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osto201s Mn/DOT BRIDGE INSPECTION REPORT Inspestor HENNEPIN Page tof 2 BRIDGE 90625 _ BNSF RR OVER CSAH 153(LOWRY AVE NE) INSP. DATE: 05-14-2014 ‘County: HENNEPIN Location: 0.3MIE OF JCTTH 47 Length; 7.0% ily: MINNEAPOLIS Route: CSAH 183 Ref. Pt: 902+00.980 Deck With: 86.1 8 Township: Control Secton Mant Area: Radu. Aree | Pet, Uns 6717 sat ‘Section’ 11 Township: O29NN Range: 24W Local Agency Bridge No 708 Paini rea Pcl, Unsnd: 20000 sqft Span Type: CONC SLAB SPAN NBI Deck: 5 Supor:S Sub:3 Cha: Cub: N pen Pests Cnsed OPEN Arpaia Ratings Approach N_WtnwayN WN Scour Cae ANCN WATERWAY Daf Stat UNKN Sf Rate UNKN Raquroe Sedge Sn Load Peeling: NOTREQUIRED Tlf: KOT REQUIRED Vonzont OBJECT MARKERS _ Vericl ROADWAY RESTRICTION STRUCTURE UNIT: © Fue on ary any ay oary Ne ELEMENT NAME swinseome ouwmy &: @& 8 Si Bt 2 TOP GF CONORETE BECK 7 oso soser —=~=—~*~S*~*~SCt SSCS Woes: 2. Cone sped w/rebar exp @ W coping ove EB. '3:No chang. '8-same | 38 TOP GF CONCRETE SLAB Toso worse 0 ~*~«SCNSSC«SSC Note: 8. RR act ced tlea on op of > ENERGIES 12 No conge "4 come| 331 CONCRETE RALING + o6s420% welowtleUteWA Nols: 91. Cane weathered and pated Wroispal Wrebar expan ibe afew paces. last ots can although E fl of taticboow"T Ne change. 4 phwood pt btn a nd we od ra | 107 PANTED STEEL GIRDER « osuazu wits CtS”t*tiStC Nols: 107 GSA SRA REAPER! Otro vets onthe bolom flange, Several btm anges have mdr {ons fate myact"1osure sect has over soornge@ corer Pare 1 ntorbeam bent abe Ifo vac impectiV @ corte pe, "senior soars on aber, Sion fst. ie bears @ contr pr andr team @ Nor 10 CONCRETE GIRORR @ ossa208 a re re Notes: [110. Conc fascia beams. W fascia is a combination steel beam w/ conc on W face te make bear look like a” T"NEUSSE Severely damaged Wi fabar exp end one rebar & several irrups eheared off) Fascia boams hava impact damag foals, TEN change. "econ | 380 SECONDARY ELENENTS 2 osaa014 1A +0 0 0 WA Nols: (880.'4-tocdophagme roadway spin hove surace it 311 EXPANSION BEARING @ osaz018 ue OC~OSC«wSC~«i SSNS Noles: (8, Rusted. 13Nochange.4-samo. | 313 FIXEDBEARING @ os420%8 we O~CUSC«SC*NASCOWA Noles: 1319. uted, Pack st ane sone adranced coroion on bot de fpr 2.12.Ne change. 4's Toe CONCRETE COUN 7 ossaao wea D~C«:*~« SSW Noles: |205. Many colurms cracked w large delams and spalis. Rebar exp w/ section loss @ all piers (CRMERIGANSS NNGOMMTITS | MOTBORIOSS OT SSCHOAIE) to request BNSF RR complete analysis of deteriorated columrs. When columns are reparec, Por ah si en clr Lown pron patig we ol prs" chon "t-ae | 218 CONCRETE ABUTENT @ ose201 wir @o~US*~< ;72CS~*~sC;C;*«*ézN Noles: (215. Aten ver cracks, Popou's on feces, Lower portions panted white. S stained by seepage @Joint, Rust @ old form ties Leakage in E center ofN. Fine map cracking i 8. Spalis in conal jot of S. 12-No change. "4-108 LF ol vert cracks, Widest oracki. 1/16" oort02015 Page 1 of2 Mn/DOT BRIDGE INSPECTION REPORT Inspector HENNEPIN BRIDGE 90625 _ BNSF RR OVER CSAH 153(LOWRY AVE NE) INSP. DATE: 05-14.2014 County: HENNEFIN locaton: 0.3MIE OF JOT TH47 Length: 73.08 iy: MINNEAPOLIS Route: CSAH 183 Ref.Pt: 002+00980 Deck Width: 86.1 8 Township Centtol Secton Maint. Are: Redwy.érea/Pet.Unsnd 6.717 sat Section: 11 Township-O22NN Range: 24W Local Agenoy Bridge Nbr: 708 Paini Area Pc. Unsnd; 20.000 sq ft Span Type: CONC SLAB SPAN, NBI Deck: Supor:5 Sub:3 Chan: N Cu: N Onesies BREN ‘Appraisal Ratings “Approach: N-_Waterway: N MN Scour Code: ANON WATERWAY Def. Stet: UNKN Sul Rate: UNKN Roquited Brdge Suns - Load Posting: NOT REQUIRED Trae: NOT REQUIRED Horizontal: OBJECT MARKERS Vertical: ROADWAY RESTRICTION [STRUCTURE UNIT: 0 FLeM ary ary ory ayy NBR ELEMENT NAME ENV INSP.DATE GuaNTTY —_cS1_—cs2—cS 3a CS 12 TOP OF CONCRETE DECK 1 05942018 5.005 SF 0 08.008 0 0 Notes: 12. Cone spatadwicabar exp @ IW coping over EB. '3-o change "-same | 38 TOP OF CONCRETE SLAB. + osta2018 1701 SF 0 0 4701 0 0 Noles: 38. RR tracks ard tallast on tp of sab SGN GS SEARS] RISAIGHGANGHIGIYE12-No change, 14-same.| 331 CONCRETE RALING + osta2014 serle ad 9 7 oA Noles: 231. Conc weathorod and spated. W rail aplied wi rebar xp and rusted in afew places. Ballast rocks can fal through E rallonto tric etn. "13-No change. 4-plywood put behind E rail and wit tid 10 aig. 107 PAINTED STEEL GIRDER 4 06-14-2014 2221 iF ° 0 2a ° 0 Noles: /107. Singer hi in setApsd MERY/IERKES. Ditforont widths on the bottom of flanges. Several bottom flanges have minor ents fom raf impact "3-Some section loss over baarngs@ center & N Pia 1 interior beam bent about 1" from tae impact-WB @ center per. '4-ninor surface rust on all beams, Secton loss f6 inner beams @ center per and inner beams @ N pier| 110 CONCRETE GIRDER 4 06-14-2014 1err ° 180 ° 7 WA Noles: 110. Conc fascia beams. W fascia isa combination steel beam wi cane on W face to make beam ook tke a "TENESEESSAD Fascia beams have mpact damage and spals, '3No change. “M-same| 380 SECONDARY ELEMENTS 2 06-14-2014 1A 1 ° ° oo WA Noles: 380. 't-sleet diaphragms in roadway spans have surace rust 311 EXPANSIONBEARING 4 05-14.2014 83 EA o 8 0 NA NA Nows: [511 Rusted. 13-Nochange. “i4-same. | 319 FINEDBEARING 4 06-14-2016 eo EA. oo o° || ONA NA Noles: 1313. Rusted. Pack rust and some advanced corosion on both sides of per 2.'13-No change. 4-same.| 208 CONCRETE COLUMN 4 05-14-2016 45 EA ° 7 20 @ NA Noles: 208. Many columns cracked w lange delams and spals, Rebar exp w/ section loss @ al plors (G2RISEPISENAS NICER \WlinajeelOSTOHSSEHOAID. to request ENST AR complete analysis of deteriorated columrs. When columns are repaec, Flaca cach tut @ contor columns, Lower porton painted white @ all pis. '13-No change, “4-same. | 218 CONCRETE ABUTMENT 4 05-14-2016 solr 180 0 0 0) WA Noles: (216. Aon vert cracks, Popouss on faces, Lower portions panted white, S stained by seepage @ joint, Rust @ old form tes. Leakage in E center of Fine map cracking in S. Spalie in E conal jot of S. 13-No change. "14-108 LF of vet cracks. Widest rackis 1/16" ooro2015 Page 2 of 2 Mn/DOT BRIDGE INSPECTION REPORT Inspestor HENNEPIN BRIDGE 90625 _ BNSF RR OVER CSAH 153(LOWRY AVE NE) INSP. DATE: 05-14-2014 234 CONCRETE CAP 4 0544.2014 LF (59 4 6 oN Noles: [234. Center and N cap stained from leakage thu deck. A few vert cracks h some caps. Vert spas wi exp rebar N side ior and § ade pr 1."12.No change, "4-20m0. 387 CONCRETE WINGIALL 4 05442014 EA, 0 4 0 0 ONA ‘Notes: (987. Walls weathered. Rust @ old wire form is. Diag cracks in NE. Numerous popous in NW, SE and SW. Fhe nore fand:map cracks in NW. T2:No chenge. “4-rust tans on ower parton of NW. Expoted rusted robar @ Ath stop fem battom in NW 358 CONCDECK CRACKING 2 05442014 TEA 1 o 0 0 NA Notes: [368 359 CONC DECK UNDERSIDE 2 0514-2014 TEN ° ° 1 ° ° Noles: [858. Spans 2nd 3 - Effor @ stringer flanges. Considerable lezkage ver N and center piers. Cone spailed wi rebar exp @ W copirg over EB, Leaking and effior @ const joint in all spars (UGAGISRSOHS MINERS) Spalis, some wi rebar expin N span, "13-No change.’ M-leakage overall pies, Cracks w/ alr & stains nN span.| 362 TRAFFIC IMPACT 2 05142014 1ER 0 o 1+) NANA Noles: |969, Fascia beam and ste! gil impacts. '13-Intaror beam WB @ center par.'14-samo | 964 CRITICAL FINDING 2 0544-2014 1A 1 0) NA NANA Noles: [964 pet SIGNING 2 0844-20 1 ER ° ° 4 ° ° Notes: (981. Horz clearance marker X4-4 @ NE and SIV corners. Center per has reflector sigrs-WB sign damaged. Lights ‘mounted on center pier. Directional signs @ center per. WB restricted clearance sign on bridge is missing, EB i damaged, Ver clearance sign (13-6") @ aprroaches, Narow briige sign @ E approach, none @ W. No parking between 7-2 AMI and 4-6 PMI-F @ Nido of stroet. No parking between 4-6 PM @ S sie. All Keep Right and horiz clearance signs on approach colurnns are decelorod and have graft on fom. "13-No change. t4-samo| 984 DRAINAGE 2 0544-2014 1 EA 1 ° 0) NA OWA Notes: [984.0% 986 MISCELLANEOUS: 2 05142014 tea 0 o + NANA Noles: 1988. 1" conduit tached toN abut, pier 3 and between beams near side. 1" conduits attached to W fascia and runs ‘along § per ta luminaires. 1" conduit § sde pir 1.2 lights @N wakway, 2 @ WS roadway, 2 @ EB roadway and2 @ S walkway. Curt spalled @ median and outside gutters. curb has several areas of exp reber. Cure @ median is badly {deteriorates w/ 20% of gone. Mirai ron clearance, righ metal ret wall holding ballast rock @ SE comer. Graff on S pier. 13-No change. "val curbs have areas w/ rebar exposed. General Notes: Bridge 00625(708) BNSF RRICSAH 153(Lowry Ave NE) 5114/14. PTH and WJM. NOTES: Cal Pat Grant orsign issues on bridges in City of Minneapolis-ofice 612-673-5757; cal 612.221-5308. Ninimun vert cleerance = 13.8'@ WE, Repel agreement BNSF RR. Sill no advance warning signs EB or WE-2012, 213, Recommended Repairs: 205. Reoait severely deteriorated conc columns-request BNSF RR to comslete analysis of columns - HIGH PRIORITY. 331, Plywood attached to rang on E side needs tobe lonered as there is sila gap for ballastto fll hrough, 981, No.adyance vertcal clearance signs-reported to operations and Ciy of Minneapolis 1988, Repair cus. 1988, Repait 3 SF pothole In EB lane - through overlay and down © cobblestone Inspectors Signature Reviewers Signature / ate ooro2015 Page 1 of 2 Mn/DOT BRIDGE INSPECTION REPORT Inspector DISTRICT BRIDGE 69833 DMIR ORE DOCK #6 OVER 35 INSP. DATE: 06-26-2014 County: STLOUIS. Location: ATORE DOCKS Length: 235.1 Ci: DULUTH Route: ISTH35 —Ref.Pt: 254+00.189 Deck Width 34.98 Tounshi: CContol Secton: 6982 Mant.Area: 1A Rwy. Arve / Pe, Unsn Section: 05 Township: O4SNN Range: 14W Local Agenoy Bridge Nor: Paint Area | Pet. Unsnd: 80% Span Type! NBL Deck’? Supor:S Sub:3 Chan: N Cub: N Onesies BREN Appraisal Retings -Aporoach 6 Waterway: N MN Scou Code: ANON WATERWAY —Def.Stat. UNKN Sulfate: UNKN Requred Bdge Sgns- Load Posting: NOT REQUIRED Traffic: NOT REQUIRED Horizontal: OBJECT MARKERS —_Vertizal: NOT REQUIRED [STRUCTURE UNIT: 0 ELEM ary ary ary, ary_— ary NBR’ ELEMENT NAME ENV INSP.DATE QUANTTY csi cS? SSA CSS, 401 BALLAST PLATE DECK 2 0626-2014 gos 9018 ° ° ° o Noles: [Deck it 1/" pate steel, 2014. Nosd access) 334 METAL RAILCOATED 2 08262014 a0 LF 06588 0 0 Noles: [Stes al has freckled te ative corrosion. 2014. Top ef deck 107 PANTEDSTEEL GIRDER 2 0626-2014 11060 LF 318 2288 0 Noles: [Paint on cantor pris 009% rusted on northerly ane inlorercurfoco. Seuthory surface is rusted. Pan paint an bottomis rusting on much ofthe surface. 10 feet from centr pier. jintin deck allows water to low onto spice pales and stiferers Pack rutin thase areas 1/2 in. 2014-No Change | 113 PAINTSTEEL STRINGER + 06-26-2014 or LF o 7 o o ° Notes: [On 8/03/2009, G Eimquist added element 112. Rall achat net alowed access to superstructure for cant inspactions but fom the ground & appears thal ste! rusting, 2014- No Change | 311 EXPANSION BEARING 06-26-2014 eA 3 1 0 NA NA Notes: [Anchor batt grdar 4 east pr 75% section loss, West Pier, asm 1 and 2, anchor hole enlarged, bolthesvily rusted 1 in efermation between retainer and sole plate 20'4-No access! 313. FIXEDBEARING 2 0826-2014 BEA 8 o 0 NA OWA Notes: NWeolumn has now archer bolts bu! are loose. E. column hae ancher bat tuctad off. W. column, 2 ofthe northern anchor plaies are cracked al the way through 2014- No Charge | 202 PANTSTL COLUMN, 2 0626-2014 BEA ° ° ° 5 3 Noles: [Active Rairoed Lino \West Bent: Pir lags have 3/16 10 1/4 in. L.O.S.atjunstion wth concrete encasement near bottom. There is also heavy rustat ese locaions. The steal is mostly covered with moderate to heavy rust, There are some areas of heavy pack rust ‘an the pierlegs with some loss of section. North lower horizental brace between NW leg ard east ou'side channel top fange hasa rst hole. The 10 in channel diagonal fom the SE column on the west sd has a 2 f1X Bin area wth LOS ‘Tom at the eoge to@ pn note inne center. The SW column onthe West sige has @ 1 1/2In X 3/4 InOe Inthe Web ofthe column at the top ofthe coverete. The horizontal legs of the lop anges ofthe South botom herizontal brace have 100% LOS and the vertieallage have 60% LOS atthe SE cannactien, The center por columns are 92% rusted, The south channel ofthe noth norzontal brave atthe east ere has a three inch hole. Note: Loss of secton drawings in Shated Drive. (2000 - West paris constricted with 4 steal colums that ate referenced by quacrant. Loss of section survey in 2008 estimated the SE column to have 30% loss of sexton. Loss of section survey n 2009 estimated the NW column to have 20% loss of section, and the SW column to have 15%6 less of secton. An analysisis required. Pierin median hes. anchor bots with section loss up to 18 irc, and colurn fanges and webs have areas of 18 In section iss. 2010) - Cross tracing have eress of upto 1/9 in. LOS in 3/9. The Wost pies hee lower herizontal bracing constructed of bul up rmamers of 2channols. The channols fromthe NE eclunin to the NW column has one web 90% musta aviay and the ther web hasa 1 1/2 x2 in long hole. 2011/- Thenorth and south channels between the pierlegs and mostly covered in it. 2012!- Batten plates are bent 1/2 in 1 in. du te heavy pack st 2014- West Bent: SE colu ooro2015 Page 2 of 2 Mn/DOT BRIDGE INSPECTION REPORT Inspector DISTRICT BRIDGE 69833 DMIR ORE DOCK #6 OVER 35 INSP. DATE: 06-26-2014 231 PAINTED STEEL CAP 2 96262014 4a LF 0 4 34 a 0 Noles: [Pies caps anc legs on ether se of LM, 35 are 70% rusted and peeing with pack rust at connections. 2014- No Cangel 367 PACK RUST 2 oeze-2014 TEA ° ° 1 0 NA Noles: [Batten plates on old pier bents bowed out up to 24 in.-1" fem pack rust. There is also sheet rust at soveral locations. | 359 CONC DECK UNDERSIDE 2 0626-2014 tea 1 ° ° ° ° Noles: 2014: Need access} 383 SECTIONLOSS 2 9826-2014 TEA o o o 1 NA Noles: [10/25/08 South east steel column of Pier al westside of SB -35 has 30% loss of section just above the concrete footing, Field measurements have been sent i fr analysis. There is some LOS on ts bridge. Note: Drawngs in Shared Dive (Gridge photos) (10/05/09 - Pier west of ntestate, NW column has 20% loss of secton, SW column has 15% Loss of secton, Field measurements have been sent in for analysis and drawings are in le )2014- 964 CRITICAL FINDING 2 0826-2014 1 ER 1 0) OWA NA OWA Noles: |DONCT DELETE THIS CRITICAL FINDING SMART FLAG. 2014-No change | 981 SIGNING 2 0626-2014 1 EA o 1 o ° ° Noles: [Signs Required: Horzontal Clearance 20154- Markers missing | a2 GUARDRAIL 2 0626-204 +8 4 ° 0) NA OWA Noles: New Guardrail 2011 2014 - No change | 984 DRAINAGE. 2 06262014 TEA 1 0 0 NA OWA Notes: [20%4- No Accass| Goreral Notes: Ubltes aro t- Rubber power, 2 Gal. conduit, 1- Phone, 10/25/08 Inapection: G. Elmguist mode roquest 6 RR personnel {or pormission for access the upper perton o bridge by MaDOT ‘nspacton teams Have not received permission to accass bridge. (2009 - Ralroad sai they would notfy Mn0OT this summer join their inspections for inspection of bridges {62853 and 89829, They hava not contacted us 2s of 0IOSIO8. so we have nothad access tothe superstructure of his bridge.) (2010 No access fo top of bridge in 2010, Chackif RR can fumish inspection as they do with the Olive bridge.) 2011 inspection M. GnelfG.Wemer. (PC: To dete (11/11) we Nave not received permission to access superstructure ‘copies of CNRR’s reports.) (08/20/2012 inepection: G.ElmquictW. Ek 05/16/13 G Weight Benson 20146-26 D Ryctiaki James Pratt Inspector's Signature Reviewer's Sanature /Dale ooro2015 Page 1 of 2 Mn/DOT BRIDGE INSPECTION REPORT Inspestor MNNEAPOLIS BRIDGE 92338 BNSF RR OVER 15TH AVE SE INSP. DATE: 0430-2014 any. HENNEPIN Tacaion: OS MINE OF UNVAVE Linc eam iy. MINNEAPOLIS Route. MSAS253 Ref. Pt: 00000421 Deck With, 10002 Township Contl Secton Maint Area Fay, Aroe Pet. Unsnd Senden 24 Townstip-O20NN Range: 24W Lowa Agency Bie Nor: 4896 Pain Are Pet non 5% Span ype: CONC SLAB SPAN NBI Deck: Super S\b:4 Chan: GuMGN pon Pest Cloned OPEN Arora Ratings Approach N_Vlterway:N WN Sco Code ANON WATERWAY DefStst_UNKN Su ate: UNEW aquree Brge Sons Load Posing: NOT REQUIRED Trae; NOT REQUIRED Horn: OBJEGT MARKERS _Verical: ROADWAY RESTRICTION STRUCTURE UNIT: © euew ey ary aoa ary wee ELEMENT WAM ew msp ome cummy Ss Ss Se G01 BALLAST PLATE DECK 7 onsozw sor =o ~*~ SCC Nolet: [pID NOT VIEW TOP OF DECK AREA BECAUSE OF RR AUTHORITY. THE PROTECTION FABRIC COVER OF THE sik TRACKS, $ MAINLINE TIO “BER LINES LAY ONTOP OF ViOOO DECK TrE WOODEN PLANK SDEWALK ON THE S0uTHIS 00D. | 301 POURED DECK ONT 2 0402014 oir =OS*CSSC*SCSNASCOWAN Notes: {THE STRUCTURE WAS SEVERE SEEPAGE PROBLENS 3o4_ METAL RAILGOATED 2 o4s0a014 co | Wows; THERE 1S UMFORIA MODERATE SCALE AND RUST ON THE SOUTH PIPE RAIL To? PANTED STEEL GROER 7 04020 Tee uF oo 17 0 Notes: THERE IS UNIFORM SCALING AND MODERATE RUST THROUGHOUT. KEAVY PACK RUST ATTHE FLANGES, STIFFENERS, AND GUSSET PLATES, THERE ARE SCRAPE MARKS ON THE LOWER FLANGES FFON HIGH LOAD DAMAGE. NORTH GIRDER INNORTH BOUND LANE HAS MANY HITS ACCIDENT CANAGE AND IS BENT UPWARCS AND OUT OF ALGNMENT- TYPE BPANTIS ASSUMED. GRAFFITI| 160 SECONDARY FLENENTS 7 08302018 ‘AoC Nots: DIAPHRAGM ANY OF THE BRACING AND CONNECTION PLATES SHOW BUCKLING, SEVERAL FAVE BEEN REPLAGED OR RENOYED. | 202 PANTSTL COLLIN 2 04302014 wa oC~OSC~tStSC~< SSC~|