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JUNE 2015



CUPE 1858 Newsletter

CUPE 1858 was
certified as a union
on the Malaspina
Collage campus in
June 1975. Since then
our members have
served this
institution with

Happy Anniversary
CUPE 1858

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News from the

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CUPE 1858 Newsletter

Happy Anniversary CUPE 1858!

By: Deborah Hopper
In 1975, the non-instructional inside
workers at Malaspina decided to join the
Canadian Union of Public Employees and
form a new local. Forty years later, CUPE
Local 1858 is bigger, stronger and more
diverse than ever! So, after forty years of
hard work and harder play, its time to take
a moment to celebrate all the women and
men who make up our incredible
Every member of our Local, past and
present, has contributed to the fabric of
who we are today. Countless individuals
have volunteered their time and talents to
complete the myriad of work required to
run our union. From communicators and
stewards to committee members and
elected officers, our members have served
each other well to bring about better
working relationships, safer working
conditions, improvements to
compensation and benefits, and greater
community involvement for both our
membership and the broader community
around us.
Our Locals members are true activists in
that we are active in working on causes

JUNE 2015

that we value. Each year, our members

debate and vote to support a broad range
of social engagement activities from food
drives and garbage clean-ups to Day of
Mourning and Labour Day events. We
contribute both sweat equity and funds to
causes we support such as sending children
who wouldnt otherwise have the
opportunity to camp and sponsoring lifelong learning through training and
development funds, university scholarships
and union education.
I am so proud to be a member of CUPE
1858 and to have the opportunity to watch
the Local continue to grow and transform
over time. I am honored that the
membership has placed their faith in me as
President to help guide the Local on its
current path. I am grateful to all our
incredible members who invest themselves
so completely in their careers and in our
So, to all of the members of CUPE Local
1858, past, present and future, thank you!
Great work!
Time to celebrate!

CUPE Local 1858 and Vancouver
Island University bargaining
committees have reached a
tentative agreement. The Local
will be holding ratification
meetings on Monday, June 29,
2015 as follows:
4:30pm Cowichan Campus
7:30pm Powell River Campus
7:30pm Nanaimo Campus
The purpose of these meetings is
to present and discuss the details
of the proposed new collective
agreement. Members of the
bargaining committee will be
present at each meeting to answer
any questions you have. Only
CUPE 1858 members who are
employed under the CUPE 1858-

News from CUPE BC Convention

By Deborah Hopper
The 52nd Annual CUPE BC Convention took
place in Vancouver, April 29 to May 2, 2015.
The CUPE BC convention was excellent this
year. While there werent any hotly debated
resolutions, it was an election year which
always creates drama. We were very pleased
to see Trevor Davies of Victoria voted in as a
General Vice-President, as well as Karen
Ranalletta who is a library worker from UBC.
Michelle Waite, President of CUPE 3479 at
North Island College was also re-elected as a
Regional Vice-President. This means that
both the Island and the post-secondary
perspectives will be well-represented on the
CUPE BC Executive a definite benefit for
our Local. We also heard some great
speakers this year including Stephen Lewis of
the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the
Leader of the BC NDP, John Horgan. Overall,
it was a fantastic event and your delegates
represented you well.

present at the CUPE BC Convention to

accept this award and want to thank her
as the driving force behind this
publication. Well done!

We are excited to announce that our Local

received the CUPE BC communications award
for Best Newsletter from a Local of less than
500 Members. We were thrilled that
newsletter editor Rolanda Murray was

VIU Collective Agreement are

eligible to attend these meetings
and vote on the proposed
agreement. Voting to accept or
reject the proposed agreement
will take place immediately
following each meeting by secret
I would like to thank all the
members of the bargaining
committee for their hard work and
dedication over the past 18
months. They did an incredible job
of representing our diverse
membership and the interests of
all our members.
In solidarity,
Deborah Hopper, President 1858

CUPE 1858 Newsletter


CUPE Shows Solidarity with Striking Food and

Beverage Works at the Nanaimo Golf Club
The Nanaimo Golf Club has locked out 24 food and beverage employees after being served
a strike notice in May. Club management locked out its chef, as well as bartenders, cooks,
servers, dishwashers and janitors in response to a strike notice served by Unite Here Local
40 that expired the same day. The clubhouse and bar remain open but food services are
limited. It's unknown when employees will return to work.
Ash Chadha, general manager of the Nanaimo Club House, said the strike notice allowed for
employees to walk off the job at any given time without further notice, which would have
resulted in significant disruption to member services and planned outside events. He said
they believe the lock out is in the best interest of the club and members and for certainty of
services, but he adds that they want to get back to the bargaining table as soon as possible
and have proposed mediation.
Food and beverage employees are looking for approximate two per cent wage increase
and improved dental and medical benefits.
CUPE members supported the workers at a rally early in May and many of our members
have opted to stop golfing at the Nanaimo golf Club until the labour unrest is settled and
the CUPE members back at work.

JUNE 2015

CUPE 1858s Deborah Hopper to attended the Governor

Generals Leadership Conference
The Governor Generals Canadian
Leadership Conference brings together
Canadas emerging leaders from
business, labour, government, NGOs,
education and the cultural sector for a
unique two-week experience aimed at
broadening their perspectives on work,
leadership, their communities and their
country. With the support of CUPE,
Deborah applied to the conference and
was one of very few selected from
hundreds of applicants.
Members begin their exploration with a
three-day plenary session where
eminent speakers from Canada and
around the world provide focus and
substance to the Conference theme. The
members also begin the process of
debate and networking in their study
groups, each of which is a microcosm of
the overall Conference membership.

Each study group then travels to a

region of Canada where, for nine days,
they examine issues through the
practical experiences of local
companies, communities and regional
leaders. Multiple site visits are made
daily; the locations are selected for their
potential as learning sites. Uninhibited
face-to-face discussions at each location
are considered essential. The links
between communities, the national
perspective, and Canadas place in the
global community will underpin this

Did you Know?

Theres an App for That
VIU has recently launched a new
safety app. The app is available on all
types of phones, wherever you would
normally get your applications; just
search VIU and you should find it. It is
a free download.
The purpose of the app is to provide
helpful and potentially lifesaving
information and services to students
and staff at VIU campuses.

The study groups reconvene at the

Closing Plenary in Ottawa-Gatineau
where reports will be presented to the
Governor General of Canada.
Congrats Deborah!

Simon Sinek on LEADERSHIP

Described as a visionary thinker

with a rare intellect, Sinek
teaches leaders and organizations
how to inspire people. With a
bold goal to help build a world in
which the vast majority of people
go home every day feeling
fulfilled by their work, Sinek is
leading a movement to inspire
people to do the things that
inspire them.
Check out his amazing TED Talks:

How Great Leaders

Inspire Action

Why Good Leaders

Make you Feel Safe

CUPE 1858 Newsletter

JUNE 2015

With the app, you will get important

safety notifications right to your
If you have any questions about the
app, please contact Health and Safety
at VIU at:

Health & Safety Tips - The Five Rs of Mental Health

Did you know that mental illness is the
leading cause of disability in Canada,
surpassing cancer and heart disease?
Given that at least one in five of us will
experience a mental illness in our
lifetime, it is important to understand
the five Rs of mental health.
1. Recognizing risk
Our bodies and our minds let us know
when we are not functioning at our
best. Each mental illness has its own
characteristics and symptoms, although
there are some general warning signs
that might alert you that you or
someone you care about may need
professional help.

Difficulty sleeping or fatigue

Frequent colds or flus

Rapid weight loss or gain


Feeling irritable

Feeling trapped

Feeling incompetent

Excessive busyness
Loss of sense of humour

2. Resilience
Part of good mental health involves being
resilient. Resilience is the ability to recover
from adversity and cope with lifes
challenges. On a daily basis, resilient
people think ahead and dont shy away
from considering fearful or unpalatable
scenarios. They are flexible, adaptable, and
optimistic and have a sense of purpose.
They also have good problem-solving skills,
strong social networks, and learn from
failure and persevere. The good news is
resilience is something that can be
developed and strengthened.
3. Recovery
Recovery is very personal and unique for
each individual and depends on the
individuals values, resilience, and inherent
self-worth. However, every recovery
involves the following:


Difficulty concentrating


Excessive worrying

Personal well-being

Isolating oneself

understanding of what is wrong

support of family, friends, and/or
Good self-care
Acknowledgment that recovery is
a continual growth with
occasional setbacks

CUPE 1858 Executive Contact Us


Deborah Hopper (local 6610)

1st Vice-President

Bernie Heise (local 2584)

2nd Vice-President

Steve Schmidt (local 6500)

Chief Steward

Rob Campbell (local 2419)

Membership Secretary

Kamala Haughton (local 6215)


Shannon McKenzie (local 6650)

Recording Secretary

Crystal Kreschuk (local 6210)

CUPE 1858 Newsletter

4. Return to work
If you are returning to work, be sure to:

Talk to your manager and be

open about what you are able to
do and what you cant
Know when to say no or ask
for help
Expect a few questions from coworkers about how you are
doing; prepare and rehearse an

If your co-worker is returning to work after

a leave of absence:

Welcome your colleague back

Respect the return-to-work plan

5. Removing stigma
Stigma has been identified as one of
todays foremost obstacles to improved
mental health care. Stigma is often a
combination of a lack of relevant
knowledge. Mental illness does not
discriminate. It can affect anybody.
However, by taking the time to learn the
facts and educating others, you are
already in a better position to support
those who are suffering from a mental
illness and reduce the stigma they are
battling against.

Upcoming Events
Membership Meetings
Wednesday, September 16 | 12:00 pm | Room TBA
July 17, 2015 will be a screening of F.I.S.T., starting at 7:00
pm in Building 200 Room 203 with popcorn, drinks and
candy provided

Other Information
Check out for more details.
Also CUPE 1858 is on Facebook (CUPE Local 1858) and
Twitter (@CUPE1858)

JUNE 2015
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