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Thematic Unit pg.


Ryan Isch
Ivy Tech
Thematic Unit

Thematic Unit pg. 2
InTASC Standards Rationale Page
Standard #4: Content Knowledge
The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the
discipline(s) he or she teaches and creates learning experiences that make these
aspects of the discipline accessible and meaningful for learners to assure mastery of
the content.

Name of Artifact: Birdman Thematic Unit
Date: June, 17, 2015
Course: EDUC 255
Brief Description: This project is a thematic plan that would be for second graders, using the
book “My Dad’s a Birdman” to explore some of the whimsical ideas of the book. And how Great
Britain operates as a country. It will focus on giving the students a better understanding of Great
Britain and then allow for discussion on what is happening in the story throughout the reading.
This unit of study was chosen to give the students a better idea of how different cultures
work. While still keeping everything fun and entertaining. InTASC Standard 4 will be observed
through the fact that I will know about Great Britain as well to answer any questions they have,
and to also give the students chances to learn about what it is about for them as well.

Thematic Unit pg. 3

Demonstrare how the
Great Human Bird
Competition could not
work and why it would or
would not.
Sing the British anthem

Language Arts/ Reading
Show pictures in Britain,
and how they are different
than us

Theme: Culture
2nd Grade
My Dad's a Birdman
By David Almond
(Candlewick 2008)

Social Studies
Show where Britain is on a
map and share some of
what makes it Britain

Use the number of
pages through the
entire story to show
how it can be used in
other aspects of life

Thematic Unit pg. 4

Indiana Academic Standards
English/ Language Arts
READING: Foundations
2.RF.4.4: Read grade-appropriate words that have blends (e.g., walk, play) and common spelling
patterns (e.g., qu-; doubling the consonant and adding – ing, such as cut/cutting; changing the
ending of a word from –y to –ies to make a plural).
2.RL.1: Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to
the text as the basis for the answers
2.NS.3: Plot and compare whole numbers up to 1,000 on a number line.
2.CA.1: Add and subtract fluently within 100.
2.6.3: Demonstrate ability to successfully generate a variety of symbols, then select and refine a
symbol that communicates the idea.
2.4.1: Identify parts of the human body that can be used as tools—like hands
for grasping and teeth for cutting and chewing.
2.4.3: Identify a need and design a simple tool to meet that need.
Social Studies
2.1.3: Identify individuals who had a positive impact on the local community.
2.1.5: Develop a simple timeline of important events in the history of the
school and/or school community.
3.1.1: Sing a cappella song with attention to pitch, diction tone and posture.
3.1.5: Follow the cues of a conductor.

Thematic Unit pg. 5