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300 Important Combinations - B.V.

Accurate Predictive Methodology
Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions
Advanced Predictive Astrololgy, vol. 1 & 2 (set)
Aghora II, Kundalini -Robert E. Svoboda
Aghora III, The Law of Karma -Robert E. Svoboda
Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer
Application of Prasna Astrology (based on Systems Approach)
Applications of Yogini Dasha
Art & Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology (hardcover)
Art of Matching Charts
Arudha System of Prediction
Ashtaka Varga Made Simple for the Western Astrologer
Ashtakavarga System of Prediction
Astrological Applications of Kota Chakra
Astrological Biographies, 17 Examples
Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases
Astrological Journey Through History, Mystery & Horoscopes
Astrology & Education
Astrology & Karma
Astrology & Remedies of Lal Kitab
Astrology & the Hoax of the "Scientific Temper"
Astrology for Beginners
Astrology for Life, How to Become Your Own Vedic Astrologer
Astrology for Beginners/Encyclopedia of Astrology (KP System), 6 volume set
Astrology in Marriage Counselling
Astrology in Predicting Weather & Earthquakes
Astrology of Death
Astrology of the Seers
Astrology, Destiny & the Wheel of Time
Astrology Simplified
Astronomy & Mathematical Astrology
Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati, parts 1 & 2 -Krishman Publications, Che
Astro Sutras J.N. Bhasin, Sagar, 9.00
Autobiography of a Vedic Astrologer formerly My Experiences in Astrology
Beneath A Vedic Sky
Betz Ephemeris, 1940
Bhavartha Ratnakara
Bhrigu Nandi Nadi
Bhrigu on Predictive Astrology
Bhrigu Sutram
Biorhythms of Natal Moon (Mysteries of Panch Pakshi)
Brhat Samhita
Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira
Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira
Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira
Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra (2 volume set)
Catechism of Astrology
Celestial Delivery Boy: Transit
Chamatkar Chintamani of Bhatt Narayana
Conjunction of Planets, Based on Hindu Astrology
Conditional Dasas of Sage Parasara
Constellational Astrology
Crux of Vedic Astrology, Timing of Events
Determining Profession & Ups & Downs in Career
Deva Keralam (Chandra Kala Nadi), in 3 volumes

Dictionary of Astrology
Dictionary of Significators In Astrology
Digital Astrology
Dips into Divinity, Astrology & History
Divine Love & Miracles of Yogi Hans Baba
Doctrines of Suka Nadi Retold
Dots of Destiny, Applications of Ashtakavarga
Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers, an anthology
Elements of Vedic Astrology
Empirical Insights Into Vedic Astrology
Enigmas in Astrology
Essentials of Horary Astrology, or, Prasnapadavi
Essentials of Vedic Astrology
Essentials of Medical Astrology
Essentials of Predictive Hindu Astrology
Experiences in Horary Astrology
Female Horoscopy (Strijataka)
Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions, vol 1
Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions, vol 2
Fundamentals of Rao's System of Nadi Astrology
Ganapath, Exists or Not?
Garga Hora
Gems & Astrology
Gem Therapy
Gochar Phaladeepika, Torch on Transit of Planets
Go With the Flow, The Philosophy of Numbers in Oriental Medicine
Graha & Bhava Balas
Greatness of Saturn
Handbook of Vastu
Healing Power of Gemstones in Tantra, Ayurveda & Astrology -Harish Johari
Hindu Astrology & the West
Hindu Astrology, Joytisha
Hindu Astrology Lessons, 36 Teachers Share Their Wisdom
Hindu Dasha System
Hindu Predictive Astrology
Hora Ratnam
Horary Astrology & Swarauday Shastra
Hora Sara
How to Analyse Married Life
How to Avert Professional Setbacks
How to Be a Great Astrologer
How to Identify Significant Events (through transit)
How to Judge a Horoscope (2 vol set)
How to Judge a Nativity
How to Judge Longevity (KP System)
How to Predict Your Future
How to Read A Horoscope
How to Study Divisional Charts
Impact of Ascending Signs
Indian Astrology: How To Discover the Secrets of Your Vedic Star Sign
Indian Predictive Astrology
Introduction to Astrology
Introduction to Esoteric Astrology
Introduction to Vedic Astrology
It's All in Timing
Jaimini Sutram of Maharishi Jaimini
Jaimini Sutramritam
Jataka Alankara
Jataka Chandrika
Jataka Desh Marga

Jataka Parijata of Vaidyantha Diskshita, in 3 volumes

Jataka Tatva
Journey Back to Our Creator
Judgements of Bhavas & Timing of Events Through Dasa & Transits
Karma & Rebirth in Hindu Astrology
Karmic Control Planets
KP How to Cast & Read Your Horoscope
KP's Notable Persons & Krishnamurti Padhdhati
KP Tables of Houses
KRISHNAMURTI: Six Readers (all: Krishnamurti Pub.):
Krishnamurti's Prediction by Horary Astrology Scientific Tables of Houses for A
ll (Prasna nadi or stellar system)
Medical Astrology for All
Lahiri's Ephemerides (all: Lahiri Ayanamsha):
Condensed Ephemeris, 1900
Condensed Ephemeris, 1981
Lahiri's Indian Ephemeris of the Planets Positions According to the Sidereal Sy
stem for 2001
Laghu Parashari Sidhant
Learn Hindu Astrology Easily
Learn Successful Predictive Techniques of Hindu Astrology
Life Beyond Death
Life of Varaha Mihira
Light on Life, An Introduction to the Astrology of India - Hart Defouw, Robert
E Svoboda
Light on Relationships, The Synastry of Indian Astrology - Hart Defouw, Robert
Edwin Svoboda
Mahabote Families
Manage Your Health Through Preventative Astral Remedies
Manual of Hindu Astrology
Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems
Muhurta Chintamani
Muhurta, Traditional & Modern K.K. Joshi, Sagar, 12.00
Muhurtha (electional astrology)
My Experiences in Astrology
Mystery of Rahu in the Horoscope
Mystical Formulae, part 1: Mantras, part 2: Yantras
Mystics of Sarvato Bhadra Chakra & Astrological Predictions, with norms for fin
ancial gains in share market
Nadi Astrology
Nakshatra (2 volume set)
Navamsa in Astrology
Nehru Dynasty
New Dimensions in Vedic Occultism (A treatise on Vedanga Jyotisha)
9 Planets & 12 Bhavas, Their Effects on Human Life
New Light on Jyothisha (KP System)
Notable Horoscopes -B.V. Raman
Numerology, Gemology & Rudraksha
Occult Power of Gems
Phala Deepika of Mantreswara
Planetary Influences on Human Affairs
Planetary Strengths, Calculation & Interpretation
Planets & Children
Planets & Travel Abroad
Planets in Orbit (transit)
Planets: The meaning of each planet in each sign & house (oversize)

Practical Horary Astrology

Practical Mundane Astrology, Basic Principles
Practical Mundane Astrology, How to Judge a Mundane Chart
Practical Vedic Astrology
Practicals of Mantras & Tantras
Prashna Shastra, Scientific Applications of Horary Astrology, in 2 volumes
Prasna Marga, in two volumes
Prasna Tantra (horary astrology)
Predictive Astrology, An Insight
Predicting through Jaimini's Chara Dasa
Predicting through Karakamsha & Jaimini's Mandook Dasa
Predicting Through Navamsa & Nadi Astrology
Predictive Astrology: A Treatise on Muhurta, Marriages & Children
Predictive Astrology of the Hindus
Predictive Planetary Periods
Predictive Techniques & The Applications of Astrological Remedial Measures
Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala
Principles of Cuspal Interlinks
Professions, Inclination, Fructification & Career Profile
Profession Through Astrology
Punarphoo, Saturn & Moon (KP System)
Rahu & Ketu in Predictive Astrology
Raman's 110 Year Ephemeris (1891
Rationality in Astrology, Planets in the Sky
Rectification of Birth Time, An Analytical Approach
Remedial Astrology
Remedial Measures in Astrology
Retrograde Planets
Rudraaksha, The Mystic Seed
Saadhe Saati, A Balanced View, a group research
Sanketa Nidhi of Rama Dayalu
Saravali (2 vols)
Sarvath Chintamani of Vyankatesh Sharma
Sarwartha Chintamani of Sri Venkatesha Daivanga
Saturn, A Friend or Foe?
Saturn, Friend & Guide
Satya Jatakam
Scientific Analysis of Horoscope
Secrets of Ashtakavarga
Secrets of Vimshottari Dasa
Secrets of Yantra, Mantra & Tantra
Shri Rudram De
Significant Mundane Events Through Transit Navamsa
Solve Your Problems Astrologically
Special Sidereal Ephemeris, 1920
Stars & Your Future
Studies in Jaimini Astrology
Surya Siddhanta, text
Surya, The Sun God
Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes
Tables of Ascendants on Nirayana Basis for 0
Tajikashastra, A Guide to Annual Horoscope or Varshaphala
Textbook of Scientific Hindu Astrology, in 2 volumes (hardcover)
Textbook of Varshaphala
Times Daily Ephemeris 1994
Times Daily Ephemeris 2001

Timing of Events
Timing of Marriage
Transit of Planets on Thy Birth Chart
Transit of the Planets
Tried Techniques of Predictions & Some Memoirs of an Astrologer
Turning the Tables
Understanding the Moon's Nodes, Rahu & Ketu
Upadesa Sutras, complete with 4 chapters
Ups & Downs in Career
Uttara Kalmrita of Kalidasa
Vastu, Astrology & Architecture
Varshphal or Annual Horoscope
Vedic Astrology, A guide to the fundamentals of Jyotish
Vedic Astrology, An Integrated Approach
Vedic Astrology in Money Matters
Vedic Numerology, A Treatise on Hindu Astrology
Vedic Remedies in Astrology (hardcover)
Vibrational Healing with Gems (hardcover)
Women & Astrology
Yogas in Astrology
Yogini & Kalchakra Dasa
Yogis, Destiny & the Wheel of Time
Your Fortune From Thy House (Vastu Shastra)