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Enclosing the procedure for learning remote in Scorpio (new Remote). Due to security
reasons, ensure that the mail is not forwarded to anyone. Also , it will be good if the
re-learning is done under your control.
Maximum of 2 remotes can be re-programmed (2 memory slots)
Procedure for Remote Learning/Tuning to CDL (Central door lock) Unit:
1. Open the door.
2. Turn Ignition ON.
3. Press & Release the Valet Switch. ( In the glove Box)
4. Press & Hold Valet Switch.
5. After hearing a siren chirp Press Lock Button on Remote, it would be followed by a
short chirp confirming Remote registration.( In case of 2 Remotes, press Lock Button
on second remote immediately which would also be followed by a Chirp.
6. Release Valet Switch.
7. Set the IGN to Off.