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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Lineage and Bonors ‘HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS COMPARY ‘7028 TRANSPORTATION GROUP Constituted in the Organized. Reserve Corps 21 June 1948 as Headquarters and jeadquarters Coupany, 7024 Transportation Railway Grand Division Activated 7 July 1948 at Omaha, Nebraska, and affiliated with Union Pacific Railroad, (Organized Reserves redesignated 1948 as Organized Reserve Corps; redesignated 1952 as Army Reserve) Ordered into active military service 3 September 1950 (Zxpanded + Septenber 1952 to form Headguarters and Headquarters Company, 702a Sransportation Rativey Grund Division USMi)s seonganiaed and rodeo eyed pls 1355 a Honduarters” and Headsuartars Conpaiy, 70l4 Rransportation Group 4 aa Reorganized and redesignated 20 October 1953 as, Hedaquarters Company, 7024 Transportation Group (Railway) Released from active nilitary service and roturned to reserve status 15 Septenber 195+ at Omaha, Nebraska, adquarters and Heatquarters Company, 7024 Transportation Group (fas Groat inadivated 28 bosoakor 199% oc"banka, "ganiaaeay ° 7 HOME AREA: Fifth United States Arny (XVI United States Army Corps) CAMPAIGN STREAMERS: Hone DECORATIONS: None By Onder of Wilber M. Brucker, Secretary ofthe Army: Mee & Hq 00, 7024 Transportation Grow : bention Beillve Fee sistis; Ja ‘Onaha, Neo Ft. Eustis, Vas cont Seven 2 Tran Ua 2 a Division ewARKs Savion Day, moans Gerona Division ir constitute: fe retivesed at Crane, AL dual AGAOMT 370.5 (10 & einin” Stesio, AG 370.5 (To2 2 io 227, Pt. iestis, © Sot will be orgenizeé 0: 1 3°) to the reduced Sen Res (20 dug fective 15 Ax : mortetion Ce pended to fox Sept 1957. v2 Pt Ha & Bq Go, 70: ‘eetive ) Se- - 90 118, Fire! ine Genie - GC 1, The Try nevortation Senier, 2 doy iq & Hq Co, 7024 Trensportation Railway Grand Division will be redesignated as Hq & Bq Co, 7024 Transportation Group (Raslway) and reorganized under 7/0 & F 55-202A, 1953, (Colm 8) - AGAO-I (M) 322 Gen Res (13 Aug 53)C1, 15 Sep 1953. Effective 20 Oct 1953 - 10 M0, Office of the Chief of Transportation, 6 Oct 1953. ‘WAIL be processed for ast: ity at Ft. Tustis, Va., transferred to Onaha, Neb., effective 15Sep 1954 - DA 538391, 6 Avg get ethan Det et ro deaee js ‘personnel - GO 60, Trangportation Training Command, 30 Aug Tae. Also see 6 136,: Ntth Army, 26 Dec 1954, sox Hq & Hq Uo, ‘02a Bransportation Group (Railway)(USAR) will be INAUPIVATED - let Ind., AGAO-I 322 702d Trans Group (1 Oct 54) WS, 2 ov 1954. INACTIVATED ~ 00 136, Fifth Aray, 26 Dec 1054. vait SEOROANIZED an (Bativay) under 703 55-2024, 1955, Oh Y= $ERLW hy" $8077 gan 55)RES, 12 Jan 1955 - GO 28, Firth Army, 18 Mar 1955. Prov Det #1 is ORGANIZED at North Platte, Neb, effective 1 Oct = AGAO-I (M) 322 a 63, 4 Fe 0 otracka Military District, 26 Sep 1955. atet 1055 hd Cotte eds eed) Is REOKGANIZED os (Reflway) under TOR 55-P02R, 1955 - GO 126, Fifth army, 26 Oct 1955. Field training at Ft. Eustis, Va. for the period 2 Oct to 16 Oct = Army Reserve tial Unit Training Schedule 1955. Field training at Ft. Eustis, Va. for the period 10 Jun to 2 Jun - Army Seserve Annual Unit Tra'ning Schedule 1956. Field training at Ft. Eustis, Ya. for the period 2 Jun to 16 Jun - Army 2eserve Annual Unit Training Schedule 1957. ae as (Railway) under TOE 55-202D, 1957, with a strength of 25 OFF, 2 WO,"20. NCO, hl EM - GO lj, Fifth US Army, 8 an 195e, Field training at Ft. Sustis, Va. for the period 8 Jun to 22 Jun - Army Reserve Annual Unit Trai ning Schedule 1958. Field training at Cp. MeCoy, Wisc. for the period 12 Jul - 26 Jul - Army Reserve Annual Unit ‘Training Schedule, 1959. REORGANIZED as (Railway) under TOE 65-202D, 1957, - GO 100, XVI US Army Corps, 15 Sep 1960. AMENDED to read GO 101, ~ GO 102, XVI US Army Corps, 14 Sep 1960, AMENDED to include TOE 300-18 and effective 1 det 1860 - GO 116, XVI US Army Corps, 27 Oot 1960, FOR HISTORY SEE: DA Lineage and Honors of Eq & Eq Co, 702d Transportation Group, 11 Jan 1961. TSE GaneNT liq & Hq Co, 7024 Transportation Group fq & Hq Co, 7024 Transportation Railvey Grand Division STAT ons Fro __o | aewanes SUATOws, o Vas SHS pod me Nebe. Jal tis, Va. Jul, Jul led. Jul 54 28 Dec Nd cour “ASU otmpayog SuruTesL yFUq Tenuuy earesoy Ansty - InP Sz 04 THe TT poTHad oyy sos “eA fsTaeng “gg 4e SuTUTELa PLOT “ESOT sepueTeo SupuTesL atu] Tenuy onresey AuIY - Tap 92 04 THe Zt PoHTed ou; soz “eA feTaSNE “aq 4B BuTuTey PTOTY “HGET OST Be ‘“Aaty Waste 9ST OD ~ GSEVATEOVEE "GET Aox z ‘SmH(NG 490 T) Gnoay suexy PzO) Z2f I-OVOY “PUI 36T ~ GAEVATLOVAI 94 TTT (avSa)(4PAT FEY) tnozy uoTyez1008Wer; PZOL ‘09 by ® bE “HG6T Me Tt ‘Ary UasTE “EG op — T WO PeTTddy “HG6T dea T ‘AurY MIF ‘6 OD - L46T ‘Z0e-GG av OG Joep posTTePs0cy *£66 xy gz ‘Aury wisTE ‘GE 0D - $G6t fH T earsoosze 4 CGT‘ ye02=GG = ¥ 0/G sOPIM perTuEPIOeL DUE (ESN (fomtyee) sooxo,voyanyconsuysy peo) 00, te 2 #8 peamdveepes st (avSN) opera pueso Santas woryeasoiaunsy p20 ‘09 ti SE *2G6t 420 1 ‘May UIsTZ ‘STL op - PeMITsU0g “2G6r adas 6 ‘H-Go(2G Sey CT) Se" BO ze6 T-OVOY - Z56T dag y eATaDeST *G-09-069 us ‘T-0f-OTE US ‘2 OBuEUD fe'T oBuEUD “HH6T ‘ZO2—GG EP O/G JopIM goN “BYaUO 4v POgwAT4OR oq TTTA “Amsy WIZE 04 PoueTSS “gon ‘wqemp ‘09 PEOATHHE OTFTOed WOTUL UIA -PeITLTTZFe ‘oAtosey Ary 0} PEIIOTIE CF (BdTareS AxezTTTH etgoy) woTSTATC pussy Le ~T¥ey worses.zodswexy P20) ‘09 by'e be Fo UoFsuedxo woxy PomsoE (YEA) woTSTATE PURO AextTeY woTerzocsWeRy DEOL ‘09 baz bE Page 2. — 7024 Trans Grp REORGANIZED as (Ry) under TOE 55-202D, 1957, Ch 1 (300-21) Priority II, effective 1 Jun 1962 - GO 46, XVI US Army Corps, 28 May 1962. Affiliation Agreements with the Union Pacific Railroad Co., is TERMINATED effective with the inactivation - 24 Ind, AGAO-0 (27 Dec 62) OCAR, 14 March 1963, Effective 15 Feb 1963 - 00 26, XVI US Army Corps, 27 Mar 1963. Hq & Hq Co,, 7024 Transportation Group is INACTIVATED effective 15 Feb 1963 - AGAM-P (M) 320.2 (1 Nov 62) CORC 5 Nov 1962. CONFIRMED - GO 8, XVI US Army Corps, 24 Jan 1963. guiment pair’ shop. The other two, called “operating battalions,” handle the ds and the rolling stock. ing to Lt. Col. Charles O. Butler, General Superintendent of the 702nd, who has been a rail roader most of his life, an oper ating battalion such as the ones at Fort Bustis, could successfully op- up to “400 or 500 miles of ‘oad if the force were aug- mented by eivilians from the thea: tre of operations.” Normally, how. ever, such a force op ‘about 150 miles of track. While it is usually the job of Army Engineers and not the rail- way grand division to lay rails, the engineering section of the grand sometimes finds it necessary to lay rail in combat areas. TC men are cautious in speculating how much rail a railway unit could lay in a specific amount of time, since there are so many variables involved. But, they believe they could lay one-half mile of new track a day. If it simply involved laying track in a bed where old track had been torn out, work would progress more quickly. Korean Ser “We seldom found it nece to lay completely new track,” says Captain William Cudworth, sup intendent of maintenance at Eurtis and a railroader who saw service in Korea. “We were primarily oc. eupied with repairing and making serviceable those that already were in the theatre of operations.” Most of the men who work in a super. visory capacity in the 702nd ak | ready have had a fling at rail op. erations in the Korean eonllict. ‘The men who operate the For ustis Railroad represent jut = about every major eommercial rail: way system in the U.S. A typical gathering of command personnel of the Eustis line resembles a meet ing of the hoard of operatio any large commercial organization” under different eircumistances. And a roster of their civilian compani reads like a chorus from “The Gandy Dancers’ Ball.” “a Cross Section From the command posts right down through the ranks, the Fort stis soldiers represent a unique exoss section of military life. ‘They are, for the largest part inveterate, dyed-in-the-wool rai roaders, men who worked on the railroads in civilian life and an- ticipate returning to them when they leave the service, Railroading for uot previously renew ripton were quite selfish a © feary aud yas unable todo so after | ntatheco railroads ila. Frankly, Teas pad postion t “Today I dicect the dispatch niles ef pipeline. Tu ease you are vot 1 mista sce ie tha all the traffic LETTERS AND QUOTES (Continued from inside Jront cover) bo bad « gund elation and whe bad . in railroading. If any a ed them and Jack tters appesed 1 stcod th ook became ie dogted ih the mn ai ey ‘of course, it is mo fault of the rin Dost think LC sat mound wating for : [ wrote to the Union Pacific the subs tart when the articles the United St th ane ig was wren wil ing of for ba + ; fang Ie ean bene, Uatertatly so Mitre ong the line the plan wos se cit is dispatched rond. The only ‘tory shor, to appear [wae ves woul Those tracked. Powetas E Wacwen Kansas City, Mo, Do You Know Your Railroad Zoo? LY PAUL NORTON is in their blood and they work at their trade with an almost unbe- ~ coming enthusiasm. Itwas no small wonder that they should feel at home at Fort Eustis, with its rail 7 road, the pungent smell of soft coal firing the hoilers of its locomotives and the din and noise of its shop. As a group, their contribution to the military’ has been a signi cant one. They have helped convert the tools of their trade to instru ents of vielory. They represent a perfect union” between a great American institution and honor able citizenship. tie brave enough to [hore of the railroad x00? Score yourself: 67, cow “4. Great Northern trademark... We all know that a locomotive commonly an enginear hogger. B imal cracker! ‘The ansitert ave at the bottom of S$. A roadbed building machine... « 6 The C&O mascot. 1 Engine with control cab built over the midlle of the oiler. « ‘of Toaded coal cars ee ee called as iron horse jow well ean you do er; 89,0 rail 1 A note handed or theowa feou moving esi + ae BA tote e. butertly, Fo 1. A device for rersiling oars oF engines 6 bt eee , mountain goat feos lack snake UNITS TO BE ACTIV.TED sacwION IZ AFFILIATED UNITS (CONT'D) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 a b c 2 obe 4 pee oft WO EM see 11. 231st Wi Base Second Army Second Army Louisville, A 10-367 26 Oct 43: 1 4 0 1 75 616th aD Lupot Co ky Cir 24, Dept of (20 war rs, Roebuck the army, 1947 Ns nd Co 12, 226th Yi Bakery Co, Second Army Sceond Army Ft yer, Va E 10-178 2 Oct 43 1 2 0 W 19 balst a (5p) (20 Continental Faking Go, Washington, DC 13. tq # th Oo, 356th Fifth Amy Fifth Army Onahe, Nebr 547223 Doe 43 3 1 Bl 9% 78th Boge Ener Construction (Qs Yar r Bldg Chapter, Associated Gen Constructors of jmerica, Ine., 1130 First Ratio Lark B ue 55-202 le Mar 44 1,2 26 0 56 82 Q 1s 5200-1 17 Dee 47 63 3 19 «85 voge 3 = Inclosura 1 ta Ltr, AGhO-1 Ory Kes (3 Jun 48) CSCOr—ii, 1 2 3 4 5 6 Date 5 Off YO Et Ace fee aoe 813th FA Bn San Diego, Colit 635 15 dul 4S po 2 Bk (15mm How, Prac-D) (Pn less Ho @ Ho Btry) Zscendic, Onlif) ig & Bq Co,3024 Los Angeles,CalifAl 1242 2 Oct Uh a 30 2 16h 106 ‘Repl Depot th Repl Do Los Angeles,Calif 5 12-47 «25 Sep Wh 1 * ye 30lst WRU,wb1,%p2 Eortiand, Oreg, B 12-317 3 Oct Wh 2 4 we 4B 302d Cal Frocess- Portland, Cres a LMar We 1,2 5 ay ing Co iq & bg Co, 348th Seattle, Wash Bo 192 0-12 War 5 16 wy 30 net _C Gp a ligth Engr C Bn Los angeles,Celif 3 5-15 31 Oct 45 3l 3 89 123 Y5bth Engr C Bn PortianéOreg 3 15 51 Oct 45 3. 3 ag 323 4O3G Engr Conouflaxe 2n In, dalifB 5 13 Jan 45 28 2 59 (ae 339th Ener Con- -Portland,Oreg 3B 23 Deo 43 a2 6 9 struction 3n 465th Engr Water Fortlend,Oreg 3 3 Jan 5 6 ag. Bib Supply Co 4uéth Engr Panel Los angeles,Calif 28 Jun 45 rs Bo oY Er Trans Co talith Engr Dump Portiand,Oreg 88 © Nay We & 16 20 Ink Co 8 (Yurses) 3e7th KP Bn Los Angelus C=1if 3 10-55 ©? Fov bh 2 2G 1 79 109 87th W En, 1% Dec bs (Ho @ Ho Det & Co D) Glendale, Calif (Go a) Son Marion, Calif, (Co 3) Pasadena, Selif (Co 6) Poge 2 to Inel 1 TC flashes" (Continued from page 8) to a report submitted to Col, E. Jeff Barnette, Superintendent of the Wa- ter Div., by the vessel’s master, Capt. Discussing the swing decks which have attracted wide attention in com. mercial shipping circles, Captain Christman reported that during the MeGraw's recent crossing to Bremer- hhaven the vessel encountered a North Atlantic gale in which she rolled 30 degrees with the wing decks fully Roy C. Christman loaded. “Observations were main- ision Has Outstanding Record HOWN above is th hich is commanded by Li, Col. Donald E. Ingman and sponsored by the Union Pacific Railroad, at one of ite training, sessions, ‘The 7O2nd has on outstanding record. An affliated unit, sponsored by the Union Pacific, it was activated at Fort Snelling, October 1942, and embarked in De- cember of the same year at San Franciseo for the Persian Gull. Tt was preceded by its commanding oficer, Colonel (now Brig. Gen. -Res.) A. E. Stoddard, who flew to Teheran, Iran, in October. Sent to the Middle East to assist in supplying Russia with war materiel, the T02nd became part of the 3rd MRS under the Persian Gulf Command, and was assigned the task of operating the Iranian State Railway from the Persian Gull ports to Teheran, a distance of 800 miles over some of the most rugged terrain in the world, A single-track line, the railroad passed through 129 tannels and over tome 4100 bridges. ‘The temperature slong its line varied from 130 degrees above zero 10 30 belove. Jr brualon—the hs 7300 nd 7st Operating, 14th Sho, and 762 i ‘were assigned to it to operate the railway.” Because of the limited ‘umber of Americans, it became necessary to train natives in American methods, and lltimately most trains were operated with native erews and one American 38° con ductor oF pilot. Initially operations were conducted using equipment which was available upon arrival, and which had been previously used only during daylight operations, Tt consisted of a small number of German and British locomotives—without headlights —and hand-braked freight cars.- Despite the limited equipment and adverse operat ing conditions, tonnage progressively increased, and after arrival of American equip. ‘ment, rail trafic had reached a point which required the operation of about 24 freight trains daily between the ports and Teheran. ‘The intense heat in the Persian corridor and native affictions, as well as need for experienced railway personnel elsewhere, resulted in a high rotation some personnel were tent to other theaters, including General Stoddard wi ‘command of the Ist MRS in Europe. Some of the original members remained in fran until 1945 when the line was turned back to the Iranian Government; there: after, some went on to the Pacific as'members of the 3rd MRS and others returned to the United States, ‘The 702nd was reactivated as a reserve unit uniler sponsorship of the Union Pacife in April 1948, and its present personnel, with few exceptions, are employees of that railroad, Its members are all veterans and two of the present members were assigned to it in 1942, Other original miembers aro now assigned to the 723rd Rail. way Operating Battalion of Cheyenne, Wyo., also affiliated with the Union Pacific General Stoddard, the first Commanding Officer, is now Deputy Commanding General, -Res, MRS, and also President of the sponsoring railroad. END 60 tained during the gale and there was no movement of cargo or the wing decks,” Captain Christmas said. ‘He added that inspection after dise charge showed no damage to either cargo or to the wind decks. “The lat- ter moved as easily and smoothly af- ter discharge of the cargo as they did when first installed,” he state. ‘An inveition of former Merchant Marine Captain V. C. Farrel, the roll- ing decks consist of two movable steel platforms which, after loading move outboard inthe hold, thus saving time ordinarily required to carry oF “snake” each package of eargo into its assigned place. Th the reverse op- eration, the movable decks are rolled back to the centerline for unloading through the regular hatch opening, ‘TC HARBOR BOAT SERVICE Although the big boats get the pub: the litle boats doa lot of work. In 1940 there were only 386 hhatbor boats in service in the TC Harbor Service. Between 1940 and 1945, the mumber of boats in service in the TC Harbor Boat Serviee grew from 386 to 12,000. nee the war, considerable re- search has resulted in improvements. In the light of operational experience gained during and since the last war, and with consideration given to the functions of the newly-established MSTS, some of the improvements scheduled for the future flet include: (1) Non-propelled steel barges of all-welded construction; (2) floating on ise i col ely oe poy AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, INC. NDT sronv2er-Fetwnsee, 1950 UNITS TO EB ACTIVATED 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 8 ~a TOkE duthorized Strength Iten Designation and Activated Final & 3 c ae be a ai ceo __Assignment. by _location_. tatus. No Date. Changes OFF WO EM Age a First Amy First army | New. York,W,Ys 55-202 18 War GE «42 2-0 56 BF First Amy First Army Sehonectady A 55-235 4 Oct 43 1,2,3 27 2 03732 eo - WY. 3. 4534 Ener Fire Fighting Second Amy Second Amy Wheeling,W.Va. A 5-500 26 dul 4k 12,3, 1 0 26 27 Platoon (1FA,1FB5 37D) 4596 City of theeling Fire Dept Whesling, We Va 4s 300th Gif Laundry Det (Hosp) Second Army Second Army, Lancaster, Pa A 10-500 WJan45 Mone 1 0 15 16 The Lancaster Laundry Tne Colm ES 5. olst hisendry Det (Hosp) Second hmy Second Arry New Castle,Pa 10-500 10 Jan 45 ene” 05 6 Lawrence Laundry Company Colm BS 6. 317th Engr Dredge Crew m ) Vicksburgyities “h 5-6478 30 Sep 44 2 7°247 56 Vicksbure,itiss. Engincer ) District, C.E. ) ) 6 ay 434th Engr Construction ) ) Vicksturgliss & 5416 23 Dea 43 2 6 0 oF 6 En ) Waterways Experiment Station, } c. B : &. 302d Ut Edindny Det (Hosp) .) Third Army ) Third Army Memphis, Term & 10-00 10 Jan 45 None 1 0 15 16 Komphis Laundry Club, ) Colm BJ 2903 Sterick Pldg ) ) 9. 2934 Engr Dump Truck Co) ) Memphis, Tenn A $688 9 Mey 46-42 © & «0 103 107 J. Ye Owen, Contractor,1587 ) ) chelsea Avo,Memphie,Tenn ) ) Page 1 to Incl 1. at ¢ ‘ (97 a9 62) 09 ( quoudynbg ose aug ast? 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