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Kitchen - RTK Records Request - 7/15/2015

Sean Kitchen
Capitol Reporter, Rick Smith Show
July 15,2015
Troy A. Thompson, Agency Open Records Officer
Attn: Cheryl Spackman, RTKL Coordinator
Department of General Services
603 North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17125
Request Submitted By: Email
Date Requested: July 15,2015
Name of Requestor: Sean Kitchen
Street Address:
City/State/County: Harrisburg / Pennsylvania / Dauphin County

This is Sean Kitchen from the Rick Smith Show. I am a capitol reporter for the radio program
and I am filing a Right to Know Request with the Department of General Services, the Capitol
Police and the Senate Republican Caucus.
On July 15, 2015, multiple media outlets reported that the Senate Republican Caucus placed
two hidden cameras in front of State Senator Scott Wagners Capitol office. The cameras
were installed to protect Senator Wagners cardboard signs.
I am requesting the following:
Complaints filed by Senator Wagner and Jason High to Capitol Police
Communications between the Senator, his staff and Senate Republican Caucus
Leaders and Senator Cormans Office regarding the sign vandalism.
The date of when the cameras were installed
The price of the cameras
All photos and videos that were taken of staffers, legislators, lobbyists and media
personnel who happened to be recorded

I would like this files in a digital format. If not, I will be able to pick them up in person.