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June 3, 2015

Mr. Hon. AlRuan S. Alejandre

City Councilor
A. Pichon St Poblacion District, Davao City Davao Del Sur

RE: Permission to Have a Copy of the Comprehensive Development Plan of Davao

To Whom It May Concern, Hon. AlRyan S. Alejandre

We, The Ateneo de Davao University Architecture students, are writing to request
permission to have a copy of the Comprehensive Development Plan of Davao issue
2011-2021. We are currently taking a study on our thesis as 5 th year students in
Bachelor of Science in Architecture and one of our performance task in this subject
is to gather statistical data, sectorial development plans, and land use sectors
regarding the problems happening now in Davao city. These data shall be used as
reference, proof and evidence for the thesis theme: Improving the Image of Davao
If approval is granted, the document shall be photocopied and the original
document returned immediately after use. The data/results of this study will remain
absolutely confidential and to be used on educational purposes only.
Your approval to conduct this study will be greatly appreciated.

Lead Student Researcher