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Updating procedure for Vonino SIRIUS QS

What you need:


Vonino SIRIUS QS PC tablet with 30% battery charged.

USB cable to mini-USB.
PC with Windows XP/Vista/7.
Smart Phone Flash Tool (preferably last version ).
MTK 65xx drivers.
Vonino SIRIUS QS firmware.

A. Charge up your PC tablet battery at least 30% and turn it OFF.

B. Connect your turned OFF phone to PC and install the drivers and after that, disconnect it from
C. Unrar/unpack Vonino SIRIUS QS firmware.
D. Open SP Flash Tool and load Scatter file (youll find in unpacked Vonino SIRIUS QS) from Scatterloading button.
E. After you loaded the Scatter file, press Download button from SP Flash Tool and it will search
for device, when appear Searching status, you can connect to PC the turned OFF tablet and the
updating procedure will starting, and should be done in 4-6 minutes.