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Societies Dot and Jot Chart

Central Idea: Societies Unite Together when Affected by an Aspect/Event
Task: On your own, write a Surface Question and a Deep Question for each of the lines of inquiry.

Write your own research questions. Use ‘who, what, when, where, why or how’ to write questions to
investigate these lines of inquiry:

Define a society (What is and what makes a society)
A space in time of the society (Timeline)
What aspect had an impact on the society?
What caused the aspect to become a significance?
What was the society like before the aspect/event occurred?
What part of the society was unified through aspect?
How was the society unified? SPENT
The impact on the immediate society and other societies

Surface Level Questions Dot and Jot
Who does whaling ?
Why do we do whaling?
Do there society’s depend on whaling?
What do they make out of whales?
How many ships have been hit by whale
Where are whale’s foned?
What does the whale say?
What country’s use the most of the whales
After there died.


Onn me work
Japan do whaling because they reline on it
Yes japan
They use oil and the meat
1 call the lady gil

Whales and foned all over the world
Whales commuate with shoud
Japan used the most parts so does Norway


Deep Level Questions Dot and Jot


Why should we save the whale
What is the point of whaling
What do whales eat

How many whales are left
How can we help the whales
What country’s take part on saving the
Which countries needs whales the most

How much do whales sell for

The whales are part of the food change
There Is no point in whaling japan kill for puducts
Whales eat zooplankton and kill which is a small-like
shrimp creator
Rufly 1.7 million
Donate to a website adopt a whale
Most countries are working to save the whales except
Japan Norway and Iceland
No countries need it the most but japan kills a lot of
$26 per kilogram however their fluke meat fin and tail
meat is sold for over $200 per kilogram this is 3 times
the price of the stomach meat of a whale

‘Surface Questions’
Questions that give information answers –single word answers, the kind you get from scanning a text.
Where is the most iron ore in the world mined? A: Australia
Who buys most of Australia’s iron ore? A: China
How big are Australia’s iron ore reserves? A: 1 trillion t
‘Deep’ Questions’
Look inside the issue and help us to really understand a situation. Their answers are detailed.
What is the process of recycling scrap metal back to usable iron?


How do geologists find and work out the size of iron ore reserves?
What is the history of humans using iron?
How is ore turned into iron?
What are the best alternatives for using iron, e.g. for building bridges