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Marlene R.

1011 River
Hills Rd. | Beavercreek, OH 45430
(518) 207-6945 |
New York State (Permanent), English 7-12, September 2008
Recent experience teaching Expeditionary Learning curriculum ELA grade 8
Developed English Language Arts curriculum for eighth grade and aligned
curriculum with Common Core Learning Standards utilizing Rubicon Atlas
Strong collaborative and team-building skills evidenced by twelve years of
middle school team teaching and participation in the consultant teaching
Supported the mentor teacher and student teacher programs by counseling,
advising, and observing new teachers in the classroom
Master of Science in Education, Specialization in Literacy Across Content Areas,
Walden University, Minneapolis, MN, December 2007
Bachelor of Arts, English, Teacher Education, State University of New York, Albany
NY, May 2003
Eighth Grade ELA teacher, Wilbur H. Lynch Literacy Academy, Amsterdam, NY,
September 2003-June 2015
Design lessons and units aligned with NYS Common Core Learning Standards
for eighth grade ELA classes
Implement various forms of informal and formal assessments to measure
student achievement and evaluate teaching practices
Modify lessons and differentiate activities by utilizing a wide range of
teaching strategies for students with learning disabilities, ESL (English as
Second Language) and students with diverse backgrounds
Collaborate with a special education teacher and develop effective instruction
that supports the needs of students with IEPs.
Implement technology in the classroom through the use of multi-media
resources such as Google Chromebooks, Smart Boards, Prezi, and blogging to
foster engagement and create real world experiences
Participate regularly in Professional Learning Communities, team and staff
meetings, and professional development
Administer ELA (Common Core) New York State exams and regionally score
exams according to state regulations and training

Create a positive learning environment and establish a strong rapport with

students and parents through effective and regular communication with a
deep understanding of the community and families with at-risk students

Teacher of Remedial Reading Comprehension, Greene Correctional Facility,

Coxsackie, NY, July-August 2012
Designed and developed reading comprehension lessons according to
students reading levels and results of the Nelson Denny Grade Level
Assessment Test
Created short, differentiated lessons focused on interactive reading strategies
and building vocabulary
Maintained individual student assessments that measured student growth
and participation in the program

Designing and Aligning Quality Classroom Assessments, June 2015

Instructional one-to-one tutoring, May 2015-June 2015
Staff Development-Integrating Technology Into the Classroom, May 2015
TESA (Teacher Expectations & Student Achievement) workshops, January
2014-June 2014
Curriculum Mapping and Writing Curriculum, July 2010-2014
Cooperating Teacher (Student Teacher Program) College of St. Rose, March
2013-May 2013
Designing and Applying Differentiated Learning Strategies, August 2010
Consultant and Collaborative Teaching Workshop, July 2010
Annual Summer Institutes on Reading and Writing, Capital Region BOCES, July
and August, 2004-2010
CELA (Center on English Learning and Achievement) SUNY Albany, 2004-2008
Teacher Mentor Program, September 2008-June 2009
ELA Data Analysis, August 2009