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Kittatinny Regional High School

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June 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
It is my utmost pleasure to write to you in recommendation of Mister William Ebbels. William is a
vibrant individual with a passion for music. He has a natural aptitude for the profession and exudes
competence and confidence.
Mr. Ebbels was a student teacher of mine during the spring 2015 semester. He adapted to the middle
school environment immediately. Williams drive, along with his personality caught the attention of
students from the very first day. He demanded respect, while fostering a fun learning environment.
William took on hefty tasks such as directing instrumental ensembles of sixty students a piece and
teaching band lessons of like instruments. He executed these tasks to a very high level for a student
teacher. His work was precise and clear. Working with Mr. Ebbels was more of a co-teaching experience
and really enhanced the overall quality of my ensembles.
William and I have worked at the collegiate level for two years. Upon completion of his undergraduate
studies, I was pursing my studies in a Master of Music at Montclair State University. I had the pleasure of
playing alongside him in the Montclair State Wind Symphony. Mr. Ebbels possesses fine tuba skills and is
also quite competent on other instruments.
William has a plethora of marching band experience. Respectfully known, he marched contra for the
Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps for a total of three seasons. He also teaches marching band for
Ridgewood High School. William has done some clinics with my marching band at Kittatinny Regional
High School which were very beneficial for the students and staff as well. His demeanor and passion for
teaching show strongly through how he communicates to the students.
It is without any reservation that I recommend Mister William Ebbels as a music teacher in your district.
Aside from his fine abilities as a musician, William has a certain presence and disposition in the
classroom, which is something that cannot be taught. If you have any questions or need further
information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 201-966-4497, or via e-mail at

Erika Sulich

Kittatinny Regional Board of Education

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