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Internship at Prime Commercial Bank, Nepal.

Internship at Prime Commercial Bank, Nepal.

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Published by: Kushal Sundar Shrestha on Feb 21, 2010
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The main objectives of the bank in accordance with the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058,
Banking and Financial Institution Act 2063 and Company Act 2063 of Nepal are as
follows: -

a.To provide world class and reliable banking services provided safeguarding the
interest of the shareholder and the depositors are taken care off.

b.To uplift the Nepalese Economy by investing in the agricultural, industrial, service,
and other commercial sectors and providing the required financial assistance both
from the internal and external sources.

c.Maximum utilization of available skills, labors and capital by setting up commercial
activities both in rural and urban Nepal and assisting the government to manage these
industries for poverty alleviation.

d.Acting as a financial intermediary and collecting the scattered funds around the
economy and bring it into use for institutional investment purposes.


e.The bank will endeavor to establish itself as technology savvy, customer friendly and
try to maintain good relationship with its customers.

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