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los Angeles Police Depariment ucncoce |_| cmaneaevo.nerart ree mon RMEEMEARVE REBORE S898 HSE ta Geese oo Manes Geraaant A ha hs ba [o [it Hees PREMISES Greore Wwe = vicTIM ENTAY svar rom or sar VICT S VER. GLE VSR RE TE SEALE SRT OR TT EROS F SONOS “carornowbeoToneuers | _wwthenvaeuaee | rer TERRE OEETAL | penggy SENS grrr REPORTING Vatwwee WIS Wo nevorma’y Liyeaaten (hagas EMPLOYEE(S)| ; Tare eg rns TT THIS REPORT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE VALID IDENTIFICATION KEEP THIS REPORT FOR REFERENCE, INSTRUCCIONES EN ESPANOL AL REVERSO, Your case willbe avigned t0 a detective for follow up investigation based upon specific fects obtalned during the iviialinvestgction Studies have sown thes the presence uf these fats can predict whether a detuied follow-up investigation woud tkel resale inthe arrest ‘nnd prosecution of the sispecfs) or the recovers of proper, in a manner that ix cost-effective to you, the taxpayer, Significant decreases in personnel ave rade is impossible for detecives to pervonullediscass each and every case with all crime vietins. A deteciive vill woe Foutimely contact sou, unless the detective requires addirioned ifrmation. TO REPORT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ifyou have specifi fets to provide which might ais inthe investigation of your case, please {conet the dtestive Monday through Friday, beweea 8:09 AIM. ane 9:30 A.M, oF between 2:30 PAM. aad 4:00 P.M. at telephone number telephone umber where you Ir tn cetectve i not avsilable when you call, please leave a messages ince th Gate echo COPY OF REPORT: If you wish to purchase a copy ofthe complete report, phone (213) 486-8130 to obtain the purchase price, Serd cheek or money order payable © the Ls Angelos Plice Deparinent 0 Records and Mlnifieation Division, Box 30158, Los Angelos, CA 590030. Include a copy ofthis report os the Following information with your request: 1) Name and xkess of vitins, 2) Type of repeat and [DR number (ir Histed above}: 3) Date aa location of ozeurrence, NOTE: Reguess not aveompanied by proper payment will rot he procesied. DK NUMBER: If not entered on this frm, the DR number may be obiained by writing to Revonds and Ientiication Division and ving the infcemation needed to oblsin« copy’ of the report (se above parazreph), Specify that you only waat the DR number It wll be forwssded. whbout delay. Thete is no charge for his service CREDIT CARDS/CHECKS: Inmedisely nity concemed erect vorporaian or banks co zvol possibilty of beiag Hable for someone else using your stolen or last ret card or hc, HOW VOU CAN HELP THE INVESTIGATION OF YOUR CASE: Keep this memo for rferencs. tens have serial numbers not avilable at ime of report, attermp to leat thera und phone them fo the detective atthe listed number. = If you disower additonal losen, complet ad wml in he Supplemental Property Lows form given to os by the epentngemplaye. © Promptly ssport recovery of proper "© Promptly report additonal information such a 4 neighbor informing you of suspicious activity ot time crime occurred VICTIN.WIINESS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Tho Los Angeles City and County Vietm- Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) ean help termine iF yeu quali For Vitim of Violent Crime compensation. Ifyou qualify, they will assist ith Filling your cisim application I you are a victor a winess co crime and willbe gong 10 cous, chey will explain he cous procedures vo you. Ther ff may also uss you wih ther problems created by the erime To find the program location nesrsi fo you. call the Vietim-Witnoss Assistance Program 2 the Los Angeles City Attomey's Office (213) 485-6975, orthe Lox Angeles County District Atomney's Office (800) 380-381 | VICTIMS OF VIOLENT CRIDIE COMPENSATION: Refer to paragraph at bottom of reverse side. ‘www LAPDO alin ore ne Meares