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Prince Rupert Betsh July 18, 2015 ‘Mr. Jean-Denis Frechette Parliamentary Budget Officer 50 OConnor Street, 10" Floor ‘Ouawa, ON KIAOA9 Dear Mr. Frechett ‘writing regarding an urgent matter. As revised downwards its projections 1m sure you are aware, the Bank of Canada recently This downgrade in the Canadian economic forecast is likely o have a significant impact on the fiscal projections included in Budget 2015. I believe that itis essential dha Parliamentarians be provided with and timely information on the state of the Canadian economy. As such, I would like to request ‘that your office update the figures from Finance Canada, as presented in Budget 2015, for the 2014-15 ig the updated macroeconomic projections from the Bank of Canada, ‘While {understand that your office faces many pressing requ Parliamentarians and all Canadians have access to this informs Theliove it is urgent that 8 soon as possible, Sincerely, ‘Nathan Cullen (MP for Skeena—Bulkley Valley and Finance Ci Opposition