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Lesson Title: Number Sense using Numbers from 11 to 20

Grade: Kindergarten
CC Standard: Number and Operations in Base Ten: Work with
numbers 11 – 20 to gain foundations for place value.
Objective: The students will work in small groups and complete three
different activities throughout the lesson. There will be two activities
facilitated by the co-teachers and one will be independent work.
Students will use ten frames in a variety of different ways to make or
identify quantities from 11- 20.
Pre-requisite knowledge
Can we count up to 20 as a class?
How do we use our ten frames?
When a ten frame is full what number does that represent?
Teacher calls tables to sit on the rug
Briefly review numbers 11-20 using the ten frame
Students then dismissed to their centers.
LESSON BODY (45 min)
Direct Instruction
Teacher states the lesson’s objective in age-appropriate language: “
Today we are going to do some more practice with our teen numbers.”
Center 1
Independent work. Students have a pre-assembled package of 10
pages. They will use counters on the ten frames to show
understanding of specific teen numbers. They will then trace their
counters, and color the tracings.
Center 2
Co-teacher explains the assignment. In pairs, students will match a
number to the ten frame it represents. They will then glue the
numbers and matching ten frames on a large piece of construction
Center 3

Co-teacher will work with students on a worksheet that allows students
to use ten frames in 2 different ways. The first side of the worksheet
will have students identify the number represented on the ten frames
given, and write their answer on the provided line. The other side of
the sheet will have students completing the ten frame based on the
number given (eg. Show 14).
Guided Practice (5 min each)
After the directions of each center have been explained, the teacher
will work with the ten students in the group and provide individualized
help where needed.
Independent Practice (15 min)
Center #1 will be the only period of time where students will be
working independently.
Lesson Closing (5 min)
Restate the objective
“Today we reviewed our teen numbers”.
The teacher will ask students to count to 20 as they are dismissed to
get their snack and go to recess.
Teacher will provide visual aids (ie. examples) for each step, so
students can reference them throughout the lesson.
Teacher will be able to work with students individually as they
complete the centers, and will provide more guidance if needed.
Check for understanding/assessment
The teacher will check for understanding during whole-class instruction
by informally observing student engagement and participation
throughout the lesson.
When in their groups, the teacher will monitor students, and reteach as

Examples of ten frames. More complex than we
would do in this lesson tho’.