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Detail Call For Service Report Login iD: karath Pent Date/Time: 1216072014 19:12 : 125 FromDate: 12/06/2014 14:19 Crs type: Al 125 ToDate; 12007014 143 ‘Agency Type: Aes Al 125 Call Date/Timer_12/0672074 14:73:30 rary ineldont: 2014-0007 1806 BANCROFT WAY / TELEGRAPH AVE BERKELEY, CA 04720, Berielsy Diepatoh Time: 12082016 18:58:28, ‘oa2014 1557:00 sppre914 wa849 Nature OF Call Hour, Ken emo Report Reuied: No Canodi Ho IN PROGRESS Petty 9 source: Teter j caneioa90 ENG ORE: Fie ont ons } Porson information, 4 Name Person Address Phone Race ‘Sex DOB Age SBN | Type ‘ REPORTING ROUL PLAZA taoe2014 188842 Houston. Kevin PEACEFUL AFPROK20 fajow2o%e tee Muy, Sarh Natu OFcot ranseot4 iss, Howson, Kern '5PL ON ROOFTOP LOOK LKE YOUNG Kos Page: 20175 oe Detail Call For Service Report Login 1D: keith Print Date/Time: "12302014 18:12 From CFs 125 FromDate: 1206/2014 14:13 CFS typ: A Tors: 125°. ToDate: 12082006 14:13 Agency Type: Layer: Al ‘Areas: a CFS Number 125 Call DateTimer_12/0672074 1473550 Primary incldent: 2076-0007 7005 Native, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text (Create Time ‘Created By Narrative ‘acec016 160:53 Howton, Kev ‘CUSTODY GROLPISIE 463 2436458 ‘dev 17:00:33, Houston, Kev BKESHAS 110 UC S7 UCT ‘a0e0%4 17:01:22". Houston Kevn ‘log2014 1721383 Houston, Kev {MOTORSPEOISZS 145146837 PEAIOS 818268610 25 ‘atoero%4 17:02:00 Howton, Kevin ‘cat EE MOST OF IT ‘2082014 17.029 Houston, Kevin ‘GROUP OF 100 NOW ‘aerate 1722351” Heuston, Kein ‘DEOrt6 43011842 128 ‘aoe2016 17.0447 Howton, Kev ve T0160 ‘aner014 17:08:18 Houston, Kevin SPROUL PLAZA NORTH OF INTERSECTION ‘ane2014 170848 Houten, Kevin ‘TRYING TO ORGANIZE INTO MARCHING GROUPS ‘aoen014 1707-17 Houten, Kavi, PATHFINOERLS 829 $3511 26 ACSOBUS PATHFINDERIES 129 ‘tloer0%4 17:07:38 House, Kevin STAGING SECURITYI92 606627088711 12082014 17:08:95 Howton, Kevin BLDG SECURITYIS27 2664781195747 10850 671 ‘2100044 17:00::2 Hobson Kevin upto 220 : faiee014 171133 Houston, Kevin MARCHING AND 2 OPFOSING GROUPS 1 PEACEFUL 1 NOT ARGUING WEACH OTHER {27082014 17:18:00 ° —Housion, Kevin crown 260-200 ‘aien0r4 17-4: Router, Kova MOTORS STAGED EAST AND WEST 0 HOLD TRAFFIC {206201417506 House, Kevin ‘80 TELE FROM BANCROFT ‘2082014 17:18:43. Heusen Korn 400 APPRCACHING DURANT SLOWLY ideao1d 17-46-14 Houston, avn Now AT DURANT 1210820161717 Houle, Kevin NOWAT CHANNING 38 1208201417181 Houten, Kova NOWAT HASTE’SB ‘282016172008 Heuston Kevin NOTOR FOR DWIGHT EB ‘na16 1720386 © Houston Kv, NOTOR UNITS LEAPFROGGING WiCROWO s2mg0t4 1724-08 Houten Kova WEST END PEO TO DWIGHT ‘aaz0%4 172128 Heuston Kev ‘cROWO STOPPED AT DWIGHT ‘oioao14 172428 Heuston, Kevin ‘STIL PEACEFUL, ‘oeo14172201 Hout, Kevin {100 FOR CONSTRUCTION SITE ANOILES OF BRICKS. ‘nao 17:22:48 Hous, Kern PEO TO LEAPFROGGING WIL ADVISE WHEW | NEED THEN TO COMEIN, 042014 1729:08 Howson Kevin (CROWD OUT OF VIEW SB TELE SOUTH OF DWIGHTL29 ‘a0a016'723:0° Houston, Kev BIKES TO FOLLOW CROWD EAST AND WEST 1292014172857 Houston, Kevin cory +2Ie0t4 172648 Houston Kevin ‘TAKING ALL FOUR LANES OF TELEGRAPH DVERTING TRAFFIC DEREY ST ‘oer014 17:25:53 Houston, Keven ‘GRP PAST TELE/PARKER BLOCKING ALL 4 LANES PEACEFUL ‘000'4 7:27.09 Howton, Kevin ‘CROWD MOLDING @ TELEDERBY ‘e0a0%4 17:26:93 Houston, Kevin ‘GROWD SE IS APPROX 500 AND THEY ARE STOPPED @ TELEIDERY ‘vezo%4 17:28:83.” Houston, Kevin (WEST PEO @ TELEGRAPH AVEISTUATT. 90:8 of 7S Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: ksmth Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 From CFS: 125 ‘4208/2014 14:13, CFS Type: = All To CFS: 105 ‘082016 14:13 ‘Agoney Type: Layer: All All (CFS Numb 125 = 12IDBAD Ta 14 GAO Primary incldent 2014-0007 1005 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text ‘Create Time rested By ‘Narrative 41210872074 17:30:88 Houston, Kevln 208 TELESSTUART ‘2008/2014 17:82:40. Houston, Kevin TELE CLEAR GOING WS DERSY ‘a)oe20%6 17:82:21- "Houston Kevin MOTORS ADJUST Wis ‘a)vez016 17:82:57. Hbuiton, Kevin P UNITS CLEAR MONITORING 2)ee2014 17:32:58 Houston, Kevin {LBON THE SOUTHS 12 NORTH OF THE CROWD $20872014 17:33:18 oust, Kevin We DERBY @ DANA $2012014 173338 "Houston, Koln [WB CARELTON BLK S TRAFFIC :810 ‘270872014 17:94:08 Houston, Kavin (GROWD ON DERBY CROSSING ELLSWORTH ‘2)0e72014.17:94:44—Houttor, Kevin WB BLOCKING BOTH LANES ON DERBY ‘arvarot6 17:36:01 Housten, Kevin STILL PEACEFUL ‘apeem014 17:35:19 Houste, Kevin. ‘Ug&10 IN POSTION ‘t2pemote 17:38:48 Houston, Kevin PAULUNIT MOVING TO THE FRNT ‘2I082016 173805 Houston, Kevin {STILL WB APPROCHING SHATTUCK ON DERBY "27082016 17:36:25 ° ~ Heuston, Kevin. (CROWD CROSSING FULTON APPROCHING SHATTUCK. ‘27082014 17:36:34 Houston, Kovin ‘3MOTORS ON SHATTUCK ‘12)es2014 173738 Houston, Kevin CGRP WB DERBY PASSING ELLSWORTH BLOCKING 2 LANES STILL PEACEFUL ‘tapoan014 173373 Houston, Kevin ‘ONE CONT oRP ‘272014 173840 Houston, Kevin ‘SOME OF THE CROWD NOW ON SHATTUCK NB SHATTUCK 1270072014 1739'08” Houston, Kevin ‘SHUT DOWN NB SHATTUCK t2/0872014 173032, Houston, Kevin (CROWD STATIONARY @ SHATTUCK AVEDERBY 12708701617:30:45: Houston, Kev FEAR IS @ ELLSWORTHIDERBY +2)0872014 17:90:58 Hevaton, Kevin GRP MOVING NB SHATTUCK @ DERBY yayberaor4 174018 Houston, Kevin GRP NOW/IFO STA 5 THEY HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED ‘12I06m20141740:38 Houlton, Kevin ‘ACO STAGED MLKTHASTE 1270672014 1740:52 _Housion, Kevin INTERSECTION SHUT DOWN $2)0e2014 17:41:08 Houston, Kevin ‘SHATTUCK AND ASHBY SENDING ALL TRAFFICE ANDW 1210072014 17:41:21 Houston, Kev, NB ALL FOUR LANES OF SHATTUCK 1108/2014 17:41 Houston, Kevin _2MTRS @ ADELINEISHATTUGK #2I082016-17:41:59 Houston, Kevin ‘3718 ADELINEISHATTUCK ‘alogizot4 1742:19 Houston, Kevin ‘SHATTUGKIPARKER ND 400-500 PEOPLE ‘sB)eez014 172225 Houston, Kevin [REAR OF THE GRP PASSING DERBY @ SHATTUCK ‘2ioeroie 17:48:28 Houston, Kevin GRP is BEGINING TO STRETCH OUTTHE END OF THE GRP NB SHATTUCK @ CARELTON ‘2ioan01617:44:38 Houston, Kevin GRP @ SHattuck and aight Blocking bth anes #2062014 17:48:40." Houston, Kevin REAR GRP NB SHATTUCK ‘taloer2o14 1747.02 Houston, Kevin ‘CROWD NB SHATTUCK CHANNING ‘2/0072014 17721 Houston, Kevin [MOVED BLK NS PARKERISHATTUGK TRAFFIC DIVERT Ent ‘aprerove 17:47:44 Houston, Kevin [END OF THE GRP SHATTUCK @ DWIGHT 6 STRAGOLERS. Page: 4 of 75 Detail Call For Service Report Page: Sof 75 [Login 1D: ksmith Print DaterTime: 12/90/2014 13:12 From CFS: 125 From Date: CFB Type: Al To CFS: 125 ToDate: Agency Type: Layer: All Areas: CFS Numb 125 Call Date/Time: 12/06/2014 14:19:30 “Primary ineieents 2014-0007 1005 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TOD Text ‘Greate Time Crested By Narrative t2ioez0t4 17:48:13. “Houston, Keven ‘BART NOTIFIED THEY WILL DOWNTOWN BART STATION IF NEEDED 41210872014 17:40:08 Heuston, Kevin (CROWD APPROGH SHATTUCKIBANCROFT NB 082014 17-9:18 Houston, Kovin ENO OF THE GRP SHATTUCKIMASTE 1210872014 1750:04 — Housto, Kevin DIVERTING TRAFFIC NB @ OWIGHT 421082014 1750:25 Houston, Kevin END OF GRP CHANNINGISHATTUCK ‘aloei2014 17:50:48 Houston, Kev TAKING UP 2 LANES NB TRAFFIC ON SHATTUCK 12I0672014 17:80:58 Houslon: Kevin FFRNT OF THE GRP SHATTUCK /ALLSTON NB ‘2ioe0%4 17:51:59 Houston, Kevin PEO 809 610 635 MOVE INTO A POSITION CLOSER TO UNI FOR TRAFFIC CNTRL 1282014178215 Houston, Kevin 'SHATTUGKJALLSTON 800 STATIONARY * ‘12082014 17:52:80 Houston, Kevin HALF ABLK NOF SHATTUCKIUNIUC ‘ayoera0t4 17:64 Houston, Kev ‘SHUT OFF 8B SHATTUCKUNI UC TOSHUT IT OFF ‘270872014 17:07 Houston, Kevin ‘SHATTUCW/BANCROFT END OF THE CROWD ‘2y0er2016 17:53:31 Houston, Kev 43.148 SHATTUCKIUNI SHUTTING DOWN SB.SHATTUCK ‘27062016 17:58:48", Housion, Kev [ACL GRATES ARE DOWN @ DOWNTOWN BART. ‘2p0e72014 17:54:04 Houston, Kevin ‘810 @ ADDISONSHATTUCK TO CLEAR TRAFFIC 12)0672016 17:56:19 Houston, Kevin ‘SHATTUCKKITIDREDGE 1210872014 17:55:01" Housion, Kevin STILL @ SHATTUCK AVEIALLSTON WAY f2)0e201417:8822 Houston, Kevin ‘SHATTUCWALLSTON WITH SOMEONE SPEAKING IN THE MIDDLE: s2)oer01 1758-11. Huiton, Kevin IvILVIA JUST 8 OF ADDISON 1127082016 17:86:22 Houston; Kevin 'SHATTUCWALLSTON DOING A DIE IN HALF THE CROWD. ‘o/08v2016 17:57:33 Houston, Kevin 226 EB UNVMILVIA BLOCKING TRAFFIC 27082016417:58:68 Houston, Kevin [ADDITIONAL 100 PEOPLE @ ALLSTOW/SHATTUCK 200 PEOPLE STILL PEACEFUL ‘2poa0t4 18:00:11 Houston, Kevin CORP STILL STATIONARY s2foa2014 18:02:27 "Houston, Kevin BLOCKING ALL TRAFFIC ON ADDISONST #2)0672014 18:08:12 Heuston, Kevin ‘SMALL GRP HEADING TWRD THE PSB ATTEMPTING TO COMMIT 594 TO THE PSB 1270672014 78:04:00 Houston, Kevin (GRP STANDING UP MAY BE MOVING 1270072014 18:0438 Houston, Kevin (GRP MOVING WB ALLSTON. ‘27062014 18:05:22. Heuston, Kove (GRP WB ALLSTON APPROACHING HAROLD ‘27082014 1808357 Houston, Kevin SPLINTER GAP 1S APPROX 30 STRONG 420082016 10:08:27 Houston, Kevin ‘ALL GRP IS GOING W7B ALLSTON APPROX 800 tappanots18:07:17 Houston, Kovin ILVIABERKLEY WAY L10L8 ALLSTOH/MALVIA, ‘yame014 180754 Houston, Keith coLvisiu Moun ‘12)0812014 180823 Heuston, Kevin MASKING UP SPLINTER GRP HEADING 70 THE PSB 41290872074 18:08:53 Houston, Kevin ADDISONMLK NEED A SQUAD ‘20062014 18:00:08 Houston, Kevin UCSQUAD To THE PSB 210072014 18:0621 Houston, Kev: S29MLKS OF ALLSTON: 12)08/2014 18:06:29. Houston, Kevin WN ALLSTON W OF MLK | | i Detail Call For Service Report Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 From CFS: 127062014 14:1 crs Type: Al To OFS: 12/06/2014 14:13 ‘Agency Type: Layer: Al Al CFS Number: 125 Call DateTime:_12/06/2014 14:13:50 Primary inekdent, 2014-0007 1605 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TOO Text ‘Create Time ‘Created By Narrative 127082014 1800-41 Houiton, Kevin MILVIA ALLSTON END OF THE GRP 120082018:18;0645 Houston, Kvn conn 29 1208/2014 1:10:0 Houston, Kevin {GRP GOING WB ALLSTON PAST MLK 2)0er016 18:10:13 Huston, Kovin ALLSTONIVLK BECOMING STATIONARY ‘asi2014 1:41:42 Houston, Kevin NB ILK FRM ALLSTON MOVING ABOUT ONE THOUSAND STRONG 120082014 18-1254" Houston, Kevin LARGE CROWD FO THE PSB NEED BACK UP 127082014 16:13:06 Houston, kevin ‘SRT BLLIGOLD ENROUTE ‘2082014 18:13:25 Houston, Kevin [NEED UNITS & SIDE OF THE PSB BEHIND THE FENCE LINE 127082014 18:43:40 Houston, Kevin 28 COMING OUT FRM THE NLOT TO ASSIST 127002016 18:404 Houston, Kevin ENTIRE GRP FO THE PSB 2/0/2016 18:16:43 Houston, Kevin ‘25@LUIGLD & SIDE OF THE PSB DONG CONT ‘2082014 16:17:10 Houston, Kevin 4 SQUAD NEEDED @ ADDISONTLK ‘27042014 18:18:45 ~ Houston, Kevin. EB ON CENTER STREET PORTION OF THE GRP MOVING 200 APPROX. ‘2002016 18:20:03 Houstn, Kevin HAVE 2 OF THE BIKES MONITOR THE MOVING ORF ‘2)0e2014 18:20:32 Houston Kevin ‘SQUAD 4 ON THE EAST SIDE OF THEBULDING 2)062016 1821:38 Houston, Kev ‘VIDEO ROLLING {2106/2014 18:22:30, Houson, Kevin [Nez A SQUAD W SIDE AND NORTHSIDE NEED MOBILE FIELD FORCE BUT NOT KNOW WILL ADVISE 120082016 18:22:57 . Houston, Kin SQUAD 4 GONG TO L10 ‘120082016 182330. Houwon, Kon GRP OF 60 SITTING DOWN 121002014 182883 Housion, Kevin CORP NOW 100 CENTERMMILVIA 121082014 182401 Querubn, Cle ‘rs SHATTUCKUNIVERSITY SUSCR PERSON WITH A GUN E19 PRIOR TO 1819 ‘ASSOC VEH: 4D MAROON OR RED VEH OCCUPIED BY 2 VMAS AND 2 BAS LIS. BERKELEY WAY R> SAW Ul IN PASSENGER SEAT HOLDING UP A BK ANDGUN...PER'S10, PATROL WILLNOT RESPOND "= 2216 18:26:15. ueabin, aM = U8 W BERKELEY WAY PERRRP. THEY WERE ASKING WHERE THE PROTEST IS ‘12062014 182828 Houston. Kevin (QUATER OF THE GRP ON THE MOVENS MLK 129082016 18:26:42 Houston, Kevin MAXHEARST TO CONTROL 88 120002014 1826358. Housln, Kevin REST OF THE GRP FOLLOWING 68 NLK ‘ayerant4 18:27:17, Houston, Kevin GOING To OPEN IT UP AND LET THEORP THRU 2yow014 182742 Housln, Kevin NO CHANGE 120082014 18:285 Houston, Kovn 4 BLK WALES ADDISON MLK GETTING READY TO THROW ROCKS @ THE PSB. 1200/2014 18:28:16 Houston, Kovn (GRP MOVING NB NK: ‘121082014 182024 Howson, Kovn ‘OR? DIONOT CONT 27082014 182057 Hous, Kevin ‘GRP OF 100-150 MOVING BACK THRO THE Ps 210812016 18:20:16 Houston, Kevin [ALL ACTINITY ADDISONMLK ‘20820%6-18:3036 Howson, Kevin ‘SQRIMAGE LINE @ WILK AND PUSH THEM NB PAST US ‘2ios20t4 182057 Howson, Kevin TAKING BRICKS Page: 60175 qd 4 Detail Call For Service Report {Login 1D: kath Print DateTime: 2720/2014 13:12 125. FromDate: ° 12006/2014:14:13 CFS Type: A 125° ToDate: 12/06/2014 14:13 ‘Agency Type: ‘Areas: Al 125 Gall Date/Time 1270672074 7413:90 Primary incident! 201400071008 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text Create Time ‘rested By Narrative ‘00016 81:17 Houston, Kean CORP COMING Wa CENTER ‘tivez016 103128. “Heusen, Kevin ‘186 WAS HIT BY A BRICK taivezote teats: Heuston, Kevn TAKONG ROCKS 12002016 182189 Haton, Kevin UNTS ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BUEDING STEP UP OVER THE GATE ‘apsz0t4 1822-10. Heuston, Kern TAKING ROCKS AND BRICKS ‘0aa01s 8:32:28 Heuston, Kevin START GWING DISP ORDERS ‘ns20t4 188244 Heuston, Kevin NEED A UNIT 70 BRING A BULL HOR ‘veo 1832:55 Heuston, Keun TAKNGMULTI ROCKS AND BRICKS ‘a10az0%4 1899591 Houston, Kevin [THROWING A METAL BAR AND ALARGE RNS FRM MUVADDISON ST ‘2ioa2014 186-15 Hato, Kevin USING SMOKE AND LESS THEN LEATHAL 21672014 16:94:31 Houron, Kevin PROTESTERS ARE THROWING GASFROM THE CROWD ‘20672014 18:36:53 Hourton, Kev DON cas MASKS {2982014183620 Houston, Kevin LUMINAL TAKING BONN TRADER JOES PLATES AND THROWING THEM THEY ARE GETTING ROWDY GRP WB UNI ‘062014 1836:58 Che Lndenau BREAGING WINDOWS AT TRADER 40° 4 80 FAR aeeot4 T8812 Houston Kevin YN GRP MLCT ‘ay0e72014 18:26:10 Houston, Kevin SMALL GRP IFO THE PSB ye672014 18:3649 — Housln, Kevin VIOLENT GRP MLKU ‘21672014 18:38:38 Houtlon, Koln NO ISP ORDER GENET “emernte 1838:58 Cotes, Shon ANOTHER CALLER VES ABOVE TRADER JOES- STATES ONE OR HE EMPLOYEES CORDZD ‘Un6r0t41898:69 —Houslon Kevin MOVE 2 SQUADS MLKIBERKELEY WAY ‘aloes 183823 Howton, Kevin 1523 HOVING MLXBERKELEY at SORITAGE LINE BLK ANY MOVEMENT ‘tyber0%4 18:38:81 Houston, Kevin ‘S28 MOVING THAT WAY a) ‘21082014 18:40:38. Coteros, Shen ANOTHER CALLERI |EFUSED FEMALE STATING SHE HEARD 2D HANDINFO ONEOF OES Hab aN AX" ‘aivar014 18:41:57” Howton, Kevin TRADER JOES iS BEING ‘082014 184508 Beano, Anos Depth eclvd by wt TAO ‘eypezot4 184628 Hogan, Devin Dispich ected by wit 7Af2 ‘penis 4508 Selene, Miguel Diaptc ected by nt ZA18 ‘06018 1845-15 Hout, Kevin SPLINTER GRP WALKING DOWN UNIIN THE CENTER MEDIAN NEAR THE UNIVE TRAVEL LOOGE KICKING CARS ‘2ioe2044 1845-48 Heuston, Koln [ALL TRAFFIC NEEDS TO STOP SB EBAND NB WS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED ‘ei20t4te47.ce Heuston, Kevin GRP WB UNI APPRO.CALI 127082014 184738 Heuston, Kevin HITTING RADIO SHACK NOW 1600 UNVERSITY LOOTING§s GONG ON fapaont i800 fan tam cn oF curING RADIO SHACK “‘’ 12082014 18:48:25 Reeve, Kinbery A now at 1682 unity breaking window : 20872014 184620 Lopee, Tamara. calor sng thay ae at mogee and uriverly sng uh Page: 7 of 7S (CFS Number Detail Call For Service Report Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Téxt (Create Time ‘eiperzons 1649-32 *2ipera0t4 1050:00 r270ar016 185102 ‘wosnord 1851-13 ‘tpjoanot 1882-11 ‘yarowaors 105.27 sa1ow2016 18189:22 ‘ayeazote 185341 ra)osz0ts 18:54:99, alone 165652 1270872016 18:58:08 f2I0a2014 18558 ‘1082016 18:56:46 r27er2016 18:56.03, s27oar20t4 16188:07 ‘2meen014 18:86.07 s2Ioan016 1858-18 s2joan016 18:56:38, r2ioe014 18:86:50, s2joeno14 e574 s2ioe014 18:88:90 ‘azosrz016 188-14 ‘27082016 18:00:30, ajosaors 1:02:95 ‘aioaiad‘e te02:50 ‘29par2014 10:03:08, s2roaiz014 19:98:20 s2ioanot4 180851 2merv4 18:08:10 sosa014 1010548 s2vosaot6 19:08:25 -ainaraota 18:08:43 ‘ayoqr20t4 1:08:30 ‘2/oe2014 18:08:58 Page: 8 0675 Login ID: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 esto ater | imamaa ont 12 To Date: 12y002014 14:13 Agency Type: mrt atin STE Pi aE OT Seay 7 Ree ee cae Ccaar Suen oemenonua sea RC OCS tS iaili ect Sememenecennrmesd fee eras IEE ees tag poaaes eascics oo Pe See ee ea cea lias ear eoat aes ee aevds cance oe aeatei foe aes eee | | Soonsnrnicoe oes cooeuee ee Senne xoveovene mo Terex SOE Seg ere wees ee ee fs | Gunicenmarencweumeisseus) See Soe eee an mnn cr cane ek Sete cienins oe serie neers Seo mee tl vararecon on mrecunemnov ase ay nerve sprompener are (msc tom -— Soattamn succor oF Arata 10 mono Frac tck UIT masta earioLsicmmp ee icone jetted ICEL pies foe tasy wet Wren ape nan aioe ad puna suger ves rer eee ee eeataee oo neeman oni fete cece yeiigeoe cence sau Bene eae eee oe eee evenes en gre eneereea Davee gu ieee ue eae paereanee twee pen sel on le ae pe) a le pee i cuamensuemueio Pee eee perce enn a . Detail Call For Service Report Login I keith Print Date/Time: 1218072016 13:12 128 FromDete: 1208/2044 14:13 CFS type:) AL 125 ‘ayosr2044 14:13 Agency Type: Al ‘CFS Number 125 120608 1 mary ineldent? 2012-0007 1005 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text (Create Time “Created By Narrative 2708/2014 10:08:10.” Howson, Ken ‘CHP 20 AND THE OVERPASS ‘oenta9:1140 | Houser, Kod nora “082016 19:1.04 Houser, Kevin ‘CRP WE UNt/GRANT STILE PEACEFUL ‘ansiaoreraiv428 Hutte, Koon 804 POBS INFROGRESS @ 1085 UNVERSITY @ WELLS FARGO ‘yoez0%4 18:1848. Hous, Ken REAR OF THE CROWD @ UNUIICOEE GROMID STOPPING ‘roez0ts 19:18:00 Heute, Kove UUNIMASTE STIL WB ‘inate 185:17 Heuston, Kev. ‘OF? STOPPED @ THE X WAS TREE LOT @ UNIMCOEE ‘ajooz016 18:18:23 Howton Kevin {tue 18.60. UNIETH UNITS HTH AND UI PUL TO THE SIDE AND LE TE. ‘082014 1016-48 Hovsion Kevin (CHP SORIMAGE LINE NS BLOCKING THE OVER PASS 127082014 18:6:59 Houten, Kevin 00 BLK UNDOING THIS VOOKA fayezo%4 1017.07 Houston. Kevin STHSTCOME SB FRU HEARST ‘aive014 1941731 Hausen, Kez NEED THE BUS HEARSTISTH ST MAKE IT NORTH ‘moe2014 10:82 Howser, Kev OFF LOADING @ UNIGTH ST ‘ana2014 18:8:49 Hover, Kevin UNEFFERSON 125, 1200201618:1009 Hevea, Korn PEOPLE BUYING GAS @ UNUSTH STFOR POSS MOLITAVE ‘0a016 18-1840 Heuston Kevin UNCAL ‘aos2014 192036 Houston, Kevin PICKING UP ROCKS NEAR THE INDIAN CHAT HOUSE ‘2ypaz0%4 1025:%6 Heuston Kevin Ws UNITO.STOP TRAFFIC 28016 10267 Heuston. Kevin G1 E62 HEARSTOTH (8) {2002014 162425, . Howton, Kern NEED CONT ON 6TH18T J NOF UML fai0e201470:26:47 ° Houston Kevin UNVACTON ‘002016102508 Houston, Kevn LARGE BUSSES STH ST ON UNI ‘anezo44 1928-02 Howson, Kevin (CROWD HEADING EB UNIFRM 6TH ST ‘aneot4 1927-03 Houston, Kev BLK WB UNUSAN PABLO ane2014 16:27:18 Houston, Kevin MONTORING OROWD ‘aoezers 1627-27 House Kein aacoen "0620141827233 Hour, Kevin Newest ‘atoaz0%6 8 ouston, Keel MOVE TO VODKA U HAVE RESOURCES & ANO W ‘210872014 18:28:24 Houston, Kevin LUNV-BONAR ‘2082016 1928:42 Houston, Kevin SSRTIBLU AND GOLD TRYING TO GET THIS GOING ‘2foao%4 19:26:60 Houston Kev HOLD CHP HERE ‘2nsi20v4 1920:18 — Heurton Kevln ‘CROSEING BONAR ‘0e016 183130" Howson Keven LUMA PABLO END OF THE GRP ‘nwt tests42 ~ Houston, Kevin INTIATE'VOOKA ‘enero 10:32:39 Houston, Kevin NEEDALINE NS OF BAN PABLO AVE ‘a0e0% 183820. Houston, Kevin '529 NORTH UNISAN PABLO LB SOUTY UNIVERSITYISAN PABLO “2092014 18:38:59 Houston, Kev 26 EAST CURTIS W OF UN: Page: of75 Detail Call For Service Report Logtn10: kamith Print DateTime: 122802016 18:12 From CFS: 125 Frombate: . 120672014 16:19, orstype: Al Tors: 425 Toate: 42/0672014 14:19 Agency Type: Layer. Al Arees: al ‘CFS Number: 125 __ Gall Date/Time!_‘2/060014 141530 Primary incident 2074-0007 1906 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TOD Text ‘Create Te Created By Naratve ‘reans4 18:96:12 Howton, Kevin NB SANPABLO GRE NEVING ‘200201416:94:85 © Houston, Kevin LUNIW OF SAN PABLO 11 ‘leen014 19:35:51 Howson. Ken LUNLS WEST OF SAN PABLO ‘een01 1928:58 Houston, Kevin (603 THROW UP ALINE 68 ‘e0e20t4 183639 Huston Kevin SANPABLO DELAWARE REAR OF THE GRP PASSING ‘a0gc20¥4 109759 oval, Kevin {SAN PABLOVFRANSICO PUTTING UPALINE ‘2w2044 183805. Hovson Kava NEED 8 CONTA! @ DELAWARE ‘aro02014 19:39:24. Housen Kin” BLU SAN PABLO/FRANCIECO GLO @ DELAWARE ‘aroe20%4 19:39:61 Houten, Kevin (003 SAN PABLOFRANCISCO ‘pen 184038 Hoven Kevin (603 SANPABLOVFRANGISCO COME FR THE NORTHINEED 2 SQUADS ‘662014184159 Houston Kvn TAKING BOTTLES ‘299014 194282 Hoesen, Kvn {GRP OF 60-1008 DELAWARE FRISSAN PABLO. ‘alpen 1949:%6 Howton Kevin CORP HEAD NG EB DELAWARE ‘2)0e2014 194032 Howson Kern SANPABLOMEARST fa7ev2014 104848 Houta, Kon CURTSIELAWARE s27oy20%4 84521 Hour, Kern (CROWD IS EAST PAST US ‘arpenote 14549 Howton Kevin EB DELAWARE IS WHERE THE CROWD 16 ‘7092018194731 Heuston, Ken CCALL WEST BERKELEY BART STATIN 11082014 1847:55 Houston Kevin CORRECTION NORTH BERKELEY BART {21682084 18-14 Howton Kav EB DELAWARE/CHESTNUT 121082014 19482. Howson Kevin ART PONOTRIED ‘2082014 1948:5° Howton, Kevin ERIC INTIATE A VODKA 082014 1949:00 Houston, Kevin ‘AGSO HAYWARO REMOUNT farosz0t4 4824 Hout, Kav 8 DELAWARE BEHIND GR ‘reat 1949358. Housion Kevin POTENTIAL TOT MAY BE BART. THEYVE BEEN NOTIFIED 12082016 1980:17 Huson, Kvn SRT WEST OF CROW ‘21082014 1830359. Houson Kevin 25 CONFIRM EAST @ ACTON? 26 W/OPO ELA FRANALN STARTING SCAIMAGE LINE ‘2062014 1:51:89. Houston Kevin (PD STAGED @ FRANKLN...WHEN GRMD GETS CLOSER WILL BLK IN ‘2082014 195207 Howton, Kevin WEAK SPOTS SEEM TO BE NORTH AID SOUTH @ DELA AWEST ‘tonzota 19:52:93 Houston, Kevin 3 P/U SOUTH NEAR WEST 8 HEARST {ypezo14 195248 Houtn, Kevin ‘GRP GONG SOUTHAT HEARST ‘2Heen014 19:82:58 Houten, Kevin REAR OF GRP PASS CHESTNT [DELAVARE ‘2062014195903 Mouwon Kevin ‘GRP YOVING 8B ON Wes ST ‘1062014 10356: "Houston, Kevin CORP CONT 89 ON WEST TWDS UNI "aosc0%4 156 Houtan Kev BLU TEAM SEAL W/O UN! ‘2097014 185612 Howson, Kevin ‘8 PIU-TRAILER AND DONT LET THEN HEAD NORTH ‘ano 18:58:21 Howton, Kevin 535.COME WB ON BERK THOS CHSTALT Page! 10.175, Hot i 4 Detail Call For Service Report [Login 1D: kesmith Print Date/Time: 12/30/2014 13:12 From CFS: 125 FramDate: 12/06/2014 14:13 crstype: |All Toces: 125 To Date: taoereota 14:13, Agency Type: aL Areas: All GFSNumber: 125 Call Date/Time: 12/06/2014 14:79:30 Primary incident: 2014-0007 1005 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text ‘Greate Time ‘Created By ‘Narrative 120082014 18:54:37 Houston, Kevin |\8 COME EB ON BERKELEY WAY FRM CHSTNUT 120082014 1986351 | Houston, Kevin ‘S20 WILL TAKE EB BERK WY /CHESTNUT 129082014 18:55:10 Houston, Kevin ANOTHER 80D NEEDED CODE 8 MOVING DBL TIME ‘{Rlber014 18:56:31 Houston, Kevin ‘COUPLE CARS IN INTERSECT @ ADOIBNSAN PAB. ‘aiver20'4 19:56:00, Houston, Kevin LONGED UNIT EB ON HEARST. .PUSH BK TO HEARST..GRP MOVING EB BERKELEY 1210872016 18:56:28 Houston, Kevin GRP MOVING TO ACTON 1210872014 1057.08. Hoveton, Kevin (GRP MOVIN ES BERK WY TWDS ACTON ... HAVE OPD GET BEHIND GRE ‘21002014'18357:38 Houston, Kevin BERKELEY WAY/ACTON UCS10 RESPOND CODE 3 21002014 18:57:54" Houston, Kevln Le GETTING VEHS $0 WE CAN GO MOBILE 12)08720%4 10:58:05 Houston, Kevin ‘TAKING ON ROCKS BERK WY E/0 WEST ST 1210872014.18358:57 Houston,ikevin ‘START GIVING DISPERSAL ORDERS 121062014 18:88:17 Houston, Kevin LB MANEUVER 818 UNI BETWN WEST AND ACTON ‘aloer2014 18:3648. Houston, Kevin ‘OPD IS WEST ON BERKELEY WAY *al0s20%6 19:80:55 Houston, Kevin HAVE 0D GIVE DISPERSE ORDER 12106/2014 20:00:13 Houston, Kevin ‘OPD /S8 COMING UP BERK WY WEST -si0e/2014 20:00:53. - "Houston, Kovln (GRP OF 80.0D FOLLWING... ‘amereot4 20:01:83, Howson, Kevin |WERE ALL WEST OF BERKELEY WAY AVEST ...WEST OF CROWD. ANOTHER GRP EAST OF COPS: ‘aycert4 20:00:32. Houston, Kevin {88 MOVE UP AND GIVE DISPERSE ORDER... REPEATEDLY ‘yapce0%e 20:08:01 Houeton, Kevin [L10 MOVE YOUR GROUP UP...6000 PORTION OF GRP @ UNI/ACTON *12/0e72014 20:08:10 Houston, Kevin ‘0>D MOTORS ENRT FOR DISPERSE ‘2feer2014 20:08:44» Heuston, Kevin HOLDING HALF GRP HERE. ‘a7ee72014 20:04:05 Houston, Kevin ‘SCRIMMAGE LINE @ ACTON /UNI...CROWD IS IN INTERSECTION @ ACTON /UNI ‘emer 20:04:28 Houston, Kevln ‘BLU TEAM HAS WEST...NEED SOMEONE EAST AND SOUTH 20062014 20:04:53 Houston, Kevin [NEED SUPPORT TO WEST UNIV/]O ACTON, .NEED TO BULD AROUND INTERSECTION ‘1aner2014 20:08:23 Houston, Kevin ‘SORIMAGE LINE TO WEST... HAYWARD MOVE TO SOUTH ACTONUNIV 42)0820%4 20:08:00 Houston, Kevin (OPDJUST ARRIVED. 1208/2014 20:08:28. Houston; Kovin {92.970 IFO Teo BERK WAY MOVING EAST THROUGH CRWO OWING DIPEREE ‘raow20t4 20:07:08 Houston, Kevin ZED MEDIC ACTONUNIVER FOR SEZURE. NOT AN CFFICERCOME FROM 427082044 20:08:19 Murray, Sarah Ledgers ques, parking lo, male avi a slezure RP Is ar082914 20:11:03 Howson, Kevin GIVING THE DISPERSAL ORDER NOW ‘oa016 20:11:18 Houston, Kevin ‘ALSO WE NEED TO GET LEDGER LI LOT CLEAR ‘aiowz0%6 20:12:30 Houston, Kevin AGTON AND BERKELEY WAY GRP OF 50 42/08/2016 20:16:60 Houston, Kevin LUMUACTON 6 SIDE TO SEAL OFF THAT CORNER, ‘27082014 20:16:35 Heuston, Kovin ‘CROWD MOVING E8 UNI 27087016 20:16:89 Houston, Kevin ‘THEY ARE @ SACRAMENTO GRP OF 60 PEACEFUL Page: 11 of 75 faeteaHeLE L Detail Call For Service Report Page: 12 0175 Login ID: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/00/2014 13:12 From CFS: 425. FremDate: 120082014 14:13 CFS Type: To OFS: 125°" ToDate: 121082014 14:13, ‘Agency Type: Layer: Al ‘Areas: All CFS Number 125 Call Date/Time: 120672014 14:13:90 Primary incidents 2074-0007 1008 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text ‘Create Time ‘Created By. Narrative oY yatoai2614 20:47:09.” Muay, Serch cling ict gc up andl, now reporting person nth laggers at has a becken fg, 21082016 20:17-28 Houston, Kevin IFO LEDGAR, iE PATIENTS ‘2)0e7201420.16:30 Houston Kevin CGRP IS STILL IFOLEDGERS APPROX 5 1270672014 20:18:58. Houston, Kevin LOCK DOWN LEDGAR AND GIVE DISPERSAL ORDER AND THEN INTIATE VODKA 1270672014 2020:48 Houston, Kevin MULTIPLE DISERSAL ORDERS GIVEN START MAKING ARRESTS ‘12ioez20142021:34 Houston, Kevin. {GRP IS SPEAD THIN TOP @ MOSEE 2Vee12014 20:25:52 Houston, Kevin ‘CROWD APPROCHING GRANT 12/06/2014 20.2625 | tekey,amala ‘onner of edger gus secure Inside toarded bulng ‘2106'2014 20:26:27 "Houston, Kevin (GRP EB UNI JUST PASSING SAC ‘21062014 20:28:08. ~ Houston, Kevin (GRP Is STARTING TO FORM AND ORGANIZE GRANTIUN| 1290872014 2028:29 Houston, Kevin, [WB UNIVICALIFORNIA SPLINTER GRP ‘s2loa2018 202037 ° Houston, Kevin (GRP OF 50 JEFFERSON WN! ‘2/06/2014 20:29:50 “Houston, Kevin ‘GRP OF 200 @ UNGRANT 121007201420:30:50 Houston Kev [START MAKING TARGETED ARRESTS. ‘s2)osiz014 2021-04 Houston, Kevin ‘GRP @ UNIMLK AND HAS STOPPED - 121067201420:31:57 Houston, Kevin 1210872014 20:92:57 Hous Kevin 12/08/2014 20:82:42 key,emate ‘270672074 20:22:80 Houslon, Kevln ‘a/vei20'4 20:22:62 Houston, Kevin ‘2)ve/2014 20:38:09 Houston, Kavin ‘BLK NB MLKICENTER ‘2)06/2014 20:35:21 Houston, Kevin (G NEED MOTORS TO TAKE THAT POST ‘2)eez014 20:33:44 Houston, Kevie LUNUGRANT LAST OF THE GRP PASSING 1270672014 20:36:05 Houston, Kevin BERKELEY WAYIMLK 810, ‘2708/2014 20:38:07 Houston, Kevin EB UNIBONITA GRP SZE OF 100-200 ee ed MAKING A SCRIMAGE LINE UNIW OF SHATTUCK ‘aipsr2014 20:9050 —Houelon, Kevin SSCRIMAGE LINE SET ‘ayos72014 20-4048 Houston, Kevin ‘GRP SB MELVIA FRM UNI ‘2/pame014 26:41:01 Housten, Kevin NEED UNNMILVIA ‘apeamo16 20:41:28 Houston, Kevin GRP 1S;COMING EB ADDISON ST ‘aIpereotd 204205 Houston, Kevin ‘GALL DOWNTOWN BART AGAIN AND OPEN NORTH BERKELEY BART ‘27verots 204231 Houston, Kevin MILVVADDISON IS TAKEN OVER APPROCHING ADDISON SHATTUCK NOW ‘amoemove 20:43:18 Houston, Kevin “GRP OF 100 TRYING TO TAKE OVER SHATTUCKMMILVIA ‘apoezov4 20:44:33 Houston, Kav EB NS BLOCKED THEY ARE GOING TWROTHE ROTUNDA. 12/062014 20:44:50 Houston, Kevin HOLD CROWD ON ADDISON STISHATTUCK s2/ou20%6 20:46:28 Houston, Kou “THEY HAVE APPROX 300 BOTTLES © THE INTERSECTION SHATTUCK /ADDISON ST Detail Call For Service Report Login: ksmih Print Datertime:, 128072044 13:12 From CFs: 125” FromDate: 1200072014 1419 crs typ al To crs: 125 ToDatet 1200672014 14:13, ‘Agency Type: Layor: Al ‘reas: A ‘CFS Number 128 Gal Date/Time: 120062014 143180, Primary neldents 2014-00071008 Narrative, Qissionnaire Responses, TDD Text recto Time ‘Created By Narrative ta7oe2914204891 Howton, Kevn PweNROUTE ‘a)ow2014 20352 Hower, Kevin THEY ARE HEADING TWRD THE ROTINDA 1062014 204848 ° wor, Kova CGAP MOVING EB FRIMILVIA APPROX 20 127092014 204728. Howson Kan CENTER E OF SHATTUCK 18 WHERE THE CROWD 18 faos20t4 2014748 Howton, Kem =~ NEEDBLUIGOLD SRT GOS FRM THE EAST 127092014 2048901 Hooton Kevin CORP 18 S FROM ALLSTON NOW 2092014 204088 Hooton, Kato GoaP EB KITTREDGE 127082016 205086 Howton. Keo 98 OXFORD HEADING THRU TOUCHLESE ‘a7oy20%4 2035982 Howton Kvn [5B BANCROFT FRA FULTON ‘27082014 20:508 Howton Kevin CCREW 88 SHATTUCK WITH PLASTIC BARRICADES ‘arpa0t4 205498 Howton, Kevin CGAP THIAT HAS BARRICADES 18 APPROX 100 STRONG. fa7082014 20588 Houten, Kvn CGAP THATS @ BANCROFTFULTON LETS TRY TO START MAKING ARRESTS {2092014208480 - Quenbin inieM.—_“* BED RESPONDING FOR A MEDICA AT 2500 UN FOR CHEST PAINS, PATROL UWABll TO RESPOND FOR COVER NO ACCESS PER 83, NEED UNITS == 127082016 2036106 Howton Kevin DURANT ON FOOT HEADING EB ‘mpen014208537 Heuston, Kova {SaP PASSING THE TANG LOT ‘a7pe2014 208601 Huson, Kevan CRP ALREADY @ ELLSWORTH ‘pe201420:5618 _Housion, Kevin ER BANCROFT FOLLOVIING A GR® OF 100 COINS THE WRONG WAY fae2014 205743 Howton, Kevn cro NoTiFIED t270920%4203833 Hoosen, Kevin GRP EB FASSING DANA FRM BANCROFT WAY tajow2014 28688 Houten Kan Ty AR BLOCK CENTEASHATIUCKEARICADING THE ROAD THE tape2014 2101 Houten, Kan “TELEGIBANROFT DONG ASCRIMAGE LINE tao92014249020 Howser, Kevin EASTSIDE IS SEALED ‘2709201421:0038.__ Houn, Kevin 88 THRU SATHER GATE ‘7eea014210%0T —Hounen, Kovn BLK OFF THE SATHER GATE raano1 2191:16 Mech, Tyne RPT OF GRP CARRING ICADES 85 SIAT FROM CENTER tae0201421:91:23 Heuston, Kevin BLOCK OFF THE ALLEY WAY NEAR KPS ‘pa0t421.91:99 Houston; Kev SSATHER LANE CLOSED ‘epanai4210147 Hour Kon ‘M34 BANCROFTBONOITCH ‘apen014 21.9208 Houston, Ken TELEAANCROFT SEALED TO THE EAST Us SEAL OFF TOTHE WEST raea0ts210610 Houser Kvn ANCROFT/TELEGRAPH STAT NEEOUCPD 2992014210641 Hosen, Kevin SATHER GATE LOCKED DOWN ‘7002014 21:0934 Howser Kain 20 PEOPLE @ THE ROTUNDA PEACEFULCD ‘oant421:1223 Howton Kev NEED SGUAD @ TELEOURANT fa920t47:1621 Howse, Kevin NEED AUNTTTELOURANT apanais2121:09 Heusen, Kevin CIVING THE DISPERSAL ORDER ‘erean0ts 212825 Heusen, Keen ‘SATHER LANE THE GATE Is CLOSED WIPAD LOCK WE NEED THE PLEASANTON'GRP @ TaLEGRAPHDURANT Page: 130175, [ + Detail Call For Service Report [Login ID: smith Prin Date/Time: 1280/2014 13:12 125 FroimDate: "12/06/2014 14:13 crs Type: A {a Toate faperao 1488 ‘Agency Type: 725 ____Call Date/Time: 12/06/2014 14:13:50 Primary incident 2074-0007 1905 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text (reste Time Created By ‘Narrative, ‘2iea014 21:26:50 Houston, Kevin MALE ALK LEATHER JACKET WIMASKON THROWING ROCKS.@ OPD $2)d0014 24:28:24 Houston; Kevin LARGE CROWD FORMING 12)08720142134:81 Hogan, Devin Dlapaich rcelved by unt 7A12 t2)000142137-28 Houston, Kevin (DURANT/TELEGRAPH NORTH DISPERSAL OADER GIVEN 12i0e7201421:28.00° Houston, Kevin 1022 THE DISPERSAL ORDER s2872014'2141:00 Houston, Kevin ‘SECOND DISPERSAL ORDER GOING OUT SOUTH Somazoi4 2141-21 Sabins, Todd Dlopach received by unt $19 12I0020142146:32 Houston, Kevin TAKING ROCKS s2y0e201621146:53 Houston, Kevin PER UCPD 2300 PPI. LETTING OUT OF ZELLEBACH SPILLING OUT ONTO STREETS s2ioa2014 2:47:47 — Houston, Kevin [NEED 2 SQUADS ON TELE NEAR DURANT. .NEED OPD TO GO ON DURANT JWO TELE, f2i0er01821:48:10 © Houston, Kevin [NEED SOD TO MANEUVER TO BANCITELE 2roeiz014 21:48:25 Houston, Kevin 28 GRP WILL JOIN GRP DURNTITELE ¥21007201421:49:30 ~ Houston, Kevin UCP @ BANCITELE 12/08201421:80:43 Houston, Kevin 24 HAG ALL CHP FORCE W/HIM AND READYH TO DEPLOY 2)0020142182:33 Houston, Kevin (COUPLE HUNDRED RUNNING EB CN DURANT s2)0e201621:6928 -. Houston, Kevin PURSUE GRP EB ON DURANT. +2)087201421:53:50, Houston, Kev MAKE ARRESTS *27087201621'54:24- Houston, Kevin HOLD ALINE BANGBOWDITCH ¥2)067201421:50.02 Houston, Kevin 24 PROCEED EB CHANNING TO TELE...DUNP HALF OF YOUR CREW. THE RESTOF | ‘YOUR CREW GO BANCROFT CHANNING ‘avoe014 21:66:12 Houston, Kevin LBIS MOVING A SD TO DURAWBONDITCH ¥2706701421:66141 "Houston, Kain 24 MOVE ENTIRE CREW TO BOWDITGHDURANT ¥21067201422:08:00. Houston, Kevin. GAS...PUT ON YOUR MASKS 12/08720142203:21, Houston, Kevin WHAT IS STATUS OF UNITS @ DURANT BOWDITOH 12906720142208:25 Houston, Kevin oAs.. 270072014 22:08:41. Houston Kevin LARGE CROWD ON DURANT 270672018 22:10:24" Heuston, Kevin. (OPD REPLACING US @ BANITELE 12700701672:12:18 Houston, Kevin. ‘oROWO OF 190 /0 US tboaz01s 221 Housion, Kern, (CHP DOES NOT KNOW WHERE THE OTHER SQUAD IS 1210872014227%407 Houston, Kevin iO IS HOLDING @ TELEIDURANT *2104201672:18:90 Houston, Kevin S58 TAKING ROCKS t2j0em014 22:16:42 Houston, Kevin ‘TAKING ROCKS FROM GROUP EASTOF US 127087201622:18:06 Houston, Kevin GAS GAS GAS. 12708%201422:18:24 Houston, Kevin GASGAS GAS. 12700201422:18:1 Houston, Kevin TIL TAKING MISSLES s2706:201422:10:20 Houston, Kevin (GAS.GAB GAS 127082014 22:19:62 Houston, Kevin KEEP THEM MOVING 1270872014 22:18:50 Houston, Kevin GAS Gas Gas Page: 16.0175 all EEE ee Ce Lecce eee Detail Call For Service Report {Login ID: smith Print Date/Time: 1280/2014 13:12 125 Fromate: 1270812014 14:19, CFS Type: al 125 To Date: ryne2016 14:13 ‘Agency Type: ‘Areas: ail GFE Number: 125. Gall Date/Time: _12/0a/2014 14:19:50 Primary ineldent:_ 2074-0007 1905 ‘Narrative, Questionnaire Reeponses, TDD Text (Greate Time ‘Created By- Narrative 1210820142221:28. Houston, Kevin KEEP MOVING GAS 048 GAS s2)0e72016 222281." Houston, Kevia INTERSECT SOUTH CHANNING/TELE seloer014 222252, “Houston, Kevin 4150 EAST OF CHANNING OTHER MAJORITY SOUTH. 12)0072014 222528 Houston, Kevin MOVING 88 APPROACHING HASTE ‘2j0er2014 222820 Houston, Kevin ON HASTE ST ‘20072014 2228:11" Houlton, Kevin ‘STRUNG OUT FOR TELE TO HASTE TO TELEIBANC ‘1o)08/2014 22-2825 Houston, Kevin HAVE BUNCH OF DESTROYED POLICE VEHS ON TELE ‘woev20142230:8 Houston, Ken we COVERAGE SKIRMISH LNE SB TELE TO Le REAR rapere0ve 22:22:91, Querubin, Gora M: HANNING WAY SUSCIR 459 WITH 2. 8 SUBJS POS: INTHEREAR KITCHEN POSS TAKING ITEMS. ALL HEARD ONLY ‘s2per014 22:37:00 | Houston, Kevin PULLING TELE OFFICERS KETTLE AND PUSH SOUTH srioer014 22:37:42 Housion, Kevin ‘CONTINUING SOUTH 270872016 22:38:22 Houston, Kevin ‘CONTINUING SOUTH OF PARKER HOSTILE CREW ‘2706/2014 22:3628. _ Housen, Kevin ‘TAKING ON MISSLES : ‘roa014 22:4029 ‘Houston, Kevin (GROUP OF 200 @ TELE/OWIGHT FORMING GOING MOBILE ‘afper2014 22:41:20 “Huson, Kevin TELE/HAINMNG HAVE PD VETS VRNDALISED UP TO BANOROFT NEED TO SECURE ‘Yajeareot4 226427 Houston, Kein ‘CROSSING DERBY famem20%6 22:43:00 Houston, Kévln (CHP Wine AT DURANTIBOWDITCH ANOTHER CHP WANUEVERING AROUND NEED TO. KNOW THEIR 10-20 ‘Yamerat6 2243:14 Houston, Kevin (GROSSING STUART 88 t2penot6 22:44:08 Houelon, Kevin ‘GROSSING STUART a7ver20v4 2246-36 ° Houmton; Kevin LARGE GROUP NORTH OF TELEGRAPH . ‘2inem0t4 2:45:02 Houari, Kevin REINFORCEMENTS C3 ‘ajoa014 224821 Heuston, Kovin ‘8B TELE APPROACHING OREGON, 1270820182245:51 Houston, Kovin 3 REINFORCEMENTS tafearzots 2246.04 Houston, Kevin 29 AND GREW IS CONING yarba014 2248:18 Houston, Kevin ‘CONE THROUGH CHANNING 1270872018 2240:34 Houston, Kevin CROSSING RUSSELL 1270672016 2240:58 Houston, Kevin TELEASHEY ‘29ve014 22:47:42. - Houtton, Kevin LT HAS DEPLOVED CHANNING/TELE ‘aree014 221802 Houston, Kevin MISSING CHP OFFICERS COMING TO YOU 270672014 22:48:57 Heuston, Kevin ‘SB TELE/ASHBY 1270872014 22:40:13. Huckaby, Karon 'P stating people as looting site: 2100701422405 Heuston, Kevin WE GOT THEM ON THE MOVE A BLOCK AHEAD ‘atosizot4 22:48:53 Hovstsn, Kevin ‘CROWD OF 800 TELEICHANNING ‘are87044 22:50:00 - - Houston, Kovin ‘CORR 200 {2/08201622:50:27 Huson, Kevin 150-200 1AM FOLLOWING 1270872014 22:51:08 Houston, Kevin ‘88 SOUTH OF WEBSTER Pogo: 16 of 75 : | | i i | | Detail Call For Service Report {Login ID: ksmith Print Date/Time: 1280/2014 19:12 From Cs: 125 FromDater 121062044 14:13 CFS Type; =A Tors: 125. ‘Toate: ‘posrant4 14:13, Agency Type: Layer: All Areas: Al CFS Number, 125 Gall Date/Time: 12/06/2004 1 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Taxt 3:00 Primary incidents 2014-00071905 Greate Time Created By Narrative 12108720142215143 Houston, Kevin ‘SOUTH OF DOWLING ‘ayoemz014225219 Houston, Kevin ‘SOUTH OF PRINCE ‘2/08/2016 22:58.00 Houston, Kevin ‘TELEI60 IN OAKLAND ‘a7perz0t4 22:55:53 Houelon, Kevin ‘CVS 2888 TELEGRAPH. raroemzoy4 22:87:51 Houston, Kévin (Wa 68 WEST OF RAYHOND ‘2?ern}4 2280:40. Houser, Kevin NO ONE AVAILABLE TO GOTO CVS ‘27672014 28058 ° Lyons, Calyoe ‘OAKLAND HAS ENOUGH UNITS TO HANDLE ALL THIER PROTESTERS, ‘2moez04 23:03:18 Lyons, Coco HEADING NS TELE FRI 68, *2fve72014 23:06:29", - Hous, Kevin REINFORCEMENT AT TELEGRAPH HOLDING BLOCK PEACEFUL AT THIS TIVE ‘1270e7201423:07-42 Houston, Kevin PROTESTORS IN 2 INTERSECTION CHANNING AND DURANT 2joer014 23:08:41 Houston, Kvn ie VETS PARKING ON CHANNING WEST OF TELE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO 1 of ‘2108/2016 28:00:08 Houstin, Kein 588 STAT TO CHANNING ‘27082016 2810029 Houston, Kevin FIRE SITUATION HANDLED CHP SECURED VEHS ‘apos2016 28:11:18 Houston, Kevin APPROACH FROM SOUTH ES FROM CHANNING 198 WILL MEET YOU FOR GAS 1270872016 25-41-50 Houston, Kevki ‘808 BLOCK NB TRAFFIC TELEGRAPH FROM DWIGHT 27ve2016 28:12:21 Hovetor, Kevin MOST OF OUR UNITS TELEGRAPHIASTE FAGING NB f2)oertd 23:12:48 * Houston, Kevin PEACEFUL NOW WILL NEED TO MOVE THEM WITH SKIRMISH LINE + 2)007201428:14:67_ |» Houston, Kevin TTELE/HASTE FACING NB ACSO AND BPD STANDING BY FOR ORDERS ES ANDWS ‘TRAFFIC 1S OPEN ‘ta)eer91428:10:25. ~ Houston, Kevin -FREDS MARKET MAN SHOT WPROJECTILE 8-D LOADED WIRIG {21082014 28:18i44° ~ Houston, Kevin FISUBJECT ‘lon'2014 202082 Hoveton, Kevin CCARLETON/TELE LOADING THEM UPNOW FOR SOUTH CAMPUS ‘1406'2014 2820:87 Houston, Kevin DROP OFF CHANNINGBOWDITCH {210812014 25.21:56, Houston, Kevin 8 CHP VEH'S ON CHANNING WEST OF TELEGRAPH ‘2708"2018 28:22:22 Houston, Kevin ‘SUBJ SHOT WiPROJECTILE TRANSPORTED TO ABH ‘atoaz014 23:28:00 Houston, Kovin STARTING TO GET A SOUTH OF LOCATION ‘al0ai20%4 23:27:17, Houston, Kevin TELEMASTE tafveaet4 2827:32 Houston, Kevin ‘57 AND HIS SQUAD WILL. PUSH SS TELE FROM CHANNING ‘27oe20+4 23:28:18 Houston, Kevin NO ONE EAST OR WEST NO DISPERSALS GIVEN TO THIS GROUP YET ‘2roeiz014 23:28:38 Houston, Kevin PUTON YOUR MASKS, ¥2708720142529:58 Houston, Kevin MANUEVER YOUR CREW TELEIDWIGHT SKIRMISH EAST AND WEST OF INTERSECTION TO PREVENT CROWD 2I00201428:91:52 . Houston, Kevin EOS TOHOLO POSTIONS MOTORSTO OWIGHT SOUTH ‘12)0e201428:22:37 Houston, Kevin ‘oR;oWo 500-800 11200812014 28:94:48 Houston, Kova MOST OF CROWD TELEIMASTE FOCUSED ON US ‘wi0e.2014 20:98:02 | Houston, Kevin HOLDING WILNE DURANT/TELEGRAPH PER UCS70 12108201473:36:37 Houston, Kevin (03 HOSTILE CROWD ‘ar0e2014 28:96:56 Houston, Kevin [UP WIGHT WEST OF INTERESCTION APPROACH CROW SOUTH Page: 16 of75 Detail Call For Service Report ‘Login ID: ksrith Print Date/Time: 12/30/2014 18:12 From CFS: 125 Fem Date: 12/06/2014 1 al ‘To crs: 128 To Date: 12/06/2016 14:13 GF: Al ‘Areas: Al ‘CFS Number; 125 Gall Dete/Time:_ 12/06/2014 1 Primary ineidont_2014-0007 1008 [Natrative, Questionnaire Ret 5, TOD Text ‘Greate Time ‘Created By Narrative +110820142327.08. Houston, Kevin DOING DISPERSAL WIPA ‘ainer2014 2888.4, Lyons, Cyce GIVING THE DISPERSAL ORDER ‘270872014 2338:57 Heuston, Kovin PEOPLE WHO ARE SITTING DOWN ARE STANDING UP, NOBODY'S LEAVING ‘ngosma014 23-4604 Houston, Kevin START MOVING $8 ‘ariar2014284038 Houston, Kovn WERE 10497 AS SOON AS WE SQUAD UP ‘a7002014 284246: oust, Kevin (5 PM ON BANC JUST E/OF TELE sa)oer2014 284236 — Houtton; Kevin LET'S KEEP THEM MOVING, LET'S 60 121087016 2349:47 Houston, Kevin ‘TELE/DWIIS 1097 BY CHP & MYSELF 1270672014723:49:58 Houston Kevin ‘THEYRE MOVING SOUTH s2joez01623:429 Lyons, Colvee HOLD THE WEST AND THE EAST 270872014 23:15:00 Lyons, Celyoo ‘ADDITIONAL EAST AND WEST TO HOLD THE WEST.LINE TELE/CHANNING. *p)oaz014 28:48:12 Lyons; Celyoo [NEED THAT LINE TO BE PUSHING SOUTH 210872014 28:8:00 Kwong, Jenna M, ‘re you aba to asset in pushing the crt eb ‘soroarzo14 284618 Kwerg, Jennie M, largo group oust west of us ‘2706/2016 2846:33 Kwong, Jennie ME haste oft tolgreph, wee gong to start making ares amverzote 28%0:18 Kwong, Jonni Ut: shout 60 OFD ere avalon mabile sa7oez0%4 2848-28, Kwong, Jenne M, {need ther on haste eo toe, come fom the east 1210672018 22:50:37 Kong, Jenni (OPD LT & Captain: nb tle Fight now ‘2)0e7016 23:80:49. Kworg, Jennie M, _watp passing parkafelo ight now, we'e gfng eb on hate 29082014 28:81:01. Korg, Jeni | vant you wb hate fein bowtch saoerot4 23:81:27 De Brun, Javon Dispatch recat by unit CAB 1270872014 23:82:12. - Ks, Jennie ‘bulk a rou spread out, good size up fan 100 at hase, sre thing at chaning spieeat 22:52:52. Kword, Jnl alameda PD has 1 persone ‘ajoar2014 28:58:03 Kwong, Jonnle so1swinw ‘alowota 28844 Kwang, Jennie M. 26:hastaowlich ‘ayoem2014 2856:51 Kwong, Jennie M. bald your era @ heste/boweltch 11210872914 28:58:09 Kwong, Jonnie M, per acso redo hey saying sand your sow wb on hae fom bowalich won't we, cme Wo Channing tem bonis ‘a/eer0t6 28:88:26. Kwong, Jenne {need tham on haste lt iio ‘aroerzo14 28:56:39 Kona, Jenna custody bust 10-88 on haste ‘aroee0%4 23:58:47 Kwong, Jonnie M, Uunebia to move south, on ns near duran, sting in etre prob ‘2loemnti 23:58:24 Kwong, Jennie M. £8 0 move totale south of dl & stan, 27a201428:58:17_“iKworg, Jennie Mt. {Go 10) have atonal OPD aval ‘27002014 28:58:27, Kwong, Jennie M: ed them atchanning wi 57 ‘apoer2014 28:58:38 Kwong, Jennie M. (p38) meve to aréaof chaning oast flea nk up lh 87 ‘2ro77014 00-081 Kwong, Jenale M. ven OPD rallves you come to ease of trzecor 42072014 00:01:57 Kwong, Jenvie (Go L10)eontim you rea 688 soning ie chaning eet eo with od -210772016.00:2:08. Kwong, Jone wore making maneuver down bere 28 va ego: 17 of 75 | | | Detail Call For Service Report ‘Login wD: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/80/2014 1:12 125. FromDate: 12/08/2014 14:18 crstype: =A 125 To Dato: 2106/2014 14:13 Agency Type: Areas: Al 125 Call Date/Time: 1270672074 14:18:30 ‘Primary ineldent: 2014-0007 1805 Narrative, Questionnaire TDD Toxt Create Time Created By Narrative ‘sprorregt4 000227.” Kwong, Jennie M. ‘0p groupie wits tying to api nha and coming for both skies‘ channing szrorrania 000284, Kwong, Jennie M. ‘wen ope comes from east ard weet, claps your tam gt your scrimmage ne back got rad to move south (0 29). ‘27077014 00.0843 ° Kwong, Jenne M. sir REP ‘210772014 009834 Kwong, Jennie M. need et iop fom a7 up north ‘2/7014 00:05:52, Kwong, Jenn M. wating fr OPD, once they got nto poéttons car 20 glng to have his equ push ‘evecyody south 2/07/2014 00.0001 Huckeby, Karen M. relates 0 71045, 1270772014 00:08:04 Kwong, Jennie M. wot in postion east of ile westside ‘270772014 00:00:49 | Kwong, Jeno Just sbout to ett moung on both ses ‘2/07!2014 00:10:28. Kwang, Jenn M, wore moving wo chaning, cher crew eb chenrng fom dna s2)0772016 00:12:14 Kwong, Jenne M £8: wo'ra 100 yar rom intersection chaning, core of crow leeving 0b ‘W10Tr2014 00-1248 Kwong, Jennie pd ie puting wi tewords to {olari2014 00:13:26 Konig Jenna M, (056) ofa otelehaste? ‘2707/2014 00:73:81 Kwong, Jonnie wire reinforcing tine eet of inst chantoa 12I07I201400:1483 Kwong, Jonnie M WB OPD serinmage Io almost fo Taepragh $2/07I2016 00:16:45 Kwong, vennie ML {0.97)hew many pale vis have daisge parked on tele? 121072014 60:16:28", Kwong, Jorn. Bon tole end SFT vane. 12I07701600:16:12 Kong, Jonnie M. ‘amada PO haw one veh tha oannct ave ttre 12/0772014 00:16:38 Kwong, Jenni M. ‘Im ones channingtse, do we wanna push ti cromd seul? 12107720%4.00:16:40. Kwong, Jena aftr ‘2107016 00:10:02 Kwong, Jen 1s soon we clear this corner traputns,everre wi be ready obs fushod 9 4210772014 00:18:08 Kwong, Jénnie M, continue wl sper! ‘2j072014.90:20:30 Keng, Jenne M. anccuncemonts being made 121077201400:20:38 Kwong, Jone pers orcers saro7m0ta0021:07 —_Kweng, Jennie M, {hey ore net moving, you Went ust fee, advise yaloriot4.0021:12 Kwong, Jonni {ero the Issue, kaep moving them south ‘2)077201600:21:28 Kwong, Jonni op doing the spars! orters ‘spio7ot4.0022:01 Kwong; Jenne M. thoy! ghing announcements {pjoreot400'22:18 Kwong, Jenne M. alameda end CHP are mali Bal ‘saier0%4 00:22:38 Korg, Jeti W. they've moved a itl bt 10 ‘eu07ma014 00:22:41 Kwong, Jennie M have OPD hold eaetvast mat eure peso dr! come bac fo intrsecon ‘21072014 00:26:02 Kwong, Jenn M, ns cf nereaction barely enough paopte te held th rarthide 421077201400:24:54 Kwong, Jonnie M. ope onthe root aw comer, 8-9 people ‘270772014 902721 Kwong, Jonnie M. theyre beng moves ‘ajo7i2at4 00:27:32 Kwong, Jenna M. oop mouing them south, keep on with daperel ordre ‘2/07120140027:52 ” Kworg, Jenne ‘ny crowd stustions north of durante 127077201600277:5 Kwong, Jennie ry SAn rem du to chan Paige: 18 0176 Detail Call For Service Report [Login 1D: kemith Print Date/Time: 12802016 13:12 125” FromDate: 12/08/2014 44:13, CFS Typ A 125 ~~ To Date: 127062014 14:13, ‘Agoney Type: ‘Areas: all (CFS Number: 125 Call DateTime: 12/06/2016 145 ‘Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text Create Time’ ‘Created By. Narrative ‘270772016 0028:12 Kwong, Jonnie M. {7:60 you tink we can manauvar tor ick o move dameged vehs cut of thre? ‘270772014 0028:58 Kwong, Jonnie M, {87 keep roving them south ‘afo7i2014 0020:57 Kwong, Jennie M: 24: kop moving thom south 2jo7f20t4.00207 Kwang, Jenne. ‘moving therm south, si aking bots ‘yasirmo14'003235 Kong, Jernle W. kaep giving verbal orders, keep them novng 1290772014 003308 Kwong, Jennie M. gle foow us 120712014 00:33:47 Kwong, Jere M. sow down one sap let alameds teh up 421077018.0034:13, Kwong, Jénnis M. tele approaching duight *21077201400:3842 —_Kworg; Jonnie telstnignt keep ther roving 6, Koop te iilatve ‘#207014 003620 Kwong, Jenna gH deve forward 1210772014 00:37:03 Kwong, Jernfe sr ayo perl si whi ove eat song to tuck can get ca cet 4270712014 0097332 Kwong, ernie. be eaves group oF 50-75 east of us on eviht 127077201800038:00 Yong, Jere M we have 450 of bp veh 12)0770140038:13 —_Kivong, Jere M. host crowd of about 500 12)077014002821 Kwong, Jonni tating mission ‘2)077016.003828 Kwong, Jonni this is note peacetl crowd 12)077014.003838 Kwong, Jennie M. Continue wth depeealontere 41210712014 00:39:20 Kwong, Jennio lois of wettest duranchannng 810 ‘12072014 0036:43 Kwong, Jennie keep moving south : ‘1270772014°0040:07 Kwong, Jennie it, bolo at $2)07%0160040:25 — Huckeby, Kean M [down on eagrapt lls of yeling heard rp decanted no ans.on cb s2)07m0160041;31 - Kwong, Jono 1200772014 004254 Kwong, Jennie. 528: paror block eb @ tale, need PEO ASAP. fa7m018 03:11 Kwong, Jeno M threw some sor f bet nt the tre a7o7moraco4331 Kwong, Jennie M. oy ve get art team oad s2707!20180043:49, Kwong, Jennie M the one trong tobfoct ito the tno 2]077014 09:46:53: Kiong, Jonni ‘S*2 move omy localon, !need socuty6 my west yajor7014 00:48:18 |, Kitong, Jn I need 8 PEO Perketle- ob tate {ar07I2014 004628 Kwong, Jonna pesto ‘arort2014 0048:48 Kwong, Jonna ‘unt facing eb conve fo move the tra south, move MOVE MOVE. tajorm20teon4T202 Kwong, Jone pe8to: 1087 42I072018 0047.15 Kwong, Jenne cortnubg b ee gout fo lake ye7o7m9¥4 00:47:30 Kwong, Jeno continue wit dispersal order ‘wro7m14 004822 Kinong. Jenni 27: #82, 628,027 er for prisoner pl 4210772016 004849 Kong, Jenne M, ‘wot at parkertale jut east sammmnigonesta Kerang, Jonnie contnug south ill ead eecury once we past parker Page: 190175. i q ae seeeee eon Detail Call For Service Report [Login ID: kemith Print Date/Time: 12/80/2014 1 From CF8: 125 spioara0t4 14:13 al To CFS: 125 plosr2014 14:13, Layer: All Al CFS Number, 125 Call Date/Time: 1210672074 14:13:90 ‘Primary mnokdont: 201400071805 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text ‘Create Timo Created By Narrative 420712014 00:45 — Kwang, enn M., ‘wo ar ab ole parer, ch wll had beck north "1207/2014 00:50;30 Kwong, Jonnie ‘wots going to star making arrests here ‘10712014 00:50:45 Kwong, Jann 26, ow rary in your crow”? ‘oyo7ran14 00:60:51" Kwong, deine M. (OPD vising theyre goingte nod a beak for arin +2/0772014 00:51:07 Kwong, Jonnie M. comtnus dspesel order ‘apar2nya oa82:47~ _ Kwong, denne te aad wel be drt pa lw tom cht hin pool ae soning ‘apa7r2014 008848 Kwong, Jennie M. ‘ome pecpe in he cont have gae mes on 270772014 00:58:53 Kwong, Jonnie M. (1086) pck up cur roar tir we go by ‘2/07/2016 01:00:08: Kwong, Jennie M: prepare fr gas GAS GAS ‘azorranns o10024 sayo7ren14 01:01:50 -prarta 91:03:08 sapsrra0'4 010820 ‘apori2n%4 01:03:30 spramanra o10%42 ‘anora014 010409 ‘woram4 or04t8 ‘swyorranre o10¢32 ‘proringt4 01.0448 sajorraova ox0482 swroriaata 04:08:40 ‘sajoreot4 o106:18 ‘ajorianta ot08:33 ‘ayornars o10581 ‘aroriaota o108:14 ‘aporrant6 040823 sararreots o407:16 sarornt4 010723 ‘saoran4 10747 s21077014 01:08:07 sarorrann4 07:08:49 swomaa4 01080) ‘ayori20%4 010028 sajorrani4o1t002 sworacia ort0ist ‘worota oitoae ‘aua7e014 ot Page: 20 078 Kong denis wong, Jonnie M. Kwong, nis. yong, Janie M. wong, vennie wong, Jennie. Kwong, lanlo M. wot, Jnl Kwong, snnie M. wong Janie M. Kwong, Jonlo M. Kwong, Janis M. Kwong, iano wong, Jenne wong; Jeno M ieong, Janie M. yong, Janie M. Lyons, Ceyes ong, Jonnie. wong, Janle M. Kwong, Jena M. ong, Jonnie. Kwong, Janie. Kwong, Jennie Kwon, Jenie Kio, Joie. wong, Joie M. Kong, Joie M. don your maske ‘ve another ceperel order sb 98s gas gos denloy OAS GAS GAS. GAs cas cas GASGAS GAS GASGAS CAS. ‘Continue pushing $8 ‘contrive wit eeperea orders ‘keep moving south ‘wore tating bottes esp moving eouty ‘Heap moving south et taking bots, keep moving south keep moving south ‘98 ges aoe sl aking bots too south of cvieton keep t moving KEEP MOVING SOUTH ‘wore tng mises nc Botton keep moving south ‘contin wits depereloncere 2 toe south of derby keep it moving ‘echolleld need mere dlapersa! ordre ats dot ‘14 does your PA wok? keep em moving ‘bpd vehe have been moved to uopd, bpd ven towed to copverd par a7 ‘bo auuised theres veh trac coming up bake on tle we read somebody thre i ! Detail Call For. Service Report ‘Loigin 1D: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/30/2014 13:12 From CFS: 125 From Date: "12/06/2044 14:13 CFS Type: Ar To CFS: 128 ‘To Date: 1210812014 14:13 Agoncy Type: Layer: Al Areas: Al ‘CFS Number: 128 Cali Date/Time: 12/06/2016 14:13:30 Primary Incident: 2014-00071905. Narrative, Questionnaire Responées, TDD Text Create Time. (Created By Narrative 1210772014 01:12:85 Kwong, Jennie M: 528 ple up ab from dane 42/07/2014 01:13:18 ~ Kwong, Jonnie M. 2855 Tole 4210712044 01:19:97 Kwong, Jonnie Mt poeeing Ruse 1200772014 04:14:57 Kwong, Jennie M, ‘rodsing Howe A2N57/2014 01:18:28 Kwong, Jonnie ‘appreachiig ashiby, advise Oakiond 2072044 01:18:12 Kwong, Jennie M. 128,16 your bus aval? where are you row? 1207201401:16:18 Kwong, Jennie M. vista sen7meot4 01:16:21 Kwong, Jennie M. bald the fine we want to go ab 120772014 01:17:18 + Kwong; Jere M. 18, 912 move tothe wast, encourage tem to move ab, rove Over tore and push hem 1270772014 01:17:54 - Kwong, Jennie M. 1928 we're west ofthe crowd @ aehby ‘e1o7m2014 01:18:01 ‘Kwong, Jeri Mt. ityou think you ean came up and fores them south les do that 121772014 01:18:05 : Kwong, Jonnie Wt well put aie down west of 421077014 01:18:17 Kwong, Jennle M. 65; bencrotiele, i heed south 1210712014 01:18:22.” Kwong, Jennie M. prepere fr extraction of cur erowe 1210772014.01:18:25 Kwong, Jennie M. 129 he samo thing 072014.01:10:48 ” Kwong, Jennie M. 196, my crew le outof ges egein 1270712014 01:49:84 . wong, Jennie M. 197 wil deter code 3 1210712016 01:20:39 Kwong, Jennie M. ‘continue SB, continue to push them South sa70Tre016 01:24:28 Kwong, Jennie M. sb tele passing whole foods market "12/0772014 01:21:28. ~ Kwong, Jennie M. ‘group's on the move again 1219772014012151 Kwong, Jonna M. sb tele @ Webstor 1210712014 0:21:56 - Kwong, Jennlo M. continue dapereal orders please 12/071201401:23:31 "Kwong, Jenna M ‘i tela crossing dowing 12/077201401:23:38 Kwong, Jennie M (65 are you jn positon? {2lo7!2014 01:22:46" Kwong, Jennie M. 30880 out coming up ashy 1370772014 01:28:82 Kwong, Jonnie M. ‘shy ust west of tee in 30 seormo1401:26:c2 | Kwong, Jannie M. sb tole @ Prince smor01401:24:22 Kwong, Jennie Mt. ‘group le now @ tele/Prinow 12707720160) 26:07 Kwong, Jennie M. ‘we're at tole/ebster backing In now 121077201401:26:25°, Kwong, Janne I ‘ele steged ashby just wie there's no supper here 1210722014 01-2541 Kwong, Jennie Mt. ‘0 into position fo ext our crews on tle 10712014 01:26:19 | Kwong, vane MA {(o110) those busses are maneuvering bskird yeu par to ext out 1210712014 01-26:24 Kwong, Jennie th eck some gloss 12072014.01:2648. Kwong, Jennie M, ‘up isiow at tee/B8th ‘10722014 01:28:28 Kiwong, Jenne MA ‘sb ele south of 86th, hold the tne hold te na hoi he yajo720%6 01:28:35 "Kwong, Jonnie tt ‘85.nd 129 prepare fo exfl cur cr 121077014 01:26:38 Kwong, Jonnie ‘alaiprincs Page: 210175 Pe eee ee ae pe Detail Call For Service Report Login wD: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/80/2014 1342 From CFS: 125 FramDate: 12062014 14:13, crs type: A Tors: 125 « ToDate: 12/06/2014 14:13 ‘Agency Type: Layer: Al Areas: Al CFSNumber 126 __ Call Date/Time: _12/0622014 14:19:00, Primary incident: 2014-00071006 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Text Create Time. ‘Crested By ‘Narrative t2io770180120:01 Kwong, Jenne M. (t6up row @ tebfaeatraz 12/677291401:29:25 Kwong, Jenne M. vohe north of ue tart maneuvering, won face mb *+2I07%01801:20:40° Kwong, Jena 7 ef Jack nth box ‘s2j07m016 04:20:22. Kwong, Janie M rou sears to have stopped slsiz not tela sBO7ROEOLS1:06 —_ Kwong. Jere M. ifyou can get al ears nor of prab on ie ao they are poring nb 2007P2014 01:91:78 Kwong, Jenn M pote vehs on a tun about so yous facihg NB , prepare topart fe area 127077201401:31:82 Kwong, Jeno M. ‘roup is now moving Ino Oaiand rio7m0140122:15 Kwong, Jennie M. ‘oll bus telemooly $2/07701601:3238 Kwong, Jennie. ‘hate 6 Blocks fom us gt up tous andl get these cas tured around, bus et going todo ether, we neea 2 busces ‘iaporr2014 01:3248 Kwong, Jere taleptince 2 busses poled nor wre7m014013248 Kwong, Jennie M. atleast gt hom to toler 2/07/2016 013308 Kwong, Jonnie Pm backing now 12707720140133:54 —_Kivong, Jone Mt '¥ pots 448 200 you an squeeze on bal bus 12072014043448 Kwong, Jonnie M. tolt68~1 bus y2)07720160%:24:58 Kwong, Jenn 10 saconds out (or 2 bus) 1210772016 01:96:10 -' Kong, Jonni M. secon to ine ens thee bute eet avi, uy get on buen ange cto 120772014 01:28:18 Kwong, Janie standby Madvise iormotsor3558 Kwong, Janie Uus.on tena, move to busses @el66 12077201401:36:09 Kwong, Jenni M ‘17 pl car around to eos ep! 1207720140136:47 Korg, Jenn saying CHP nead eseltence at alataz s2/072201601374" Korg, Jonni 8 Jat eked to 2 CHP, they sald they have noting going on per radio $207201401:3747 Kwong, Jono {elon - thoy wand somone oso ¥2/077201401:37'55. Kwong, Janno Ht {0 youre clear o ext 12)077201401:38:24 Kwong, donde M. ‘nate moving to bencttlon 4210712018018:38 Kwong, Jonnie M. on: send bpd eres to Banco a eld agencies rpc to 2100 Bk of Makitay ¥2077201601:30:4 Kwong, Jonnie ‘we have 2 more vahe fw, thon we need to figure out pan for Our 32D 4207701601387 Kwong, Joie tt ‘816, ou have veh io pick up 87 en cre Foarty bakes on oe ingr2014014027 Kwong, Jono {ma om AchibyTola aerimoi4 0141-00 Kweng, Jonnie i ‘65 busses moving out wer headed to banttston S20THOVGOL41T Kwong, Jennie 1497378, you copy benefit? 421072018 O1MIME Kong, Jonna Me 143,37, 8 cops s2ro7i2014 012-36 Kwong, Janie M. stunts be nt polce veh Samar sever tha have bee mae ft ts gone yard, ‘2io7i016 014242. Korg, Jone M sl muted fcee report to 2100 mekiney 207014 0142347 Kiera, Jonni M ‘sepa banomuiton sao7mov 0142359 Kwong, Jenne 1s: pane west o tle? any vos 127018 014834 Kwong, Jennie M note sil et chenlo Page: 220178. Detail Call.For Service Report Login ib: kath Prin Date/Time: 1290/2014 13:12 From CFS: 125. FromDate: > 1208016 1413 crs type: AL Tocrs: 42 ~~ Topeter 2/08/2016 1443 “Agency Type Layer: At ‘reas: A ‘CFS Number, 195 Call Datorimer_12082014 147930 Primary Incidents 201400071805 Narrative, Questionnaire Responses, TDD Toxt Create Time Crested By Narrative 2172016 014940 Kwong, Jee M. 122: bane wos aa van, 2B veh aTaDteOtAS4 Kwong, enti M ye need Hop tere ‘pore 044627 Kwong, Jen M. need check on baer st of tia ‘aorants otis. Kwong, Jenni Mt deine lok dmnagod or deabie? ‘aoraot6oN648 Kwong, denne recut tence team tom °, tartans.” ALSoNMAEtae SHIA Seat ietat_cooecten"acanpland + poe mAy wo sor os HENDON ‘aumjstrast momtem tons: Unaeonooern ab tomnarce toomicn waciana etalon gen SuauGes monte avionl _ MsvueiseomsornerainAonErUZCUE ‘aeniee tomtom’ Mrtand, “* SeOMMDOMPRTENOTOIOAT fetes anton’ mast REO FO TEP tanrietce eamton meena ALVEUnCSOEOF MEE COG jemicims conten “tars | tonmomenn git frnerletes fonenfon. onehand OVGOMEN aN Pao Ea eo feo tooo tom tementes _EDOF EARN oe ‘cecrwtceet tomejem temas sano4 CE beroonor stone Ccogrviss tonocien wegarcand You ta ee neato eet teeta eat eeu SAAS aE Sea ease le aa eecceeto teeatcaas tommetom, . Newanaind OOOOH (cuarecam toonton ° tomcat seonorereatoman comnact cruel, Waivson’ ~ Scautmuceaursy eenemanuma sie = Siena AR Fei MSE ec sail istenoats cmek it mesos” Sperm Pa, Wao nna oes sninowezat fun lo * Nentnfe) CSR Er OFTHE BOEE ML ‘memvoare toanion ;-wnnerane | wuntuerooumare Santee tonnten’< henetaat fesrorEoRPnome sae Seems? tonmntom.eetcoant SONGTOCEDUTIn aL one Gonna temeton teehwet Wag ‘ai0er2014 18:28:36 Houston, Kevin Nairatve Adied ARB 0:00 anxcermonssoy to ranow Rocks @ seozrn tie iowa tam ante ind PHONE Sots footie Newaesand —GRpDB NOTE Page: 93 175. Hee | Detail Call For Service Report i Login 10: ksrith Print Date/Time: 1210/2014 18:12 125 From Date: - 120002014 14:13 crs type: Al 125 Toate: 1290672014 14:13, ‘Agency Type: Areas At TEE Call Date/Time: 126014 1471590 Primary incidents 201400071008 | Entered By ‘Action Description | ‘a01418:2957 Houston. Kevln Naat Added CORP OF 100-160 NOVING BACK TRO THE PSS | sarian0141990-16 Houon, Kevin” Nanatve Adee [ALL ACTIVITY ACDISONMLK ‘092014 18908 Howton Kevin Nara Ades '3QRIMAGE LINE @ LX AND PUSH THEMEN PAST US joa2014192057 Howson, Kevin Nave Added “TaRNG BRICKS i ‘e201 1834:17 Howton, Kevin Naas Aes CGAP COMING WS CENTER | 3 12062014 183126 Housion, Kevin Naratvo Added '190 WAS HIT BY ABRIGK haa 121062014 183141 Housto’, Kevin ——Naratve Added “TAKING ROCKS fet 12962014 18319 Howlon,Kovn Nara Ae NTS ON THE EASTSDE OF HE BULDING STER UP OVER THE ae ‘ayoez014 18:92-0° Housta, Kevin. Narav Added ‘TAKING ROCKS AND BRICKS (1+ rama 18:92:28 Huston, Kvn Nate Aled {TART GING DS ORDERS ‘apen014 189246. Houston, avn Namie Added NEED AUNIT TO BRNG & BULL HORN : i “42/06/2014 18:32:55. - Houston, Kevin Narrative Added TAKING MULTI ROCKS AND-BRICKS: i ‘12/08/2014 18:39:31 . Houston, Kevin. Namative Added (I 1000 ve THROWN AMETAL IBA AND A LARGE BOLDER NB FRM NLIVADDIGON ST ct sainan 69 "font, eoin Named” WON ORE LENS TESILEATIAL taoantysieatat “neamnke, Nene rised __PROTEETEns ARE THROWING GAS RON THE CROND ! 12/06/2014 18:34:53 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added DON GAS MASKS: eeticia esis eos - imariimasmn ere na inna \ Se a a ee eet taancve1esees choyltininbs Nate hed___ BREAN WOO TRADER OEE 480 FAR 1 ., 12/08/2014 18:38:02 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added MAIN GRP MLK/UNI j necouteano toon Kea tomaenaind | SRMULORP OTHERS 4 tvssowteat emeekem —taranenaind —— WOLENT one MN fanenowteane vomontots — tamenenaied —° NODEPORDERO} i fmrommuteaes) come gent tree tet. ore Ai ' 2 Te | 12/08/2014 18:38:89 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added MOVE 2 SQUADS MLKIBERKELEY WAY ‘anette tener ere —_—_=SEFUBUROMLCEEMELEY WAY ORUAGELNE KA : taroe20¥4 183931 Howson’ Keun Nara Added soawouwoTHarny )__-Y / ammonia comes Sard Nerehe ated -ANGTIER CALE ee Sparen cue aS \ aeieges | 12/08/2014 18:41:57 Houston, Kevin ‘Narrative Added TRADER JOES I$ BEING LOOTED | ious aude ul mises asmneies | Fecmrretesees quer cere ht Unt enehin—~ Us TA Dts | unre teabeh crow, onto Unto Aton UTA i ‘oom teaser quote aoe Untsiencen Un TA pad ies aoe cork sees Page: $4 0175 a ese eee enEEEECeCPEC AL, Detail Call For Service Report Losin 10: Kamin Print DateTime: 12600014 18:12 Fromcrs: 12 —=«‘FromDate: 12007014 1413 a Toors: 12 Tobe” menor 143 layer Al row nN CS Namibot 128 call boiormes_1a0en0T4 TaTSSO Pinay nent OTE OTE Log DateTine Entered By Aion Description {200206164608 Hoge Dwr, Nav ed ———_—Dpharedbyu 7A12 {2me0%4 18458 Sey, gal Nav ed Duley ui 7A 12/06/2014 18:45:13 Querubin, Glove M. Unit Statue Action Unit 7A10 On Scone t2n0ab141646:12 Quant, Cbg. Ut Ete Acin, Un AY2On Bee {202044784613 _ Cuentn,CoM.USt Aten ° Un A18 On Sent 12002016 "848:0 Quentin Gera. Unt aus Acton ——_Un100n Scone {20020146466 “Houmon Kem Nera Ati ——_-SPLNTER GR WALANG DOWN UNH CENTER EDIN NEA She Uanect Have (oboe tons cane inowcoi tied eum. Nara ind ALLTRAPMC NEES TO STOPS EBAND HW HEED} TOBE ‘000i 164700 Hous Km Nara Added ——=—GRP WBUNI APRON “owen er8 fen fem None Aes TING ADI SHAN PUNVERSTY LOTS GONG 1208016 64° Hewson Kenh ——Narave died > GRP.OF4 HITTING RADIO SHACK 42002014 104825 Ree KnbryA. Naru hed “rowel 1052 unre vndou aout siz Lp Toner: erased araeang ty tmen eg aoy 87 ‘ann20%4 164892 Rena, linertyA. Nara Aad ampoule tr apa 852 why a heck 42002014 182000 Cohn Shr Neral Aged “ANOTHER CALLER ALO ADVISING RADI SHACK AND CLASSY walgneeces Ty ESA TENG SRT A toa20%4405152 Howl Keon Marae Aid ———HATTUGKTO WBGENTERFESCEPUL ‘aouaou4162%:18 ayaa Aled pvc 2 oe phan damage tad hack 42nu20%4 188211 Lopes Toru Y, Nara Added pal tom cao arse evel cen nie th aa 12con0:4 188227 Quentlh Gotah Nana Aided ——_ PATROL WILLANDLE 5¢TO RADIO SHACK LATER tacoart1e5222 veumon Kern Nevae ed RIBS ts cL {catia ess Hato Kovn Nara Added” CALLTRADERJOES AND GET UPDATE {201706108623 owen Ker». Nav Aded———«MAATIASBUALTBON OFFICER ‘ownow1eus2. Houwan Kein Maree dey ———-EBCENTER TRYING TO SPLIT THE CROWD {22014185609 Halon Korn Marat Aided TRADER JOES € WHOM SMASHED ‘aeangr 185550 Houtn Hows tutabo dod ARKNG CARE ETCURE CUSTOMER THREE CARS 1201201188645 Hower, Kav NavatveAtied SRT BLU TRADER OES ‘ow 169808 tary, Sah Nome Adlod. ‘OT dng nt ng 2010 A ‘2owarH 65607 Haun. Kemh —Neeetor——_GENTERAND SHATTUCK CROP 2 CHAKTN ANG PLAYING 20H7014 185007 Cot, Short! Nauta Atied —-—CALLNG MADER.ESSPEAKNG WERIC- POWALKNO THRU ae ent Doe sne201 108010 Coton, Shan! arabe Added ——=NOINIURIE. BUT THERES SCREW MEMBERS NODE THE-BLDO tanw204 188823 Caron Sho! Naa Added EMPLOYEE DD GET HIT FROM THE WOW BUABH BUT EY Page: 86 of 76 [ARE ADVISING THEY ARE OR- MED REFUSED Detail Call For Service Report ~ Lin kath Prine Datarine: 12802014 18:12 FromGFSi 125° ”«FromDate:—ta0e2014 1413 crstye: Tocrs: 125 ‘To Date: s2106i2014 14:13, Agency Type: | Loe A Keo ! CFS Number: 125, Gall Date/Time: 12/06/2014 14:13:30 Primary incident: 2014-00071905 cat {og DateTine 7 Evieed By Acton Doscnion i {20e20%4 189650 Hooton Kar’ Naatve Added CENTER AND SHATTUCK GR OF APPROX 200200 AND GROWING HEHE 12/06/2014 18:57:41 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added WB UNYSAG WB UNUSHATTUCK 1 ACTIVE AND ONE NOT ACTIVE. ‘acw20%e185639 Howl Kern’ Nanie Added. TALKING TO GLASSY NALS 1$ PEOPLE INSIDE THE NA. SHOP EARNS SABE et va ase To THE {con0t4%050-1 Hoon. Kovn Maree Add—”—“TRADEROES IS CLEARAND NO iC \ 12000044 109099 Homton Kann. Nara Added WANTAN TRAFPICKGNTRL DUNK. id ‘aea0's 400295. Howton Kovh —Nerabe Ade. _GRPIS WE UNIBONAR HEADING TD THE FREEWAY ] 2/08/2014 19:02:50 Houston, Kevin’ Narrative Added ‘TRF BLK @ ADDISCNMILVIA i tacea0% 194003. Homon Kev’ Naat Added ‘RELEASE MLJBERCELEY WAY li Deomtetemem Homakags < Mameghised — NBOATTUCK DORON 14 08204 102051 Hien, Kevin Nerve Added SONARIUNI APPROX 00 NOW @ UNICURTES 1 12108/20%4 18:04:10. Houston, Kevin Narrative Added: SHATTUCIUNI 200 -300 WB {2002044180642 Howton Kav Nurae Added LA ADMBE NOUMIT HAVE REBPONDED TO RADI ACK ‘2002014109625 Homon Kevn. . NaraieAééed.———ALLPEOS STARTOVNOW + {09701 1e0643Homtn Kevh Nara aed ——_~PASSNG LMAGUMIIN THE WS LANES ONLY ia {2092014 180039° Holo Kev Narabe Aged PASSING UMIBONTA : {2002016120688 Homon Kev, "Nara Ad UANPABLO | ‘2ew20%4 16080 oul Kev Navave Aid OHP 80ND THE OVERPASS [Savors tet40 Hewmen t—Neh ed UMRUT } 42/08/2014 18:13:06 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added GRP WB UNI /GRANT STILL PEACEFUL i {aeg2o\e 8425 Homon Kava Narebe Added 6O4POBBINPROCRESE @ 1058 LNNERSITY @ WELLE FARGO ee eee eee ee ee ego ree faveaot161500 owen Kein Navate Aes UNIASTE STL VR | © Jaeacou ater?” than torn Wome sed «GAP TOPPED @ REX TREELOT @UNCCEE ! 12/06/2014 19:16:23 Houston, Kevin. Namatve Added: UNVS SRT/BLUIGOLD UNUSTH UNITS/ETH AND UNI PULL TO THE SIDE ROT eras ‘aerate ‘91040 Hosen Kove Nanas Aad CHP SCRIMAGE LNE NS BLOGANG THE OVERPASS ‘a970\4:81038 Howson Neve Nevobe Aid S0DBAKUNI DONE TH VOOKA : ‘aceaov4s9s707 mon Kom Narave ated «THT COMESBFRAHEARST f 12/08/2014 19:17:21 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added NEED THE BUS HEARSTISTH ST MAKE IT NORTH 12007044 181642 oulon Kash Narate Added «OFFLOADING @ UT gt 1200204 18:1040 Howe Kev’ NaraheAed—— UNIUEFFERBON 124 i {ace2014 1000. Huson Kvn Narathe Aided PEGPLEBLYING GAS @ UNTH T FOR ROSS WOLTAVE {2082044191840 oun Kev Narahe Aided UNVCAL fanencia‘oane4 Homan Kole harae Aled PICKNGUP ROGKS HEAR THE NDIANCHAAT HOUSE aceno4 192016 omen Kovn — Narahe Aided WBUNITO STOP TRAFRC 42042044 192407 Howin Kod Narabe Add 0TEO2 HEARS (8) Houston, Kevin’ Nemasve Added NEED CONTON STH ST J NOF UN! Detail Call For Service Report Login 0: ksh Pint DateTime: 42/90/2014 18:12 From CFS: 125, s2/o6r2044 14:13 CFS Type: Al Toors: 135 sameer2044 14213 ‘Agency Type: Layer:_Al Ai CFS Number 125 Call Date/Time: 121082044 14:18:00 Primary tneldont; 2074-0007 1605 GallLog Lou Deterrime —EnteredBy Action ‘Boseription ‘a0sz014 192847 Houston Kevin Naratv Added ‘UNIAGTON 120082014 1925:08 Houston Kevin Nerave Added LARGE BUSSES 6TH ST ONUN ‘azsz014 19:28:02 oust, Kev Nard Aed ‘CROWD HEADING EB UNI FRM OTH ST ‘27016 12:27:03 Houston, Kevin. Neate Added BLK WB UNVSAN PABLO 12/082014 1027.18 Houston, Kevin. Neratve Added MONITORING CROWD ‘apaz0te 192727 Houston, Kevin Nene Adied ADDIS ‘amat4 182753 Houston, Kevin Nerve Added uNmvest ‘2)0820141920:18, Houston, Kevin Neate Added INOVE TO VODKA UAVE RESOURCES E AND W ‘0w2014.1928:26 Heuston, Kean.” Nara Acca uws0w ‘2782014 1820:42 Houstn, Kevin Narva Add SSRT/BLUAND GOLD TRYING To OET THIS GONG ‘a/sa0t4 192850 Houiton, Kein Narrative Aaied HOLD cHP HERE ‘0a2014'1026:15 Heusen, Kern Nera Aded CROBSING BONAR ‘ai0s2014 {83130 Howson, Kevin Nara Addod LUNVBAN PABLO END OF THE OR ‘2roamote 831-42 Howson, Kevin’ Nara Added INTIATE VODKA ‘aoaz016 193239 Howton Kev Nara Aad NEED ALINE NS OF SAN PABLO AVE 272014 03920 - Howton, Kevin Namath Ado $829 NORTH UNUGAN PABLO L8 SOUTH UNVERSITYISAN PABLO ‘27014 18330 Houten, Kevin” Nerve Added 2 EAST CURTIS WOF UNI 1082016 1924-42. Howson, Kevin. Naratve Add NB BAN PABLO GAPMOVING ‘ype01618245 Howton, Kev. Nara AGed UUNIW OF SAN PABLO 11 ‘a9m016 192841 | Houstn, Kevin” Naira Added UML WEST OF sANFABLO ‘27014 18358 Houston; Kevin Narra Added ‘0D 3 THROW UPA UNE 38 12082016 16:26:39 Howson, Kevin Nara Aded SAN PABLO DELAWARE REAR OF THE GAP PASSING ‘082016 18375 Howton, Kev Nara Added ‘SAN PABLOFRANSCO PUTTING UP A LINE ‘2002016193909 Howler. Kevn Nara Added [NEED 8 CONTA @ OELAWARE 120872014 18302 Howson, Kevin Nerve Added [BLU SAN PABLOFFRANCISCO GLO @ DELAWARE ‘y0e016 103831 Howton, Kevn Nerve Added (cD SAN PABLOMFRANCISCO 121007016 1640-28 Houstn, Kevin Nartve Add €33.9N PABLOFRANGISCO COME FRI THE NORTH NEED 2 ‘210820141041: Houten, Kev Narra. Added “TAKING BOTTLES 002016 1842:52 Houan, Kevin Narre Added (GRP OF 60-100 EB DELAWARE FRU SAN PABLO 210072014 1848:14 Houslor, Kevin Narrative Added CORP HEADING EB DELAWARE ‘e016 184832. Hewson, Kev Narane Added ‘SAN PABLOINEARST ‘2087014 1948:5 Houston, Kevin Nairatve Added ‘uRTSDELAWARE ‘2loen014 104521 Howson. Kevin Nerve Added CROWD IS EAST PAST US 1206014 194649 “Houston, Kevin Nerve Added EB DELAWARE IS WHERE THE CROWD IS 208016 04731 “Heuston, Kevin” Nariatie Added ‘CALL WEST BERKELEY BART STATION ‘2)002014 1047.55 Houston. Kev, Naive Added ‘CORRECTION NORTH BERKELEY BART f2vouz014 fee-44 Houston, Kevin Narva Adsed EB DELAWAREICHESTNUT Page: 87 of 75 Detail Call For Service Report 4 ‘Login ID: Kamit Print DateTime: 12807204 19:12 Ht Fram CF: 125 From Date: 12/08/2014 14:13 CFS Type: All Tocrs: 428 ToDate:—t2iper016 14:13, ‘Agency Type: Layer: A Areas: At ‘CFS Number 125 Call DateTimer_1200672014 1413330 Primary tneldent 2014-0007 T605 4 Call Log | ‘Log DaterTime Entered By Action Description | ‘sBow2014 1848.21 Howson Kevin - Nave Ades BART PO NOTIFIED ‘apara4 1@48:86-Howon, Kevin Natate Ace ERIC INTE AYOOKA | ‘oan14 19:40:09 Hoion Kevin” Nava Added ACEO HAYWARD REMOUNT ‘2i0q20141040:24 Hour, Kevin’ Wereve Adee EB DELAWARE BEHIND GRP ‘aoazoi4 194886 Hilo Kevin eee Added POTENTIAL TGT MAY BE EART..THEYWE BEEN NOTFIED ‘teao%4 1830:17 “How Kevin Nara Aad ‘SRT WEST OF CROKD ‘vd20t4 1080350 Houron, evn Nara Aad 28 CONFIRM EAST @ ACTON? 26 W/ OPO DELA /FRANKLN STARTING i SeRbiace Une i ‘aypaaor4 10143 | Housed Kevin Naratve Adi (p> STAGED FANKLN..WHEN CRD GET CLOSER WL BLK : ‘iycaaes4 10:27. Howson, Kevin Nowe Ae WEAK SPOTS S2EH TO BE NORTH AND SOUTH @ DELAA WEST i 12/06/2014 19:52:33 “Houston, Kevin ‘Namative Added 839 P/U SOUTH NEAR WEST & HEARST i toe014 1935248 Howson, Kevin. Naralve Ad ‘ORF GoMNG SOUTHAT HEARST ' ‘2104201418250 Howson, Kesln—NamalveAdged REAR OF ORP PASE CHESTNT DELAWARE ‘2102014 163900 ° Hous, Kevln Nema Aes (GRP WOVING 88 ON WEST ST 1092014 1983:1, Howson, Kevin Naratve Added GRP CONT 8B ON WEST THOS UN! 12)097014 393944 Howton. Kevin Naratve Added WU TEAMSEAL WO UN f7e014 9409 House Kaw Narao Adsed ‘58 IU TRAILER AND DONT LET THEM HEAD NORTH 12792014 193421 “Howton Kevin Nar Added ‘802 COME WB ON BERK THDS CHSTNUT ‘21002014 185437 Houstn,Kevln~ Navatv Added LS COME E8 ON ERKELEY WAY FRU CHETNUT ‘a7ou2014 185481 Howton, Kvn Narabie Added ‘$28 WILLTAKE EB BERK WY HESHUT {2108201418850 Houser Kavi” Naat Added ANOTHER 60D NEEDED CODE 9 MOVING DBL TE ‘1002014 19:5591 Howson, Kevn Nari Ad COUPLE CARS IN INTERSECT @ ADDIGNSAN PAB 127092014 856¢0 Houten, Kevin Neate Added 10 NEED UNT EBON HEARST. PUSH BK TO HEARST..GRP MOVING EDBERKELEY WAY tajewnot4 195629 —towsor Kevin. NaraveAded (GRE MOVING TO ACTON ‘yoaz014 1957-08 Houston, Kevin.” Nemalive Add Re MOVIES BERCW TWD ACTON HAVE OPD GET BEANO ‘yoa2014 107-98 Houston, Kea NemeveAdsed [BERKELEY WAVIACTON UCS10 RESPOND CODES taloaa0t¢1957'54 Houston, Kean Naan Ad LA GETTING VEHS 80 WE CAN GO MOBLE : ‘a109201419:5805 Howton, Kevin Narate Added “TAKING ON ROCKS BERK WY E/0 WEST ST 127082014 165887 Howson, Kevin” Nanaewe Add START GIVING DISPERSAL ORDERS ‘2100204 1988:17 Howson Kevin. Naratn Aded Le MANEUVER 65 UM BETWN WEST AND ASTON ‘1092014 195045 Howson, Kevn Naat Added (FD Is WEST ON BERKELEY WAY ‘0aze14 183055 Houston, Kevin Namatve Adios HAVE O°D GIVE DISPERSE ORDER ‘2yoaer4 2000-13 Howson, Kava Nara Add (FD 68 COMING UP BERK WY WEST ‘ajpe2014 2000: ‘Homan, Kern Neato Adced CRP OF 59. OFD FOLWING. 108701420:0159 Hour, Kevin Nevo Add [WERE ALL WERT O* BERKELEY WAY WEST |. WEST OF ‘CROWD. ANOTHER GRP EAST OF COPS Page: 880175 | | | Detail Call For Service Report Loin ms smith Print DateTime: 129072046 1:12 425 FromDate: 2/06/2014 14:18 CFs type: Al 125 Teeter “2006/2014 14:18 ‘agency Type: Arona: Al FS Nomber,___125 Gall DatoPTimer_ 121080014 1410390 Primary ineldonts 2074-00078 Call Log s ‘Log Date/Time Entered By ation Description ‘oanets2022:92 Howson Kein” Naat Add ‘98 MOVE UP AND GVE DISPERSE ORUER...REPEATESLY {afowaotd 700001 Houten Kevin Nara Adds 1a MOVE YOUR GROUP UP. .600D PORTION OF GRP @ GWAgTON ‘i06014 2050-10 Houten, Kav» Nara Adds (0FD MOTORS ENATFOR DISPERSE ‘aroRcot4 zones Howton Kevin Naratve Ades HOLDING HALF GRP HERE... ‘veot4 200605 Hoven Kevin Narabve Aad SCRIAMGE UNE @ACTON AM. COND I AINTEREECTION @ acecots.200%:28 Howton Havin Nara Ado BLU TEAM HAS WEST..NEED SONEONE EAST ANO SOUTH ‘afeaz014 20206: Hou, Kevin Naralve Added NEED SUPPORT TOWEST UNIW~O ACTON.NEED TO BUILO BROUND INERGECTON faloazo%4 2026: Houston, Kev’ Nera Adee SSCRIMAGE LINE TOWEST..AAYWARD MOVE TO SOUT seronniv {2)0a20%4 2010609 Houston Kev Neato Ades OPDJUST ARRIVED. {2082014 2006-28 Houten Kev Nara Added 460 OPO FO 1860 BERK WAY MOVING EAST THROUGH CRWD SWING DEPERSE ORDR 12100204 2007-8 ° House, Kevin Narave Added NEED MEDIC ACTONUNIVER FOR SEURE..NOT AN SERICER. GME NPROM HEARST ‘206i20%4 2008-10 uray, Saroh ——_Nareatv Ade lag” °°" ete tome i 208201420:037 Chaniiindonmy Alt eceosod ‘Gide At on: Lontn ALERT: Porndient j08z0%s 0:1:29 Houston Kev Norte Ade {GIVING THE DISPERSAL ORDER NOM ‘eea0%s 20:11:18. Houmon Kown Nara Aad ‘ASO WE NEED TOGETLEDGER WQLOT CLEAR, ‘682014 20:1230 Howson, Kevin Nara Add [ACTON AND BERKELEY WAY GRP OF50 ‘2062014 2026:0- Howson Kevin Nora Aled UNIAGTON'S SIDE To SEAL OFF THAT CORNER aoe20142036:35 Hovltin, Kav) Nara Aad CROWD MOVING EB UNE 4108201420316: Houston Kev Naas Added THEY ARE @ SACRAMENTO GRP F 12/06/2014 20:17:03 Murray, Serah Narrative Added (EB calling back, says seizure, Tow reporting person Irernepee bt hese broken. ‘iseno' 20.1728 “Howton, Ken Nara Ades IFO LEDGARLUa Ie WHERE: ‘166c0%420:1820° Houston Kevin. Naratve Ades (GRP Is STLL FOLEDGERS APPROX 35 ‘0en0{¢20:1859: Hotton. Kav) Nara Aid LOCK DOWN LEDGAR AND OVE DISPERSAL ORDER ANO THEN INEATE VODKA ‘venot420 2063 Howton Kam Naat Aad AMULTPLE DISEREA. ORDERS GWEN START WAKING ARRESTS. ‘9e00142021:4° Houston Kav Naat Added GaP 18 SFEAD THINTOP @ MOOEE ‘avaaet420252 Howton Kav. Nara Aided CROWD APPROGHNG GRANT ravens 202825 ekeyametn Nara Added coor of ear Bai ec initrd Ba {2082014 02827 Houston, Kevin Nara Addo (GRP GB UNILUST PASSING SAC ‘anen0t4202808 Houston, Ken Naatve Added CRP 18 STARTING To FORM AND ORGANIZE GRANTUNI fjo92014202629 Hour Kev Nera Ades {iE URVICALIFORNA SPLINTER GRP fames2014 70267 Houten Kev Neratve Ae GPF 60 JEFFERSONWNL fena14 202650 Howton Kev Marae Atte RP OF 20.6 UNIERANT Page: 20 0175 Li. L. Pisa a Detail Call For Service Report Login iD: ksh Print Date/Time: 12/90/2044 19:12 125 + -FromDate: 120872014 14:13 CRS Type: A 125 ToDate: 2906/2016 44:13, Agency Type: Areas: All 125___ Call DatefTime: 12/08/2014 18:13:30 Primary incident: 2014-00071005 ‘Entered By Action Description 12/08/2014 20:30:50.“ Houston, Kern Naraiv Aided START MAKING TARGETED ARRESTS: s2)0e72014 20:31:08 "Houston, Kovin_Naratvo Aaded GRP @ UNUMLK AHIO HAS STOPPED: *2/08r2014 20:91:57 Houlton, Kevin - Narathe Aided (GRP STILL HOLDING MLKUNI 20062014 20:80:37 Housion, Kevin’ Naretve Adied ‘ajoemz0v4 20:32:42 hickayamaa._ Naratve Adod 12)062016 20:32:60 “Houbton, Kevin Nate Added 42/08/2014 20:32169 Houston, Kevin Natratve Added 42/08/2014 20:38:09. Houston, Kevin Narrative Added BLK NB MLKICENTER ‘al0w2014 20:33221 Houston, Kevin Nara ded (CNEED MOTORS 10 TAKE THAT FOST ‘ai0a2014 20:9944 Houston, Kevin Naraive Aeded LUNVGRANT LAST OF THE GRP PASSING ‘a)0e/2016 20:38:08 Houston, Kouin _Naretive Aaéed BERKELEY WAVIMK@10 ‘200872014 20:38:07 Houslon, Kevin -— Naratve Added [EB UNUBONITA GRP SIZE OF 100-200, ‘2feaizats 20:98:69 Houston, Koln Naaine Added [MAKING A SCRINAGE LINE UN W OF SHATTUCK ‘afver20t6 20:39:60 ° Houston, Kevin. Namaive Aced ‘SCRIMAGE LINE SET 12702014 20:40:44 Houston, Kevin. Nara Added (GRP 96 MILVIA FRM UNI ‘27002014 2041:01 Houston, Kevin __Naraive Adied, NEED UNTAMLIA, ‘27062014 204126 Houston, Kevin, Neate Acted GAP IS COMING E8 ADDISON ST 1270072044 2042205 Houston, Kevin. - Nerve Added ‘CALL DOWNTOWN BART AGAIN AND OPEN NORTH BERKELEY BART 127082014 20:42:31 Houston, Kevin ~ Narrative Added ILVIAIADDISON IS TAKEN OVER APPROCHNG ‘ADDIGON /SHATTUCK NOW ‘W/08m2014 20:43:18 Hous, Kevin Narrative Added ‘GRP OF 100 TRYING TO TAKE OVER SHATTUCIUMILVIA ‘$2/00"2014 20:44:38 ' Houston, Kevin Naat Added {EB NS BLOCKED THEY ARE GOING TWRD THE ROTUNDA ‘2/08/2016 20:44:60 Houston, Kovin. arate Added HOLD CROWD ON ADDISON STISHATTUCK ‘170872016 20:46:28 Houston, Kovin,_ Namal Added ‘THEY HAVE APPROX 200 BOTTLES IN THE INTERSECTION ‘SHATTUCK /ADDISON ST 1270672014 20-4891 Houston, Kovin, Nara Aded PW ENROUTE ‘2108014 20:46:42 Houston, Kevin Nara Added ‘THEY ARE HEADING TWRO THE ROTUNDA 27082016 20:46:48 Houston, Kovin Nara Added (GRP MOVING EB FRM WILVIA APPROX 20, 1210072014 20:4728 Houston, Kevin Naive Added (CENTER E OF SHATTUCK IS WHERE THE CROWD IS: 121087014 20:47:48 Houston, Kevin Nerave Added NEED BLUIGOLD SRT GO S FRM THE EAST 12/0672014 2048.01 Houston, Kevin Nara Added GRP 18S FROM ALLSTON NOW 12)08201420:4058 Houston, Kevin Narative Atied ‘GAP EB KITTREDGE, 12708201420:50:58 Houéten, Kevin Narrative Addect ‘SB OXFORD HEADING THRU TOUCHLESS 121087014 20:53:53. Houston, Kevin Naratve Added EB BANCROFT FRMFULTON. 1¥21087201420:54:08 Houston; Kvn. Narrative Addod ‘GREW 8B SHATTUCK WITH PLASTIC BARRICADES 21087201420:54:38 Houston, Kevin" Neralve Added [GRP THIAT HAS BARR.CADES IS APPROX 100 STRONG. ‘27087014 20:54:88 Houston, Kevin _ Nara Addo SRR THAT 18 @ BAICROFTFULTON LETS TR TO START MAKNG ge: 40.75 ee rere Seg eee ese Detail Call For Service Report smith Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 125 FromDate: —12/062014 14:13 CFS type: AL 128 To Date: taine2014 14:13 ‘Agency Type: Areas: ll 125 Gall DateTime: 12/06/2014 14:13:50, Primary inclents_2014-0007 1805 Gail Log LegDaterime EnteredBy Action Description 270872016 2054:50.Querubln, Gotla Ms Narratve Added ‘BED RESPONDING FOR A MEDICAL AT 2000 UNI FOR CHEST PAINS, PATROL UNABLE TO RESPOND FOR COVER, NO ACCESS PER 3, NEED UNITS ™* ‘ta7earot4 208508 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added DURANT ON FOOT HEADING EB ‘aleem0t4 20527 Houston, Keun Narrative Aied ‘GRP PASSING THETANG LOT s2/042016 2056-01 | Houston, Kevin Narrallve Adied ‘GRP ALREADY @ ELLSWORTH 127082014 20:568 Houston, Kevin Naratve Added [EB BANCROFT FOLLOWING A GRP OF 100 GOING THE WRONG WAY. ‘tapoerot4 2035748 Houston, Kevin Narraine Added ucPD NOTED ‘rea2016 208833 . Hovetén, Kevin Nanaivw Added (GRP ES PASSING DANA FRU BANCROFT WAY ‘a7pe2014 20598. Houston, Kevin Namralive Added “THEY ARE BLOCKING CENTER/SHATTUGK BARRICADING THE ROM, @ THE ROTUNDA ‘2082014 21:00:11 Houston, Kevin. Narave Added "TTELEG/BANCROFT DOING ASCRIMAGE LINE ‘iaos2014 21:00:20 Houston, Kevin” Nerve Added EAST SIDE |S SEALED #270/2044 21:00:33 Houston, Kevin“ Naratve Adee ‘98 THRU SATHER GATE ‘2082016 21:01:07 Houston, Kevin. Narrative Ades BLK OFF THE SATHER GATE 12708201424:01:14 McCain, Tyrone Narrative Added RPT OF GRP CARRING BICADES SB SHAT FROM CENTER ‘ayoe2014 2:01:28 Houston, Kevin. Nairatve Acted BLOCK OFF THE ALLEY WAY NEAR KIPS. 12708201621:01393 Houston, Kevin, Narralve Added SATHER LANE CLOSED s2merate 21.0147 Houston, Kevin Narra Adked ‘Tht BANCROFTOWDTTCH 12)002014 21.0208," Heuston, Kevin Narrative Added “TELE/BANCROFT SEALED TO THE EAST LB SEAL OFF TO THE WEST ‘s2/0q2014 21:06:10 Houston, Kevin Narave Added ‘BANCROFTITELEGRAPH STAT NEED UCPD t2peen04 21:04:41 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added 'SATHER GATE LOCKED DOWN 12/00014 21:00:34 Houston, Kevin Natrtive Aded 30 PEOPLE @ THE ROTUNDA PEACEFUL OD 4 ‘arver0v4 21:1223 Houston, Kevin. Narrative Added NEED SQUAD @ TELEDURANT ‘a/eero%4 24:18:21 “Houston, Kevin Narralve Added NEED A UNIT TELDURANT f2mero1d 21:21:09 Houstin, Kevin Narrative Added (GIVING THE DISPERSAL ORDER ‘a/0er2014 21:28:25 Housion, Kevin Narrative Adced ‘GATHER LANE THE GATE IS CLOSED WPAD LOCK WE NEED THE PLEASANTON GRP @ TELEGRAPHOURANT ‘tayeer2014 24:28:50 Houston, Kevin Namrtve Addo [MALE BLK LEATHER JACKET WIMASK ON THROWING ROCKS @ OPD ‘s21oer0v4 2:28:04 Houston, Kev Narrlve Added LARGE CROWD FORMANG ‘a)oemov4 24:28:96' Guorubin, Gloria M. Unt Stet Aion. ‘Unit 7412 rerouted o ell 280 Jaloamzot4 24:48 Quenbin, Gloria V. Unt Stetun Aaton Unit 7412 rerouted fem oal 260, al082014 21:34:60 Quorubin, Gna M. Un Sit Actin Unit 7412 On Boone 1200672014 21:34'51 Hogan, Devin Nav Acded Diapaichracaivod by unt 712 12)00R01424:97:28 Houston, Kevin Namatve Added [BURANT/TELEGRA?H NORTH DISPERSAL ORDER GEN ‘1208/2014 21:90:00 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added 1022 THE DISPERSAL ORDER 21082014 2141:00 Houston, Kevin. Nerratve Added ‘SECOND DISPERSAL ORDER GONG QUT SOUTH saI0eRO14 21:41:21 Sabine, Todd Naraiv Ades Dispatch received by unt S19 2j002014 21:46:82" Houston, Kevin Marave Ades TAKING ROCKS Page: 41 of | Detail Call For Service Report Page: 42.0175 Login; kam Print Date/Time: 12020141912 125 ‘From Date: 12/06/2014 14:13 CFS Type: Al fas FoDater - fapezosa 418 ‘Agency Type: rene Ai {25__Coll DateTime: taeHOTA 14RD. Primary ent 2044 00071008 Tog DateTine Entered by Action Doscrton anszots 214663 Power Kevn Nate Aélod PER UGPD 200 PPLLETTNG OUT OF ZELLEBACH PLING OUT oro gine faroszor4 tT, Hew Kovn, Noro Ried ——=—«NEED 2SQUADS ON TELE NEAR OURANT.REED OPO TOGGOON Dunant Wo TEE rereszot42ete10Howson,Kovn’—NaratoAied——~NEED SOD TO MANEINER TO BANGITELE ' 2082014214825 ewer. Kern Narmive ed ‘29 ORPWILLJOIN GRP OURMTFELE | {2nezovs2i4930 Hewch Kern Naratve ied =~ UGPD @RANGTEIE / s2mezo\421s0‘4 Hen, Deii Uta Acon Un TA eae at | 20082014 24:8040 Houston, Kivin Narre Added ‘24HAS ALL CHP FORCE W/HIM AND READYH TO DEPLOY | ‘sajver201421:6253 Hoveton, Kevin Nerralve Added. ‘COUPLE HUNDRED AUNNING £8 ON DURANT i {2100701421538 Heusen Koon NaralveAd—=—=«FURUE GRP ED OVOURANT. | 1210812014 21359:50 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added MAKE ARRESTS i tamezorszis+2¢ Hoosen Kev Nara Aied—«=“HOLDALNEBaticpowDITCH fannzo1215602 own, Korn Nara Aéed—«=«24PROGEED EB CHINNING TO TELE. DURE HALF OF YOUR Zee nest OF OUR GREW GO BANGROPY ANN folimzots2ise2 Hewlsn.Kore’” Naraivo Md ——=—LBIB MOVING ASGD TO DURAVROWDITCH : 12/08/201421:56:41 Houston, Kovin Narrative Added 24 MOVE ENTIRE CREW TO BOWDITGHDURANT t20n7z01¢220300 ewer, Kein Nara ded GAS:,PUT ON YOUR MASKS {20mz014220321 Fewer Korn Nara Asgd | WHATIS STATUS O“UNTS @ CURANTI2OWDTOA ta0ezo1720325 ewe Kein NaraveAdied == GAS. tene701sz20841 Houten Kein" Nara ied” LARGE CROWD ONDURANT t0a7014 72024 Few, Kern’ Naratw Med «OP RERLAGINGUB@ BANTELE i taneo1s72'2418 reuse Kern" Nevave Ae ——-«GROWDOT 400.709 i 1200/2014 22:19:03 Houston, Kevin (Narrative Added CHP DOES NOT KNOW WHERE THE OTHER SQUAD IS- 202201472407 ower, Kem Nara ase —=—=—LH0IS HOLDING @ THLEOURANT ! 12108/2014 22:18:30 Houston, Kevin Narrative Added 86 TAKING ROCKS fanen14221642 Howton Korn’ Nara Aled —=«=-TAKNG ROCKS FROM GROUPEAST OF US ‘esz0i4 2.1604 Hower Kern Neraie Added ~—=—«CASGASGAS ‘287018721824 Houten Kern Nera Ae = GABGASCAS toneo1s721831 owen Ker NaraveAdied ——-—STULTAKNGMISSLES i 12/06/2014 22:19:20 Houston, Kavin- Nerrative Added GAS GAS GAS. 1 ‘2oszot {2072016014718 Kwong, Joma," NenabweAdied eZ move othe we enti then ov a mov ovr and ‘push them 20mm WO1TS4 org, JenleM. 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Nora eda ut weat ote {2772014012402 Keng, nie. Nerve Ased ae @ Pee sroraoi4or2622 Kara, dela. Nate Riedy snow @ WePnce {2072014042527 Yvon. lenioM. Nava Adee wot atebtrocing now Page: 49.0175. gee ere Detail Call For Service Report Login: kam Print Date/Time: 1200/2014 12:12 125. FromDate; 120082014 14:13 CS Type: Al 128 | To Date: ‘tanoerante 14:13, ‘Agency Type: ‘Areas: Al 125 Call DateTime: 120062014 14:19:50 Primary Ineldent; 2074-00071006 Log DateTime EnteredBy _Actlon Description ta/o7m014 012826 Kwong Jemle M. Nani Add ‘woe sage aay al wf thaws no uppot hare faiqr2eté 012541 Kwong, JeonleM. . Naave Adod etn poston oui on lo ‘072014 0128:19 Kwong. denne.” NaralveAded (C0110 tose sees re maneuvering bind you prepare to ext cut ‘210720140128:24 Kind empl. Neratv Adéed took some loss 1210720140126-48 Kwong Jenne M. Narawe Asses ‘ru snow ath {2072016012628 Kwong, Jenne. Nara Added ‘ole aout of oe ho Be i tn el tin {2107201401288 Kwong Jono. Naratv Added (6 and 120 progr oar 1207701601:2629 Kwong, Jeo. _ Neate Added taeprice farormetset2ee1, Kwong, Jennie M, _ Nara Added sr no @ tefl 2072014012025. Kong. JernioM. Nara Added ‘vohe noch eu star maneuvering, a an fee nb ‘26720140120: Kong JerrioM Naralve Ade conta fo jackin hetox ‘a7@01401:20:22 Kwong Jennie Narave Added ‘our seems to have lopped alata et tle 120720160131: Kwong, Jenno i. Nara Adod iyo cn get allows not ofr on 20 hay re lng nb ‘iznraoi4ot31-18 Kwong Jennie Nera Aida spoon aon etm tt oye cg A, propria the tlo7mer4otat: Kwong, Jenna M, Naat Added 0.p snowing Oskiond ‘io7o140132-15 "Kwong, Jenne M Narate Added on bus tltaoteey {aioT20140:323 Kwong Jeoie Mt Nard Added fat’ oka fom get up tus 7 7 15 rt gong death wo nos 2 busses ‘2072014013233 Kwong. dere M, — Naratve Addo teerince 2 bute pated north -1207720160132-48 Kwcng Jenne M- Navatve Adcod toast gether eee, 420720160130.03 Kwong Jenne M. _Navatve Added bec now ‘ae720140130:58 Kwong, Jeno. — Neretve Added ifpoe 14 soi yaucanaqueez on that bas 2077201401948 . Kwong, Jonnie. Narthe Ades wlefso 1 ou {27201401965 Keng, JonnioM. _ Nanetve Added 10 secon out er 2a bus) ‘aevi2o1401:36:10 Kens Jonnie. Narate Add Ln on th ino, not thus buses are a eso, adc gen busses : and gatout of nro SBOTAONG O55 Kong. denne." Nanatve Adios standby etce {210720%4013559 Kwong Jonte M, Nartve Added nts on no, novel Bsns @ i 12)7/2014013809 Kvena.vennioM. -Nartve Added ‘7p cr eound oe pct vaori|nte0ts647 Kwong, Jone, Nara Adee ‘ying CHP rood estance ot earez ‘acrznt40ta7-4 Kwong. JenneM. — Naratv Added jut iad to 2 CH, they sl ty have nthe sng en zero ‘270140137347 Kweng.vennioM. —Narathe Addo ‘eo thoy seré meen else ‘orastect:37:85 Kworg Jenne M. Naat Added 110 youre arto ext ‘272016013824 Kwong, Jeon M. Nate Add wets roving io banctiton ‘2077201601208 Kwong, Jennie. Nate Ad {eyed oe banc aid oe pa 200 Ko ‘aiormot4o1se34 Keon Jennie M. Nate Adee ‘wo have 2 ore vehsi tow, in wo ood to igure ot pan for eur SAD ‘20Tia014013857 Kwong Jennie. Nari Aces 546, you have voh tock up 7 and crf ary takes on le Page: 500175 eaopael lasteee ise te Detail Call For Service Report oe enc eh etme preemies " 125 ‘To Date: 12m06/2014 14:13 a et ite ig — Sa nares eee ans —— Panera TOT os Se oe a a re fect: Soe itn a ned tweeter iereriomeal seen esc teem eee Se eek eee eee souictoomess eects eeetal secidelet Watered Seotvne ers ioal pomeeel Hla ees ee eee Gene Soentonsy wensla teagan Sues Beonneee oqeeatel fewsee| | creuuenecuust peel inoarameen a entre opt Sees eeu senate enone oi ee creme! | ll ooveeeoiealar (orien eae eet | ccm ea aati acatioet He ee eae a ecnitcas (eect eave | meet eres granites hae eet ease Serer (net cea cca alleen eect eves eten woes oon eee esas ee consatrcanera eeetries aie Insect | eae Sete ee oe lacua ee croanasiieet eoueotand | one meee femcrrecal ct cara Tecate ae ciate oe Cae fences) coe eee Cl eeeone isevteaa eae oso) Geer feewroee ec ceen Wncoeet I atstaimas ote eee eee] a ieee eee peeacionlt {mmr cer ete gees erste ea ea teeter i creeeree eee meme eae : au iets ice eeereeeeeeteee est eee eee ae | eee Cees eco melt cep esa ose ae Page: 61 075 } Detail Call-For Service Report Login: kath Print Date/Time: 127802044 19:12 From crs: 125 FromDate: 12062014 1413 al Tocrs: 428: ToDate: 120672016 14:13, Layer Al ‘ross: Al CFS Number 125 Gal DetoTimer_12}07014 147850 Primary neidonts 2014-D007H005 Cal tog ‘Log DateTime Entered By Action Desaription ‘ab72016 020008 Fer, Date. Nareve Aled Klacid ger Dem zane mbar {2072014 9200:11, Kwong, ernie. . Nara Ae tp pried biccara oa Bar Ln ‘aloo 0220120 Hockey, Kar. Paso Ade a a... | 12/07/2014 02:01:67 - Huckeby, Karen M. Person Added oe... ‘07014 204 Kwong, Jenne M. ~ Nartve Added soa ak PO nba fr ith. ls ‘1071014 92:05:09 Kon, Jenin. Naat Aled (op bck cls thy coed into betnay ao wo have aes on | foratleatne past omin : ‘aporaat4 02:20:00 Lyons, Cayoe - Naat Aled [DOWNTOWN CENTER SHATTUCK ALL SECURE GR OF 30 €8 ; DURANT PRY DANAON TELE MINOR RESIDUAL COLLEGE OR SAR. : {CROWD ALL PO GANS HAVE BEEN CLEARED OFF OF TELECCALL i (GGp0 TO NSE NE AVE ANY CARS ON BARRONS arora 02217, tLyene, Coys, Nabe Add ‘GR? OF 60 88 DURANTE O= DANALN THE STREET NO FUTHER ETON ON THAT ¢2), : arormoro22ti48 Lyons,.cayce Nanatve Aled 4.CARG ARE ON BARROWS LANE ‘al0772014022206 Lyons Celis Naat Adéod [ALLBIKE UNITS ARE ACCOUNTED FOR i o7a0v402:2887 yore, Caos Naretie Aled COMPLE NWARIED AND ACOUPLE BERKELEY KE LATS ARE | 12/07/2014 02:23:58 Kwong, Jennie M.—Narralive Added crowd holed up at durantiteie: rajor2014 e224 Kwong, Joni Naval Aes rou of 3.80 inteterecton Tarornatsaars Keng, Jone M. — Narate Aled ear veh wh 7B ain un no a ‘arroiaaz2r4s Kwong;denneM. Naive Aled bring back 1019 : ‘1072014 02:94:37 Kong, Janno. Native Ae thu ee tose et ‘21072014 02:48:45 von, Joma. Naat Bed puleesouie fo slat? come beckto PSB 8 stage, none of BPD s | Fanan at y ‘yormoi¢a24e.2? Kwon, nie M. Naat Ade {101 ont ou have APD nan eae of ‘0720160248: Kwong enn. Naratv Rod tum wore lng rte veh att none lace ‘lor2ote 08:12 Fehr, Dole M. Nara Aled Ao cnc 2 ‘0701603:14:02 © Satu, fs. Narelve Adéed Dispatch roves by wit At ‘217701403:1609 Gehl, Cite” «sR Stake Acton Unit SATS dened ton cat ‘o77at403:17'84 Huckeby, Kren M. Naratv Rod ‘oy caled Uda 4 tins and ine broad on ch fori cst oe fo epat osteo ‘armzn1403sa:22 Huckaby Kren M, Unt Siete Aaion Unit PEBTODiapaches ‘a07201408:1025 Huckaby; Karen M. UntStsus Acton Unit PEBtO On Scene 42077201603:19:99 Huclaby, Kaen M. olen! Cestod Aon Nuh, OR OED Nab 214.07 958, Un ‘lor14 03:20:98. Husteby, Karen. Navatve Add 1471060 forr081020002 van 1408 Weare ‘porant40n2t1' Huckeby, Karen M. Unt State Aason Unit PEE cleared tom cal ‘20772018034285 _Huclaby, Karon M. indent Grated ‘enon Nuri, OR AED Narr 2440710, Un Page: 520175 Bae eee eater Detail Call For Service Report Login WD: ksmih Print Date/Time: 12/80/2014 18:12 From CFS: 125 -FromDate: 12/06/2044 14:19, Crstype: =A To Crs 125 To Date: 42/06/2014 14:13 ‘Agency Type: ayer: All ‘Areas: Al CFS Number 125 ___ Call Date/Time: 12/06/2018 14:19.0, Primary ineldont: 2014-0007 008 Gall Log Log Date/Time Entered By Action Deseription | ‘o7o7720160838:00 Hunky, Karen M,Naratve Added 245 via Rock AdasonMLK susp:unk vi-523 case 71062 42/07/2016'08:9400 . Huckeby Keren Marae Added 246 va Bick Adon MILK evapunk vic136 *2IOTI2016 02:9406- Huokety, Karen. Icldant Cresta Ae den Nan, ORI CACM, nb 2400788, Unt: 20772014 089551 Lehman, Ashley Unit Status Action Unit 58 Dispatched 1207016 08:96:53. Syto, Tammy Naraive Added Dlopetch received by ut 69 4210772014 03:2827- Lehman, Ashley Inldent Crestod Aes iter Nurber-OR!: CACAO, Mur 2014007185, Ut +2107/2014.03:3648 «Lehman, Ashley Narrative Added 1481409 pe 2300 bi 14-7 1608 4210712014 08:57:07 Lehman, Ashiey. Narrative Addod 200 bitte 42/07/2014 083378 Lohman, Ashioy Incident Crested ‘Aad relent Nur, OR: CADE, Nab: 20140097108, Unt ‘1W07!2014.05:37:38, Lehrmen, Ashley Naratne Added 148/409 toatturant 1471888 4290772014 0837.58 Lehman, Ashley Gall Updeted (Change Indo Unk, ORE CA0010900, Number: 2014-00071988, Unt: 69 12/07/2014 08:38:02 Lehman, Ashley. Cal Upiiated ‘Change Incident Unit, ORI: CA010300, Nurber: 2014-00071986, Unit: 53 42/07/2014 02:38:18 Lehman, Astiey Gall Updated (Change Incidart Ur, OR: CA0010000, Number: 2014.00071986, Unk: 69. ‘2707/2014 08:98:21 Lehman, Ashiey Unt Situs Acton Unit 68 On Scone. ‘1g707/2014 08:57:87 | Flahsr, Dotle M. Uni Situs Acton Unt 8°38 clesrd fom ca ‘2107/2016 08:58:02 Faher, Dole M. Uni Statue Action Unit 8°97 cleared tom cal 1210712014 06:58:07 _Flaher, Dole M. Unit Status Acton Unit 639 closed fom cal ‘WoTI2oN6 06:04:13 MeClen, Tyrone Un Situs Acton Unit 5A clared fon call 1216772014 06:04:20. McClain, Tyrone “Unit Salus Acton Unit 6A6 clare fem call 12IO7I201% 04:04:32 MoCier, Tyrone Unt Statue Action Unit 12 land fomcall 2)07/2016 0410437 MeCisn, Tyrone Unit Situs Acton Unit 3410 dared forall 4210772016 0408.07 Flaher, Dole M. Unt Situs Action Unlt 6AS cloared fem cll ‘42/07/2016 04:05:16" Flcher, Dowie M. Unit Status Action Unit 8A cleared fra call ‘27072014 0408:28 Fleher, Dottie MU Sats Acton ‘Unit 841 cleared rm call 42/07/2016 06:05:38" MeCien, Tyrone Unit Satus Aton Unit 640 cleared rm ll ‘12/07/2016 040547 MeOlan, Tyne Unit Status Aston Unit 8815 closed tom eal Y2IO7I29N6 O&:08:14 + HClan, Tyne Unit Stetus Action Unit $418 cloared fom eat ‘2I07I2016 04:08:14 Fisher, Dole M. Unit Status Aston Unit 58 cleared meat ‘2/07/2016 04:08:39 HeClan, Tyne Unit Status Acton Unit $3 cleared tt call ‘2IDTIONK O&08:A8 Clan, Tyrone Unit Sats Action Unit 812 cleared from cll ‘270772014 04:08:57 —MoCian, Tyrone Unit Satus Acton Unit 9 leer rom eat 42/07/2016 04:25:41 Huokaby; Karen. ncident Created Added incident Nunber, OR: CAQO10300, Number: 20°6.00071971. Unit ‘2)07!2016 04:25:57 Huckeby Keron M.Narratve Adied 2430) case 71974 ‘a)o7mote 04:27:57 Huckeby, Karon M. Person Added Name Loca ‘rave eT Huck. Kaen, Nereus — for 118" Pepe: 530075, eA eeeree He 1 4 | : Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: imi Print DateTime: 125002014 18:42 425 FromDate: 1208/2014 1415, al 428 ToDate:° -1avarzota 1413, Aroos: ai 125 Gal DateTime: _(2/00014 14330 Primary ineidents 20700077005 Call Loo Log Dateline "ation ‘aorra014 043744 Peron Acid = raorra0tstoxs:se Cat dts Daestene ranges ‘ore 1oasi2a can upc Dapestons Changed taora016 1130.28 Cat Uda Dapéstene Changed taoraots wna call Urdtod Diapcetne Changed ‘2072014 1499:49° shren Laverta, al Ups Dipole Changed ‘noT2014 14:36:49. “Sherman Lavra Call Closed ‘lea01403.95:24 cheb, Karin, Aerts Aossned Cloke Art ln Laon ALERT Par nat fariwa0v 172710 ° Kwong, Jenna M, Alerts Acoso (led Alt lor: zon ALERT: Porn Page: 64 0f75 EEE eet Detail Call For Service Report Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 From CFS: 1210812014 14:13 CFS Type: To crs: taine2014 14:13 ‘Agency Tyne: rer. Al Al Crs Number 125 1206/2044 14:19:90 Primary Incident:_2014-0007 1905 Unit Log Date/Time EnteredBy Unit Status ‘Action Description ‘Location 12)002014 16:58:28 Cote, Sherdl GAT. ~Digpatenod Unt statue BANCROFT henge arr TELEGRAP, HAVE, Batley 127002014 {5:58:51 Coteros, Sheryl 6AQ_——_—Dhapalchad Unt Status ‘BANCROFT Change wav TELEGRAP Have, Boskeloy 127002016 15:58:57 Gof, Shenfl AIS Dispatched Unk status : BANCROFT Change way TELEGRAP, Have, Bekeloy 127082014 18:58:46 Cotes, Sheryl GAS ——_—ispatched Unit statue BANCROFT Change wavs TELEGRAP HAVE, Eorlalsy 129082018 18:56:46 Coteros, Sheryl -€A13_—_—Dispatchad Unt tats BANCROFT ‘Change wave TELEGRAP HAVE, Sealy 12/0872014 16:57:00 Coteros,Shenfl GATS” On Scone at site 1018 =n99 12706201815:57:00 Gotoroa, Sheryl GABON Seono pastas 1018 n° 121087201416:5700 Cotes, rani AS——_—On Scons Unit Status 1018 Change 20067014 16:57:00 Coteros, Shenjl A1_-——“On Seana Unit totus 1018 ‘Change tamneov4 18:57:14 Coteros, Shenjl —6AIS—_On Scene Unit Status sow Changs 12092014 1601.16 Coteros, hen 6PS3—_Dlapatched Unit tats BANCROFT ‘change way? TELEGRAP HAVE. Betkaay raipamo14 16:01:18 Cotes, Shen. P95 Dispatched Unt status BANCROFT. Change wav TELEGRAP, HAVE, Baikaoy 12)0er201816:01:18 Cotes, Sheryl 6PS7 ——_—apatched Un tates BANCROFT Chenge wai TELEGRAP HAVE, Boraley $2/0872016 16:01:24 Coferoa, Shanjl 6FS7 On Scan Unit status ‘change Page: 85 0t75, a Detail Call For Service Report Print Date/Time: 12/20/2014 13:12 From CFS: 125 tayoei2014 14:13, CFS Type: Al To CFS: 125 i Al CFSNumber. 125 nit Log 7 Log Date/Time Entered By ‘status ‘etion Description Lecetion 1270672014 1601.24 Cotrere, Shor con Scene nit Status Change iajoe014 160124" Coteres, Shera P83 On Scene Unit Status Change i2joeer4 160137 ° Gatiares, Sheryl €P83.—-On Scone UnitLoceton 1010 1018 {210072014 16:61:37 . Goteroe, Sheng 6PB5__On Scene UntLocaton 1019 1018 120872046 16:01:37 | Cotes, Sheryl 6PS7__On Scene Un Location 1018 1018 1200072014 1616:38 Quonubln Gloria M. 6A2__ ~ .Dapatched nt stave BANCROFT ‘change ay TELEGRAP HAVE, Berkley {21082016 1671640. 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On Some Unt Sane “019 Chenoe ‘Page: 87 of75 { Detail Call For Service Report {Login 1: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/90/2044 13:12 From CFS: 125 FromDate: 12/06/2014 14:13, CFS Type: al To crs: 125 To Date: ray082014 14:13 ‘Agency Typ Layer: All Areas: All CESNumbor, 128 Gall Date/Time: 12/08/2014 14:19:90, Primary ineldent 2014-0007 1005 Unit Log LogDatwTime EnteredBy Unit Status ‘Action ‘Description Tocation 129002014 16:46:95. Murrey, Soran «EAR~ — Diapatohed Unt stave BANCROFT Change way? TELEGRAP HAVE, Berkeley yamea014 1646:40 Morey, Sarah. SAB On Scena. Unt sistas 1019 ‘change 127002014 1646:44 Quorn, Gla. SA16 Dispatched Unit statis BANCROFT Change way TELEGRAP, HAVE, Sorkeley ‘oroaz014 16:46:44. Quarubn,Glofa Ms At ——Diapatched Ute totus BANCROFT Change WAY? ‘TELEGRAP HAVE, Berkely r2pparote 18:46:44 Dispatched Unit status BANCROFT change Way TELEGRAP Have, Besteloy ‘appero14 464649 Querubin, Glow AB On Scene Uni status 1019 Change 12)@R014 1646:49 Quorn, Glove 6A4 On Scan Unit Status 1010 change ‘a7eer016 164049 Quenbin, Gola 6A18 “On Seane Unit Status 109 henge ‘42)0e2016 1647.08 Quenibin, Goa M SA12 —_—Diapatched Unit tats ‘BANCROFT Change ways TELEGRAP Mave. Barelsy ‘sa)08/2014 1647.07 Querubin;Giofa tk, 5A1B On Scere nt Status 1019 Change ‘a)oaro14 1647.24 Querubin,GlovaM. 812 —_Diapetahod Unk Situs BANCROFT hangs was TELEGRAP HAVE, Botteley ‘1082014 1647:30. Querubin, GlotaM, 812. On Soane ot totus 1019 Change ‘208/2014 164943 “Querubin, Glofa. 6A7 ——_Avable Unit Clsrec: Unit lard fom cal 127062016 16:49:43 Queruin, Gora. GAT Avaisbie Unit tatug Change y270eR014 164043 Quorubin, Gla M. 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CFS: Layer: Al CFS Number Page: €2 of 75 Detail Call For Service Report {Login ID: kemith From Date: To Date Areas: ‘Gall DatelTime: Print Date/Time: 12/30/2014 13:12 s2708/2014 14:13 CFS Type: 12/06/2014 14:13 ‘Agoney Type: Al Primary incident: 2014-00071905 Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: ksrath From Date: To Date Areas: Call DaterTime: Print DateTime: 12/00/2014 13:12 42082014 14:13 FS Type: 2708/2014 14:13 Agency Type: Al 127062074 14:15:30 Primary incident: 2014-0007 1005 Detail Call For Service Report Print Date/Time: 1290/2014 13:12 s2ioer014 14:43 FS Tye: spoe014 14:13 “Agency Type: al T25___Call DatelTaner_{a;g044 14:18330 Brimany melden: 2074-0007 1005 Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: ksmith Print Date/Time: 2180/2014 12:12 yoe2014 1413 CRS Type: ‘Agoncy Typ ‘Primary Ineldent: 2074-0007 1906 From CFS: ‘To CFS: Layer: All ‘CFS Number: Detail Call For Service Report [Login ID: ksmith From Date: ToD Areas! Call Date/Time: Print DatorTime: 12/30/2014 13:12 s2708/2014 14:13 CFS Type 13ner2014 14:13, ‘Agoncy Typo: All 1210672014 14:18:90, Primary ineldent:_2014-0007 1005 From CFS: ‘To Crs: Layer: All ‘CFS Number: Paige: 87 of 75 Detail Call For Service Report Login 1D: smith Print Date/Time: 12902014 13: 125 FromDate: 1208/2014 128 —ToDat 1206/2014 14:13 ‘Areas: Al 725 Primary incldent:_ 2074-0007 1905 Detail Call For Service Report Print Date/Time: Fromm Date: - 1208/2044 14:15 To Det Areas: Call Date/Time: 1210672016 14:18:30 Primary Wncldent: 2014-0007 1805 Pago: 68.0t76 Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 From Dots: ~ 12/06/2014 14:19 CFS Type: 1206/2014 14:13. ‘Agency Type: A Al Gall Date/Time: 12/06/2014 14:19:00 Primary ineldents 2014-0007 1905 Page: 70.075 Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: ksmith From Dato ToDet ‘Areas: Call Date/Time: Print Date/Time: 12/90/20 amoerz014 14:13, CFS Type: meant 14:1 ‘Agency Type: Al 210672014 1415590 Primary Ineldents 201400071005 From CFS: To CFS: Layer: Al ‘CFS Number: Page: 71 75 Detail Call For Service Report Lagi 1D: ksmih From Dat To Date: Areas: Gall Date/Time Print DateyTime: 12/30/2014 13:12 2162014 44:13 ‘aroer20%4 14:18 All 4206/2016 14:15:50 CFS Type: A Agency Type: Primary ineldent: 2074-0007 1905 Page: 720175, 125 128 125 Detail Call For Service Report Login 1D: ksmith Int Daterrime: 12/30/2044 13:12 From Date: ° 1206/2014 14:13 CFS Type: Al To Date: ‘2neiaot4 113 ‘Agency Type: Areas: All Gall Date/Time: 12/06/2014 14:16:00 Primary incident: 2014-0007 1005 Detail Call For Service Report Login 1D: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 From CFS: From Dat CrSType: All To CFS: 5 To Date: 1270802 Agency Type: Layer: A Areas: Al (CFS Number: Gall Date/Time: 12006204 14:18:80 Primary incident: 2014-0007 1605 Page: 73.0178 Page: 74 0175 Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: kant Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 13:12 125 From Date: 12/06/2014 14:19, 125 To Date: 12006/2014 14:13 All CFS Type: ‘Agency Type: al { i 4 From CFS: To Crs: Layer All ‘CFS Number: Poge: 75 75. Detail Call For Service Report Login ID: ksmith Print Date/Time: 12/90/2014 19:12 125 FromDate; 1208/2014 14:13 125° To Date: 28/2014 14:13 Areas: Al 125 CallDato/Time: 12/08/2014 14:18 Primary incidents 2014-0007 1005