Gordon Display Gordon Display Italic Gordon Medium Gorilla Gothic No.17 Goudy Goudy Bold Goudy Bold Italic Goudy Catalogue Goudy Display 14. 64. 64 59. 80 69 69 69 70 9.

20 47 47 34 13 34.TrueSign Fonts . 59 33 24 22 22 70 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 34 34 34 34 34 51 9 9 18 25 25 SBF_H044 SBF_H045 SBF_H048 SBF_H046 SBF_H047 SBF_H058 SBF_H040 SBF_H042 SBF_H057 SBF_H062 SBF_H035 SBF_H034 SBF_H038 SBF_H019 SBF_H055 SBF_H037 SBF_H036 SBF_H065 SBF_H064 SBF_H063 SBF_H039 SBF_I001 SBF_I016 SBF_I014 SBF_I004 SBF_I022 SBF_I002 SBF_I003 SBF_I019 SBF_I005 SBF_I011 SBF_I012 SBF_I009 SBF_I010 Highway Gothic C Highway Gothic D Highway Gothic E Highway Gothic E-M Highway Gothic F Highway (NZ) D Hiroshige Book Hiroshige Book Bold Hobo Hobo Extra Bold Hollandase Honda Honour Horatio Bold Horatio Medium Horizen Horley Old Style Horndon Hubertus Hudson Huxley Iceberg Impact Impuls Industrial Informal Roman Ingrid Inkwell Introspect Inure Ionic Bold Ionic Bold Italic Ionic Book Ionic Book Italic 100 25 25 25 25 25 25 80 80 9 9 80 51 9 34 34 47 59 14. Bold Helvetica Round Extra Bold Helvetica Showcard Normal Hemi-Slab Herkules High Noon Highway Gothic A Highway Gothic B 80 33 51 43 43. 41 47 64. 59 47 9. 80 47. Bold Helvetica Condensed Medium Helvetica Extended Bold Helvetica Extended Extra Bold Helvetica Extended Medium Helvetica Extra Bold Helvetica Medium Helvetica Medium Light Helvetica Normal Extra Light Helvetica Normal Light Helvetica Round Bold Helvetica Round Cond. 64 70 80 80 81 81 81 .Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_H024 SBF_H026 SBF_H021 SBF_H029 SBF_H075 SBF_H023 SBF_H049 SBF_H031 SBF_H030 SBF_H028 SBF_H013 SBF_H004 SBF_H012 SBF_H014 SBF_H007 SBF_H008 SBF_H006 SBF_H010 SBF_H011 SBF_H009 SBF_H005 SBF_H003 SBF_H074 SBF_H001 SBF_H002 SBF_H015 SBF_H016 SBF_H017 SBF_H018 SBF_H032 SBF_H033 SBF_H061 SBF_H053 SBF_H043 Harem Condensed Harijan Harlow Harmony Script Harrington Haywood Hebrew A Heidelberg Gothic Heidelberg Script Helenski Helvetica (Inserat) Black Helvetica Bold Helvetica Compact Bold Helvetica Compact Extra Bold Helvetica Condensed Bold Helvetica Condensed Ex.

TrueSign Fonts . 90 70 34 34 34 34 44 70 51 51 22. 70 59. 70 24 13 10 SBF_K009 SBF_K026 SBF_K014 SBF_K023 SBF_K012 SBF_K013 SBF_K018 SBF_K019 SBF_K010 SBF_K011 SBF_K024 SBF_K016 SBF_K017 SBF_L060 SBF_L059 SBF_L055 SBF_L040 SBF_L001 SBF_L002 SBF_L003 SBF_L052 SBF_L004 SBF_L005 SBF_L021 SBF_L057 SBF_L050 SBF_L022 SBF_L009 SBF_L046 SBF_L045 SBF_L044 SBF_L054 SBF_L010 SBF_L007 Klang Kletty Koloss Komix Heavy Korinna Bold Korinna Bold Italic Korinna Extra Bold Korinna Extra Bold Italic Korinna Normal Korinna Normal Italic Kosher Medium Kunstler Script Kwaskor La Bamba La Bamba Plain Las Vegas Script Laser (Ford) Latienne Latienne Italic Latienne Swash Latin Extra Condensed Latin Wide LazyBones Le Asterix Le Golf Le Griffe Le Obelix Le Robur Noir Leamington Black Leamington Bold Leamington Medium Leawood Legato Letter Gothic 101 51 48 41 10 81 81 81 81 81 81 13 44 81 10. 81 70 47.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_I006 SBF_I020 SBF_I021 SBF_I015 SBF_I007 SBF_I008 SBF_I017 SBF_I018 SBF_I013 SBF_J001 SBF_J002 SBF_J003 SBF_J008 SBF_J014 SBF_J004 SBF_J005 SBF_J007 SBF_J012 SBF_J006 SBF_J011 SBF_J013 SBF_J009 SBF_K003 SBF_K001 SBF_K004 SBF_K002 SBF_K005 SBF_K008 SBF_K007 SBF_K006 SBF_K015 SBF_K027 SBF_K020 SBF_K022 Ironwood Isadora Isadora Bold Isbell Isolate Italia Bold Italia Book Italia Medium Italian Old Style Janice Japanette Jenson Jeremy McCulloch Jester Joanna Joanna Bold Joie-De-Vivre Jokerman Jose Jott Juice Jupiter Kabel Bold Kabel Book Kabel Extra Bold Kabel Normal Kalligraphia Kathlita Kaufmann Bold Kaufmann Light Kells KeyCaps Keypunch Kino 9 43 43 53 14. 64 59 59 81 43 9 64. 59 10. 60. 90 10. 64 48 48 44 48 60. 59 81 81 47 9 70 48. 64 81 81 82 82 48 34 . 90 48 10 81 81 81 90 90 51.

20. 65 54. 60 44 82 82 82 82 82 35 35 48 70 52 . 65 10 48 60 35 10. 65 35 35 35 35 51 52 52 52 52 SBF_M001 SBF_M068 SBF_M067 SBF_M028 SBF_M037 SBF_M051 SBF_M002 SBF_M003 SBF_M029 SBF_M004 SBF_M005 SBF_M006 SBF_M008 SBF_M007 SBF_M065 SBF_M053 SBF_M054 SBF_M009 SBF_M010 SBF_M043 SBF_M011 SBF_M041 SBF_M042 SBF_M012 SBF_M040 SBF_M013 SBF_M014 SBF_M039 SBF_M027 SBF_M050 SBF_M049 SBF_M066 SBF_M033 SBF_M015 Machine Maiandra Bold Maiandra Medium Malvern Mandarin Mandate Script Manhattan Mark IV Marker Marko Marriage Marseille Marvin Masquerade Matisse Matura Script Maximus Meander Media Bold Media Demi Bold Media Extra Bold Media Light Media Medium Medici Script Melior Bold Melior Demi Bold Melior Demi Bold Italic Melior Medium Memphis Mercedes Bold Mercedes Medium Mercurius Meridien Extra Bold Mermaid 102 35 52 52 10 13 48 41 14 48 82 23 41 35 14. 60 10. 65 10.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_L008 SBF_L030 SBF_L023 SBF_L013 SBF_L012 SBF_L011 SBF_L056 SBF_L015 SBF_L043 SBF_L048 SBF_L049 SBF_L047 SBF_L016 SBF_L017 SBF_L058 SBF_L018 SBF_L020 SBF_L031 SBF_L053 SBF_L029 SBF_L061 SBF_L036 SBF_L037 SBF_L038 SBF_L039 SBF_L032 SBF_L033 SBF_L034 SBF_L035 SBF_L024 SBF_L026 SBF_L027 SBF_L025 SBF_L028 Liberty Liberty (Sniffin) Script Libra (Biform) Limburger Solid Lino Script Lino Text Litany Condensed Bold Litany Condensed Heavy Litany Condensed Medium Litera Bold Litera Heavy Litera Regular Lithos Lithos Bold Lithos Hollow Litzenburg Lubalin Bold Lubalin Medium Lucian Bernhard Lucian Bernhard Bold Lucida Caligraphy Lucida Roman 45 Lucida Roman 46 Lucida Roman 75 Lucida Roman 76 Lucida Sans 45 Lucida Sans 46 Lucida Sans 75 Lucida Sans 76 Lydian Lydian Bold Lydian Bold Italic Lydian Italic Lydian Script 82 44 22 10 44 23 82 82 82 34 34 34 34 34 14 82 64. 65 10. 60 10.TrueSign Fonts . 60. 82 82 82 82 44 53 54 54. 60.

TrueSign Fonts - Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name

MetaPlus Black
MetaPlus Black Italic
MetaPlus Bold
MetaPlus Bold Italic
MetaPlus Book
MetaPlus Book Italic
MetaPlus Light
MetaPlus Light Italic
MetaPlus Medium
MetaPlus Medium Italic
Metro Display
MGB Patrician
Microgramma Bold Extended
Microgramma Normal Extended
Monoline Script
Moore Computer
Motter Femina
Motter Ombra
Motter Tektura
Murray Hill Bold
Musketeer Bold
Musketeer Light
Musketeer Medium
Narrow Grotesque
Neil Bold
Neo-Aurora Block

10, 70
10, 70
18, 60
13, 41
36, 41
36, 41


Neuland Black
Nevada Bold
Nevada Heavy
Nevada Medium
New Baskerville Bold
New Baskerville Bold Italic
New Baskerville Normal
New Baskerville Normal Italic
New Berolina
New Century Schoolbook Bold
New Century Schoolbook Bold It.
New Century Schoolbook Normal
New Century Schoolbook Nor. It.
New Vision Casual
News Gothic
News Gothic Bold
Nicolas Cochin
Nicolas Cochin Black
Nicolas Cochin Italic
Novarese Bold
Novarese Bold Italic
Novarese Italic
Novarese Medium
Novel Gothic Bold
Novel Gothic Extra Bold
Novel Gothic Medium
Nuptial Script

11, 71
11, 71
18, 83

TrueSign Fonts - Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name

Octopuss Shaded
Old English (Stone Mason's)
Old Style Hand Tooled Op. Face
Old Town
Omega Bold
One Stroke Script
Optima Bold
Optima Demi Bold
Optima Medium
Oranda Bold
Oranda Bold Italic
Oranda Italic
Orator 10
Orator 15
Ornitons Bold
Ornitons Heavy
Ornitons Medium
Oval New
Oxford Lineale No.1
Oxford Lineale No.2
Oxford Roman Display No.1
Oxford Roman Display No.1 Italic
Oz Handicraft
Paint Brush
Palace Script
Palacio Black
Palacio Bold

18, 90
20, 65, 84
41, 71
42, 71
42, 71


Palacio Bold Italic
Palacio Italic
Palatino Bold
Palatino Bold Italic
Palatino Display
Palatino Display Italic
Palatino Italic
Park Avenue
Pasadena Bold
Pasadena Demi Bold
Pasadena Heavy
Pasadena Medium
Peignot Bold
Peignot Extra Bold
Peignot Normal
Pennyfarthing Condensed
Perpetua Black
Perpetua Bold
Perpetua Bold Italic
Perpetua Normal
Perpetua Normal Italic
Phyllis Initials
Plakette Bold

11, 48
11, 37
11, 37

TrueSign Fonts - Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name

Plakette Heavy
Plakette Medium
Plantin Bold
Plantin Bold Condensed
Plantin Bold Italic
Plantin Normal
Plantin Normal Italic
Post Antigue Bold
Post Antigue Roman
Post Mediaeval Book
Post Mediaeval Italic
Post Mediaeval Medium
Poster Shine
Poster Shine Italic
Pracht Modified
Prelude Script
Premier Shaded
Present Script
Primus Bold
Primus Heavy
Primus Medium
Princetown Bold
Pump Bold
Pump Triline
Quartz Bold

20, 65, 85
20, 65, 85
13, 15, 85
13, 15, 85
15, 37
11, 20, 60
23, 60
65, 85
15, 65, 85
19, 37
13, 17


Quartz Medium
Raleigh Bold
Raleigh Book
Raleigh Heavy
Raleigh Medium
Remedy Double
Remedy Double Extras
Revue Bold
Revue Heavy
Revue Medium
Rockwell Bold
Rockwell Book
Rockwell Medium
Roissy Bold
Roissy Book
Romana Bold
Romana Extra Bold
Romana Normal
Romic Extra Bold

13, 17
15, 20
42, 52
54, 65
54, 65
11, 71
15, 42
11, 60
65, 86
20, 54, 65

Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_R014 SBF_R028 SBF_R030 SBF_R025 SBF_R029 SBF_R026 SBF_R027 SBF_R037 SBF_R038 SBF_R036 SBF_R017 SBF_R018 SBF_R022 SBF_S001 SBF_S002 SBF_S070 SBF_S004 SBF_S003 SBF_S005 SBF_S006 SBF_S053 SBF_S044 SBF_S035 SBF_S037 SBF_S038 SBF_S036 SBF_S007 SBF_S008 SBF_S062 SBF_S063 SBF_S032 SBF_S009 SBF_S027 SBF_S028 Roslyn Rotis Sans Serif 55 Rotis Sans Serif Bold 65 Rotis Sans Serif Ex. 65 61 52 49 . 20 61 61. 90 45 45 12. 87 71 13 44 44 44 11 11 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 19 42 38 11 12 13 49 12. 60 86 38 86 86 86 49 52 52 49 86 86 60 61 61 61 23 44.56 Rotis Sans Serif Light 45 Rotis Sans Serif Light Ital.Bold 75 Rotis Sans Serif Ital. 52 86 86 71 86 86 86 SBF_S029 SBF_S030 SBF_S026 SBF_S034 SBF_S041 SBF_S040 SBF_S042 SBF_S010 SBF_S054 SBF_S077 SBF_S078 SBF_S075 SBF_S076 SBF_S073 SBF_S074 SBF_S072 SBF_S071 SBF_S012 SBF_S011 SBF_S084 SBF_S065 SBF_S014 SBF_S046 SBF_S015 SBF_S082 SBF_S039 SBF_S066 SBF_S083 SBF_S016 SBF_S018 SBF_S019 SBF_S017 SBF_S020 SBF_S069 Serifa 65 Serifa 75 Serpentine Shatter Shelley Allegro Shelley Andante Shelley Volante Shotgun Siegfried Simoncini Black Simoncini Black Italic Simoncini Bold Simoncini Bold Italic Simoncini Demi Bold Simoncini Demi Bold Italic Simoncini Med. 65 61. Italic Simoncini Medium Sinaloa Sinter Skia Skidoos Slender Slipstream Slogan Snap Snell Round Hand Snell Round Hand Bold Soutache Souvenir Souvenir Bold Souvenir Bold Italic Souvenir Italic Spritz Squash 106 87 65.46 Roundest Bold Roundest Extra Bold Roundest Medium Roys Tango Runic Condensed Russell Square Sabon Bold Sabon Bold Italic Sabon Normal Salto Samson Santa-Fe Savanna Schadow Condensed Black Schanke Schneidler Old Style Schneidler Old Style Bold Schneidler Old Style Bold Italic Schneidler Old Style Italic Scotford Script Bold Senator Demi Bold Senator Extra Bold Serif Gothic Bold Serif Tall Serifa 45 Serifa 55 11 38 38 38 38 38 38 71 71 71 11.TrueSign Fonts .

TrueSign Fonts . 38 17.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_S021 SBF_S048 SBF_S059 SBF_S022 SBF_S060 SBF_S023 SBF_S081 SBF_S080 SBF_S067 SBF_S068 SBF_S024 SBF_S055 SBF_S052 SBF_S064 SBF_S057 SBF_S058 SBF_S056 SBF_T001 SBF_T035 SBF_T036 SBF_T002 SBF_T005 SBF_T004 SBF_T034 SBF_T050 SBF_T040 SBF_T033 SBF_T006 SBF_T043 SBF_T044 SBF_T007 SBF_T015 SBF_T017 SBF_T018 Squire Bold Squire Light Statford Statford Black Statford Bold Stencil Stone Sans Bold Stone Sans Medium Stone Serif Bold Stone Serif Medium Stop Studio Bold Stuyvesant Script Suburban Sydney Bold Sydney Heavy Sydney Medium Tabasco Bold Tabasco Medium Tabasco Stripe Tango TeaChest Tekton Teleretail Plain Tempus Sans Texta Thompson Quill Script Thor Thorogood Thorogood Italic Thunderbird Tiffany Tiffany Bold Tiffany Bold Italic 52 52 61 61 61 17. 20. 38 12. 87 61 61 61 SBF_T019 SBF_T020 SBF_T016 SBF_T027 SBF_T028 SBF_T023 SBF_T024 SBF_T021 SBF_T022 SBF_T029 SBF_T042 SBF_T030 SBF_T049 SBF_T039 SBF_T037 SBF_T014 SBF_T008 SBF_T009 SBF_T053 SBF_T054 SBF_T052 SBF_T051 SBF_T048 SBF_T047 SBF_T011 SBF_T012 SBF_T013 SBF_T010 SBF_T031 SBF_T032 SBF_U011 SBF_U009 SBF_U003 SBF_U012 Tiffany Display Tiffany Display Italic Tiffany Italic Times Display Times Display Italic Times Roman Bold Times Roman Bold Italic Times Roman Normal Times Roman Normal Italic Times Script Bold Times Script Medium Tinker Tintoretto Toledo Extra Bold Toledo Medium Traffic Trajan Trajan Bold Trebuchet Bold Trebuchet Bold Italic Trebuchet Italic Trebuchet Medium Triplex Bold Triplex Light Triumvirate Triumvirate Bold Triumvirate Extra Bold Trucker Trump Trump Bold Ultra Condensed Sans Serif Umbra Univers 45 Univers 47 Condensed 107 61 61 61 87 87 87 88 88 88 49 49 12. 54. 87 52 42 49 49 45 23 87 87 12. 65 17. 39 39 39 . 61 42 42 87 87 12 49 45 12. 88 15 88 88 17 61 62 38 38 38 38 12. 38 71 71 71 17. 88 12. 88 38 38 39 42 88 88 39 15. 61. 66. 20. 38 19.

66 62 62 12. 89 15. 66. 88 88 23 21. 66. 54 39 49 45 . 88 SBF_W002 SBF_W007 SBF_W008 SBF_W022 SBF_W003 SBF_W004 SBF_W015 SBF_W006 SBF_W018 SBF_W014 SBF_W016 SBF_W011 SBF_W017 SBF_W010 SBF_W012 SBF_X001 SBF_Y001 SBF_Y002 SBF_Z001 SBF_Z002 SBF_Z006 SBF_Z003 SBF_Z007 SBF_Z005 Wild West 2 Wild West 3 Wild West 4 Wild West 5 Windsor Bold Windsor Condensed Windsor Display Windsor Light Windsor Light Condensed Windsor Medium Worchester Bold Worchester Demi Bold Worchester Extra Bold Worchester Normal Worchester Normal Italic Xeres Yale Script Yarborough Zabel Zapf Chancery Zapf Nové Zarama Zephyr Zircon Script 108 21. 89 12. 66. 90 54. 62 15. 89 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 62. 90 54. 66.TrueSign Fonts . 20. 66. 21. 21. 90 54.Alphabetical Listing by Nearest Equivalent Font Name SBF_U004 SBF_U013 SBF_U005 SBF_U014 SBF_U006 SBF_U007 SBF_U008 SBF_U015 SBF_U016 SBF_U001 SBF_U002 SBF_U010 SBF_V001 SBF_V002 SBF_V019 SBF_V003 SBF_V016 SBF_V015 SBF_V004 SBF_V011 SBF_V012 SBF_V014 SBF_V013 SBF_V009 SBF_V010 SBF_V017 SBF_V018 SBF_V006 SBF_V007 SBF_W001 SBF_W023 SBF_W020 SBF_W021 SBF_W005 Univers 55 Univers 57 Condensed Univers 65 Univers 67 Condensed Univers 75 Univers 85 Univers 95 Univers Bold Extra Cond. 88 45 66. 66. 20. 90 54. 90 54. 90 12. 66. 21. Univers Ultra Black Extended University Roman University Roman Bold Urban Vag Rounded Vag Rounded Bold Valley Forge Compressed Van Dijck Van Dijk Bold Van Dijk Medium Vega Vendome Bold Vendome Bold Italic Vendome Condensed Vendome Extra Bold Vendome Normal Vendome Normal Italic Victorian Vineta Vivaldi Volta Bold Walbaum Wallace Western Pacific Westwood Wild West 1 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 88 88 12 39 39 88 62 49 49 39 54. 88 19 12. 88 21. 39 45 89 89 45 52.

bold. italic etc.. The TrueSign Font Foundry has added the following table of some alternative names as a service and hopefully useful guide to signmakers.A. are none-the-less distintive fonts in their own right. "Toronto" for "Times".Font Foundries develop their own styles and publish fonts which. • Many names are trademarks or registered trademarks and are the property of their respective owners. In the following listing: • a "-" after a TrueSign Font name indicates that the font is one representative of a TrueSign font family.K. normal. . (Also Known As) A listing of some of the alternative names by which the 'Nearest Equivalent' font names are also known. the multiplicity of names has been a heavy price to pay.g. • no claim is made by the compilers that the list is complete or exhaustive . • a "-" after a 'Near Equivalent' name indicates that the name is used for a font family usually containing fonts of different weights and characteristics e. Signmakers who have been long in the industry may recall early font libraries using names like "Avalon" for "Avant Guard". Why the use of alternative names? The reasons are basically twofold: . weight variations and individual Foundry styles make that impossible. the number of libraries and alternative font names continued to multiply making the task of font identification something of a nightmare. Although often justified. The large variety of character sets.many font names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the publishing Font Foundry . deserving of individual names. "Aardvark" for "Aachen"." . While these were relatively easy to learn. and "Cupertino" for "Cooper Black".new libraries and names are being published almost daily."A. It should be noted however: • All font names are copyright by virtue of their original publication.. • no claim is made that any listed font as being a 'near equivalent' or 'alternative' can be used as a substitute or replacement in any signmaking situation. although very similar to other Foundry's work. The listing is a general guide only.

Brush 738. Westlake SBF_A096- Abadi - Abadi Condensed - SBF_A004- Abdul - Accolade - SBF_A009 Adelaide Geo SBF_A010 Adlib Adelaide. Olivette SBF_A093 Apollo Antique Apollo SBF_A058 Argonaut Argos. Blizzard SBF_A101 Ambrosia Antique Escoffee SBF_A027 Amelia Amy SBF_A034- American Typewriter - Memorandum. Albedo.D. Patriotic. Arondo Bob. American Classic. Olive. Colonial. Ambassador. FFArchbold. Lalique. Book Jacket Italic SBF_A015 Agency Bold Acropolis SBF_A008- Albertus - Flareserif 821. Kinzel SBF_A019 Alfereta Down Wind. BallroomTango. ArnoldBoeD SBF_A061 Arquitectura Architecture. Kerrigan Gold SBF_A035 American Uncial Uncial. Adelon.G Andorra SBF_A002- Aachen - Aardvark. Anatol. Carmine Tango SBF_A023 Althorn Bison. Cooledge. Dowd Bold SBF_A020 Algerian Algiers SBF_A072 Algerian Plain Algerian Basic.M. Paint Brush. Independence SBF_A082 Americana Highlighted Atlantic Inline SBF_A043- Antique Olive - Provence. Incised 901. Blox SBF_A012 Affray Brochure. Arnold Boeklin. Arabia. AlgerianBasD SBF_A022 Allegro Alto SBF_A057 Allison Script Amazone. Freedom. Coronation SBF_A079 Alexei Copperplate Campaign. Archetype SBF_A068- Arrus - Bitstream Arrus. FancyTee. Carol SBF_A065 Argos Middleton-Light. Druid Bold SBF_A030- Americana - Amherst. Oliva. Gabriel SBF_A062- Arial - Accura - SBF_A066 Arnold Bocklin Bocklin. Dowd. Marseille. Aaron. Jade. Bitstream Arrust - . Medusa.110 TrueSign Name Nearest Equivalent Name Alternative Names or Other Near Equivalent Names SBF_A026 A. Amaze SBF_A021 Alpha-Tango Bernhard Tango. Dateline.

Aurora SBF_A054- Avant Gard - Avalon. CG Bem. Lansbury SBF_A059 Artistik Artistic SBF_A048 Ashley Crawford Zaleski SBF_A094 Ashley Freehand Bold Ashley SBF_A047 Ashley Script Anglesey SBF_A084- Auriol - Freeform 721 - SBF_A051 Auroro Grotesque No. Cadence SBF_A055 Avondale Organda SBF_B001 Baby Teeth Sharkstooth. Bem. ITC Avante Garde Gothic. Bernhardine . Toulouse Lautrec. Barbara. ITC Bauhaus. Gazette. Evergreen SBF_B006- Badloc - Bedrock. Bart SBF_B009- Baskerville - Baskerton. Aura. Average Gothic. Baskerville II SBF_B095- Baskerville Old Face - Baskerville Old Style SBF_B014- Bauhaus - Bahamas. Bengel. Garret.8 Aurora Grotesk. Agatha. Fatso SBF_B017 Belvira Elvira Bold Italic. Beatnik SBF_B102 Bailey Script Ribbons SBF_B108- Baker Signet - Dragon - SBF_B110- Balloon - Bassoon - SBF_B004 Balmoral Script Bandola SBF_B008 Bamboo Bard. Angeigen Grotesk. Kane. Gazette SBF_B135- Benjamin - (Benjamin Caps). Fletcher Gothic. LoveLetters. Kinder SBF_B142 Bergell Script Bergell LET Plain SBF_B074- Berkeley - Berkelium Old - SBF_B031- Berling - Revival 565 - SBF_B029 Bernhard Antique Bernhard Bold Condensed BT. Old Bell SBF_B026- Bembo - Aldine 401. Chase.111 SBF_A040 Art Gothic Card Script Card Script. Baskerline. Booty. Kane. Bimini SBF_B018 Becker Thornton. Unique. Art Gothic. Aurora Bold Condensed. Devendra. Marlowe Bold. Banquet. Banquet Gothic. Bangle SBF_B141 Benguiat Frisky Simpson Bold SBF_B025 Benguiat Gothic - ITC Benguiat Gothic. Washington Metro Bold. Siena Black SBF_B020- Belwe - Belami. Griffo SBF_B023- Benguiat - Bangkok. Elmtree Medium. Frontenac SBF_B136 Bees Wax Beesknees.

Capelli SBF_B143 Boink Boink LET Plain SBF_B079 Bones DemBones SBF_B051- Bookman - Brooklyn - SBF_B103 Bookman Initial Swash Bookman Swashes SBF_B082 Boston Script Heavy Hancock. Ballet Engraved SBF_B067 Brody Script Brophy Script. FancyMod SBF_B094 Bijou Bijio. Ringlet SBF_B120 Bingham Script Freehand 591 SBF_B042 Binner Bloom SBF_B040 Bisque Brisk SBF_B134 BlackForest Deutchland SBF_B038 Blippo Extra Bold Bauhaus 93 SBF_B087 Block Blockade SBF_B121- Block Buster - Block Buster Sans - SBF_B037 Block Condensed Block. Chicago Engraved. CursiveElegant SBF_B078 Bottleneck BellBottom SBF_B065 Braggaducio Braggadocio SBF_B125 Breeze Vertical Bold Vern. ITC Busorama SBF_B057 Buster Busker. BrodyD. Letraset Buster SBF_B119 Buxom Baby Fat Black SBF_C075- C 20th Century - Gibraltar - SBF_C136 Cabaret Solid KabarettD . Gothic 821. Brush SBF_B058 Busorama Bosanova. Chicago. Top Hat. Beatty SBF_B070 Broadway Bold Bravo. Briquet SBF_B066 Brush Script Banff. Miami Beach. Bodidly Bold. BigCity. Block Engraved SBF_B123 Block Extra Bold Blockade Black SBF_B044 Bodini - Capelli - SBF_B048 Bodini Poster Bodnoff. Ritz.112 SBF_B030 Bernhard Fashion Fancy SBF_B089- Bernhardt Modern - Bernhard Modern. New York Deco SBF_B071 Broadway Engraved Bravo Engraved. Verve SBF_B128- Brighton - Byron - SBF_B063- Britannic - Grenoble.

Cookies Italic. Pittsburgh Black SBF_C045 Cooper Black Italic Crooner. Doron. Doron. Century Text. Cleavage Gothic - SBF_C105- Clearface - Cleavage - SBF_C038 Commercial Script Commodo. Pabst. Gloucester. Copperfield. Banker's Gothic. Stationer's Gothic SBF_C044 Cooper Black Crooner. Chestnut. Comprette SBF_C074 Conan Talon SBF_C046- Congress - Concise - SBF_C049 Contact Fast Cut Bank Gothic. Staccato 555. Cupertino. Pittsburgh Black . Freehand 471. WallStreet. Century Modern.113 SBF_C125 Calligraphic 421 Codex SBF_C137 Cameo Bold Camelot SBF_C005- Canterbury - Veracruz - SBF_C003 Cargo Ahcapulco SBF_C004 Carolus Romana Carleton. Schoolbook. City Compact. Century. Casanova. Cyclone. Century Textbook SBF_C026 Charlemagne Charlesworth SBF_C036- Charlston - Charlesworth - SBF_C017 Checkmate Jobber SBF_C028- Cheltenham - Chesterfield. CG Century Schoolbook SBF_C061- Century Schoolbook - Cerulean Scholar. Nordhoff. CenterCity SBF_C157 Civitype Civil SBF_C050- Clarendon - Carillion. Arenski SBF_C039- Compacta - Letraset Compacta. Freehand 471 BT Italic SBF_C007- Caslon - Casablanca - SBF_C014 Caslon Open Face Casper Openface SBF_C128- Castle - Salzburg - SBF_C018- Caxton - Letraset Caxton - SBF_C057 Century Old Style Centurion Old. CSD-Chalk SBF_C097 Circle Circle Round SBF_C034- City - Square Slabserif 711. Commerce Gothic. Winchester SBF_C023 Chevalier Janice SBF_C056 Chitown Chicago SBF_C022 Choc Chalk. Carolus SBF_C025 Cartoon Cancun SBF_C006 Cascade Castanet. Copperfield. Cupertino. Clarion SBF_C110- Clearface Gothic - Cleargothic. Pabst. Magnum Gothic.

Comic Book SBF_C126 Cosmic Two Comic Book Two SBF_C077 Cottonwood Cottage. DigitalMachine SBF_D003 Davida Silva SBF_D019- Della Robbia - Dahlia - SBF_D004 Delphin No. Cruiser SBF_C065 Croissant Crescent. Dynasty Black Extended SBF_E040- Egyptian - Egyptian 505 - SBF_E033 Elefont Dumbo SBF_E020 Elektrik Eklektic SBF_E051 ElGarrett Enigma . Dawn Castle. Steelplate Gothic. Doron SBF_C102- Copperplate - Copper Pot. Casual SBF_D013 Doric Bold Corinth. Devinne SBF_D031- Digital - Elan - SBF_D018 Discus CircularSaw SBF_D035 Diskus Discreet SBF_D011 Dolmen Domenic SBF_D008- Dom Casual - Dolomit. Ad Bold. Dolphin Normal SBF_D037 Devinne Extra Ornamental DeVinne Ornamented II SBF_D020 Devinne Medium Denver SBF_D005 Devinne Ornamental DeVinne Ornamented I. Edweard Semi-Bold SBF_C066 Crillee Bold Creole 45. Metalcut SBF_C153 Corsiva Monotype Corsiva SBF_C078 Corvinious Corvinus Skyline SBF_C134 Cosmic Script Cosmic. Ionic 5. Engraver. Cruiser SBF_C067 Crillee Extra Bold Creole 85. Polka. Copperfield. Letraset Croissant SBF_C116- Cushing - Calgary - SBF_C072 Cyrillic (Times) Czar. Cupresa Gothic.1 Dauphin. Lushlife. Eggman SBF_E023 Egyptian Bold Condensed Pharoah SBF_E024 Egyptian Bold Extended Excelsior.114 SBF_C130 Cooper Bold Crooner. Cupertino. Don Casual. Cottonball. News Text Medium SBF_E001 Eckmann Freeform 710. Glasnost SBF_D043 Dancin Dancin Plain SBF_D001 Data 70 Keypunch.

Photura. Hotdog SBF_F023 Frankfurter Highlighter Highlight. CG Frontiera. Erie. Frankfurt SBF_F016 Franklin Gothic - Frankfurt Gothic. Alphatura SBF_F035- Futura Condensed - Fujiyama Cond. Twentieth Century. Photura. Deko Black. Spartan. Pegasus. ITC Friz Quadrata SBF_F026- Frutiger - Humanist 777. Europe. Provencale SBF_F047 Fry's Baskerville Transitional 409 SBF_F045 Fry's Ornamented Beffle SBF_F038 Futura Black Fujiyama Black. Domino Italic SBF_F049- Formal Display - Seagull - SBF_F015 Fortuna Fortunata Cursive SBF_F012 Fraktur Frankenstein SBF_F065- Frankfurter Bold - Debussy. Okay. Franfurt. Amber SBF_E017- English Times - English. ITC Franklin Gothic. Quadrat. Federation DS9 Title SBF_F060 Firenze Florence SBF_F006 Flash (Paris) Flash Parisienne.115 SBF_E012 Elite Script Heavy Ballantines. Sirius. Katrina. Veltro. Euromode SBF_E053- Exocet - AvalonQuest - SBF_F003 Fantale Arctic 2 SBF_F013 Fernique Galaxy SBF_F066 Fette Fraktur Frankenstein. Branding Iron. Library Gothic SBF_F042 FreeStyle Script Freeport SBF_F053- Fritz Quadrata - France. Berliner. Futuri. Europa. Alliance. Neon. Spartan. Callistyle SBF_F014 Figaro Old Town. Frieze. Dayton SBF_F032- Futura - Futuri. Dianna Heavy SBF_E014 Emerald Script Impress. Eros SBF_E010 Estro Expo. Sirius. Eurostyle. Alphatura . Expose SBF_E025- Eurostile - Square 721. CG Times.536 SBF_F085 Final Frontier Bajoran Regular. Futuri. Microstyle. Chilli-Pepper-ExtraBold SBF_F005- Flash Script - Freehand 575. Old Towne No. CartWright. Franklin. Fraktur Fett. Techno. Fortune. Frank Highlight. Tempo. Corporate. Times New Roman. SpaceOut. Techno. Twentieth Century. Europe. Letraset Enviro SBF_E004 Eras Medium ITC Eras. Times Roman SBF_E042- Engravers Old English - English Towne. Helena SBF_E015 Engravure Engravers MT SBF_E021 Enviro Envision. Aldostyle. Tempo. Eurogothic. Eurasia.

(FF)Gainsay SBF_G003 Galliara Sevilla SBF_G078- Galliard - Aldine 701. Edinborough SBF_H049 Hebrew A (Alefbet) SBF_H031 Heidelberg Gothic GoodCity Modern. Joulliard SBF_G005- Garamond - Gatineau SBF_G011- Garamond Stempel - Adobe Garamond. Hollow SBF_H075 Harrington Harbinger. Humanist 521. Galant. Deutsch Black SBF_G059 Glaser Stencil Futura Stencil. Grain SBF_G031 Gothic No. Futuri. Number 11 SBF_G089 Gradl (Reynold Caps) SBF_G040 Graphic Shadow Griffon Shadow SBF_G039 Greek Serif Symbol Proportional. Glib SBF_G020 Gillies Gothic Jillian Gothic Bold Italic. Achille SBF_G051 Globe Gothic Prose Antique. Eric. Freeport SBF_G050 Glenhagen BlackAdder IIalic. Post Antigue SBF_G069 Goldmine Gold Rush SBF_G066- Gordon - Nashville - SBF_G070 Gorilla ITC Gorilla. Techno. Harkekin. Twentieth Century. ITC Garamond. Chantilly. Diner Script SBF_G022 Glacier Glyphic. Spartan. Post Antiqua. Aero. Sirius. Chicago SBF_H030 Heidelberg Script Alpine . Cathedral. Europe. Symbol Set SBF_H052- Handel Gothic - Koshgarian. Alphatura (FF)Arcade. Tempo. Photura.116 SBF_F043 Futura Display SBF_G086 Galledis Deko Display. Mikity SBF_H059- Hansen - Helium - SBF_H021 Harlow Harlow Solid.17 CG Trade Extra. Garamond Original SBF_G080- Garamond(ITC) - American Garamond. Gibraltar. Gatsby. SBF_G027- Goudy - Carnegie - SBF_G057- Goudy Gothic - ITC Goudy Sans - SBF_G056- Goudy Heavyface - Dover - SBF_G046- Goudy Old Style - Golden Old Style. AmeriGaramond BT SBF_G075 Gardenia (FF)Dandy Caps SBF_G016- Gill Sans - Hammersmith. Trade Gothic Extra Condensed. CG Goudy Oldstyle.

Bewton. Juniper SBF_K002- Kabel - Kabana. Guthrie. Swiss 911 SBF_H014 Helvetica Compact E. Keystrokes MT SBF_K014 Koloss Klass . Tramp SBF_H034 Honda Heildelberg SBF_H038 Honour Harquil SBF_H064 Hubertus Surfer. Geometric 231. Swis 721 BT. Claro. Velvet. SBF_H003- Helvetica - Switzerland.Swz Inserat SBF_H012 Helvetica Compact Bold Switzerland Compressed Extra. Daventry. Creeper SBF_I014 Impuls Impulse SBF_I003 Inkwell SandCastles SBF_I019 Introspect Looking Glass SBF_I006 Ironwood Ireland. Judas SBF_I015 Isbell Estelle SBF_I008 Italia Bold Amiata 75 SBF_I017 Italia Book Amiata 45 SBF_I018 Italia Medium Amiata 55 SBF_J008 Jeremy McCulloch McCulloch SBF_J014 Jester Apache SBF_J006 Jose Columbus SBF_J011 Jott Parade Casual SBF_J009 Jupiter Jupiter Plain. Surf Style. CG Triumvirate SBF_H032 Hemi-Slab Banco SBF_H061 High Noon Green Caps SBF_H057- Hobo - Homeward Bound. Swiss 721. Swz Condensed. Surreal SBF_H039 Huxley Huxley Vertical SBF_I001 Iceberg PostCrypt. Megaron. Van Dijk. Grizzly BT. Swiss 924 SBF_H006 Helvetica Condensed - Switzerland Narrow. Bold Hanseatic. Tropez SBF_K015 Kells Rosslaire. Swiss921. Kelt.117 SBF_H013 Helvetica (Inserat) Black Switzerland Inserat. Corvus. Cable SBF_K005 Kalligraphia Calligraph SBF_K006 Kaufmann - Koala. Helios. Meath SBF_K027 KeyCaps Kcaps. Kaplan.

Katrina. Katrina SBF_K024 Kosher Medium Moses. Sahara. Arabian. Hanover. Uranus . Aladdin SBF_L007 Letter Gothic Monospaced. Mallard. Katrina SBF_K011 Korinna Normal Italic Korinthia Italic. Granite SBF_L028 Lydian Script Lydian Cursive SBF_M001 Machine Motor. Wedding Text SBF_L043 Litany Condensed - Colonel - SBF_L031- Lubalin - Lubo - SBF_L053 Lucian Bernhard Lucian Roman SBF_L029 Lucian Bernhard Bold Lucian Bold SBF_L061 Lucida Caligraphy Lucida Caligraphy Italic SBF_L036- Lucida Roman - Lupine - SBF_L032- Lucida Sans - Lupine Sans - SBF_L024- Lydian - Lisbon. Quetzalcoatl SBF_L004 Latin Wide Wide Latin SBF_L009 Le Robur Noir Skylark SBF_L010 Legato Legend. Linus. Carolina SBF_K013 Korinna Bold Italic Korinthia Bold Italic.118 SBF_K023 Komix Heavy Comix Heavy SBF_K012- Korinna - Korinthia. ITC Machine. Hebrew SBF_K016 Kunstler Script Kunstlerschreibschrift. MetalEncasement SBF_M051 Mandate Script Mandate. Freehand 521BT Italic SBF_M004 Marko Madrone SBF_M005 Marriage Wedding Text. Kastler SBF_L059 La Bamba Plain Yucatan. Lyra. Mellinza. Legende. Korinna Kursiv Regular. Melier. Kaylin Script SBF_L011 Lino Text Lincoln. Society Text SBF_M006 Marseille Antique Olive Nord Compressed SBF_M008 Marvin March SBF_M053 Matura Script Matura MT Script Capitals SBF_M039- Melior - Zapf Elliptical 711. Letter Gothic 12 Pitch SBF_L030 Liberty (Sniffin) Script Liberate SBF_L023 Libra (Biform) Libra. Libretto SBF_L012 Lino Script French Script MT. Korinna Kursiv EB. Cathedral. Marseille. Ballardvale. Typo Upright BT. CG Meliza. Certificate.

Lytham SBF_M063 MetaPlus Book Meta Regular SBF_M057 MetaPlus Medium Meta SBF_M052 Metropolitan Paris Metro. Latine SBF_M015 Mermaid Merlin. Alpha Gothic. Monpak SBF_M023 Moore Computer Computer SBF_M026 Murray Hill Bold Murray SBF_M045- Musketeer - Melbourne - SBF_N002 Neil Bold Superior Bold SBF_N021 Neuland Informal 011. Nora Casual SBF_N015 News Gothic New Gothic. Newfoundland. Kompak. CG Nashville SBF_M033 Meridien Extra Bold Maximal. Flat Brush. Toledo.New Brunswick - SBF_N020 New Vision Casual Nevision Casual. NewOrder SBF_O004 Old Style Hand Tooled Open Face Augustea Open. FF Brushit. Karnak. Copperplate 421. Trade Gothic SBF_N016 News Gothic Bold New Gothic SBF_N024 Newtext Nimbus. Zorba SBF_N007- New Baskerville - Nebraska - SBF_N006 New Berolina Ballymena SBF_N011 New Century Schoolbook . CartWright. DeRoosCaps SBF_M022 Monsoon Kompakt. Lithograph. Stymie. Aeolus SBF_M034 Monastic Erbar. Augius Open SBF_O002 Old Town Old Towne No.536. Branding Iron. Mystical. FrenchBean SBF_M017 MGB Patrician Mazama SBF_M018 Microgramma .119 SBF_M027 Memphis Geometric Slabserif 703. Manhattan SBF_N022 Nuptial Script Nuance. Formal Script 421. Figaro. MetropolitainesD. ITC Newtext Regular. Extend SBF_N025- Nicolas Cochin - Cochin Roman - SBF_N040- Novarese - Neuvarese. Square 721 BT SBF_M020 Minstral Mistral. Ondine. Bodacious.Extended Microstyle. Oldtown 0536 SBF_O012 One Stroke Script One Stroke Script Plain . Floridian Script SBF_N023 NuYorker New Yorker. Staccato 222 BT. Nuevo SBF_N034- Novel Gothic - Napoli.

Palatino Stempel. CG Perpetua SBF_P017 Phoenix Venus SBF_P085 Pioneer Shady SBF_P029- Plantin - Aldine 721. Ursa. Book Antiqua SBF_P002 Paladin Paganini SBF_P006 Palatino SBF_P005 Palette Zapf Calligraphic 8012. Prose Antique. Globe Gothic SBF_P048 Prelude Script Tropez SBF_P041 Premier Pergamon.. Atlantic SBF_P028 Playbill Billy SBF_P050 Plaza Letraset Plaza. Exotic 350. SBF_P016 Park Avenue Paradise. Musica. Eterna. CG Omega. Ribbon 131. Chelmsford. EastSide. Monterey. Posse SBF_P036- Post Antigue - Post Antiqua. English 157 BT Italic. Savoye. Playwright SBF_P034 Ponderrosa Vicksburg. Columbia SBF_O033 Oz Handicraft Freehand 701 SBF_P001 Pageant Coronet. Tracey Script SBF_P040 Pretorian Pretoria SBF_P077 Primitive Laertes SBF_P063- Primus - Priamos - SBF_P043 Princetown Bold Indiana Solid. Paladium. Penwin. Paintbrush SBF_P086 Papyrus Paradox. Princetown Solid. CG Plantin. Elegante. Malibu. Indiana SBF_P042 Profil Decorated 035 SBF_P046- Pump - Moon - . Patina Brush 445. Althorn SBF_P003 Palace Script Amphora. Brush 455.CG Palacio. Upper East Side. Brush 738. Percepta. Zaph Humanist BT. Coronation Script. Exotc 350 BT. Sailor. WaldorfScript SBF_P018- Peignot - Penguin.120 SBF_O032- Optima - Zapf Humanist 601. Pig Nose Typ. Abbieshire SBF_P021 Pepita Pepper SBF_P078- Perpetua - Lapidary333 BT. Oracle. Premium. Oracle II. Paris. Scripta Bold SBF_P023- Palacio - Palatino (Postscript). Andesite. Corona SBF_P004 Paint Brush Bison. AncientScript SBF_P015 Parisian Paragon. Ottawa. PalmSprings. Andover. Optomist. Premier Lightline SBF_P039 Present Script President.

Signet Roundhand SBF_S066 Snell Round Hand Bold Snell Bold. EyeDrops SBF_S041 Shelley Allegro English 111 Vivace BT SBF_S040 Shelley Andante English 111 Adagio BT SBF_S042 Shelley Volante English 111 Presto BT SBF_S010 Shotgun Shot SBF_S054 Siegfried Epoque SBF_S071- Simoncini - New Aster - SBF_S011 Sinter Global SBF_S015 Slogun Shogun SBF_S039 Snell Round Hand Penman Script. Lilt SBF_S048 Squire - Scribe. Blur. Raven SBF_R015 Rocco Right Bank. Scott SBF_T036 Tabasco Stripe Tabasco Twin. Letraset Revue. Mono-Bold. GhostMachine SBF_Q003 Quartz Medium Letraset LCD.Blueprint. Liquid Crystal. Cutouts. Cargo SBF_S024 Stop Camaro. Paprika SBF_T004 Tekton Technical. Dalith SBF_R012- Rockwell - Slate. Classic Typewriter. Short Hand SBF_S035 Schneidler Old Style - Ambassador - SBF_S026 Serpentine Chainlink SBF_S034 Shatter Lower West Side. Penman Script. Status SBF_S059 Statford - Stratford - SBF_S023 Stencil Stamp. Alarm Bold. GhostMachine SBF_Q002 Quicksilver Quantum. Deco. Rockland. Write . Geometric Slabserif 712 SBF_R014 Roslyn RSDaytona SBF_R017 Roys Tango Roys Tango 12 SBF_S070- Sabon - Sybil. Ragtime. Letraset Squire. Garamond Classic SBF_S006 Savanna Quill Script.121 SBF_P053 Pump Triline Powerline.Signet Roundhand SBF_S016 Souvenir Southern. Alarm. Symposia. Letraset Pump Triline SBF_Q004 Quartz Bold Quartz Bold Italic 17316. Letraset Quicksilver SBF_R047 Remedy Double ChiliPepper SBF_R002 Renier Reiner SBF_R003- Revue - Renfrew.

Fleer SBF_Z003 Zarama Zarana . University Ornate SBF_U010 Urban Fillmore Regular SBF_V001- Vag Rounded - Vogue - SBF_V015- Van Dijk - Surreal. GoldRush SBF_W004 Windsor Condensed - Windsor Elongated. TimeScrD SBF_T014 Traffic Trafalgar. Versatile SBF_U001 University Roman - Unicorn. Vivienne SBF_V007 Volta Bold Dynasty Black Extended SBF_W023 Wallace William Wallace. Buckingham Condensed. Surf Style. ITC Tiffany. Verona SBF_W014- Windsor - Verona. Winslow SBF_X001 Xeres Xerxes SBF_Z002 Zapf Chancery Zurich Calligraphic. Letraset University Roman2. Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch SBF_W020 Western Pacific Railroad SBF_W005 Wild West 1 Abilene SBF_W002 Wild West 2 Durango SBF_W008 Wild West 4 Dry Gulch SBF_W022 Wild West 5 FFLinch Town. Fleer SBF_Z006 Zapf Nové Zapf Chancery Bold. Dutch 801 SBF_T042 Times Script - Time-Script. Letraset Traffic SBF_U009 Umbra Umbrella SBF_U003 Univers - Zurich.122 SBF_T040 Texta Palette SBF_T033 Thompson Quill Script Quill SBF_T006 Thor Viking SBF_T007 Thunderbird ThunderBay SBF_T015 Tiffany Timpani. USA. Exchequer Script. Aries. Surfer. Buckingham. Jewel. Tarry SBF_T021 Times Roman - Toronto. Winslow. Alphavers. Hubertus SBF_V017 Victorian Victoria SBF_V018 Vineta Vineva SBF_V006 Vivaldi Vivante DTC Italic. ITC Zapf Chancery.

' / / ' ] \ .. .z 0123456789 ~!@#$%^&(*)_+|?`-=\ / ~~ ! @ ! Q # @ W Q A ` ` 1 1 2 q E S S X Z 2 q a W A Z 3 w s s x R d d f c c G G V B 5 r 6 t f v H h b J N h j n K ) P 9 i k m m _ { P L 0 o o k l .123 SBF_C072 Cyrillic (Times) Keyboard Layout F<DULT:PBQRKVYJGH CNEA{WXIO}SM">Z f.dult. 0 p l .pbqrkvyjghcnea[wxio]sm'. ? | + } { } ? - == [ | "" : p + _ < < >> 9 j L K M 8 i ) O J u ( I O M 8 n ( I N 7 u * U H y g b U B 7 y * & Y 6 t g v & Y T F V 5 r T C 4 e x F C ^^ % R D X 4 e z D % $ E 3 w a z $ # [ \ ] .

= = \ \ o p [ ] 0 o k m 9 + _ M 8 u I ( N M << >> 7 y ( * U H N 7 y U B 6 t g v H * & Y G V 5 t f c V r d G & Y T F C 5 r d T F 4 e % ^^ R D C 4 e R X 3 w a D X % $ E S Z 2 q E W A $ # W Z `` # k m . p l [ ./ ~~ ! @ ! Q Q A @ 1 1 2 q a S 3 w z s z s x x c B 6 f v g b h b J O I J K 8 u h n ) _ ) P O L K j n 9 i j i { P { } " : L ? | + | } " ? 0 -.124 SBF_G039 Greek (Serif) Keyboard Layout ABGDEZHQIKLMNXOPRSTUFCYW abgdezhqiklmnxoprstufcyw 0123456789 vVJj~@%^&(*)_|{"}:<?>`-=\[.. l . / / ] ' ' . .]'..

/ w e s z r d x t f c y g v u j h b i n o k m p [ l / ] \ .. .{/} ~ ~ ! ! Q @ # $ % ^^ & ** ( ) _ + + | Q W E R T Y U I O P { } A S D F G H J K L : "" Z X C V B N M << > > ? @ # W A $ E S Z % R D X & T F C Y G V ( U H B I J 2 q q a 3 4 5 6 7 | P { 8 } L M `` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 O K N _ ) ? 9 9 0 0 - - = = \ w e r t y u i o p [ ] a s d f g h j k l .125 SBF_H049 Hebrew-A Keyboard Layout AbgdhwzcuyklmnoipxqrEt J]>[\ aBGDHW9ZCUYKj..:L%MN<OIPXQRfsFST !12345678~@#$^&*_+|"(?)`-=.. '' z x c v b n m .