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Leo Bergin

Language Arts
Miss Graham
July 7, 2015
Cinderella lived at home, as a lowly servant to her stepmother and stepsisters.
One day, a royal decree went out that the prince was to have a ball, and everyone was
invited. When the stepmother and stepsisters heard this, they became very excited.
They burdened Cinderella with the chore of Making their dresses, and piled many days
worth of chores onto her, and said, “You don’t get to go, unless ALL of your chores are
When Cinderella heard this, she worked extra hard to try to finish all the chores
in time to go to the ball. By the time it was time to leave for the ball, Cinderella had all
but one chore finished, making her own dress. The stepmother and the stepsisters
cackled their evil laugh, saying, “We never would’ve let you go anyways! You’re too
Cinderella went out into the courtyard, and started bawling her eyeballs out.
Suddenly, a man, wearing a red bandana, a brown trenchcoat, and a brown 3 point hat,
ran through the bushes, and straight past her. A very large group of pirates came
running after, all yelling, and carrying swords. After they were gone, the man in the red
bandana popped out of a nearby bush and said, “Are they gone yet?”
“Yes, they passed that way,” said Cinderella.

“Good,” the man said, “I hope they never come back, and fall of the edge of the
earth.” The man came over to the bench Cinderella was sitting on, and gave her a
confused look. “You’ve been crying, why? Today is a happy day!”
“Well, it’s just… that I can’t go to the ball,” she said.
The man rested his head in one of his hands. “Well, I don’t know what, where, or
when this ...ball… is, but I do know one thing, Captain Jack Sparrow will get you there,
Follow Me!”
Cinderella followed Jack to the coastline, where there was a massive ship with
black sails. “She be called the Black Pearl,” stated a man standing on the plank onto the
ship’s deck.
“Mr. Gibbs,” said Jack, “Hoist the sails, and be ready to sail…”
He looked at Cinderella, “To the ball?” she asked.
“Yes,” he said, “to this...ball... to bring this, lady there!”
Jack led Cinderella to a small room in the ship full of maps, and navigation tools.
“So, “ said Jack, “where be this...ball?”
Cinderella studied the map, “right there,” she said as she pointed to where it
showed the giant castle on the map.
Jack gave her a look. “Are you mad?” he asked.
“What’s wrong with it?” asked Cinderella.
“That’s the manor of Lord Beckett, the leader of the East India Trading Company,
and personally, my enemy,” Jack Sparrow described.
“Well it doesn’t matter to me, and you said you would take me there, and so you
shall.” said Cinderella.

“No, I won’t, and frankly, I don’t care what you think, i’m a pirate,” Jack said.
They sailed for a while, and came ashore onto a sandy beach, miles away from
Beckett’s manor. “Shall you need accompaniment to the manor?” asked Jack.
“No, I don’t, thank you very much,” said Cinderella.
“Well, i’m coming anyways, so i can confront Beckett, hopefully for the last time,”
he said.
Jack and Cinderella walked through the fading light, watching the sun, lower
beneath the horizon. They arrived at the manor right as the ball was starting. Jack had
attacked one man, and traded his clothes for his own. He did the same for Cinderella,
because she was still wearing the rags of her work outfit. They walked into the manor,
and Cinderella noticed the knife handle sticking out of his pocket, but hoped no one else
would. Once the ball began, Jack and Cinderella had no choice but to dance. They
danced towards Lord Beckett, and came within fingers reach of him. Beckett glanced at
Jack, and noticed his face, and the dancing stopped.
“Well well well… If it isn’t the infamous Jack Sparrow,” said Beckett.
“Captain,” said Jack, “Captain Jack Sparrow.
Beckett grabbed Jack’s arm, and said, “Bring this man to the gallows, he hasn't
learned his lesson.”
Two big, burly men grabbed either of Jack’s arms, and carried him outside.
Everyone went outside to watch the criminal be hung. Lord Beckett started counting
down, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2….”
Once he reached 2, a big cannonball whistled through the sky, and hit the
Executioner in the leg. A second cannonball went flying, and hit Beckett upside the

head. A giant ship with black sails was hurtling towards the manor, no one was in it.
Cinderella ran up and untied Jack, and everyone ran, and watched the ship crash into
the manor. Splinters flew everywhere, and one almost hit Jack in the head. A large
group of men-sea animal mixes came running up, and grabbed Jack and Cinderella.
The group brought them to a ship, which was enveloped in a curse, named the
Flying Dutchman, and…………………………………………………………………

To Be Continued In Story #2!

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