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Devyn Williams

AP Environmental Science
Mrs. Bostic
17 October 2013
Tragedy of the Common
1. The essential ingredients for tragedy of the commons would be that all organisms need
energy and it isnt mathematically possible to maximize two for two variables at the same
2. Hardin proposes that coercive laws and taxing devices that make it cheaper for the polluter to
treat his pollutants than to discharge them untreated. .
3. High traffic on interstate highways. It defeats the purpose of being able to get from point a
to b fast. Additionally, pastures having to be closed because the land was degrading.
4. In the ocean overfishing is a big issue. The ocean isnt controlled by anyone in particular. A
second example would be a large number of people on a Wi-Fi connection slowing it down
5. People trying to use the bathroom at the same time in public. Trying to fit many people into
one elevator.
6. Used to prevent people from abusing the commons. An example of this is parking meters.
Fishing licenses needed to prevent overfishing in lakes and ponds.