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KA-49313 Seat No. Special LL. B. (Winter) Examination March / April - 2009 Legal Language, Legal Writing Including General English Time ; 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 100 1 Write eassays : (any two) 20 @ Human rights Gi) Child labour (ii) Fundamental rights (iv) Legal education (v) Terrorism. 2 Explain the following maxim and words with their full 20 meaning : (any five) (Amicus curie (i) Artificial person (ii) Confession (iv) Audi Alteram Parten () Cause of action (vi) Caveat emptor (vii) Damnum sine injuria (viii) Contempt of court (ix) De Facto (%) Act of god. 3 General power of attorney. OR 3 Adoption-deed. 4 (1) An application for stay of suit u/s 10 of CPC. 20 (2) An application u/s 438 of CrPC. OR KA-49313] 1 [ Contd... o ox qa @) An application for succession certificate under Indian Succession Act 192: An application for amendment w/o 6 rule 17 of CPC. Translate into Hindi or Gujarati qd) @) Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of free India was not only a great statement but an ardent patriot who loved India above everything else during the struggle for Independence, he was arrested several times and spent long years behind prison bars. Translate into English : yrds yr dg wast adl ated 8. d ave 8 } Feu dar yGa auiaa wi wie oeuaat vile xa 8. wig aif aseicell mudd all ayfBs YAl LALA BLA Yee SIRWL GR SAL veti maeai sell ate ail wae asia 8. OR ‘Translate into Hindi or Gujarati qa) One of the most important functions of judiciary is to interpret the constitution under this power, judiciary determines legal competence of legislation and pronounces upon constitutionality of legislative measures. In our country constitution is supreme and it has made judiciary an independent institution. Translate into English : ais Haye dll a aad des Bet awd B. yer wv quell eG. Del wis sia ew y Ae aya ear dad, BN AA wari dar maid 2eu £2 8. dlr WA gel Ayr DA Anaa Aid sel WB adel werd aeGwda sled aud a aged B. 20 20 20 KA-49313] 2 [150]