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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
Name: Murat Atlihan

Date: 7/18/2015

This template is adapted from

The plan should guide the LEAs use of education technology for the next three

List specific start and end dates (7/1/xx to 6/30/xx). Provide a brief overview
of the LEA, its location and demographics and/or share a link to the LEAs
Start and end dates: 8/1/2015 to 8/1/2018
LEA Title: Indiana Math and Science Academy
City, State Zip: Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: 317 298 0025
Corporation #: 9785 School #: 5837
Number of Students: 575
Percent of Economically Disadvantaged Student: 85%
Website of the LEA:
Describe how a variety of stakeholders from within the LEA and the
community-at-large participated in the planning process.
Technology Plan Committee was formed to conduct meetings daily to complete
plan during summer institute. Committee members:
Director: Mr. Atlihan
Instructional Coordinator: Mrs. Cummings
Dean of Students: Mr. Terrell
IT Manager/Computer Teacher: Mr. Turker
RTT Coordinator: Mr. Aydin

Summarize the relevant research and describe how it supports the plan's curricular and
professional development goals.
Summarize the plans major curricular and professional development outcomes that are
supported by research.
Describe and cite the relevant research that supports the plans outcomes.
Describe the connection between the research and the plans goals.
Describe information gathered from site visits, including best practices.

o The plan is prepared according to these major criteria: Needs

assessment, learning goals, evaluation process and professional
development. Effective implementation of instructional technology and
increased academic achievement is the sought as an outcome in this plan.
o Cite and relevant research: 201415 California K-12 Education
Technology Plan Template, Criteria, and Guiding Questions, 2014.
California Department of Education. Retrieved from on July 18, 2015.
o The template, which this plan was based on, is a detailed guide for a
comprehensive technology plan for schools. The criterion and guiding
questions in this template were used to layout the learning outcomes and
necessary professional development.
o The planning committee reviewed site visit reports and best practices of
other Concepts Schools, provided by the technology education
department of the school management company.
The Plan must establish clear goals and realistic strategy for using
telecommunications and information technology to improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe teachers' current access to instructional technology and current

use of digital tools.
What technology is currently available to all teachers?
- Mimio Smartboards in each classroom.
- Clickers
- Document Cameras
- 60 Ipads on 2 carts
- 60 Laptops on 2 carts
- 30 Nooks

2 computer labs with 25 PCs in each

How does technology assist with student assessment?

Students take NWEA and statewide assessments online. There are several test
prep programs like Study island, MClass, Acuity which students have online
accounts to study at home and at school.

Describe students' current access to instructional technology and current

use of digital tools. Include a description about the LEA policy, practices,
and/or replacement policy that ensures equitable technology access for all

Is technology currently available to all students?

Students have access to computers, ipads, laptops and a 3D printer.

Do all student groups have equal and appropriate access to the

available technology?
Students have access to ipads and laptops when carts are assigned to
their classes during scheduled times. The 3D printer is available to
students if they sign up for the related club.

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for

using technology to improve teaching and learning. Describe how these
goals align to the LEA's curricular goals that are supported by other plans.
Describe how the LEA's budget (LCAP) supports these goals, and whether
future funding proposals or partnerships may be needed for successful
How will technology be used to create more powerful learning experiences
to improve student academic achievement?
Teachers will be trained on how to use smart boards for an engaging
and interactive instruction. Teachers will required to have at least one
smart board based lesson plan per quarter. Clickers will be used for
quizzes when appropriate. Teachers will be able to schedule the Ipad
cart to use in class.
Technology teachers will have students sign in to their online accounts
to view grades and homework assignments. They collaborate with
classroom teachers quarterly to find out at least one Ipad application
to practice skills taught in class.
Students will have access to computers in the lab during after school
enrichment time. Teachers will ask students to submit at least one
assignment online per semester.
Parents will be reminded of their online account login information to

view students progress and homework assignments.

Technology teachers will offer a club with advanced technology use like
robotics or 3D printing.
As a long term goal, administrators will plan out a budget for an online
curriculum implementation with Chrome books to be purchased for
each student.
Classroom Dojo will be used as a management tool and incentives will
be provided to at certain point levels.
How are/will Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) being used to
ensure the quality and implementation of the plan?
Teachers will form a PLC to research online curriculum options as a
preparation to plan for an online curriculum implementation with
Chrome books for each student.
Another PLC will research effective smart board use, best practices and
smart board friendly lesson plans.
One PLC will find out about Project based instructional best practices.
Each PLC will provide a PD/workshop or evaluation report during staff
meetings every month.
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, to
address Internet Safety and the appropriate and ethical use of technology
in the classroom.
How and when will teachers and/or librarians help students acquire Internet
safety skills?
Technology teachers will follow digital citizenship and internet safety
curriculum from
How is access to only appropriate educational online resources
Each student computer will have K9 online protection software installed
before school starts.
The Plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff
understands how to use these new technologies to improve education services
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Summary of the teachers' and administrators' current technology

proficiency and integration skills and needs for professional development.
What do teachers and administrators consider as their needs for
professional development?
Teachers need PD in how to effectively use all available technology tools
including school wide purchased software.
After collecting and analyzing professional development needs, what are
the local, regional, and online professional development opportunities to
meet identified needs?
PLCs, experienced staff members and parents will asked to provide training for
during regular school meeting times. Regional PDs will have at least one
technology related session.

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for

providing professional development opportunities based on your LEA
needs assessment data and the Curriculum Component of the plan.
PLCs, experienced staff members and parents will asked to provide training for
during regular school meeting times. Regional PDs will have at least one
technology related session.
The Plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services,
hardware, software, asset management, and other services that will be needed to
improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the existing hardware, Internet access, electronic learning

resources, technical support, and asset management already in the LEA
that will be used to support the Curriculum and Professional Development
Components of the plan.
What technologies are available to facilitate home/school communication
such as email, web pages, and voice mail?
Each teacher has either a desktop or laptop computer and a gmail based
email account. School internet speed is 200mbps.

Concept SIS is used to manage grading, student-parent and teacher

school accounts.
SchoolReach is used for bulk calls and sms messages to families and
What are the main electronic learning resources (software, online
resources, courseware, or productivity software) currently being used for
instruction and/or student assessment? What grade spans or subjects
encompass each of the resources?
Teachers use online resources of textbook such as ConnectEd.
Study Island is used for test prep and skills practice in ELA and Math in grades 38.
Flocabulary, Discovery education, Reading A-Z, Accelerated Reader, Brain pop
is available to all grades. Some teachers are using Khan Academy, teachers pay
teachers and similar resources as well.
Describe the technology hardware, electronic learning resources,
networking and telecommunications infrastructure, physical plant
modifications, technical support, and asset management needed by the
LEA's teachers, students, and administrators to support the activities in the
Curriculum and Professional Development components of the plan.

What emerging technologies could be used to implement the plans

Chrome books could be rented out to all students to be able to use an online
curriculum system like
What additional technologies need to be acquired for underserved
Some families do not have access to internet at home. School has partnered with a
cable company to provide affordable internet and computers to families in need.
The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor
progress toward the specific goals and make mid-course corrections in response
to new developments and opportunities as they arise.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the process for evaluating the plan's overall progress and impact
on teaching and learning.

How will the LEA know whether implementation of this plan has
made a positive impact on teaching and learning?
End of the year summative test data will be analyzed to find out if technology
implementations have effected student achievement.
Who will participate in the monitoring and evaluation process?
Administration and school leadership team formed by lead teachers will be a part
of the monitoring and evaluation process.

Describe the schedule for evaluating the effect of plan implementation,

including a description of the process and frequency of communicating
evaluation results to tech plan stakeholders.

How often will data be collected and summarized? Who is


Data will be collected at the end of each semester by the school instructional coordinator
and test coordinator.

How will teachers, parents, and other stakeholders provide suggestions

and opinions in the evaluation process?
Stakeholders will be able to provide input during staff, parent-teacher and board