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Power On Texas Videos and Reflections
Keshlae B. Baltrip

EDUC 5321 – Curriculum Planning with Technology
Professor – Dr. Kristy Duckworth
East Texas Baptist University

June 12,2015

Version 1.0



The fist video I watched from this YouTube channel was the “21st Century Educator
Preparation” the video spoke about changing the way students are taught in the 21st century. A
point that was stated in the video was “When did giving the students the answer to the question
became learning?” Getting students to have ownership of their learning is the most efficient way
to have students learn. Giving the students the opportunity to work side by side with the teacher
to create their own opinion on the educational subject. The video gave a good point on creating a
new kind of teacher, it said in order to bring students up to these new learning experiences, the
teacher must be willing to learn how to be flexible in her teaching. ACU College of education
has rebuilt its teaching program with project based learning. The education candidates are taught
how to create higher learning thinking lessons that will entice students to work in groups and
learn. ACU has started a clinical field experiences for their educator candidates in order to allow
them to see their lessons in real life and not just on paper. The school has also stated a new
teacher summer institution where first time teachers are given strategies on incorporating
technology into their lesson plan, and are paired with veteran teachers to learn conflict resolution
and discipline management systems all while providing them with an online mentoring system
for support for their first five years of teaching.
I believe the teacher prep program at ACU are working to build the best education
experience for both teachers and students. I am very thrilled by the technology that is involved in
creating the lesson plans and also being used in the curriculum. I think the online mentoring
program will benefit all first time teachers and give them opportunities to share and collaborate
ideas with other educators who are veterans and first time teachers as well.



The second video I watched was “Comprehension of Literacy Text/Fiction using Lady or
the Tiger,” this video was about integrating technology into learning. The student where aske to
create a story board and create an alternate ending to a short story they have read call “Lady or
the Tiger.” The teacher allows the students to use netbooks in class to create their own videos for
learning. The video shows how letting the students use the netbook technology and collaborating
with partners or groups gets the students excited to learn and get involved in learning. This
keeps the students with an active role in their learning because they are watching videos they
have produced. The students are required to write down their questions and they want to learn
from a particular concept in the language arts classroom. In the video the teacher says that some
of the material she teaches is not exciting and the use of technology and student made videos it
keeps the students attention and peaks their interests and learning.
I absolutely love this idea of using student made videos to teach different subjects. When
I was in high school I took an AP English 4 class and we were asked to create satire videos
within our groups. Because we were creating satires this made us interested in finding out what
satires were and wanted to make the best video. I didn’t realize then that we were learning to use
technology and video editing software at the same time I just thought we were having fun and
just happen to pick up a few new skills and literary knowledge.



The third video I watched was “The odyssey Stations Lesson Plan” this video involved
setting up stations for students in a high school classroom to introduce the book “The odyssey.”
When a person thinks of centers they think of a preschool or elementary classrooms not a high
school class. What I liked about this video is the teacher used the center concept for students and
adopted it to fit in her high school classroom. Each station in the classroom involves a different
type of technology and different component of technology. The students were allowed to use the
star board in one station, net books in another, and picture notes as well , which the teacher said
works well for her English language learners. The students would be learning about the different
Greek Gods and their lives and works in a different way at each station. This practice helps to
reach every type pf learner in the class because they are all rotating to a different kind of station
that appeals to every learning type. The reasoning behind the teacher setting these stations up
was because she said each of her students were gifted in different ways and she wanted to peak
their interest when introducing this new learning unit.
I like the idea of bring in centers to integrate technology and introduce new units to
students. I believe having this kind of multiple dimensions to reach every learner and get all the
information understood is most beneficial in classrooms today. The centers allow the students to
collaborate within groups to learn the information and to create visuals to go along with what
they have learned and discussed.

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