MJP School Uniform Policy 2015 – 2016 SY

We must dress to show the world that we love whom we are!
We represent greatness, integrity, and tremendous character.
United we will change the world!

Every MJP student is expected to arrive on campus dressed to impress
prepared for an amazing day of learning. Students who illustrate the
expectation are rewarded.



M.J.P. 2013 – 2015 Logo T-Shirt
White and/or Royal Blue Logo Polo
Black uniform pants/shorts
MJP Sweatpants/Sweatshirt
Black/white sneakers, black dress shoes, black boots (no
Black sweater, vest
Belt around waist
Black jumper (knee length)
No fitted caps or hats in
Black skirt/skort (knee
Other MJP Uniform Policy Expectations
• Students who fully participate in the uniform policy will earn points
towards weekly and monthly prizes for themselves and their class.
• Students will not be able to participate in any field trip or field
experiences if they do not fully participate in BPS & MJP uniform
policy expectations due to safety concerns.
• If families have any questions and/or concerns about the school
uniform policy, please contact us.

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