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Kori Hawkins

May 5, 2015
Touro University ED 790

Students (3rd grade) are currently not

engaging in collaboration work to support
21st century skills as they should
Results of NCLB -- high-stakes,
standardized testing does not work
We need to restructure the curriculum
and strategies for learning to help
students access 21st century learning
skills --- PBL can lead to change

Students need to
acquire the applied
skills necessary to
compete in the
US schools recovering
from a decade of NCLB
Successful method for
supporting students
with gaining proficiency
in 21st century skills
has been Project-Based

How do you scaffold collaboration

skills for students?
ED 790 research question: What skills
does a student bring to third grade
regarding collaboration?
Once completed, I will be able to
support other teachers with





Survey of student selfperceptions of collaboration

Mini-lessons (workshop model)
on key collaboration skills
Student collaboration (PBL)
Post-survey on student selfperceptions

Creation of teaching manual (electronic)

that contains an assortment of minilessons on specific collaboration skills
(i.e., establishing group norms, listening
skills, coming to consensus)

A venue to share with other teachers will

be created at my school site