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select log_date
, job_name
, status
, req_start_date
, actual_start_date
, run_duration
from dba_scheduler_job_run_details;
To show running jobs:
select job_name
, session_id
, running_instance
, elapsed_time
, cpu_used
from dba_scheduler_running_jobs;
To show job history:
select log_date
, job_name
, status
from dba_scheduler_job_log;
show all schedules:
select schedule_name, schedule_type, start_date, repeat_interval
from dba_scheduler_schedules;
show all jobs and their attributes:
select *
from dba_scheduler_jobs;
show all program-objects and their attributes
select *
from dba_scheduler_programs;
show all program-arguments:
select *
from dba_scheduler_program_args;