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Pre-AP Physical Science - Mrs.

White - Room 15-102
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@b4fab to 81010
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General Information:
Pre-AP Physical Science is a survey of both chemistry and physics. The
course uses a laboratory investigation approach to the understanding
of chemistry and physics as sciences. The student will gather
information related to the structure of matter and motion of matter and
arrange this information into meaningful patterns. Strong emphasis is
placed upon reasoning and problem solving. Concepts will be
presented through lecture, class discussion, demonstration,
experiments, and activities.
Materials Needed:
1. Folder with paper
2. Pencil/ Ink Pen
3. Scientific Calculator (or 4 triple A batteries for classroom
4. Box of tissues
Book/Resources Used:
Prentice Hall Physical Science: Concepts in Action
Students will need to enroll in “Remind”
Course Schedule: ** Mrs. White reserves the right to update the
schedule if necessary for instructional benefit **
1st semester
Science Skills ----- Chapter 1 ---10-15 days
Properties of Matter ----- Chapter 2 ----- 5-10 days
States of Matter -----Chapter 3 ----- 10-15 days
Atomic Structure ------ Chapters 4-----10-15 days
Periodic Table ----- Chapter 5 ----- 10-15 days
Bonding------ Chapters 6----- 10-15 days
Chemical Reactions ----- Chapter 7 ---10-15 days
Comprehensive Semester Exam Review and Exam
2 semester
Carbon Chemistry ----- Chapters 9 ---5-10 days
Nuclear Chemistry ----- Chapter 10 ---- 5-10 days

Motion ----- Chapter 11 ----- 10-15 days
Forces and Motion ----- Chapter 12 ----- 10-15 days
Forces in Fluids ----- Chapter 13 ----- 5-10 days
Energy ---- Chapter 15 ----- 10-15 days
Thermal Energy ----- Chapter 16 ----- 10-15 days
Mechanical Waves and Sound ----- Chapter 17 ----- 10-15 days
Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light ----- Chapter 18 ----- 10-15
Optics ----- Chapter 19 ----- 5-10 days
Electricity ----- Chapter 20 ----- 5-10 days
Magnetism ------ Chapter 21 ----- 5-10 days
Comprehensive Semester Exam Review and Exam
Grades will be based upon test scores, quizzes, daily assignments,
homework, and laboratory reports.
Quizzes/Tests/Projects – 50%
Labs – 30%
Classwork/Homework – 20%
Make-up Work:
The student is responsible for obtaining and making up missed work.
Class time may not be used to complete make-up work. The number of
days the student is absent is the number of days that the student has
to make up the work. If the student is absent during a Quiz/Test, he/she
will need to come before school or at lunch to make the test up.
Late Work:
All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period. All late
work will receive half credit. No assignments will be accepted 5 days
after the due date.
When using volatile or corrosive chemicals and/ or heating substances,
students MUST wear safety glasses. There will be a handout on safety
issues that will be required to be signed by you and your parent/
If you have problems regarding this course, I am available to assist you
before school, at lunch or after school upon request. My schedule will
be placed in my window for reference.

Remember, you are responsible for your own success. Good study
habits, regular class attendance and a positive attitude are important.
Have a great year!
Mrs. White