Free & Open Source Software (FOSS

FOSS Advantages & Disadvantages Its applicability in developing Nations like Nepal. By: Geshan Manandhar “03-00097-2” BIM 8th Semester Computer Security and Cyber Law Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect: Linus Travolds, New York Times, 2003-09-28.

Free & Open Source Software

There are two terms to separate “free” and “open source” in FOSS. Free as in freedom of speech not as in free beer. Open mainly points to Open Source Code of the program, available for others. So free and open source software is in some ways free but the source code is available for analysis.
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Free Software

“Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. Freedom to

Run (freedom 0) Study how program works (freedom 1) Redistribute copies (freedom 2) Modify / improvise (freedom 3)

So you may get the software at no cost but as per the license you can run, copy, distribute, study,

change and improve the software.
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Open Source Software

Source code is open (available for user) You can modify source code depending upon license: not totally free Source code is not free in the sense of users being able to modify it and redistribute it There are 10 points to qualify as open source software, some are:

Free Redistribution Availability of source code Possibility of derived works etc
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Popular FOSS Projects
O S p e r a t i n g W i n d o D w e i sn k g t W p e b P r o d u c O t i f vf i i c t o L a n g u a g e s S y s t e m s S y s t eE m n vs i r oB n r mo w e A ns pet srp s l i c aS tu i i o t ne s e r- v e r ey t y p e ss o f t w a r

i n u G x N( o U r S a m G N U C / L / C i n + u + x )G N O M E A B I W o r d T h e X O p Ae n p a i n dK o D w E F r e e B P S e rD W l O f f i c e M o Gz i N l l Ua I m a g e SD y s t e m O p e n B S M a n i p u l aP t h i oP N e t B P S y Dt h o n G X F r e e N 8 U6 S t e P p r o g K r aO m f Z f i o c p e X F c e M y S P o s t g GN U / H T uc lr d


b c n e
Q r e



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Popularity of Apache Web Server


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Advantages of FOSS

The availability of the source code and the right to modify The right to use the software in any way Core software is free Evolving software Encourages hands on


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Advantages of FOSS 2

Not tied to a single vendor Big community to support Easy Localization Better Security Reliability & Stability


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Disadvantages of FOSS

No maintenance and support (unless purchased separately) No warranties regarding media, viruses, and performance Staff must be open source savvy License terms are NOT standard/ Problems connected to intellectual property Hard to implement


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FOSS & Developing Nation Like Ours

Cost Factor($200 for 1 copy of MS windows XP) Legal issues with software Security, reliability and stability Collaborative problem solving Vendor Independence/ open standards Localization Employment


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Who's Doing it

FOSS Nepal Community,
− − − − −

Madan Pursakar Pustakalay (MPP) BellaSAP IOE – LTSP initiative OLCP Nepal Etc...

Happy Software Freedom Day.


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