mm/dd/yy 10/3/1983Enter Date of Birth 26Age MondayDay you were born 9,637Days lived #NAME?Months lived #NAME?Exact age as at 20/02/10 231297:47:55Time alive (Press & Hold F9 button) 231,298 Hours lived 13877867Minutes lived 832672075Seconds lived 77,099Approx hours slept 3,212Days sleeping 33%% of life asleep 8.8Years asleep 999,206,490 Approx number of heart beats LibranZodiac Sign Boar Chinese Star Sign Dave Winfield, Chubby Checker, Stevie Ray Vaughan Share Birthday with 60Desired Retirement Age 10/2/2043Retirement Date 33Years to Retirement 12277Days to Retirement 8,769Approx number of workdays 15Years Married 35Years to 50th Golden Anniversary 10Years to 25th Silver Anniversary

6/23/1995Enter Marriage Date

Patni GE Confidential

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