Grammar exercises 1. I. Complete and answer the questions. Sometimes there is more than one correct answer. 1.

___________ is the capital of Japan? 2. ___________ is a computer in Mexico? 3. ___________ is the presidento on France? 4. ___________ is Stonehenge? 5. ___________ is the Statue of Liberty? 6. ___________ floors does the Sears' tower have? 7. ___________ is the king of Spain? 8. ___________ do you go to bed? 9. ___________ is the city os Machu Picchu? 10. ___________ do stores open in your country? 11. ___________ is the Big Ben? 12. ___________ is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? 13. ___________ is the Great Wall of China? 14. ___________ is Yellowstone? 15. ___________ is the Alhambra? 16. ___________ is the capital of Brazil? 17. ___________ is the Taj Mahal? 18. ___________ students are there in your school? 19. ___________ do people start work in Mexico? 20. ___________ is the president of the United States? II. Rewrite the sentences using personal and object pronouns. 1. My mom wears a dress. 2. Sady and Andy play with Sam every day. 3. Mary loves Tim. 4. The dog and the cat play with a ball in the garden. 5. Tina reads a book. 6. Mark talks to Martin and Tony. 7. Susan eats sandwiches. 8. Dad gives flowers to my mom. 9. Tom works with Anne. 10. Helen and Donna paint a picture. III. Write the oposite adjective. Use them to write 20 sentences using there is / there are. Change them to negative and interrogative form. New Expensive Old Cold small

IV. Write a paragraph describing your room. V. Look at the pictures and describe them. Use there is / there are and the correct preposition.

VI. Write the instructions to get to your school from your house.

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